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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Respect

    so I get the new phone but why stand in line like that?  I guess I am just not in the "cult of apple"

    if I was going to get one i'd just order it and let them ship it to me.

  • MS want to ship a new version of Windows like ... every week ?

    I think a new image with an updated build number each year might have a lot of value.

    say for example you go to get a copy of windows 8.1 in January of 2015

    if it had all of the updates and fixes from the release of windows 8.1 to say 9/1/2014 then you only need to install patches that came out after 9/1 upto the current date.

    maby 4 quarterly updates would be better ??


  • MS want to ship a new version of Windows like ... every week ?

    , Bas wrote


    Ha, exactly what I was thinking. I saw those leaked screenshots with updated icons sprinkled through the old ones, and I thought "On the one hand, this is a work in progress and not all the new assets are there, on the other, I'm still seeing ridiculously old icons in Windows 8."

    Yeah the "old parts, new parts" stuff IMHO looks tacky, Microsoft should spend some time and money in each update of the system to make all of the UI look and work in a consistent way.

  • Questions about creating a (simple) windows desktop application

    Yes, I would use XAML and for my part I will say that like HTML and CSS XAML has the ability to let you make a very good UI for an App.  

    with regard to "Offline" the short answer is you can but for a real answer you will need to work out what the users are going to do and when they need to get the local data in sync with what others are doing.  there are many ways you can store some local data and later sync it with a main data store on the network.   this can be super simple in some cases or can get tricky in others.

    think of the concept of the "Web Service" , they can be done with many different server side implementations but the key idea is that the client does not know what the server / network data store looks like and has no login info to that. the client stores and manages local data in a way that works for them.

    the web service becomes a point of transformation and a security gateway it talks to the final data store and takes charge of sending only valid data to that back end.

    if done right the client can go on and off the network as needed and the user will not really need to know much about that activity other than possibly some flagging in the ui that tells them the data is updated with the server.

    and by using a clean service layer you should be able to have (if needed) different client programs that share the same back end data.

    like iPhone, Windows Tablet and so on.

  • C# Arrays Question

    , spivonious wrote


    Yep, the good part about frameworks is that you don't have to worry about the implementation. I posted that mainly for educational purposes and to point out that there is no inherent performance gain with List versus Array, since List uses arrays under-the-hood.

    For large lists, if you need to get certain items by index, List<T> is the better choice. If you're just going to be enumerating through them all, then LinkedList<T> is probably better. If you need to get certain items by a key value, Dictionary<T> is the better choice.

    I switched to a new job last year, and took over work on an app that in the new version has to read a bunch of data and create a data file every 5 minutes for part of the app to work.

    I use List<> and linq to do a lot of the work and the folks I work with had not really seen linq much before this.... fun showing them how it lets me treat it like a database and make the code read clearly that I am say getting the last item from a list ordered by date and time.


  • C# Arrays Question

    , Kryptos wrote

    spivonious, yeah I did get it to work like that, which means that you need to know or guess to many elements, so I'm guessing array in c# is poor and shouldn't be used and use List<> instead.....

    it is more about the idea of "use the right tool for the right job"

    there are a lot of places where an array is perfect for the task.

    as was mentioned we have the List, the dictionary, the hash table, the different arrays (number of dimensions and what data type) and so on.

    there are also things like the classic Linked list and Tree ....

    all of them are useful to solve common programming tasks.


  • textbox over running WMP

    I would recommend learning about xaml / wpf as it has better controls for what I think you are trying to do.

    with xaml  you could have a control that presents media such as video and put a text box over that.

    there are some details about why I would go that route that have to do with the way Windows Forms are based on older tech and Xaml is based on new tech that is part of Direct X and is better at combining different kinds of media and rendering the result.

  • C# Arrays Question

    , spivonious wrote

    List<T> is just an array under the hood. If you call Add and it needs more space, it makes a new array that's double the size, and copies the existing items to it. Calling Remove copies everything to a new array that's one item smaller.


    I guess my education plus the name makes me think that List<> is doing a "Linked List" which it behaves like even if the implementation code is using an array.

    part of the value of the .net system I guess is that I can use the concept and the behavior and not have to worry about how the plumbing was done :)

  • C# Arrays Question

    I did a quick look and it reads to me that he is not using the right terms.

    he has an array that the size is not defined until he creates an instance of the array, when he does it is not "dynamic" it can't just grow to add more items.

    VB has ReDim Preserve - that is dynamic but has a cost under the hood in making a new array and copying all the data to the new larger array.

    if I want a set that can grow I tend to use the List<> as it can grow or shrink and I can use Linq to search and sort it.

    the main time I use basic arrays is to call native dll's like create an array of byte and GC pin it then call the native code and then un pin and parse the buffer.  I do some low level serial code.


  • [C#]Variable Active Scope

    , redshadow14‚Äč12 wrote

    static void Main(string[] args)
        bool bTrue = true;
        //bTrue = !bTrue;
        if (bTrue)
            int i = 0;
            int i = 0;
        int i = 0;//Variable "i" was disposed when exit the "if scope" then why we can't declare it again

    a classic example of "Please do not write code like this" :|