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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Thanksgiving in Europe? It's more likely than you think!

    , ScanIAm wrote

    I was listening to a podcast a few weeks ago about the puritans, so forgive me if I'm screwing this up;  Apparently, Europe was king of tired of having them around so it was less of "Puritans looking for religious freedom" and more of "Hey, Buckleheads, GTFO".

    well what about the deal with "You can not leave without the kings permission" when they wanted to leave England in 1607 ? if the crown did not want them around then why arrest them when they tried to leave ?

    of course they were looking to reform the church and that probably ticked off a lot of the crown's offices....  

  • Google is trolling me.

    the current site looks fine to me.

    possibly the initial fake data might have triggered it?


  • Censorship

    I think the real issue here on a more general level is the idea of a George Orwell / 1989 "Big Brother" case.

    in place of one government we get three "Gate Keepers" each telling us what is ok to have on our phone/tablet or other device.

    while the standards and app review are put there for many very good reasons there is the issue of the end user not even knowing that they have any other option on how to get the "Good bits"

    On the one hand I see a valid need to not dump Trojans and malware on folks and for sure I do not want kids being exposed to adult content for example but then where does the line get drawn ?

    do we make apps safe and also insure that we do not close out some things that might not be in the "Main stream" ?

    it's a tricky thing to get right, not sure anyone ever can really get it right.   70% right not hard, but 95% right gets a lot harder.


  • European Parliament to Google: We can haz ur search plz

    , ScanIAm wrote

    I seem to recall a version of windows that had to have a browser removed....


    that reminds me ....  is chrome the default in the Android OS ??    does the user get a "Browser Vote" screen in the EU on each new phone ??   :--)

  • Google is trolling me.

    , magicalclick wrote

    It is a dedicate domain name and the video is hosted within the domain as well. The only thing that's external is the free HTML5 video player and jQuery.

    But none of those matter. They just say the site maybe hacked and unable to explain why.

    to be honest I would be interested in seeing the site just for the heck of it, can we check it out??

    is "The only thing that's external is the free HTML5 video player" this using any sort of cross domain access ? that might flag a checking system.


  • European Parliament to Google: We can haz ur search plz

    if this is a true statement then I find it funny:

    "European politicians have grown increasingly concerned about Google's and other American companies' command of the Internet industry, and have sought ways to curb their power. "

    Or on the flip side why not spend time and money getting *YOUR* countries companies to step up and compete!   

    it's not like anyone is preventing them from getting in the game. I wonder which companies are telling them they have problems competing ?


    PS:  this does not mean that I think google is *NOT* evil, just that I have seen this kind of thing before, if you can't compete then regulate them , call in the lawyers and politics to stifle them.

  • Google is trolling me.

    I wonder if the issue is a shared domain name or an IP address Block that Google is using to black list the sites ??

    if they see a shared hosting with a common domain name and then you add a "Vanity domain" Google may see that they are both on one actual web server and that some part of that shared server has bad stuff.

    if I were stuck like that I would be asking the hosting provider why they are getting flagged,  but first I would check to see what the other web pages are that google really is trying to ban / block / flag. also could the server software be an issue in any way ?   - bad http server with known issue.

    and you could just move the site to a different hosting provider  - if the current one is not helping fix the problem.


  • Google is trolling me.

    , magicalclick wrote

    It is terrible. My friend forcibly sign up the google web master tool. And it turns out there is no security risk reported by the tool. And after 3 weeks later, Google still says the site may be hacked. And we checked the web tool again, and guess what, no reported risk.

    I tell him to call google to resolved this bug. Just not cool.

    how / in what way do they say that ?  is the site hosted by google  ?  I do not get how they think it's hacked.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    , TexasToast wrote


    Where do you get this idea?   I want to design a network which sucks, drops packets and breaks connections?   Nobody wanted this so it is not by design.   Its not collisions that cause problems but networks where packets exceed throughput.

    For one thing ever heard of UDP ? delivery is not for sure, and there is no order to packets.

    TCP is only one part of the suite. Even with TCP the design says that stuff can happen and a good effort will be made to try and deal with it.   But even then, stuff happens.

  • Told ya (dotnet)

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    Identity and SignalR? When someone says "PHP", do you think about HipHop and Parrot?

    In the real world, when you say of ASP.NET everyone thinks Webforms and MVC. The number of Webforms-projects in the wild is huge. So it's quite disingenuous telling everyone that "ASP.NET is open sourced" when a crucial part of it isn't.

    That would be like making Windows RT free of cost and tell everyone "WINDOWS IS FREE NOW!"


    Compilers and programming languages are dime a dozen. Average developers are hyped because they think they can run their .NET Windows programs now officially and without any fuss on Mac and Linux. But without Winforms and WPF that's obviously not the case.

    Yet another compiler in the wild doesn't really phase anybody.

    Once people realize what the package really consists of, the hangover will be palpable.

    given the current focus on things, given that webforms and winforms are kind of "AT EOL" more or less then most of this seems ok to me.

    the *ONLY* thing I see here is that the xaml/wpf system is not in the deal but then there is the issue of dependency on other parts, right now AFAIK the xaml system is very tied into the lower levels of windows / directx or the windows phone systems.

    now if we had a port of xaml that had a set of hooks to call a platform runtime that would be interesting but also very very complex to get right.

    think of it though, xaml on Linux via X or OGL ??