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Gio giovanni
  • Building a home NAS

    @Ion Todirel: The Fractal Design Node was my first choice too. Compact and yet can hold 6 drives. However, I have a preference for aluminum and I can't tell from the website how many parts are plastic. LianLi has some decent design as well and they are almost all aluminum.

    I still don't know what I will go with for the OS. FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD, which would be a plus. Windows Server is an expensive solution (well, MSDN might come to the rescue, but Microsoft definitely needs to offer a cheaper alternative for enthusiasts and hobbyists!). WHS would have been ideal, but it is no more and Windows Server Essentials by default will want to implement a domain, which is a NO for my home environment. I think I need to do some playing around.

  • Building a home NAS

    @blowdart: I see what you mean: I don't seem to find an entry level equivalent of an iDrac. It seems that the only options available that actually work are on high end servers. Too bad.

  • Building a home NAS

    @Bass: I am looking into it and certainly it would be a very small form factor (I even found some people able to do similar things with Arduino and Netduino). However, I am willing to sacrifice a bit of size factor and energy efficiency in the name of greater power (transfer rate and versatility).

    I found a couple of alternatives to FreeNAS, I guess the best thing is to try them in virtual machines.

    I still don't know if I should go headless or not as I have not found a good solution yet.

  • Building a home NAS

    @blowdart: why? What went wrong? I manage two servers in our small office with iDrac cards and I have not plugged in a monitor and keyboard in years.

    @Bass: I am afraid 1TB of storage costs more than 30 euro as I would like to have a local copy of the data. I am all for the cloud, but I like to have at least a copy of my backups locally.

    Plus I still need a case Smiley

  • Building a home NAS

    @Proton2: yes, but I would like to go headless from step 1... plus I don't want to hook in a monitor, mouse, and keyboard in case something goes wrong, I need to change the bios settings, or reinstall the OS.

  • Building a home NAS

    I would like to build a NAS for home use (mainly backups, I am not planning to use it as a media server). The requirements are:

    1. Silent (ideally even fanless),
    2. Small form factor,
    3. Minimum power consumption,
    4. About 1TB of storage (min 4 disks, ideally 6),
    5. Data redundancy (Raid 1 or better 10 for example)
    6. Headless server (possibly even when installing and rebooting the OS)
    7. Sub 500 euro hardware project
    8. I still have not decided on the OS; Windows server is on the expensive side, but FreeNAS does not make me dream,
    9. Ideally will back up on cloud service too,
    10. Not domain joined (this is for home use).

    Has anyone done such a project and can advise on hardware parts?

    The requirement that is giving me the most problems is the headless requirement. Some Intel boards do support vPro remote management, but it looks like you need a specific console and there are other constraints to be aware of (processor, etc.). Are there iDrac equivalent cards on the market (we have the at the office and they work great from almost any browser)? I have not found much.

  • Form Letters

    , TheJoe wrote

    What would be a good solution for form letters?

    "Thank you A for visiting our bank B..."

    In the past I have used .NET with bookmarks in Word.docs and form fields on PDFs but, they both have speed issues IMO.

    I would like to use some combination of XML, HTML, and/or XHTML but not finding much in the way of a useable framework.

    Your Thoughts? 

    Probably a side note (rant) and not an answer to your question, but Word should provide an out of the box solution to this kind of problems. With Open XML this should be very easy to implement anyway, but unfortunately the Quick Part button on the ribbon is anemic to say the least (the last time I created a letter template with a repeating Content Control, I had to install the Word Content Control Toolkit and do some mapping!).

    I hope the Word team read this and spends some time adding this kind of functionality instead of adding more picture effects...

  • Why do people want Microsoft to dump Bing and sell XBox?

    , Charles wrote

    Frank Shaw said it best: "We appreciate Bloomberg's foray into fiction and look forward to future episodes"...

    Thank you, the original comment I was referring to was the one from Bloomberg.

    I like how analysts tell you how you should run your company, but then don't do it for you...

  • Why do people want Microsoft to dump Bing and sell XBox?

    I keep reading articles claiming that the future CEO of Microsoft should dump Bing and sell or get red of Xbox.

    Personally I am very confused about these ideas. Yes, Microsoft invested enormous amounts of money in both, but:

    1. In an ecosystem based industry, you need to offer consumer services for video, music, books, etc. and Xbox is the best platform to do so for Microsoft,
    2. Dumping the consumer business would be dangerous because the line between consumer and professional is often very thin,
    3. Search is too strategic to leave it to your competitor,
    4. You cannot divide Search from other online services such as translations, maps, etc. and these are vital in an ecosystem of services not to mention devices (see Nokia Maps for example).

    Plus it is good for consumers that there is some competition to Google search and iTunes...

  • Bing Homepage

    , GoddersUK wrote

    But seriously, autoplaying audio Perplexed


    +1 it was very awkward at work.