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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Spartan and ClickOnce

    it has been a while but as I recall click one can work with non IE browsers.

    the "Magic" was that the browser gets a mime type when it downloads the click once startup file and has to send that download to an exe on the client pc to act on.

    so any browser should be able to register the type to an installed click once handler and it should work.

    I used to have a customer with about 300 sales machines that we updated with click once when we had a new build to release.   worked well as long as the client pc did not get borked with virus or other junk.


  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , cbae wrote

    OK. I'm intrigued.

    Azure is an interesting thing.... There are a lot of cases where if used right it can be a very good way to do stuff.

  • does (this) channel 9 block images from new domains? ( like the .club domain?

    , jamie wrote

    ok the same code above - does not work in my Channel9.Club thread



    what am i doing wrong?

    go back and look at the html source of the two posts.... the other one is not valid html and does not have a valid image source so it fails to work.

  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , RealBboy360 wrote



    Ok, I forgot what it was called, but it's the API apps.  Since that will take care of all the oauth security and things for you, I'd assume that's more expense than creating an asp.net webapi

    an old saying goes with that word: assume 

    when you do that you make an


    out of




    please do not do that... check the facts or take it as it is.




  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    I'm talking about a Azure website running asp.net web api with it's own web.config and iis.  VS the Azure web services api

    Huh ?   an "Azure Website"  is running IIS with a web.config  *if* the platform you pick is .net.

    "Azure web services api"  that is not a thing.

    do you mean the API service ?

    if we go to the video (as I have not had time yet to do it myself)

    one of the demos was to create a web api.... they had a controller and hooked up some code so that the controller retuned data...   nothing crazy,

    they did say that the api app service has an open source tool that provides json meta-data to help with describing and consuming the api you create.

    no dark secret there  it's still just iis running asp.net and a nuget package.

    get this: azure anything is a vm running windows server or Linux

    if you want uber control you can have it by paying for a higher level option and you can rdp into the server and do what you want.

    but like any hosting system the lower cost levels give you less admin access so they can make a shared server.

    the add on to that is that they have worked out how to swap out vm's manage a lot of servers and make it all as simple as they could for us to setup and manage.

    the only part that is different is the thing where they allow you to take a bunch of service calls and hook them together , ok that they did not show a coding session for,  possibly that is what you are actually worried about ??

    I bet that also can be coded and if you do not like it then do not use it but that is a small part of th whole deal.

  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    Hey real boy figure out the cost if you need to have fail over and scale up, and locate servers in more than one data center, and make sure the same code runs on all the servers ... doing this the old way gets really crazy expensive. The azure way is dirt cheap when you factor all of the costs

    Yeah one lone website on one shared host can be cheap but if you are growing and trying to make money.....

  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    Yes there is nothing new, they have azure web api (node.js or c# web api thing).  I don't really know what it's called.  But it seems like they're expanding on that and adding a logic app.

    Cost wise, I figure it's much cheaper to have a website running pure asp.net webapi than an azure webapi project.

    Part of the deal with azure is how it handles your traffic on demand. That is how azure is actually cheap. Not to mention all the data centers so you can spin up servers where you need them.

    Also if you just want a low cost website they have a free website level that you can use. Check the pricing calculator.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Hmmm  great way to create a self-fulfilling-prophecy

    if we all declare to Microsoft that we know they do not care etc... and then in our anger / dismay or other reaction tell them how horrible they are then it's a sure bet they will not want to listen.

    the two feedback links have one really good example of "saying nothing" they may have a valid point but it's just too general for a developer to use as an item to fix.

    sure at some high level some exec could try to cover how to re-work every dialog in windows but that just means that the fix is going to take a ton of man hours to do.

    well anyway   ..... have a good day and get some rest.

  • Need help for integration of barcode scanner , msr and Print from app in windows store apps

    did some checking and it looks like they did update the older pos for .net to support .net 4

    so I would see if that will be allowed in a store app


    the windows rt api  only has two kinds of devices, that seems really odd as normal opos supports a number of types of devices that you  need if you are going to do a real POS system.


  • Windows 10 stinks!

    , bondsbw wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums:  Fair enough, although long rants are probably going to be ignored than individual items.

    as a developer I want a tested to give me a decent list of to the point items I can fix, not a long ramble that I have to read three times to figure out what I can fix and what I have to get more info on or pass on to another developer.

    I can not tell if that novel has good feedback or not, only that it looks like a lot of words.