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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • Channel 9 Live at MIX10 (Post Your Questions Here)

    The rumour mills are running hot that iPhone OS 4.0 will go unlocked pre-emptive multi-tasking... bringing it into line with it's main competition.


    What is the real position on multi-tasking with WinMo7 ?

  • What Firefox addons do you run?

    I use Firefox as my primary testing browser, but not as my primary browser.


    - Firebug

    - CSS Usage

    - HttpWatch

    - NoScript

  • My laptop died, give me money

  • Apple sues HTC over phone patents

    JeremyJ said:
    DCMonkey said:

    I don't think Apple would be dumb enough to go after Microsoft.  Microsoft has over 10000 patents (I forget the exact number) including the real patent for multi-touch.  I am sure that if Microsoft wanted they could probably find a patent infringement on every one of Apple's products.  They are picking on HTC (instead of companies like Motorola) because HTC is a relative newcomer with fewer patents of their own to fight back with.

    It’s common practice for the bigger players in patent and copyright actions. Pick someone small enough that you can easily out-spend them on legal fees, and hopefully scare them into submission, but big enough that a decision/settlement in your favour will set a precedent you can then use against the bigger fish.

  • Three different browser over three weeks ... the winner is ...

    I keep all the alternatives installed and updated on my dev PC, so I can check my sites work with them all, but I use IE8 as my standard browser, because I'm really not interested in features other than the address-bar, don't much care about rendering speed of the sites I visit, and can't be bothered trying to learn another program.


    However, that doesn't mean I think IE8 is a good browser, it's just not bad enough to make me want to switch.


  • Three different browser over three weeks ... the winner is ...

    exoteric said:

    I pretty much agree with you. As for Opera, I'm actually very impressed with it and am a bit surprised that the company hasn't been bought by another major company like Google, Yahoo, Apple or even Microsoft, heh.

    I think Opera do quite nicely from their licensing deals on Opera-Mini, with companies such as Nokia.

  • Opera 10.5

    I note their new home page, where they proudly proclaim:


    The fastest browser on Earth


    Ignoring the suspect basis for their cliam, I wonder why not


    The fastest browser in the Universe


    ...or is that a claim they are not prepared to risk ??


  • Best web server company for hosting programmers is?

    I use a VPS service, and do my own thing with that, pretty much as I see fit. I prefer the flexibility of it over comitting to dedicated hosted hardware, as I can change the resources as the demand changes. At the moment I'm using a XEN based service, which is working quite well for my needs, but testing a VMWare based competitor. I also run SQL-Server Standard via an SPLA license arrangement.

  • Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, just ​whoohaaa​3;

    W3bbo said:

    I've seen technology similar to this dating back to 1999 (when this company made a PCI add-in card that added a new keyboard/mouse and video port), though I wasn't sure how it worked.


    Does it use paravirtualisation? Terminal Services? How is MultiPoint server better than Terminal Services given it does the same things? Gah, confusion.

    At first glance, this looks more like some decendant of the original Citrix WinFrame product, than terminal services.


    When Citrix and MS did their deal, many years ago, MS got rights to the multi-win code... which they would have used for Terminal Services with RDP... but I recall that WinFrame supported a whole raft of devices, including KVMs.


    Winframe morphed into Metaframe and then sorta morphed into XenApp

  • Proposal for Windows 8 - Application Scopes

    Sounds a bit like Sandboxie - www.sandboxie.com