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Gio giovanni
  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    @cbae: in this case a mix of beer and freedom...

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    , ZippyV wrote


    Windows® Embedded Compact 7 Runtime: 5 €

    I don't know how many people play with it, but I feel that Linux is so much easier to license and use that it reaches a much greater number of developers, hence more people are familiar with it for this kind of purposes.

  • Ballmer

    @evildictaitor: As one who started his own (very little) business, I am with you when you say they should it make it easier! Smiley And I also am a believer of the superior economic and ethical value of smaller vs. larger companies (with exceptions of course).

    Still, I think sometimes there are difference in salaries that are hard to understand. The law of offer and demand? Sure, but sometimes it feels unfair.

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    @Ion Todirel: no particular problem, but I find the tools of the trade a little dated and would like to be able to use PowerShell on all network devices... I spent three years of my life working on UNIX and there are things I never got along with which I think PowerShell does way more elegantly.

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    @Bass: again, I tend to agree with you, but I don't think everyone likes the advertising and services model.

    Microsoft needs to make some difficult decisions to transition to a devices and services company and I don't think any of them would be impossible given the right compromise and the right time.

    Not long ago Blackbarry was dominating the smartphone market, then it was Apple, now it is Android. Things change pretty quickly in this industry and it does not look to me that Microsoft will disappear tomorrow...

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    , giovanni wrote

    • There might be other way to protect Windows as a platform

    Le me state this another way: they need to make Windows more readily available for embedded devices. Open sourcing it would be one way, there are probably others.

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    @Bass: I agree with you, but:

    • Windows is not their biggest source of income
    • If they become a Devices and Services company that could change a lot of dynamics
    • There might be other way to protect Windows as a platform

    I am no historian, but it seems to me that Windows was born from the need for an OS because Microsoft wrote applications for the Mac and they wanted a larger base than what it was possible if Apple did not license its OS to other manufacturers. Gates bought DOS because he wanted to write applications that run on an OS installed on more than just on the hardware of a single manufacturer.

    I would bet that if today Microsoft needed an OS the obvious choice would be another one...

  • Ballmer

    , Bass wrote

    I would also be tearful if I had to leave a job position that provided me with literally millions of dollars (if not billions?).

    Put this in perspective, the guy made a ridiculously large fortune off of people making far, far less than him but doing all the actual work. Using a job he got by being in the right place at the right time. The guy is borderline crook (to be fair, most CEOs are). His stage eloquence doesn't change that.

    What I like about him is that he seems to me like a simple guy. Beside, I suspect that the most money he made did not come from salary or bonuses by his stock options.

    A little off topic but: I often wondered what would be the result of a law regulating the maximum difference between the highest and lowest wage within a company (including bonuses, etc.). Let's say, for example, the wage of a genitor should not be less than 5% of the wage of the CEO...

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    @Bass: I think at some point they will have to do something if they still want to be a software company (which they probably don't have to if they become a devices and services one, but still...): the open source model is clearly a winning one when you look at a number of devices and not just network switches.

    With a smaller and smaller Windows kernel (Windows Phone runs it already), I don't see why Microsoft should keep Windows CE on forever. I think at some point it will make sense to only keep and maintain one. However, they need a kernel for embedded devices either for third party manufacturers or for themselves (think about the potential for wearable electronics or for modular components like Surface keyboards...). The most obvious way for me would be to open source at least enough of the kernel to be used in such devices.

    As you said, this would spark a lot of interest in other Windows products and would create a much bigger community of developers and sysadmins.

  • Is There a Need for a Free Windows Kernel?

    , Bass wrote

    What this means is I don't think it would be risky to Microsoft to open source it. In fact by open sourcing it, it might become bigger on non-Microsoft OSes and reverse misconceptions that Microsoft doesn't have any idea how to do shells, thus improving PR in an area where Microsoft has little. And might interest those same Linux sysadmins in other Microsoft products.

    Yes, this is part of my thinking. I think the coexistence of Windows and Linux is here to stay, therefore having a corss-platform shell like PowerShell could only be positive both ways, but has some good potential particularly for Microsoft.