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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • Get aPad for 198$

    I'm afraid that I don't understand why I would want to spend money on any tablet... iPad or otherwise.


    I have a desktop computer, and an old Nokia GSM phone... and I'm yet to be persuaded that owning more "stuff" will improve my life.

  • google evil practice

    I guess this is an "English is not my first language" thing, but honestly... a Mad Libs sentence generator would make more sense.

  • Your Favourite Guitar

    dentaku said:

    Strum Electric GS-1 Smiley


    I can't play guitar but I like VSTs that sound like guitars.



    It sounds better than any other guitar ever made, and with it I can play better than any guitarist, present, past or future.

  • Fonts for the web - now! ;)

    My most commonly used font family is Helvetica Neue  (IMHO as close to perfection as it gets) and nothing comes close to a substitue for the lighter fonts.


    Creating graphics so I can use it, is an utter pain, and I'd love to think Linotype are going to make this available, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • WOW,Portable OS Mint 9 Prettily Mmm.look like windows 7


  • SQL Server

    PerfectPhase said:
    W3bbo said:

    There is always the workgroup edition between standard and web.


    Anyway for a small webhost, what do you need that the web edition does not provide $15/month is as good as free.

    I don't think that the Web Edition should be seen as suitable for just "small" websites/hosting.


    It's essentially the standard version, stripped of all the features that are not normally applicable to website application... e.g. It only supports replication subscription, not publishing.




    I would think that the Web Edition would cope with the needs of most SMB websites, and that it would require quite a demanding site to exceed its capacity.


    US$15/mth/cpu is a bargain for mine, and I use it quite a lot for my hosting requirements.

  • SQL Server

    turrican said:
    Bass said:

    It is.


    But it's a business after all.


    Although Express is just fine in this form, a bit annoying and no agent etc. but I can understand it since it's free. What bugs me is the price of the standard edition. hehe... it's soooo expensive imho.


    Maybe there should be a middle ground between standard and express with lower price, that'd be nice. For smaller businesses that need more than express but a bit less cost than standard version.

    As I mentioned earlier... if this is for use on a website, then the Web Edition of 2008, using SPLA licensing, is worth a look.


    Depending on your hosting provider... in the area of  US$15 per month per processor.

  • SQL Server

    Dr Herbie said:
    turrican said:

    Good the SQLServer Express 2008 seems to have lifted the connection limit.


    I don't think SQLServer Express 2005 was ever intended to be used for websites -- I got the impression it was aimed as a local access database for desktop applications, but with 2008 perhaps they realised that limiting the connections was not valid for web sites where everyone wanted to use it.




    but with 2008 perhaps they realised that limiting the connections was not valid for web sites where everyone wanted to use it.


    I thought that's why they introduced the "Web" edition ??


    IMO one of the best SQL-Server options going for websites, is the Web edition, licenced on an SPLA basis.

  • Your thoughts on Hotmail?

    Charles said:
    JoshRoss said:

    Network latency is a physics problem.


    If you make an asynchronous request and the response lags due to any number of uncontrollable side effects, then user efficiency (experience) also lags, which in effect makes the experience sequential (as in blocked waiting) when it should be asynchronous. There is nothing wrong with asynchronous operations themselves. The problem is in how you orchestrate concurrency for optimum user experience. The Hotmail team should use Rx Smiley



    It's more than how you orchestrate it.


    Why and what you use it for, are more important issues than how you implement it.


    e.g. AJAX for paging on C9... this is not really a candidate for asynch updates (what else are you going to do?) and most of the page content is being updated anyway.

  • Your thoughts on Hotmail?

    I only sort of use it... via Outlook Connector.