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  • Windows 8 Tip 3: Using Windows File Explorer

    @Giedrius @Duncanma I was having the same problem where the text was too blurry to read while streaming (both in small and full-screen mode). Thanks to your comment Duncanma I noticed that I was using the Silverlight plugin (in firefox).  I clicked the little "format" button under the video and chose HTML5 and the stream is now much clearer and I can read the text.  Thanks Smiley

  • Git Support Added to Visual Studio and TFS

    Right now in TFS you can branch and merge code across team projects.  Will this still be possible if one team project uses TFVC and the other uses Git?

  • Git Support Added to Visual Studio and TFS

    OMG OMG OMG. This looks awesome.  I love TFS, but honestly the source control has always been one of the worst parts of it.  Now being able to use Git, but still get the benefits of work item tracking, reporting, etc. is great!

    A couple questions:

    1 - When will this be available for Team Foundation Server (so we can use it locally, rather than having to use the Team Foundation Service cloud).

    2 - Does using a Git repo still support Check-in Policies?

  • Check out the new Windows Phones!

    Can't agree more dentaku; would love the Lumia 900, but Rogers is the worst carrier you can go with in Saskatchewan so the phone would pretty much be useless Sad

    Also, I remember hearing that the 900 would have a front facing camera, but that wasn't discussed at all in this video.  Are there any apps yet that make use of it?

  • Where there's smoke, fire and explosions... there's the 3D particle engine, Tranquility

    I've followed this project for a while now.  It is nice, but is still in the early stages and is relatively young.

    I created DPSF (http://www.xnaparticles.com) back in 2009, it is regularly updated, and it is now very established and used in many XNA projects and indie games.  Also, particle systems created in DPSF can be used on PC, Xbox 360, and Windows Phones with few or no changes required.  DPSF is fully documented and comes with many tutorials and examples (including source code) to learn from or use directly in your games (including explosions).  Like Tranquility, DPSF is free and highly extensible; however it is not open source.

    I definitely still recommend checking out Tranquility as it uses some different concepts than DPSF that you may prefer (static vs dynamic particle systems, affectors, etc.), but just be aware that DPSF is another XNA alternative worth checking out.

  • Project Compatibility in Visual Studio 11

    I too was super excited about this, but also very disappointed as it won't work for our solution either since we use a Team Foundation Database Project (.dbproj), which is not backwards compatible with VS 11;  VS 11 still gives us a conversion wizard and wants to convert it into a new type of database project Sad

  • .NET 4.5: Size-on-disk improvements

    Very nice......hopefully this will mean that devices that currently support subsets of .Net (like the .Net compact framework) will be able to switch to providing support for the full .Net framework.  Good job!

  • Silverlight TV 79: Data Binding Debugging

    When is data binding debugging coming to WPF?  This would be great as we do everything at my company in WPF.

  • 10-4 Episode 23: An Introduction to Manual Testing

    Nice video, thanks!