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felix9 felix9 the cat that walked by itself
  • Windows 10 mystery: World, Human, and Stereo Head Mounted Display

    hmmm..... OK, there is a possibility, if its not a general AR device, but a dedicated indoor AR gaming device, then its OK to bound it to a PC or XBox. that is actually plausible. since there is the API mentioned "Room".

  • Windows 10 mystery: World, Human, and Stereo Head Mounted Display

    well, here are some more interesting tidbits

    public class Windows.Devices.Input.PointerDevice {
          public uint MaxPointersWithZDistance { get; }
    public class Windows.UI.Input.PointerPointProperties {
          public IReference<float> ZDistance { get; }

    sounds like Goldfinger 3D Touch ?

  • Windows 10 mystery: World, Human, and Stereo Head Mounted Display

    @Bas: hmmmm.... on second thought I think you are right, technically it can, but I doubt its a viable market to support, in the age of Google Glass.

  • Windows 10 mystery: World, Human, and Stereo Head Mounted Display

    hmm... no I dont think the API can be general, because Windows 10 OS need to RUN ON THE DEVICE, in other words, this VR glass is a Windows device, it can only be a Microsoft product.

  • Windows 10 mystery: World, Human, and Stereo Head Mounted Display

    another clue: there are some hints showing these stuff may come from the "Analog" department inside OSG group, which is working on some secret incubation project, under the leadership of Alex Kipman/Paul Hamilton/Bruno Silva/Kudo Tsunoda/etc.

  • Windows 10 mystery: World, Human, and Stereo Head Mounted Display

    Windows 10 build 9901 has been leaked recently. there are plenty of interesting stuff, but I found something really mysterious.

    first, here is a WinRT API full changelog for 9901 vs. 9879 http://pastebin.com/UPTTXvwy

    there are some very interesting and mysterious bits in the API, namely Windows.World and Windows.Human namespaces, and some new classes in Windows.Graphics namespace, like StereoHeadMountedDisplay. and these stuff are interconnected.

    + public class Windows.Graphics.Display.StereoHeadMountedDisplay {

    +       public double NearPlaneDistance { get; set; }
    +       public double FarPlaneDistance { get; set; }
    +       public Person User { get; }
    +       public PositionalLocatorState State { get; }
    +       public StereoHeadMountedDisplay();
    +       public Frustum GetViewFrustum( Pose value );
    +       public StereoViewProjection GetStereoViewProjection( Pose value );
    +       public void ResetSwapChain();
    +       public void RequestActivation();
    +       TypedEventHandler<StereoHeadMountedDisplay, object> SwapChainResized;
    +       TypedEventHandler<StereoHeadMountedDisplay, object> SwapChainResizing;
    +       TypedEventHandler<IPositionalLocator, object> StateChanged;
    + }
    + public struct Windows.Graphics.Display.StereoViewProjection {
    +       public ViewProjection Left;
    +       public ViewProjection Right;
    + }
    + public struct Windows.Graphics.Display.ViewProjection {
    +       public Matrix4x4 View;
    +       public Matrix4x4 Projection;
    + }
    class Windows.Graphics.Display.StereoHeadMountedDisplay implements interface Windows.World.IPositionalLocator
    class Windows.Human.Pose implements interface Windows.World.ILocatable
    StereoHeadMountedDisplay property User is of type Windows.Human.Person
    StereoHeadMountedDisplay method GetStereoViewProjection takes argument of type Windows.Human.Pose
    etc, etc. obviously these APIs are used together, and there are some interesting functionalities.
    Windows.Human.Person.ReorientToHead( Pose pose, ref Pose reoriented );
    class Windows.World.Lighting.Prototype.LightCubeMap;
    can someone figure it out what these APIs can actually do, and what is that StereoHeadMountedDisplay ? is this Project Fortaleza or what ? (6)
  • new info around Midori team

    again, some more LinkedIn stuff:

    Wenfeng Gao:

    Midori OS incubation at Microsoft Research
    • Multimedia for Midori.
    • SSEx for Midori.
    • Speech recognition server for Midori.
    • COSMOS using Midori.

    Ryan Kothenbeutel

    August 2013 – Present
    Manage/support test lab environment for Midori – MS Research development team

    now the most 'interesting' news is, 'Systems Programming Group' might be gone.

    Joe Duffy updated his About page and LinkedIn profile., here is a diff:

    -    I am director of engineering for Microsoft's Systems Programming Group.
    ... into:
    +    I am director of engineering for Microsoft's Compiler and Language
    +    Platform group, in the Developer Division.

    -    This group is advancing the state of safe, productive, and performant
    -    systems programming, and developing core compiler technologies, like
    -    the Visual C++ compiler, new efforts like .NET Native, and a few other
    -    things that I can't wait to blog about someday soon.
    ... into:
    +    This group is responsible for native and managed compilers and
    +    languages, including the C++ compiler; C#, VB, F# languages; the Roslyn
    +    platform; the .NET Native compiler; and static analysis. Our overall
    +    mission is to deliver a suite of technologies that collectively form a
    +    "platform" fueling the next decade of compilers, languages, and program
    +    analysis technologies.

    and on LinkedIn:

    before: August 2014 – Present
    Partner Director of Engineering, Systems Programming Group

    now: August 2014 – Present
    Partner Director of Engineering, Compiler and Language Platform

    as you can see, its simply a name change, not a new era.

    and I think "Compiler and Language Platform group" is actually a better name, since this department actually oversees all the compilers, not just for "systems programming".

    but, that part about "a few other things that I can't wait to blog about someday soon" is gone.
    not sure what this means.

    and, Jared Parsons also removed the name "Systems Programming Group" from LinkeIn:

    October 2014 – Present
    Principal Developer C# Language
    Developer on the C# and VB language team

    May 2009 – September 2014
    Principal Developer Midori OS
    Lead developer on C# for systems programming compiler. Language focused on adding correct by construction, understanding of side-effects, modern error model and type safe systems programming.

    lastly, I've noticed Soner Terek may have left MS, now confirmed, he's working at Facebook.

  • I keep logging out

    happened to me today

  • new info around Midori team

    @androidi: right, but whatever happened to the project is another thing, the departure of high profile experts is always bad news for the company.

    alright, it seems like people are on GitHub these days.

    Joe Duffy is playing with clang https://github.com/joeduffy, his username was "neuralme" but renamed to "joeduffy" recently, and he also registered a ms account in October https://github.com/joeduffyms

    Krzysztof Cwalina joined in November, working on corefx https://github.com/KrzysztofCwalina

    Matt Ellis joined in November too, also working on corefx https://github.com/ellismg

    Mircea Trofin https://github.com/mtrofin, working on corefx

    and old gurus of course:

    Jared Parsons https://github.com/jaredpar, working on corefx

    Harry Pierson https://github.com/devhawk

  • new info around Midori team

    alright, more stuff.

    1, some LinkedIn stuff as usual.

    Huijun, Wu worked in Midori team as intern from June 2014 to August

    Midori (operating system) Storage Engine Application Development
    1 Developed TwitClone web service for ingesting and indexing tweets by MSP/ASP .NET
    2 Optimized the tweet processing throughput
    3 Developed client driver feeding tweets to TwitClone by Apache HttpComponents and Commons
    4 Developed TwitClone web site for querying/editing tweets by MSP/ASP .NET and HTML5/JavaScript

    most interesting thing here is "MSP", guess that was something like "M# Server Pages".

    the recommendation from Ahmet Altay is also interesting

    In our team he worked using a new language and a new tool set. His learning curve was faster than expected on these new technologies. He was tasked with developing an application to show case strong parts of our technology stack. He made great progress on that, showing incremental updates and eventually bringing this vision into reality.

    Mircea Trofin, a .NET team member, worked in Midori OS group from May 2013 to August 2014, now working in Systems Programming Group.

    Shrinath Shanbhag, January 2013 - Present

    Worked with a tiny selectively picked set of developers on the development of 2D graphics stack for an internal OS incubation project, written in a new safe systems programming language.
    Developed a hardware accelerated 2D rendering subsystem for this OS.
    Implemented the HTML 5 Canvas rendering api for the OS web browser.

    Matt Shaw, described his HR work in early 2014 as "Helped re-deploy Start-up Business Group's incubation projects to other engineering groups during Microsoft's companywide re-organization."

    Chris Brumme updated with some details of his recent years work:

    2013 - 2014: Director of Development for Base & Build in the Operating Systems Group. Managed the Hyper-V, Kernel, OS incubation and Engineering System teams (310-380 developers).

    2005 - 2013: Co-founder, Architect and eventually General Manager for a significant OS incubation effort (100 developers at its peak).

    then, some bad news, many important team members have left Microsoft recently.

    Colin Red, the Hyder researcher, went to Google.
    Martin Taillefer, the Amiga veteran, went to Google
    Ozben Evren, who ported Cosmos to Midori, went to Google
    even Soner Terek lists Microsoft as 'previous' work, maybe he is also left.

    so the main devs in the OS part of Midori team are almost all gone now. :S

    2, in October, Joe Duffy posted a blog post about the error model of M#, interesting parts include:

    One program we ported was a speech server. It had a routine that was swallowing HRESULTs for several years, but nobody noticed. Sadly this meant Taiwanese customers saw a 80% error rate. Fail-fast put it in our faces.

    remember my quotes above from Dzmitry Huba about speech recognition engine and Windows Phone ? it sounds like Midori is actually used in production, to power Cortana ??? =:O

    3, Dave Treadwell from OSG talked about Midori in an interview

    "We are integrating all of the company's OS product engineering work into the OS Group; it was very dispersed before so having technologies like Midori and Drawbridge and all the rest of them within the OSG means we can look at those concepts and see if we can make them part of the platform and we're looking at those." Indeed, he said, "there's a lot of that functionality that is now part of Windows."

    also, Rick Rashid has left OSG and working in OfficeDiv now, not sure if his OSG days were related to Midori stuff though.