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Gabriel Ha

Gabriel Ha gha11

Niner since 2013

  • GoingNative 24: Microsoft Azure Storage Native Client Library: Tables and Queues
  • GoingNative 23: Introducing Shared Mutex in C++14
  • GoingNative 22: Superbowl!
  • VC++ Bytes 6: Jim Griesmer - Native Diagnostics and Graphics Tooling
  • GoingNative 21: Visual C++ Front-End Compiler
  • VC++ Bytes 5: Ibrahim Damlaj - C99 Support and more
  • VC++ Bytes 4: James McNellis - Improvements to the IDE and more
  • VC++ Bytes 2: Ankit Asthana - MMA*, PGO and more
  • VC++ Bytes 3: Raman Sharma - Just My Code
  • VC++ Bytes 1: Oleg Kharitonov - Brace Completion and Formatting

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