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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • MS Ads - much better

    There was a time when I found all MS ads to be cringe worthy, but I haven't seen a real dud from them lately.

  • My latest work toy...

    , figuerres wrote


    the ISP I worked for was co-located in a  Telco data center that one time when they tested the generator system and did not switch the systems back to normal power. so the class 5 phone switch ran on battery for about a week and then shutdown.

    Call it a real-world run-time test - now they know that the generator works and how long the battery will last.

  • My latest work toy...

    , figuerres wrote


    different metals can do strange things if you do not know about them.....

    There are charts for Galvanic Corrosion, with metals being ranked from highly Anodic to highly Cathodic.

    Generally speaking, metals close to each other on the chart are reasonably compatible, but the further apart they get, the higher the galvanic corrosion rating.

  • My latest work toy...

    @ScanIAm: Like nearly all UPS's it uses Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries, otherwise known as sealed LA batteries.

    I suspect that cost and safety would rule out the use of Li batteries, particularly when talking about this level of storage and bigger.

    At 48KVA this is only an entry-level data-centre class UPS, but even at this size, an Li battery fire would be a real problem.

  • My latest work toy...

    Dare you to stick your tongue on THAT battery...

  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??


    Like many SME we use CISCO networking equipment almost exclusively.

    For a while we used Forefront-TMG for our edge security, but replaced it with CISCO ASA when Microsoft pulled the plug on most of the Forefront products, and the ASAs now handle our VPN connections.

    All well and good EXCEPT that CISCO AnyConnect is STILL not available for Windows Phone, whereas it IS available for IOS and Android.

    I'm not big on apps, but THIS is something I'd like to see on WP.

  • Hackers trick coffee machine into making ​uncopyright​ed coffee

    , bondsbw wrote


    If those are truly equivalent... then I am very excited about the future.  30 years from now, I will be able to carry over 400,000 cups of coffee in my pocket.

    No, you'll be able to store all your coffee in the cloud.

  • Fear of new Windows ways.

    , Icthiodrak wrote


    The problem here is that you think alpha quality is subjective.  It is not.  It is incomplete and partially broken.  Hence why it is alpha and not beta.

    Yes, and I suspect that part of the issue is that MS have not previously (to my memory) made Alpha releases available to such a wide audience. People who have previously engaged in the Beta programs are having a hard time recognising and understanding the difference, and determining whether or not they should be participating in an Alpha release program.

    Alpha releases are for dedicated test machines, either physical or virtual. Anyone using an Alpha release on their everyday or production machine, or allowing it to access important data, has rocks in their head.

  • Just another "thank god it's a Nokia" moment

    Having a discussion with facility techs today in basement carpark (as you do) and waving my arms about to explain the problem, I "forgot" I was holding my 920, when it shot out of my hand, flew about 20' across the parking lot, hit a concrete wall, then dropped onto the concrete floor.

    Loud "Oooooh" issued from everyone there.

    I wander over to pick up what I full expected to be a destroyed phone, only to find it perfectly in tact, with just some minor scuff marks in the plastic edges.

    The number of times I've done this sort of thing to my 920 and gotten away with it, I'm starting to think that I couldn't break this phone even if I tried.

    Full marks to Nokia, they knew how to build tough phones.

  • Windows 10 announcement anticipation thread.

    They've decided to call it Windows-11  - 1 more than OSX