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  • TWC9: Two Geeks and a Baby



  • Data Centers: Then & Now

    Really interesting, I love to hear how the likes of Microsoft undertake these projects and having the capacity to think and innovate to the next level.  I've often looked at those gas flares but never once have I thought about putting a datacentre next to one - great idea & got to be fun if you get to do it.

  • Director Video Series: John W. Thompson shares insights and experiences as Microsoft Director

    Great interview, it is interesting to see how some of these strands come together and that technology cannot out perform the personal, face-to-face touch.

  • Ping 181: Xbox One Shifts, Bounty Program, Surfaces in School, So.cl

    1st point, the show is just so much better when the hosts are physically in the studio and not over an external video feed like Skype.  You just get that body language interaction, spontaneity & most importantly Laura just seems to enjoy it more, as do I.

    2nd point, Microsoft did the right thing re the Xbox One-80, it just helps level the PR playing field with Sony - a bit of a no brainer.  You guys were right about what you had to say re "who does not connect to the Internet every 24 hours"?  Even the story that was rolled out about the submariner not being able to connect when on deployment, all he (or she) had to do was ask the captain to surface once a day so the Xbox One could connect to Xbox live via Google's internet-beaming balloons (which was big news in New Zealand as the 1st balloon was released in New Zealand which is where I'm beaming my post from).


    Great shows, keep them coming.