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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • Designing "attractive" web-sites?

    FWIW, I'm in the same boat.


    I can't draw a straight line without making it look ugly, and a VT100 looks OK to me.


    My approach to the problem was to recognise my strengths and weaknesses, and not try to pretend I have any design sense.


    I have collected a list of designers I trust, and whose styles I know, and then made collaborative agreements with them.


    I see my role, as the developer, to implement the designer’s vision as faithfully as possible, while providing the required functionality, within the constraints of the technology available.


    If the customer doesn't already have a designer and/or design, then I recommend the designer who I feel is best suited to the job and/or available at the time.

  • Microsoft extends Windows XP downgrade rights until 2020

    W3bbo said:

    There won't be an SP4 because there's no real point. You're just confusing it with some kind of update rollup, which I do expect us to see some time in the coming year or so.

    I suspect more to the point... if they release an SP4 then they would be locked into extending support by another 5 years.

  • ASP.NET hosting

    W3bbo said:
    elmer said:

    Silverlight is a client-side thing, it places no requirements on the server, so you can use it with whatever free (or otherwise) webhost you like. ASP.NET, however, places strict (and expensive) requirements on the service-provider. My point was that there is no business-case for third parties to offer free ASP.NET hosting.


    I'm fine with the idea of Microsoft offering some kind of free "express" service where your site exists as a subdomain on another site with stingy space and bandwidth limitations.

    Yes, I understand there is no obvious business case for commercial hosting (I provide asp.net hosting myself, and wouldn't do it) and I'm just saying that the business case for MS to offer an "express" service, to promote the use of their technology by devs... albeit, as you say, with capacity and perf limitations.

  • ASP.NET hosting

    W3bbo said:
    CKurt said:

    "The ASP.NET hosting providers are just not as many as PHP hosters. AND I don't know any decent free ASP.NET provider (like awardspace.com for php website's)."


    Not quite. I'd say there's easily at least 10 times more CPanel/Plesk Linux resellers than there are Windows hosting companies. But there's plenty to go around, sure.


    There are a small number of free ASP.NET hosts, but they're usually run by communities as a fostering ground for newb developers, you still need to pay for a domain name, and if you're going to pay money you might as well go with a proper web host.


    There's no business-case to be had for doing free hosting (unless you force adverts on your clients' sites), that's why it's almost entirely done on a non-professional basis. You can't expect something for nothing y'know.

    There's no business-case to be had for doing free hosting


    Actually, there is a business case for free ASP.NET hosting... for Microsoft... in the same way that there is a business case for free Silverlight hosting... to promote the use of the technology.


    However, they would no doubt incurr the wroth of hosting partners if they were to introduce an "express" hosting service.

  • Should CEOs have to have taste?

    Steve Jobs. He has taste. No denying it.


    Who says Steve Jobs has taste or style ?


    I see him as having enough business/marketing savvy to employ the right talented people who do, but I've seen little evidence that he personally has either.


    Jeans, Sneakers, Black Turtle-Neck and unkempt hair... that's not style, that's just laziness.


    Perhaps Jobs should make a trip to the original Apple offices... and take a stroll down Saville Row.

  • iFrame? object? other ​alternative​s?

    magicalclick said:
    W3bbo said:

    It is a bug on Chrome which is extrememly hard to figure out what's going on. Hack, for so many days I was trying to figure out why my script setting the style didn't fix the column width problem, but, when I just open up the developer panel, right click on it, click edit as HTML, and DO NOTHING, click somewhere else to close the edit. The bug is gone.


    But, my point is. The code is too large to debug. And some browser is behaving strangly when the HTML is so large. Wouldn't it better is certain portion of HTML is isolated by itself, thus, I can debug without thinking there are extra effects on it?


    The code is too large to debug. And some browser is behaving strangly when the HTML is so large. Wouldn't it better is certain portion of HTML is isolated by itself, thus, I can debug without thinking there are extra effects on it?


    iframe is a valid html element, in both current specs and html5 draft.


    It has its place, and developers should feel free to use it where appropriate.


    However, implementing an iframe, just because you can't debug your code... is probably not one of those scenarios.

  • Apple, welcome to the Suck known as '​Popularity'.

    I have some experience as an e-tailer, and with on-line fraud charge-backs, having suffered some pain from them.


    There are all sort of clauses in the merchant agreement with financial institutions, covering various charge-back scenarios.


    The CC Company rarely accepts any responsibility, and usually, whoever has the merchant service is hit with the balancing debit, and then has the job of trying to recover the loss.


    This might involve taking a fraud case to the police, or pursuing a civil claim against someone compromising security, such as a case against the processing institution.


    Bottom line however, is that the effect is usually similar to shop-lifting, where the merchant is the loser, and so normally they are forced to take insurance coverage for it.


    Often it’s not worth claiming on insurance, and you just have to bite the loss, but regardless, the whole on-line fraud thing just results in higher prices.

  • The Kin is dead.

    Bas said:
    Ray7 said:

    I'm starting to have my doubts about WP7 now too. Granted, it has way more momentum and potential than Kin or Courier ever had, but most consumer-oriented things that surfaced after Microsoft more or less got its mojo back three years ago have crashed and burned, with the obvious exception of Windows 7. Kinect has yet to come to market but with the way everything else is going I have no reason to think that the massive pricetag and lukewarm reactions are in any way off the mark. And with everything failing so disastrously, why would WP7 be any different?

    Maybe it depends on what market they are targeting.


    Remember, that while Apple and Google may seem to be the current darlings of the tech press, in terms of total mobile phone market-share, they are still ranked in the "others" category.


    Nokia still dominates the mobile phone market with 40%, and another 40% is made up of Samsung, LG, Sony, and Motorola.


    Perhaps there is enough soft-target area in the "not-so-smart-phone" sector, to give MS somewhere to start, if they get the mix right.


    Personally, I don't want a phone with the plethora of features the iPhone and Androids offer, and I’m definitely not prepared to pay for them and/or the connection charges.


    I’m happy enough with my basic GSM Nokia right now, but an economical “smarter than a basic, and still simple enough for dummies (like me) to actually use” phone, may get my attention.

  • iPhone 4 reception problems: Jobs replies

    The problem is apparently resolved by fitting one of the rubber/plastic bumper options Apple offer.


    These things would cost Apple, what?,  $1 ??


    Apple sell them for... $30 ??


    There are, at last count, 1.7 going on for 2 million of these things now out there.


    By Design ??

  • Where did you get your start?

    This is one of the most amazing "first programming job" examples that I've seen.


    This is part of a series, and video 5 of 5 about the computer/guidance/software system... just amazing stuff, and well worth the time.