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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Microsoft Watch

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @figuerres: or perhaps so many geeks watched Rodenberry's shows that they were subliminally influenced to reproduce what they saw ...

    If I was Rodenberry, I would have put more jetpacks in my shows.

    yeah that could also be at work :)

  • Mil-spec Lumia for ASW?

    did you see anything that referred to the military directly ?

    ASW might have some other meaning in the Telco / cell phone space.

    Automated Software Whitelist ?

    3 letter names can get confused, also if translated from another language the meaning may be garbled.

    just saying. 


  • Microsoft Watch

    , bondsbw wrote

    @figuerres:  Agreed, that would be nice.  We're getting pretty close to this being a real possibility.  http://www.neowin.net/news/sony-unveils-the-future-of-screens-rollable-oled-displays

    Yeah I know ;)  Gene Rodenberry seemed to have a knack for seeing the future of gadgets.

  • Microsoft Watch

    , bondsbw wrote


    I don't think so.  Then the phone becomes useless and you might as well build the phone into the cuff.  But that would make it heavier and fatter, and it would only be usable with one hand.

    I think most people would then opt to have this coexist with their phablet.  That way a larger screen is available if needed.

    or go the way of the old tv show "Earth the final conflict" where they had phone / data devices that had a screen that kind of rolled up inside the device, so you had a small handheld that acted like a phone and when you had a call with video or needed network stuff you pulled it open to get as much of a screen as you needed.   I thought that idea was very cool.

  • Microsoft Watch

    , bondsbw wrote

    I kind of hope smart watches go in the direction of larger screens, sort of like the Rufus Cuff.

    Maybe with a curved display and thinner profile.

    and have the phones get smaller screens ?

    have the trend go back to the days when the cool / in phones were really small ?

  • read text from a file on windows phone 8 databound template

    why from a text file?

    why not data bind to an xml file?

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    , spivonious wrote

    @ZippyV: Unfortunately there is a user control on the master page that looks at session. I'm really surprised that some sort of fallback mechanism isn't built in.

    normally session state should have a very short lifespan, so the cost of building a more complex failover system was probably seen as not worth doing.

    esp when you can use sql session state and then you just have to make sure that the sql server is robust and possibly clustered etc...

    if sql is going down or the network is failing then you are really hosed all the way around and the only real fix is the fixing of that network.

    I would still say look at the idea I had of getting part of the site to be very minimal and stateless and run on it's own. that part can open or close links to the db centered stuff.

    that at least gives a decent chance at a graceful failure mode.

  • Microsoft's answer to every problem...

    , BitFlipper wrote

    I'm subscribing to Office 365 and every few days it tells me to activate Office. So I enter my MS account info and it tells me that my computer has now been added to my account. Rinse and repeat every few days.

    So today I got tired of doing that over and over and called tech support. Their solution? Uninstall/re-install Office. So I said no thanks that is the wrong solution, and whether maybe they knew what the right solution was. Of course they didn't, so that was a waste of time.

    This is similar to when I was forced to factory reset my WP8 due to losing WiFi after updating to WP8.1

    Is this the answer to all MS problems these days? Doesn't anyone at MS know how to do real troubleshooting anymore?

    that is nothing compared to the stuff I had to work with when I tried to add the media center feature pack to windows 8.

    they sell it thru a third party that takes the cc and issues a key.

    the third party was not working and not one person I got on the phone in like 3 days / at least 8 hours on the phone was able to fix it or had any clue who to call to find out what was wrong.

    in the end I had to return the copy of windows 8 and buy a new copy and then buy the pro upgrade card at best buy that also activated media center.

    3 days of total frustration and I had to come up with the fix in the end.

  • Channel 9 for Xbox One

    , Duncanma wrote

    @Kryptos: We haven't had much time to spend on it, sorry... really just two devs working on site features, only one was working on the Xbox One app... also the person behind the player on the site and the Windows 8 app (and many more things that are not as visible). We will see what we can do to raise it in our priority list though! We'd like to see it too!

    perhaps you need to talk to the folks at ms about the whole thing of making an app that runs on the new xbox,  when I first heard the news that it was possible I was interested and in the whole time from then to now I have heard like 2 tiny bits of news about this and this is one of them.

    there is the ID@XBOX program for game developers but what about apps@XBOX ? is anyone even working on  it?   is it top secret and we only get in if we know the right person to bribe ?

    seems like a HUGE lack there of news and developer info.

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    another thought: if you want to have a site that stays up with good handling of some back end errors then think about this if the cost is not to high for the benefit in your case:

    take the site and split it into two logical parts, one has zero state and zero db needs (or as close as you can get) and can be put on a server farm when you need to.

    then put the database parts in the "other half"

    the "front page" side can then pass customers on to the db side when it can see that the db side is up and working, and when it can not reach it or gets an error status from a web service that checks for the db being live it closes off the links to the second half with some pages that let the user know to check back later or re-direct them to a backup site or whatever...


    then you get a bunch of the system working and you can cluster / farm it to make it have really good uptime and fail over. and you isolate the db related stuff to the other server and deal with it's issues.

    yes that means two servers but it also means that you can tweak and tune the two parts of the system to grow as needed.