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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Channel 9 officially dead?

    I recall from say 1995 till about say 2007  Microsoft's MSDN group did a ton of local live developer events, often they would rent a movie theater and run along side TechNet and enterprise / or small business and have a really good showing of folks.

    while the online web casts are all good there is *NOTHING* like a live hands on event where you can shake hands get cards and chat with folks.

    Build is ok but not everyone can afford to fly + hotel + event ticket every year.

    have a kick off but then do a road show ...  at least do an east / west / north / south  show.

    the last few years it seems like MS has cut out all of the local events for developers.

    I used to go to several a year.  One of the folks who did a lot of them in my area no longer works for MS and has been doing shows / events for other companies.

    I think MS is losing by not going out and meeting more folks face to face.

  • It's called...

    , Bas wrote


    I hope that continuum thing gets refined and makes it to the final version, because that looks pretty great. They should add a phone mode to it and have it switch to that when it detects a small touch screen and no mouse and keyboard, and then switch back to desktop mode when you hook your phone up to a screen.


    I hadn't heard about the remote apps thing yet. I wonder how that works. Is this a sort of OnLive app streaming type deal?

    the basis for that I think is in the RDP protocol that is used for remote desktop and terminal services.

    for a while they have had the option to send a window and not a whole desktop to a remote client if the server and the client use the right version of RDP over the network.

    WIndows 7 "XP MODE" used a VM with some form of local RDP to show an app running in an XP VM on a windows 7 desktop.

    so if the box at work and the box at home have the current RDP bits just send the app window over the net to the client pc and you are running an app at the office on your local pc.


  • Entity ​Framework/​Job Number

    just to note another option, not good for users to try and type in but good for the database and making sure they are unique is to use a GUID. you can make the GUID a PK in the database and generate them on the fly before you even save them in the SQL tables.

    for example if your ever going to need to work offline and then upload stuff the GUID will be the only way to work it that is not over complex.

    int is nice and simple to use in most cases.

    another item that you can use if you want to create a compound ident  is the year + the day of the year + the int    so you get sequences like




    that tells you at a glance the year and the day of the year 1-365 will map to a month and a day of the year.

    you can then us the sql auto generated int for the last part.

    just a few of the ways that you can go. 

  • Windows TH?

    , bondsbw wrote


    Wait, are you serious?  The ring spins in the opposite direction south of the equator?

    If so, that's pretty awesome.

    all new systems come with "WindowsGeoSense" that knows what part of the world you are in and makes the system spin the correct way for that location.

  • My local school goes into Lock Down

    , spivonious wrote

    @JohnAskew: Yeah, never run from a bear. Those hikers were idiots and got one of themselves and a bear killed.


    they run crazy fast... faster then most humans who run all the time can run.

    first thing to do is crouch down low and if you can back away from the bear slowly.

    to a bear a human standing looks a bit like a threat  as they stand to threaten other bears.

    looking like you are down on all four feet sends a sign to the bear that you do not want to mess with it.

    running says you are fair game and that they should chase you down.


  • Windows TH?

    I have not been chasing the future codenames for windows but if this is threshold then will the next one be "Windows Unity"  ?

    also if they are keeping the "threshold" name then it will be a switch back to the old naming ala XP ....  funny how it seems to go in cycle's

  • Windows TH?


    URL ?

  • XBox One owners -- any reason I shouldn't get one?

    , blowdart wrote


    It's a complete new architecture, including CPU. Backwards compat was "too hard"


    just wanted to add that from what I heard the deal breaker was trying to get a code translation from power pc cpu based code to x86 based code on the fly that was fast.

    going the other way from x86 to ppc is not as hard.

    that is what I understood the issue as - but I might be wrong.

  • whats the little arrow above the call bars?

    not sure but I think it's "Transmitting"   both cell and wifi do it.


  • Facebook WiFi drone, as large as a 747

    , TheJoe wrote

    @JohnAskew:Correct but, the way laws are written with the FCC the broadcast fequencies are free and belong to the people.  To suddenly hand them over to ATT (and the like) to use as a backbone for a paid wireless network would be a tough sell the the American people.

    Wha....  ok so you do not know about how they "Sell" a "License"  to a chunk of the frequencies ?

    the company does not own it, they get a limited right to use it for profit in the public interest for a period of years.