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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Lets talk about USB3 TypeC

    , wkempf wrote

    @figuerres: I have no problems finding USB 3 ports/cables/hubs. There's still lots of USB 2 stuff out there, but that doesn't mean USB 3 is scarce. USB 3 Type C is still a little scarce, but surprisingly it's not in the realm of "where do I find it".


    I've been buying USB 3 exclusively for about a year now.

    I guess I am talking about local shopping, none of the local stores like best buy stock hardly any of the new hubs, cables etc....

    same deal looking for say a 4K monitor, I can order one but I can't walk in the store and see any before I put down the money. same thing with top end video cards and ssd drives....  none in the store, I have to order them.

  • Lets talk about USB3 TypeC

    , cheong wrote

    @Jim Young: I think he mean a Type-C one without typing the words again?

    usb 3 anything....


  • Build 2015 Giveaway - HP Active Pen in the EU

    , gsantopaolo wrote

    Hi all,

       I was looking to buy the HP Active Pen or the Spectre x360 in the EU. As I was having some trouble in finding a place online or off line where to buy this active pen in Italy, Switzerland or Europe I contacted directly the HP Sales Team asking their help.

    Do you want to hear them answer? 

    Dear Gian,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. I understand that you are having difficulty finding a store which sells the HP Active Pen.
    I am not able to tell you where to buy the HP Active Pen in your area, Gian. I don't have any access to the inventory of the stores in Italy, Switzerland, and Europe. I am afraid that you will have to do the search on your own for this matter. If you don't mind, I would suggest that you do your search via the Internet. Hopefully, you will find it right away.
    I hope this information has been of help to you, Gian. Thank you for your choice of our brand.
    Customer Satisfaction bla bla bla...
    Thank you for choosing HP. We appreciate your business.
    Best Regards,

    Email and Chat Representative

    Well, LOL the also asked to fill their 10, repeat 10, step survey! ROTFL

    Does someone of you had the opportunity to get an HP Active Pen in the  European Union?

    thank you



    wow, what a waste of time that guy was....  he (or she) had nothing to help, why have a rep if they can';t look up any info to help you?  man...

  • Lets talk about USB3 TypeC

    USB - my main gripe is the lack of USB 3 hubs and devices and ports... on everything.

    I may have a drive but no port or I have the port but no device and so on.... and trying to buy a usb 3 cable ?

    most local stores have few devices, no hubs and cables.

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    , bondsbw wrote

    @figuerres:  I would love everything to be hackable too, but there are real costs involved in doing that.  Devices have to be designed and rigorously tested in ways that aren't needed otherwise.  Manuals have to be created.  The devices and their operating systems have to be hardened to resist security breaches that can be created by the hacks.  Supporting hacks that exploit security holes puts the company at higher risk.

    Those costs of course get passed on to the consumer.  And if the vast majority of consumers don't want those features, they might be willing to pay a competitor less for providing the same experience.

    That said... I totally agree with you when you said "they limit what you can legally do with them".  If it's your device, you should be able to use it however you want... supported or not.

    my point was not that every device should be hackable, it's that almost no devices are made to be easy for us to work with beyond a few settings or an app store.

    that if we want more people to get into creating great tech they need to see a way to do it. they need low cost ways to get started.

    there are a few ways but not as much as I think we should have.

    take the commodore VIC-20 and C=64 that helped me learn tech...

    the closest I have seen in years to them is the raspberry pi and even that is kind of complicated for a nube.


  • SQL Server Database Unit Testing in SSDT, Visual Studio

    , kreativmasc​hine wrote

    Wait! Your right ... it's one .cs-File ... I got to try out! ;) :)

    Also look at the question from dr who, kind of related to your question.

  • How to work with data from a data base for unit testing

    , Doctor Who wrote

    @figuerres: Excellent question. I mean more the first one, table(s) that contain the test inputs for unit testing.

    How to ...



  • how recent is adblocker?

    , elmer wrote

    Personally, the thing I find more disconcerting about them, is the tracking and profile building that is going on with these so-called re-marketing campaigns, to deliver targeted ads on the pages you visit.

    It can be creepy or it can be interesting, the way they are trying to sell and the work it takes to make it work...

    It also shows how many sites are using the same ad system that the adds will follow us around as we. Surf the net.

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    , bondsbw wrote


    I find this take interesting, because in reality these devices are much more flexible and programmable than they ever have been before.

    Before, your thermostat turned your HVAC on if the temperature exceeded a threshold.  Now it is internet connected and has a screen and can run apps.  Those apps might give you more control over the device, provide a way to control the thermostat from the Internet, or provide a communication mechanism that allows multiple thermostats to work together more intelligently.

    Or those apps can play games.  Or show a news feed.  Or show different colors based on the status of your build server.  Or any number of things that have nothing to do with thermostat stuff.

    Sure you can't easily program directly on the device, but how is that different than before?  At least now you can write a program on a PC and load that program onto the device... something you couldn't do before.

    the problem is not that we have the devices that are capable, that part is great!

    the problem is that so many of them do not give the purchaser any information on how to hack the device at all in any way, or they require that you pay to get that information. and they limit what you can legally do with them.

    and the need to get the tools, and for many of the platforms the tools cost is an issue for many folks. and the lack of information on what can be done and how easy it is.

    most of the devices are sold as "black boxes" to the user.  heck even finding out about WINK and what devices work with it took my digging around and looking for more information.



  • how recent is adblocker?

    , KS4TinMan wrote

    I think the problem started with unreliable adds, that when you accidentally move your mouse, or scroll over, and all of a sudden your forced to see an add.  I don't really mind seeing an add, but it slows down the content, especially when your on a slower connection (which I have).  The world wide web, when i started in the 80's didn't have or did they want commerical anything, but I'm sure that it has helped the web, rather than hindered it.

    yeah the bad stuff, the page takeover, the "pop open a video" the "Toss a frame in the way"  the "CLick me to get to the site"  and the related junk.

    esp. if the add is auto-playing a video with sound... if I am searching at work for programming info I do not want to have my speakers go off with some ad music / audio that might make other think I am just playing around and not working.