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developkc developkc

Niner since 2013

  • Ping 233: Dropbox App, Brain Box, Windows 10 (Freaking Holograms!!!)

    Not sure why they didn't call it HaloLens (given Cortana, Spartan names) - I'm going to have a hard time calling it HoloLens.

    I think in 5-7 years when it becomes smaller - it will be as common as a 2nd monitor in the workplace today.  I can imagine that instead of having multiple monitors - you can just 'throw' documents (doc, xls, ppt, .cs, .cpp) up on a cube wall and now you have unlimited deskspace to work in, you just turn your head/chair.  If you want to share and discuss a document - you can just share it virtually.  Would love to have it hooked up to a Surface tablet so that as I write on the tablet, the ink shows up in others users virtual whiteboard. 

    Unfortunately, DWHs (Driving While Holograming) will cause all sorts of legal issues.

    Side note - which would be safer - texting while driving, talking on a phone while driving, talking via Bluetooth while driving, or wearing HaloLens (sorry, I still think you should change the name) while driving?

  • Ping 232: USB 3.1, Xbox Wins an Emmy, Rudy Huyn

    Excited - Yes, until I realize its just a matter of time until they come out with an even better connector that we'll be just as excited for when it gets released.

    Will they have Type-C to USB 2/3 converters - it would be nice if they can so that future laptops will only have Type C ports, and then you can buy converters for existing hardware.

    I can see the specs now  '2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 3.1 Type C port'.

  • Ping 231: Nokia 215, Water from p**p, SmartBelt, Compute Stick, SlingTV

    I only watch live TV for sports and news - everything else I watch is recorded on the DVR so I can skip all the commercials.  Sling sounds interesting - but the non-negotiable would be the ability to watch on-demand shows without commercial (or at least with the ability to fast forward through the commercials).  That's the current downfall of the current cable channel apps out there - you cant skip the commercials - which is why DVR is still the best thing out there.

    As an aside - does it annoy anyone else out there that when you go to a news website and they have a video of a story - when you watch the video it first shows a 30 second ad, followed by the actual news story that's 20 seconds long? Oh, and you want to watch the next story?  Heres another ad (that's usually the same as the 1st one)!

  • Ping 230: Angry Birds, Satya's Favorite App, NORAD, Forcefields and Pulse

    The Force Field around the earth shaped like a donut...mind immediately went to 'Space Balls: The Movie" - seems like it would/should be in that movie. "Jam their radar!"

    Ping should do another live show (from another bar) and use Bing Pulse to see what viewers think...

    Thanks for the tip on the free Angry Birds!  Now I have something else to keep me busy at the airport/plane while I travel over the holidays (on my Lumia 521)


  • Ping 229 - Microsoft Band, Comet Landing, HBO Go, Lumia 535, Xbox One Year

    Im sure the Channel 9 Xbox One app has some achievements that I'd love to get...  :)

  • Ping 228 - Live from TechEd Europe 2014

    I have about 40GB stored on my OneDrive (mostly music, pics and Kinect studio files). Interestingly I ripped all of my old CDs and stored them in OneDrive as a backup - hoping I could play them through Media Player.  That didn't pan out - however, I heard rumors that MS was going to allow Xbox Music play from a OneDrive account which would be awesome.  I did notice that when I logged into Xbox Music on my Xbox One it had a button for something about Instructions for playing from OneDrive, but then took me into some Microsoft IT account login page :) Looks like things may be getting close.

    Question of the week you should ask - what would people be willing to pay for the Work and Play bundle?  $200 seems a bit steep, I might go for $149ish - especially if it included Windows as well. ($9/month for Xbox Music Pass seems outrageous to me, given all the free music services out there, which unfortunately makes the Xbox Music service on my phone, desktop, xbox one, and web useless - unless they do actually start allowing you to play music stored on your OneDrive)

  • Ping 227 - Xbox Digital TV Tuner, November System Update, PhotoMath, Titanfall updates, and Sunset Overdrive!

    Halo 5

  • Ping Episode 225 with RoomAlive, Transparent SmartCovers, Plex and NHL for xBox, OneNote Class and XIM!

    I'll send you some good KC BBQ Sauce/Rub if you do a PING show in the middle of a RoomAlive room.

    I'll bring you a bunch of great KC BBQ if you invite me to tag along...

  • Ping 224 Band Seeking, predicting the future, Creative Sway, Windows Insiders, Forza Horizons 2 and Middle Earth

    Would be awesome if my cortana could talk to my family and friends cortana (with permission of course)

    Cortana reminds me its John Does birthday

    'Cortana, tell John Doe Happy Birthday for me'

    John Doe gets a voice notification from his Cortana 'Hey John, Developkc wishes you a happy birthday'

  • Ping 223: CastleStorm, xBox One Comedy Central app, Inbox Personality Rules, MSFT Hardware and Home Automation

    'Kinda like the White House' (~4:55) - that made me laugh - especially if the video was recorded before the whole Secret Service/White House incident happened...maybe that guy thought he was at building 34.

    Always-On Cortana on the Xbox One, controlling the home would be a killer ecosystem to develop for...It would be like the Jetsons in real-life.  A central hub that knows your life and can adjust accordingly.  I really wish MS would open up the Xbox One for app development.

    'Cortana - Im leaving to go on vacation' - Cortana could then adjust AC/Heating to reduce usage while you're out - randomly turn lights on/off to make it look like you are home. 

    Set your alarm through Cortana - when she wakes you up - she can tell you whether you need a jacket or umbrella for the day. 

    How about if your kids are playing the music too loud - 'Cortana, turn the music down in the kids room'

    'Cortana, tell the kids they need to find a ride home' - she could send a text to their phones.

    'Cortana, when my wife gets home, remind her to call Joe Bob' - when Kinect sees your wife - Cortana could relay the message.

    'Cortana, if my wife goes to the store, tell her to pick up milk' - if her phones GPS goes near a grocery store - she gets a message to pick up milk.

    'Cortana, run the Roomba at 9am'

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