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evildictaitor evildictait​or Devil's advocate
  • Linux codename "Hurr durr I'ma sheep" released

    , Bass wrote

    This will go down in history as roughly the time Linux 4.0 was released.

    As opposed to going down in history as roughly the time Linux 3.19 was released?

  • Linux codename "Hurr durr I'ma sheep" released

    So is it a big deal or isn't it? Make up your mind already!

  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    Just because some of my "traditional allies" here don't agree with me this time on this one issue, don't think the consensus regarding Microsoft's course in the past three years is in any way positive (W8, bleached out Office, VS, killing of technet, SBS, SL, XNA, WPF, calling software investments "legacy", the price increases of their server stack, of office by killing family and 2-PC licensing, the xbone drama..)

    And there we get to the bottom of what this and all of the other threads are all about. It was never about Windows Update or Windows 10. It was about using anything you can as ammunition against Microsoft because at some point in your past they stomped on one of your sandcastles.

    So yes. Just give it a rest. Inventing made-up grievances so you can continue this ridiculous charade that Microsoft is somehow personally victimizing you is just tiresome in the extreme.

  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote

    Is the OP honestly upset. 

    No. OP is being disingenuously upset. Look at his list of posts. Every single one is just a barely disguised "Microsoft employees are evil and all of their products suck" post.

    I'm pretty sure WTWF doesn't really care about Windows Update. It's just another excuse for some cynical fauxrage and to claim that he's been victimized by the big nasty people at Microsoft who moved his cheese whilst stomping on his sandcastle.

  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    , ZippyV wrote

    Every software application shows a message when a new version is available. Why can't Windows do the same thing? Windows 8 users got a message too when 8.1 was available.

    Windows is to my knowledge the only major program that supports more than two major versions of a core product concurrently, and does not force people to update by either just updating without asking, or effectively rendering your device useless if you don't.

    You seriously want Windows Update to be more like Google Chrome's updater, which doesn't ask? Or Sony PlayStation's, which stops you playing games or using multiplayer if you don't upgrade? How about Android's "update" mechanism, which is you go and stand in line with your wallet open and you buy a new goddamn phone?

    This concept that Microsoft is somehow being evil by informing people that they can upgrade their OS for free - at their option if they they would like to - and if they don't want to they don't have to, is so outrageously disingenuous it's unreal.

  • Microsoft Hello

    , blowdart wrote

    Fingerprints aren't private ... but they can't demand PINs

    Sort of, and sort of.

    The prosecutor can subpoena you to unlock your phone* if "it is a foregone conclusion that you own the device", otherwise you can reject the validity of the subpoena by claiming it violates your fifth amendment rights; since unlocking the phone automatically incriminates you as the owner of the device. If it is already a foregone conclusion that you own the device, then your refusal to submit to the subpoena is not covered by the fifth amendment, since at that point your refusal is "not an question of [refusing] testimony, but [refusing] to surrender [evidence]" under Fisher v. United States.

    Fingerprints (and other biometrics) cannot be withheld because of a separate Supreme Court ruling (Wade v United States) that fingerprints are a "physical feature"**, and hence cannot be withheld under the fifth amendment privilege.

    One of the consequences of this is the completely counter-intuitive fact that locking your device with biometrics and a password undermines your fifth amendment privilege to refuse to unlock it than merely locking it with just a password, since the prosecutor can require you to provide the biometric (because it is a "physical property" under Wade), and the fact that the biometric is recognized means it is a foregone conclusion that you own the phone, and then you can no longer claim the fifth amendment to refuse the subpoena for your unencrypted files under Fisher.



    * in practice, the police never require you to provide encryption keys, passwords, or unlock your phone per se, but instead just subpoena the unencrypted information. The mechanics of decryption are your problem, not theirs.

    ** United States v Wade "It is compulsion of the accused to exhibit his physical characteristics, not compulsion to disclose any knowledge he might have. It is no different from compelling Schmerber to provide a blood sample or Holt to wear the blouse, and, as in those instances, is not within the cover of the privilege"

    *** Fisher v United States "The existence and location of the papers are a foregone conclusion and the taxpayer adds little or nothing to the sum total of the Government's information by conceding that he in fact has the papers. Under these circumstances by enforcement of the summons "no constitutional rights are touched. The question is not of testimony but of surrender"

  • What's the dwm API equivalent to audio loopback capture?

    Your best bet for going about this will be to download the video file to your desktop and then use FFMPEG to analyze the actual quality of the file, or pull out individual frames

  • There is no escape from the suck-train!

    , NoelCarboni wrote

    Is it time to stop accepting ANY Windows Updates, assuming you have a system that already does what you need and want?  Maybe you want to wait until YOU'RE sure the value proposition becomes decidedly positive for YOU. 

    Sure. But if you turn off security updates, you better stop doing online banking, or your credit card number will go missing pretty soon afterwards.

  • Microsoft taking aim at Linux servers?

    , fanbaby wrote

    Idiot, how can you work for a company abusing patents like that. Well, either he didn't know or couldn't find a job at Google

    Do you actually work for Google? Because the concept that they aren't fully into using and abusing patents as Microsoft are is just totally bogus.

  • Interesting CA behaviour

    , blowdart wrote

    which would break pretty much all of China.

    Or not, since Mozilla and Chrome are revoking trust of CNNIC, not the MCS ICA, except for a small list of whitelisted domains (also: CNNIC has only been a CA since September last year, so they've not had time to become ingrained).