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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Media Center Woes

    , ScanIAm wrote

    @figuerres: you can use the XB one as a media extender?  My understanding was that it doesn't work.

    XBOX ONE can use the same IR interface to control media center as it does with a DVR / set top box.

    I have the IR from an old HP system, you can get them online cheap  it's a USB IR blaster for Media Center.

  • Modern UI is not ONE interface

    , Michael Butler wrote


    Curious to know what you mean with regard to the Xbox. Is this via the Controller, smart glass or voice.

    I tend to use Voice to control my Xbox one most of the time, Smart-glass is the next most used and then Controller when I'm playing games.

    Different form factors and differing usage scenarios, require different user experiences.


    I think that he is thinking that if the visual format looks "the same" then it's the same UX

    but the overall "Experience" is not just drawing a screen. and even then we have portrait Vs. landscape views on the phone and tablet while the xbox is always landscape as far as I know.

  • Modern UI is not ONE interface

    Sorry but I think you are wrong in that the "UX" and the "UI" for each platform *IS* different and this is due to the different size and shape and input methods / input devices.

    they can share a common UI framework and code base. that should happen so that some things can be shared and so that developers have a consistent API to call and the same tools and such.

    some things can share a common set of styles / look and such.

    but the actual User Exp. for touch is different that mouse is different than the game controller or motions / verbal commands.


  • Windows Forms...

    , Kryptos wrote

    Do we all think that Windows Form is dead? :P

    Don't ask, but I have written a Windows Form app of late for work (yey, LOB apps live on)... I want to skin it or rather I've been asked to make it look "better"....  any free/cheap options I've looked at DevExpress and it seems expensive.

    Thanks in advance. 


    when I used to do this I used


    the basic toolkit is free.

    to get source and some added tools you have to pay.

    I have not used it in the last 2-3 years but when I did it was very powerful and had a ton of options to make things look how you want them to look.

  • The Year of the Linux Desktop

    , Bass wrote


    Consequently Heathcare.gov started to work around the time Google and Red Hat were hired to fix it.

    The #1 issue is attracting technical talent. There are government agencies capable of doing this. CERN produces Scientific Linux and uses it extensively on some of the biggest coordinated computer systems in the world without much fanfare. I guess it is more interesting that a city government uses Linux, because of the stereotypes?

     I realize this is difficult to attract talent for many government agencies, especially ones without the sexy factor (CERN/NASA = sexy, city government = not really). This makes it quite difficult to attract the right talent that a high end scientific government agency can. I mean, if I graduated from MIT, would I rather work at a place where my job would be to help discover the fundamental laws of Nature, or a place where I fix HR Sally's Exchange connection? Hmm?

    And you are not addressing the issue I presented.  it's not tech talent that is the issue at all really. It is how to modify business operations in a way that they can accept. That you cannot just walk in and tell them to change everything all at once.

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , cbae wrote

    @bondsbw: You'd have to package the application up a certain way with a manifest file. Also, the project could be created with a Windows Store-specific .NET profile that possibly restricts the use of certain namespaces. Microsoft could run the application through the same approval process. This would still be way better (and safer) than Google's Play Store, which has no approval process at all.

    Exactly, and by the way click once already has a manifest and installs an app in a special folder for it to be updated. Click once is almost ready for a store setup.


  • Media Center Woes

    WARNING!!!   a while back I tried for over two weeks to buy that $9  upgrade and it kept failing to go thru.  after many calls to Microsoft I found that a third party does the order processing for that and if they fail to work *NO ONE* at Microsoft has a clue how to fix it.

    in the end I had to do a return of the WIndows 8.1 I had paid for and buy a WIndows 8.1 "Pro with Media center" disk at best buy and install that.

    when I got a good install it works fine with my xbox one and my old USB IR blaster and the xbox one.

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , cbae wrote

    If Microsoft really wants to continue supporting WPF, they should allow WPF applications to be purchased/downloaded from the Windows Store and manage both the installation and updates like they do with Metro apps.

    really any .Net apps should be able to be in some form of app store.

    they created the app store to install the new RT stuff and there are some good ideas in there that should also be able to work with a .net app as long as the .net app does not install native dll's.

    take the "Click Once" deployment package and from there create a ".Net Store App" packaging system. 

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , figuerres wrote

    Yes MS needs to address the roadmap for all versions of XAML and WPF and have a plan to reduce the variations of XAML and Platform.

    PS for an example of why look at HTML standards and what works on Mobile Vs. Desktop

    sure we have an "HTML5" standard but we still can't write one page that really works and looks the same on all browsers that support HTML5 unless we have extra stuff to work out differences.


  • The Year of the Linux Desktop

    , Bass wrote

    I don't think they took the best approach with LiMux/WollMux, which seems to mainly focus on catering to fat-client office productivity software. So I'm not sure what Munich is using word processing software for, but probably not for too much printed materials (which anyway the compat problem doesn't make sense). It seems to be a common problem with public sector, the use of documents like word docs or PDFs for forms and business processes and what not. This is stupid, technologically backwards, and should stop.

    Instead of making tons of office macros for OpenOffice, they ought to have taken the time to convert business processes away from operations on unstructured, file-centric, local-centric document based processes to structured, computer-readable data in enterprise-maintained cloud storage, with humans interacting via web apps. In processes where unstructured data doesn't make much sense (pretty much should only be documentation), the best thing for managing that is wiki software (like Confluence or MediaWiki).

    It's not just about saving money either, it's about being better run, and being able to do new things that weren't easily possible before (AI/machine learning/automation).

    Failing that, they should have just used Gentoo. :)

    so you think that someone can walk into a business of any real size and sell them on massive changes to all of their current practices as "cost effective" ? really ?

    the scale of the changes you seem to be talking about remind me of recently when the US government launched the new healthcare web site....  EPIC FAIL.

    Now do not get me wrong in this, yes from a pure tech and "best practice" side you are right, a lot of things should be done differently.

    but for the day-to-day operations and the costs in time it takes to make the changes it is just not practical to do that all at one time.

    so you have to create a plan that might take for a large system several years to do with small changes at any one time so that the ongoing business does not stop.

    being right does not mean it will work.  and laying to many changes at one time on users is a sure fire way to create turmoil and bad impressions and push back.

    in fact if you want to make the sweeping changes then the last step would be to replace the desktops, start with the app and servers and the work flows, get them right and then later swapping the desktop would be much less of a problem.