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Bent Rasmussen exoteric stuck in a loop, for a while
  • WPF Roadmap published

    Really good news for WPF, .NET and F# coming out of Microsoft. Just what a Dev needs. :)

  • Supreme Timelapses

    Got timelapse?

    John Stanford - Crystal Skies (4K)

    Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill - Yosemite HD II

  • rise4fun

    Seen this?


    It appears to have grown quite a bit. Notable absentee for now is C# / Roslyn - but instead there is Spec#.

    Take a look at F*


    where you can define "refinement types" (dependent typing?) a la

    type zero = x:int{x=0} // type with just one valid value - zero

    type flipflop = x:int{x%2=0} // every other integer is in/valid

    The interesting Dafny language and a host of third-party language sandboxes are also there.

    It looks like a fun place.

  • Lang.NEXT 2014 is coming ... May 29-30

    Thanks Charles!

  • Lang.NEXT 2014 is coming ... May 29-30

    @Charles: Great to hear! I just had to poke to provoke a status update ;)

  • Lang.NEXT 2014 is coming ... May 29-30

    Now we just need the Duality keynote video to be made public. I am guessing Windows Azure video transcoding is not the bottleneck here. ;)

  • Lang.NEXT 2014 is coming ... May 29-30

    Yes, already started - with the C++ one first. Go, Rust, Duality on the horizon over the next days :)

  • Good article on Soylent; a food replacement drink out of Silicon Valley

    , Bass wrote


    So here is the deal, if you work at a place that has:

    1. A horrible or expensive cafeteria
    2. No other prepared food options


    1. You hate preparing food

    Soylent is a pretty attractive option. I mean it's a replacement for sh!tty food, not food in general. IMO of course.

    Well, many years ago I endured a horrible cafeteria while studying - so come to think of it - had Soylent been mass-produced and sold back then - and had it had a proven health track record, I might just have used it. For now it seems like another interesting health experiment waiting to unfold.

  • Good article on Soylent; a food replacement drink out of Silicon Valley

    , Bass wrote


    The Soylent in the movie/book. This Soylent is actually primarily oat flower, maltodextrin, and rice protein, and the garden variety of micronutrients in approximately FDA recommended amounts. Besides that fact that it is simply a food replacement (in the most real sense - it is a replacement for food). It is not trying to treat any condition, it's also kind of a polar opposite of the homeopathy/hippie/organic stuffs. In that the Soylent folks actually embrace GMOs, chemicals, and all the horrible horrible non-organic things that scientific consensus has largely proven safe. The support from Soylent comes more from the technologist/Silicon Valley-ish community, tends to actually embraces the idea of genetic modification and well, science.

    Soylent's existence pisses off many of those same organic/vegan/anti-GMO people, who regularly complain about the Soylent people are horrible, evil, even racist (I don't get this one) on their web forum on somewhat regular basis. Personally, I think the only valid complaint here is they are taken forever and a half to actually ship anything.

    Putting aside all questions of nutritional value, pseudoscience and naming: why would anyone voluntarily drink liquid food? Is it dirt-cheap or does it taste really great - or is it merely a means to bypass the tedious task of eating a meal (let alone preparing one)?

    I like the name and the fact that this product exists although I don't see myself as a possible customer.

  • Netflix

    The erosion of net neutrality by ISP's may have stimulated interesting counter-developments:

    Netflix researching “large-scale peer-to-peer technology” for streaming