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figuerres figuerres ???
  • What Windows needs

    , TexasToast wrote

    @figuerres: how about the markets that make money.    Phones give away the OS ... actually Microsoft is making money off of  Android.  so lets say Apple is a making a dent with iOS and their hardware for tablets.  but apple is not open source either.   so my rebuttal was to magicalclick and open source being a way to get market share.  Consumers don't give a crap about open source.

    what an amazing way to do things, so you have a way to make some money but in doing that you are losing sales of you company brand. and the company brand is not getting well known and not growing in sales very much if at all.  

    what happens when the other folks find ways to not need to pay that 5 to 15 bucks ? when they no longer use the MS patents ?

    and I am sure that will happen, they want to make more profit.

    then ms loses that revenue and still has a product that is in dead last place.

    why be in the market unless you have a plan to gain market share ?

  • Netflix only stereo?

    also try going into your account settings on the Netflix web site and change the download to high only.

    the default is auto and unless it streams in high you will not get 5.1

    I did that and checked my speakers and got battlestar galactica in 5.1

    did not yet try the avengers

  • Netflix only stereo?

    , magicalclick wrote


    I did uncompressed HDMI to my AV receiver that does PCM 5.1. I couldn't choose different audio on Netflix. You know, the menu next to the subtitle options. Netflix doesn't seem to let me choose anything other than stereo.

    the Netflix website has some stuff on what they require for 5.1 I did not find it but they also have a list of devices that have 5.1 support.

  • What Windows needs

    , TexasToast wrote

    @magicalclick:Yeah,  I guess that's why Windows has been such a failure with only 90% market share.  Its marketing and not open source and better ideas like Cortana that will make it successful.

    of what market ?

    of desktop OS ok.

    of TV's ?   uh zero ?

    of low cost touch devices ? uh near zero ?

    of cell phones ?  around what 1 or 2 percent ?

    what is growing in all of these for an OS ?  Linux

    do I want to see MS get in the act yea and not just cause I do .net and windows

    but also I think there should be more than 1 or 2 OS's out there.....


    the world should not let the OS's be limited to 3, diversity is better than a monoculture.


  • Netflix only stereo?

    I  think the question is do you have 5.1 setup with the xbox and your audio system ?

    if you do then if the movie that Netflix is sending should play back with 5.1

  • snake!

    , JohnAskew wrote

    Well, I don't suspect cow heads will chase a man down... but ok.

    Hmmm.... but with a bit of VOLTAGE you could make it do some creepy things.

    Just sayin.

  • DeLorean

    , bondsbw wrote

    @magicalclick:  You are incorrect.  DeLorean is not about video buffering, #3 as you call it.  In fact, video buffering isn't a problem anyway... it's the solution to a problem, and it's been solved for a long time.  Nothing new there.

    DeLorean is specifically trying to solve #1.  You have ample bandwidth and some latency.  So the server predicts several possible outcomes, streams those simultaneously (over your ample bandwidth connection), and the client picks the outcome based on what button(s) the user presses.

    the thing about sending video frames is kind of funny as most of the hardware we have can render frames locally just fine for almost any game, some of us have better hardware then others but you can adjust settings to make your system run smooth, most games will try and set a good default.

    where the problems happen is not the client rendering a frame. it is with networking that state of the game for multiple users to "share" a game world.

    if you are playing single player and want to play with minimal hardware then this could work.

    but I think most games today folks want some form of online community play.

    so let's figure out how to better sync up 100 - 300 players in a networked game then we have something huge to share.


  • Visual Studio Alternatives

    *if* vs 2010 and the version of the .net you are working with are supported on xp

    you can create an empty 2010 solution and project and then add the files from the file system via add existing files.

    but if the project is bound to the new versions of .net will VS2010 and XP work with them?


  • DeLorean

    a couple of items:

    1)  even now a lot of parts of the US still do not have the kind of internet bandwidth that some folks are talking about. just get out of the major metro areas as you will find large areas that just do not have the high speed feeds.

    2)  folks talk about how they can get movies but also look at the way providers want to charge more for movie streams.   I bet that if that is allowed then they will also want to charge more for game streams next.

    3) backbones have plenty of capacity but the local providers tend to be the bottle neck in the system and they do not want to upgrade the "last mile" unless they see a profit in it.

    I tend to think that sending video of a "video" is ok but Games not so much.

    sure if the game has limited options for what you can do and had few or no multi player it can work.

    the folks playing the two games named: was that single player or multi ?

    let's see if it scales to say 100 players in a game like world of war craft , will it work if 30 or more players are running around a town in WOW ....


  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    , spivonious wrote

    @magicalclick: Caveat emptor, sure. But Microsoft's store needs to be better than the other stores if people are going to switch from the much more mature Apple and Google stores.

    @BitFlipper: App store problems are first-world problems by definition. :) The pool app does seem like a very small audience, but it is pretty ridiculous that Apple has 50+ and Microsoft has 1 or 0 depending on which device you're using.

    same as the issue of apps that are only on IOS / Droid for many things. the developers and the companies that pay developers to make them are targeting the 70 to 90% market and ignoring the 0 to 10% zone as not worth the time and cost.

    the only way that will change in the near future is for MS to fund a bunch of apps for some stuff.

    they need to do that to drive more users to see the Windows phone as a device they might purchase. get more folks buying them that will in turn driver market share and demand by users for more apps.

    as of now it's the only way I see for the wp to get up to speed.