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felix9 felix9 the cat that walked by itself
  • Windows 10 SDK

    yes (probably at //BUILD/), and yes, Terry Myerson announced universal apps for XBox at the briefing..


    those min/max/close buttons occupy a corner for the view, you can customize their colors (foreground/background), there is also api like SuppressSystemOverlays etc, not sure what exactly they will do yet. :)

    the charms menu is not there I think, you can build your own ui into your app itself.

    not sure about popup window.


    , brian.​shapiro wrote

    Looking at screenshots of Spartan and the new Office and the titlebars on those apps, I'm wondering if this means that developers will have some control over the non-client area of windowed Modern apps.



  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    @Craig_Matthews: upgrade key can't be used on fresh install...... directly. there are some tricks though (6)

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    , vesuvius wrote

    @felix9: Free for a year seems to imply that you will be charged some money after the year has elapsed, also surprised that a lot of the news websites have not picked up on it as this is pretty big news?

    It would be terrific if this were this the case, as in you can upgrade for free within 12 months, then chargeable afterwards. If businesses do the sums, then that is indeed a carrot. If you need someone to spread the message, send me an email :P

    Obviously I share the concerns about upgrading a machine, contracting a virus or just plain needing to reinstall Windows then having to purchase a license?

    while I'm still not exactly sure what will happen if you wiped the harddrive and reinstalled Windows, but Terry Myerson said clearly its free-for-life license if you upgrade in a year, not a yearly subscription or like, no need to pay anything after a year, so, not a trial.

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    , vesuvius wrote


    his is a trial not a free version of Windows!

    nope, its not a trial, why do you think it is ?

  • "Third Party Developers are already building for Hololens"

    first get yourself familiar with the api surface  😉 http://channel9.msdn.com/Forums/Coffeehouse/Windows-10-mystery-World-Human-and-Stereo-Head-Mounted-Display

  • new info around Midori team

    well, finally something might be positive (--ish)

    Joe Duffy may be playing with clang trying to build a safe C++-like language called Carbon C++

    actally, I've reported this in previous posts, but didn't pay much attention, because I thought Joe Duffy must be busy working on productizing M# in Systems Programming Group, so he must be just toying some ideas in his spare time, but right now I guess SPG is no more and M# is dead, so this old news become more interesting and could be significant.

    let's reread Joe's famous blog post:

    Finally, you might wonder, "Why not base it on C++?" As we've progressed, I do have to admit that I often wonder whether we should have started with C++, and worked backwards to carve out a "safe subset" of the language. We often find ourselves "tossing C# and C++ in a blender to see what comes out," and I will admit at times C# has held us back. Particularly when you start thinking about RAII, deterministic destruction, references, etc. Generics versus templates is a blog post of subtleties in its own right. I do expect to take our learnings and explore this avenue at some point, largely for two reasons: (1) it will ease portability for a larger number of developers (there's a lot more C++ on Earth than C#), and (2) I dream of standardizing the ideas, so that the OSS community also does not need to make the difficult "safe/productive vs. performant" decision. But for the initial project goals, I am happy to have begun with C#, not the least reason for which is the rich .NET frameworks that we could use as a blueprint (noting that they needed to change pretty heavily to satisfy our goals).

    there is little to see about this "Carbon C++" language in Joe's first commit, the most interesting part is this error message "pointers are illegal unless compiling with /unsafe", so the direction is obvious. :)

  • new info around Midori team

    , felix9 wrote

    Jared Parsons just wrote a blog post about his new job in C# team, including bring some M# goodness into C# 7


    well, I should quote more from that post, because there is an important statement

    With the exception of the OOPSLA paper I've been mostly silent since I joined the research team. The need to be quiet about your work is the big downside to research (especially for chatty people like me). But now the research is concluded and I'll be able to once again blog about my work including most of what I did over the last four years.

    there you go.

  • C# 7.0 may bring some M# goodness

    well, perhaps :)

    btw, here is another description of some of the benefits of the language