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figuerres figuerres ???
  • asp.net identity and password recovery

    , blowdart wrote

    What Update are you running (Check under Help / About)

    I get the following files

    wow I guess I am behind, I am used to the 2.0 / vs 2010 stuff, with that none of this was pre-built for us.

  • asp.net identity and password recovery

    what you really want to do is setup so the user when creating an account gives you some info to help decide when to let them create a new password.

    the users password should never be stored on any database or file system, that is not secure.

    for example they can give an email to send a link to that allows them to enter a new password.
    or they can provide a secret question and answer to use to know that they are ok to update the password.

    you can extend this system to do other checks like texting to a phone number if you want.

    the membership system will store some basic info and help but the final way it will work is up to you.


  • New type of cable for faster internet

    the only not great thing is that this means laying new runs of cable.

    but I guess they are now near the limits of the current single core cable, I know that from 2000 to now a lot has been done to make the old cables run more and more traffic. at some point you need to bite the bullet and run new fibers.

    I hope the new format will see a number of upgrades like single core had. running new lines takes a lot of time and money but new encoding / frequencies and such can use the same fiber most of the time.

  • Restoring Win7 boot options to default on machine that won't boot to windows anymore?

    Glad I could help you get pointed in the right direction.

    I do not do the break fix stuff any more but I have two buddies who run  shops that do it here in the tampa fl area.

    if a machine can get on the net they can often do a remote fix but if you can boot then it's hard to remote fix.

    321Geeks.com - Ron is a good guy to call he is not out to rip off folks and is very good. known him and his wife Amy for over 5 or 6 years.


  • Restoring Win7 boot options to default on machine that won't boot to windows anymore?

    do you have a windows 7 install disk that boots ?

    repair install ....

    do you have a bootable tools disk that can scan the system ?  if not get one.


  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    Wow ... Guys slow down a bit and let's deal with this:

    when HTTP and HTML were first designed they were well designed for a given job.

    end of that story.

    it is what the world wants today that is way beyond the design and we have bolted on 101 addon's hacks, work arounds and so on to take the original good design and make it into something else that is the mistake.

    in much the same way that  SMTP and POP3 were designed at a time when spam did not exist and we have kept trying to patch SMTP to stop spam and none of it has really worked.

    Bass, your idea seems to be that we need better developers who write better code and then there will be no problem.

    ok that's nice.

    but what is the real world ?   we have all kinds of new developers jumping into this every week who keep making mistakes.

    In my view we need to build a better set of tools so that the average developer can spend more time making a great site and not have to keep "re-inventing the wheel" again.

    Better tools, frameworks and protocols all around will get us on to a better web.

    why do you want to keep re-living the past?   let's face up to the fact that the current stuff has issues and that a move to better tools and parts might be a good thing if we do it right.

    this is the exact place where you can use all the computer science and research stuff to solve a real set of common issues to advance the state of the internet and open source software.

    but instead you sound a lot like a political candidate defending the party so you get elected for office.

    so are we going to advance the science and research with new good tools or are we going to waste time defending the past and blaming developers for being human?


  • updated FTDI driver kills fake FTDI FT232

    , dentaku wrote


    Oh, OK. I didn't now that.
    The forum I learned this from has threads that quickly get out of hand so I didn't bother reading most of it or much about the original story because I don't really know anything about this kind of electronics.

    really any USB device could have the same issue with an update to the firmware.

    the USB system uses id values (PID/VID) to identify who made a device and what kind it is.

    the OEM has to get an ID and it is controlled by the USB org.

    if I code to use my legal id and some other device replies then problems can happen.

    just a bit of detail about the issue.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    , Bass wrote


    Why do you need a stateful protocol?

    Why do all major web server frameworks have some form of session state?

    Why do browsers have local storage and cookies?

    Why do we have form post passing data?

    What is the common thread of all that?



  • updated FTDI driver kills fake FTDI FT232

    , dentaku wrote

    I wonder if MS can refuse to distribute these drivers through Windows Update once they find out that they can brick people's devices without warning them?

    It's not like the average consumer, even the type of user who buys inexpensive Chinese USB/Serial boxes, knows if their device is using counterfeit ft232 chips.

    the update was removed from windows update.

    second question:

    if I make a USB device and register for my VID/PID values.

    if I then send out an update for said device and use the VID/PID to find my device and send a firmware change to it. if some other company uses my USB VID/PID w/o permission and that device is bricked is it my fault ?

    how should an update find the device to be updated ?

    while is sucks that some end users have a problem it is also important that we draw some lines about cheap knock off cloned parts that try to get free support from a company that has been working for years to make the best parts.

    if they bricked the things with intent that may have crossed the line in one way.

    but do they just provide free code and let the pirates keep making money ?

    how do they stop their code from working on the clone hardware ?

    I say a legit firmware update to a device with an assigned VID/PID that they own is "Fair Game"

    and folks should go sue the vendor that sold counterfeit parts.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    , spivonious wrote

    @wkempf: I would love to see a stateful protocol in the browser. So many kludges exist to get around the stateless nature of HTTP.

    one of the things I have posted before was the idea of a new protocol that updated browser clients could have and could live along side HTTP.

    like IAPP: in place of HTTP: to identify it and then build a protocol that is "like http" where it would work but different where needed - such as sharing / managing client server state data where it needs to.

    and a client markup that might be somewhat like HTML5 and somewhat like XAML - again figure out a good basis that targets the issues of making an application not a document.

    and make this something that runs on Linux and mac and windows and get apple to get it on the iphone.