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fanbaby fanbaby
  • Nadella: Microsoft loves Linux

    Sure, that's what bullies usually say. Last I checked msft still extorts linux users everywhare mixing up legality and morality. 

  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    @wkempf: In the first example, yes, they both give similar list of results, but google gives you a definitive answer (before everything else). Knowledge graph.

    The second example just blew my mind. I have no idea how google got that page. It's getting aware in 3, 2, 1.

    Although google does employ humans for pruning its index, I don't believe anyone was involved here. As I see it google goes for the long tail purely with its algorithms. This isn't an isolated example, just one I encountered today. Every time google nails one of my obscure long tail queries i'm like no effing way bing gonna get this, and surely enough it doesn't.

  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    , androidi wrote

    ... I've tried Bing every couple years and it still doesn't find anything (ok - maybe on results page 5 if lucky, where I was expecting the stuff I want to find in the immediately visible results on first page of any common resolution without scrolling).

    Bing has such a long (tail) way to go. If you have access to google now, try this query:

    Who is Tyrion Lannister's father?

    And another query to type in google and bing:

    Who is Tyrion Lannister's uncle? (see 2nd result)

    (As you see after finishing 9 seasons of 24, i moved on to game of thrones :))

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    So, you are the last one using Silverlight? Remember to turn off the lights ;)


    JavaScript: a joke of a language designed in 10 days and full of WATs.

    CSS: full of inconsistencies. Things are hard to implement across browsers. The butt of many jokes.

    HTML: The same. Another designed by comity mess.

    DOM: Make your own joke.


    And yet they are among our most valuable possessions. Far far far far more valuable then XAML/C#.

  • Docker on Windows Server

    @cbae: Wouldn't that render Azure (almost) pointless? It would then be used only for services that won't run under Linux.

  • Docker on Windows Server

    So, Microsoft will add capabilities to the Windows kernel that are already in linux (cgroups and namespaces) which enable containers. That's all.

  • Docker on Windows Server

    From reading the above thread, I gather there won't be any magic of having Linux apps running on windows without a VM (current docker setup on windows runs Linux in a VM), or Windows apps running on Linux.

    So basically this announcement means there will be a new way of running Windows apps in containers on Windows servers.

  • Docker on Windows Server

    Everyone is confused. i think, by this. Will this allow Linux docker images to run directly on Windows?

    Here's a HN thread on this: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8458204


    My take: +1 for the POSIX api, -1 to the Win32 api as if someone needed a reason NOT to learn win32 :)

  • Respect

    No plans (yet) to get any fruity device, but this is just ... (fill in :))

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , evildictait​or wrote


    The bit that worries me about this whole "everything through the web-browser" model, is over-my-dead-body will I upload all of my source-code live to a big online source-depot owned by someone else. It's not OK for the risk of the source leaking, being stolen, being maliciously altered or being destroyed being owned by someone else. It just isn't.

    I may be way wrong on this, but I think that you as a security manager << Google as security managers. Or GitHub or even Microsoft. You are assuming that your laptop is virus free. You are highly optimistic.

    This brings the issue of laptops at Google/Microsoft/GitHub though :)