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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • Fear of new Windows ways.

    , Icthiodrak wrote


    The problem here is that you think alpha quality is subjective.  It is not.  It is incomplete and partially broken.  Hence why it is alpha and not beta.

    Yes, and I suspect that part of the issue is that MS have not previously (to my memory) made Alpha releases available to such a wide audience. People who have previously engaged in the Beta programs are having a hard time recognising and understanding the difference, and determining whether or not they should be participating in an Alpha release program.

    Alpha releases are for dedicated test machines, either physical or virtual. Anyone using an Alpha release on their everyday or production machine, or allowing it to access important data, has rocks in their head.

  • Just another "thank god it's a Nokia" moment

    Having a discussion with facility techs today in basement carpark (as you do) and waving my arms about to explain the problem, I "forgot" I was holding my 920, when it shot out of my hand, flew about 20' across the parking lot, hit a concrete wall, then dropped onto the concrete floor.

    Loud "Oooooh" issued from everyone there.

    I wander over to pick up what I full expected to be a destroyed phone, only to find it perfectly in tact, with just some minor scuff marks in the plastic edges.

    The number of times I've done this sort of thing to my 920 and gotten away with it, I'm starting to think that I couldn't break this phone even if I tried.

    Full marks to Nokia, they knew how to build tough phones.

  • Windows 10 announcement anticipation thread.

    They've decided to call it Windows-11  - 1 more than OSX

  • Something for old farts

    I had one of these (except with a better tone-arm/cartridge) for many years.

  • Google is trolling me.

    Presumably you read: "Webmasters help for hacked sites" page, and watched the video


    You could also try the Google Diagnostic Page


    You should also be aware that it's possible to be black-listed by association, depending on the hosting provider and the web platform.

  • Google is trolling me.

    , figuerres wrote


    how / in what way do they say that ?  is the site hosted by google  ?  I do not get how they think it's hacked.

    Google search support publish an answer to this.


    Typically, it's because they believe they found links to suspect content or suspect sites.

    Google Webmaster membership is free, and you should be a member, if only to get a "google-site-verification" meta-tag code.

    You can Google any amount of details on the "your site is hacked" issue.

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    Who gives a sh*t ??  Wessex Water, apparently.


  • Solar energy technology advancement

    , cheong wrote


    No amount of technology can block catastrophe caused by human error and poor regulations.

    Although well past its use-by date, the plant itself wasn't the problem. Rather, the issue was that the authorities chose to ignore persistent warnings that the sea-walls were too low and numerous recommendations to raise them and protect critical fall-back systems (e.g. pump generators) from flooding. These problems had been encountered in other stations elsewhere in the world, and the lessons were learnt from them.

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    , JohnAskew wrote

    Batteries are the key to escaping the Energy Economy our world wars over... I think nano-technology will make energy much less contentious and take us to the next World Economy issue (to war over...)

    Nano-technology capacitors have my interest at the moment.

  • Told ya (dotnet)

    , Bass wrote

    Is Visual Studio 2015 "Community" Edition really going to be comparable to Visual Studio "Professional" Edition today?

    I think that the previous Q&A link I posted covers the question about the future of Pro with the release of Community.