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felix9 felix9 the cat that walked by itself
  • Metro Is Dead

    , dentaku wrote

    Code names almost never make it past RTM at Microsoft anyway so this is not a surprise.

    What was the code name of Windows 8 again ?



  • Metro Is Dead

    actually 'Immersive' was quite good I think.

  • IE10 on Win7 - Is font rendering the same ?

    we dont even know if there will be such a thingy.

  • "Optimizer as an AppStore Service" = Cloud JIT ?

    @Charles: Good to hear and thank you very much !

    It means my time window is narrowing, lets see how much I can do before the truth surfaces. Smiley

    Sofar I saw an MDILBinder.exe inside the emulation image, and apparently there will also be an mdilnigenlibrary.dll. Plus, evey managed assembly .dll or .ni.dll has a .mdil PE section, I hope these are related to CrossGen.exe.

     Also, I saw a HDRLens.mdil.xap somewhere in the vhd.

  • Joe Duffy

    , Charles wrote

    Joe will be speaking at YOW! 2012 in November

    Wow, that's cool news ! Thanks !

    And, according to Joe's latest blog post, Krzysztof Cwalina and Adam Nathan are also in the private incubation team now ? hmmm.... adding this to my notebook Devil is this a sign that the TSI and DevDiv getting back on track after the Win8 push ? Ok I'm reading too much again Tongue Out

  • "Optimizer as an AppStore Service" = Cloud JIT ?

    And, there is a crossgen.exe which is “Microsoft Common Language Runtime native cross compiler”, version 4.0.50622.1 built by: CLR_TRITON


    Microsoft (R) CoreCLR Native Image / MDIL Generator - Version 4.0.50622.1
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

    Usage: crossgen [args] <assembly name>

        /? or /help          - Display this screen
        /nologo              - Prevents displaying the logo
        @reponse.rsp         - Process command line arguments from specified response file
        /fulltrust           - Assembly will be run in a full trust domain.
        /in <file>           - Specifies input filename (optional)
        /out <file>          - Specifies output filename (optional with native images,
                               required with MDIL)
        /MissingDependenciesOK - Specifies that crossgen should attempt not to fail if a dependency is missing.
        /Trusted_Platform_Assemblies <path[;path]>
                             - List of assemblies treated as trusted platform
        /Platform_Resource_Roots <path[;path]>
                             - List of paths containing localized assembly directories
        /App_Paths <path>    - List of paths containing user-application assemblies and resources
        /App_Ni_Paths <path[;path]>
                             - List of paths containing user-application native images
                             - Must be used with /CreatePDB switch
                             - List of paths containing target platform WinMDs used for emulating
     Compatability Modes
        /PreWP8App           - Set the Windows Phone 8 "Quirks" mode, namely AppDomainCompatSwitch=
                               WindowsPhone_3.7.0.0 or WindowsPhone_3.8.0.0.
     MDIL Generation Parameters
        /mdil           - Generate MDIL rather than native code. Requires presence of /out switch.
        /nomdil         - create MDIL image with no MDIL code or CTL data structures, use to force
                          fall back to JIT
        /EmbedMDIL      - Embed a previously created mdil data in IL image into native image.
        /fxmdil         - Generate framework assembly MDIL images containing minimal MDIL
     Debugging Parameters
        /CreatePDB <Dir to store PDB> [/lines [<search path for managed PDB>] ]
            When specifying /CreatePDB, the native image should be created
            first, and <assembly name> should be the path to the NI.

  • "Optimizer as an AppStore Service" = Cloud JIT ?

    words from the WP8 SDK documents:

    How to test the retail version of your app for Windows Phone

    Before you release your app in the Marketplace, we recommend that you build it as a native image, to test its performance on a device as users will experience it.

    When you build your app in Visual Studio, the code is not compiled into a native image, but into a machine-independent Common Intermediate Language (CIL) binary file. (CIL was formerly known as Microsoft Intermediate Language, or MSIL.) This CIL file is what you submit to the Marketplace when you're ready to sell your app. At that time, the binary file is converted from CIL to Machine Dependent Intermediate Language, or MDIL. Finally, when the user downloads your app to a device, the MDIL file is linked to produce a native image. You can repeat these steps in your development environment by changing certain build options in Visual Studio.

    The functionality of your app is not affected by the native code generation. However the native image typically starts and runs faster.

    To build and test your app as a native image

    1. In Visual Studio, on the Standard toolbar, select Device as the deployment target. You cannot test native code generation on onthe emulator.

    2. In the Solution Configurations drop-down list, select Release to create a Release build. You cannot generate native code for a Debug build.

    3. On the Tools menu, select Options to open the Options dialog box. In the navigation pane, select Debugging.

    4. In the list of debugging options, make the following changes:

      1. Deselect the Suppress JIT optimization option.

      2. Select the Enable Just My Code option.

      Click OK to close the Options dialog box.

    5. Build or rebuild your app, and test its performance and responsiveness.

  • Why is XP Support for .NET 4.5 not happening?

    I think for most apps the chance of hitted by a BUG in 4.0/4.0.3 but fixed with 4.5 is quite low, very low I guess. on the other hand, 4.5 has few important new features so you wont miss it much, this is different than VC++ because C++11 is huge.

    But if .NET developers had complained about this like VC++ users did, MAYBE ms could change this.

  • Will there be a Build conference 2012?

    yes http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Vector/Announcing-BUILD-2012

  • Microsoft Access and the new Office 2013

    why ? the ACE engine in 2007 is just a customized version of JET, AFAIK.