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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • The 2010 Laptop Thread

    ManipUni said:
    Blue Ink said:

    eww HP... They are even worse than Gateway in the reliability and customer happiness charts. Incidently Lenovo also does very poorly on the charts.


    I love Dell for throw away laptops but have seen a couple of their expensive models and frankly they remind me too much of the cheap stuff... At least with an Apple, or Sony you know they're good pieces of kit (*after you wipe the Sony and reinstall).



    eww HP... They are even worse than Gateway in the reliability and customer happiness charts.


    HP have two product lines:

    1. Consumer products

    2. Business products


    I my ex-life as a computer reseller, I found that HP's Consumer products were subject to complaints, in no small measure due to their use of Nvidia GPUs that were simply a whole bunch of trouble until recently.


    However, I found their Business products to be very reliable, perhaps due to their more conservative and robust designs, and subject to very few complaints. 5 year life-spans were annoyingly common... killing sales.


    Lenovo and Toshiba have similar approaches, with consumer and business oriented product lines, but it's probably fair to say that Toshiba's consumer products are more similar to their business products, than either HP or Lenovo are.

  • Is the iPad any good?

    Dovella said:

    I don't like Apple and have no intention of buying a device I have no use for... but quoting an article by Nick Farrell on why not to by Apple, is like accepting advice from Steve Jobs on why not to by Microsoft... a bit too much bias involved to place any faith in the content.


    This particular anti-iPad article was written immediately after the launch demo, and has just been touched up to look like it's relevant to production-model reviews... I recall reading it on the Inquirer, and recall how it generated the desired result of hits from the predictably outraged Apple fanboys.


    He is a hypocrite who earns his living by pushing an Open-Source, Anti-Any-Business-Making-A-Profit and generally Anti-Establishment line, and by submitting intentionally inflammatory anti-Apple and anti-MS articles, just to generate hits on the websites he posts on.

  • Asus, you are a giant bag of  stupid

    W3bbo said:

    Aren't the drivers available for download from ASUS's (poorly written) support site? The site may be slow and riddled with Javascript bugs, but I've never had any showstoppers getting in the way of downloading drivers.

    I've also never had a problem actually downloading from ASUS, although I've had trouble finding the required file to download.


    From memory, one of the options available from the ASUS support site is to download from  "Global (DLM)"


    As the name suggests, it involves a Download Manager... which you need to install - probably the usual akamai deal.


    However, there are normally multiple alternate standard http download options also available.

  • Favourite Data-bound grid control?

    CreamFilling512 said:

    DataGridView perf is fine, using it in virtualized mode, but I guess that doesn't really count as data binding though, if you do it yourself.  I extended it with multi-level grouping with expand/collapse tree, search, and auto filters.  DGV is very powerful but does have some quirks.

    I use the Telerik products, because they basically just work the way I like, and their support is outstanding.

  • A question about "How to create members." on a home website.

    Joomla 1.5 on Windows using Apache




    The demo is using Windows Server, but the basic concepts should transfer to Win7


  • The price of petrol in the UK is too high

    Sven Groot said:
    Maddus Mattus said:

    Not everything can go electric. For instance aircraft. The only type of aircraft engine that you can run electrically are regular propellor planes, which are slow. Any kind of jet-based engine (including turboprop) depends on burning fuel.


    If there is no more oil, then we either need something else for jets to burn, or a radically different type of engine that can get the same speed and efficiency without burning a fuel. Otherwise, cheap long distance air travel will be a thing of the past.

    Not everything can go electric. For instance aircraft.


    Yep, and if you want proof... check the exhaust pipe...


  • Nicely done, Channel 9 (posted by Dr Herbie).

    I just guessed that if I kept hitting submit, it would eventually recognise that I'm an idiot, and give me the answer... and sure enough.

  • The price of petrol in the UK is too high

    Maddus Mattus said:
    elmer said:

    Production falls because recently OPEC decided to cut production down by 40% because they thought oil was to cheap.


    Oh and before someone goes all renewable on me;


    Renewables increase our consumption and dependency of oil

    Production is only a short-term metric, it is reserves that are the real issue.


    Nobody knows for sure what the OPEC reserves are, but it’s commonly believed within the industry that they are vastly overstated, because in the ‘80’s OPEC had a system where member nations were allocated production allowances based on their stated reserves... which resulted in each member nation making amazing new "discoveries" each year.


    However, in 2007, BP estimated that at least half of all known reserves of oil were gone and stated that the non-OPEC world was already beyond peak oil, while Kuwait has already admitted that it’s real reserves are less than half what was stated.


    OPEC are not making their planned investments in production capacity or exploration, and given the rapidly rising demand, that would be very short-sighted of them if they have the available reserves, as it will drive prices up to the point where previously uneconomic reserves become viable competition. This is leading experts to speculate that they have a bigger problem... lack of reserves.

  • :O

    So, maybe those Hutaree loonies were right after all ??

  • The price of petrol in the UK is too high

    CreamFilling512 said:
    elmer said:

    You really think there aren't substitutes for petrochemical derived materials?  Yes the industry is huge today and its hard to see past it, but if they become more scarce and expensive they'll be displaced by something else.  A century ago no one was using this stuff.  And the future is full of materials that don't depend on petroleum, especially with all this "nanotech" research going on.  At some point we'll have another industrial revolution, has to happen one way or another.

    You really think there aren't substitutes for petrochemical derived materials?


    Not for the forseeable future.


    We are heavily dependant on it NOW – food production for instance, is critically reliant on it – and yet we are burning it up for cheap transport, at an accelerating rate.