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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    , cbae wrote

    I wonder why Microsoft never embedded Silverlight into IE to increase adoption. Had Microsoft embraced other platforms 7 years ago like they do now, they could have developed first-class Silverlight plug-ins for OSX and Linux, and Silverlight might still have been a thing today. It would have been worth doing just to see fanbaby cry every single day about Silverlight killing the web.

    that would not work.

    for example there is no IE on IOS , on Android, on Linux

    and no way to be sure the users would use IE if they could.

    so that strategy would not have went anywhere.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    , sysrpl wrote

    @figuerres:Think of it like Darwin might have. It's been evolving since its inception, moreso than any other development stack. What has worked is kept and improved, what hasn't has been left behind. New features have been added, it's not the same thing it once was, and yes it's amazing.

    sure and to use that a step further ....

    like DNA   we now are building a huge pile of code that in many places has few comments and no clear documentation on the why's and uses that over time pile up.

    so give it another 30 years and some poor soul will be like the folks today trying to understand why we seem to have say a blueray disk full of dna but no clue what 90% of it ever did and what parts we can change.

    so from time to time there is value in starting clean when you can.

    learn from the past to create a better tomorrow.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    , wkempf wrote

    @sysrpl: I call BS. Just like everything, some things will be incredibly easy. But actually USE this stuff for something significant and then talk to me about how easy it is. I've got lots of experience with this stack of technologies, and I'll laugh in your face if you tell me it's easy.


    Yeah you can make stuff but that does not mean that the pile of tech in the browser is "Good".

    my thoughts on what Silverlight could have done were never that it was not possible to fold/spindle and mutilate the html based model into doing it.

    and I still stand with that.   HTML was created to serve up static files, the whole stack from the web server to the browser client was not created with today in mind, it's amazing that it works as well as it does.

    my thought is that rich interactive applications over the network might be better done with a new clean approach based on a new design that does not carry all the dead baggage and funky quirks that the modern browser and web server system have.

    yes that would mean a lot of work.

    piling more and more client script into browsers is just silly in the end for many reasons. but not something we can fully examine and resolve on a forum post.


  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    really ?

    are you joking or really asking this ?

    it's been very much talked about is why I am asking and can't tell from a post if you are smiling when you wrote it.

  • Finally -- my tech prediction has come true ...

    , dahat wrote


    That sorta already exists... take the HDHomeRun Prime and the infiniTV6 ETH, network attacked cable tuners which support multi-stream cable cards. I've had the prior for years and love it... though they require Windows Media Center on a separate machine to handle DRMed content. Other apps can view the live & record the non-encrypted streams.


    I won't speculate publically as to why they didn't... or as to why they still haven't brought a full version of Media Center (or just a Media Center Extender) to the Xbox One... but I'm sure there are some significant reasons.

    I wish we could talk, I have a few ideas why....  but you can't say in public how close I am.

    I have worked with parts of the industry and from what I have seen and heard it's not nice.

    Between the ncta and the FCC us cable is a mess imho.

  • Finally -- my tech prediction has come true ...

     Hmmm   really in the US they need to make a small box like that and shove the Media center code in it and a cable card slot.

    for users in the US who have cable the cable card will let them get all the cable channels.

    the cable industry want to dump the cable card but as of now there is no replacement device on the market.

    MS should have ported WMC to the XBOX ONE os from the start....  they did the guide but not the dvr and a few other bits....

    also a cable card costs about $3 to $5 US per month from the cable company where an HD DVR costs about $20 US a Month.

    but the politics in the US with the cable companies and the FCC is a mess....

  • Telerik being sold to progress software

    I hope this works well for the Telerik software and staff.

    in the past when I have seen stuff get sold it often goes down hill after the sale.

    recall how Crystal Reports used to be "the standard" but then it was sold and then re-sold and along the way got to be to many bugs and costs and fell out of favor with a lot of developers.

  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    , androidi wrote

    For instance, in IE11, try going to google (not .com) site. You're stuck there.

    what does that mean ?

    going to what ?   

  • Microsoft Watch

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @figuerres: or perhaps so many geeks watched Rodenberry's shows that they were subliminally influenced to reproduce what they saw ...

    If I was Rodenberry, I would have put more jetpacks in my shows.

    yeah that could also be at work :)

  • Mil-spec Lumia for ASW?

    did you see anything that referred to the military directly ?

    ASW might have some other meaning in the Telco / cell phone space.

    Automated Software Whitelist ?

    3 letter names can get confused, also if translated from another language the meaning may be garbled.

    just saying.