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felix9 felix9 the cat that walked by itself
  • Windows 10 Preview (Download Link - 1st Oct )

    Windows Server Technical Preview will be availabe for download here tomorrow

  • Channel 9 officially dead?

    Ok, I guess thats because C9 is generally for developer content and the Windows 10 preview is for Enterprise, no dev related announcements, those kind of news are only for  Ping! show, which unfortunately at a bad timing to report this.

  • Channel 9 officially dead?

    guess those content should fits Channel 10 more ?  (6)

  • Windows TH?

    hehe, I'm running Windows XP, you say I should upgrade to Windows ? oh hell, but Windows XP IS Windows, ISN'T IT ? :P

  • Windows TH?

    , PeterF wrote

    Placeholder for Windows One?

    Since this OS will feature a female AI voice assistant, so it will be named after Element Software OS1 ? :P

  • Windows TH?

    that's obviously a placeholder since the codename is Threshold. :)

    better look at this pic https://twitter.com/tomwarren/status/515673123606503424

  • new info around Midori team

    well, just noticed Joe Duffy updated his About page to explain what Systems Programming Group does

    I am director of engineering for Microsoft's Systems Programming Group.

    This group is advancing the state of safe, productive, and performant systems programming, and developing core compiler technologies, like the Visual C++ compiler, new efforts like .NET Native, and a few other things that I can't wait to blog about someday soon.

    OK, so .NET Native is under this group, as expected, but ...... Visual C++ Compiler ? really ?

  • Happy Birthday Dr Herbie!

    oh happy birthday doctor, any cake ? :P

  • Microsoft laying off workers, drats...

    The Humans Are Dead http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ashleyf/archive/2014/09/21/the-humans-are-dead.aspx

    Sadly, Microsoft has decided to kill the MSR Robotics team... My last day is today.
    All that remains is a bunch of robots... 


  • new info around Midori team

    a little bit more:

    Chris McKinsey, the master of Phoenix, is also in "Systems Programming Platform Group"

    Aug 2014 - Present

    Development manager for Systems Programming Platform Group
    - Managing multiple development teams including C# ahead of time and just-in-time (JIT) compiler code-generation developers

    Nov 2008 - Aug 2014

    Managed and lead a team building an optimizing compiler backend for C++ and ahead-of-time C# compilation for internal systems incubation project. Oversaw project planning, designs, and development. Developed many aggressive optimization techniques for managed code. Resulting code quality outperforms many industry shipping C/C++ compilers.

    Sunny Chatterjee, from WinDiv static code analysis team, joined Systems Programming Group, and he confirmed that its actually part of DevDiv.

    Currently, I am part of the Systems Programming group in Developer Division, working on bridging the gap between compiler frontend and code analysis artifacts.

    Aug 2014 - Present

    I am a developer working in Systems Programming Group, Developer Division. I focus on static analysis technology.

    Slavik Krassovsky, although left MSFT, revealed he has worked on Midori

    Mar 2013 - Sep 2014

    Working on Machine Learning projects at Technical Strategy Incubation at Microsoft.
    Developed Distributed Deep Neural Network system based on Midori platform for speech and image recognition.

    this reminds me our own Sven Groot, who also worked on ML/DNN in TSI. colleague ? ;)

    Jul 2013 - Present

    - Worked on async runtime and IPC framework for a research operating system project.
    - Design and development of a large scale distributed platform for machine learning (particularly neural networks), as part of a research operation system project.

    and Sergey Andreenko, a new Intern working on Midori/Phoenix

    Jun 2014 - Present

    Midori, Phoenix compiler

    lastly, Rob McMillen, the Lab Manager

    Jun 2014 - Present

    Supporting Midori, IE, DevDiv and the greater OSG clan