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Gio giovanni
  • Microsoft Money 20xx/Plus

    Honestly, I think Microsoft needs to clean up its product line. They have too many products small and bi(n)g ones - sorry for the bad joke - and they are scattered in too many market segments. I usually like less products that better define the brand and that are well supported. Regarding Money, I think you can do 80% of it with an Exchel chart and if you have more advanced needs, there are many alternatives on the market.

  • What the point of Office Live?

    Well, Office Live is more like a light version of Sharepoint where you can track document changes and so on, but without basic document editing, I also end up using skydrive all the time. The site has been in Beta for ages, I hope it will integrate with the online version of the next Office and get a facelift.

  • WWDC

    Bass said:
    dahat said:

    Let me explain how they think, it's not a contradiction in their mind.

    Apple's slogan with Snow Leopard is "The world's most advanced operating system. Finely tuned." Basically they are saying Leopard is the world's most advanced OS, and Snow Leopard "finely tunes" it. Since Apple considers Vista synomious with crap, the same slogan doesn't apply. Apple's Windows 7 slogan would be something along lines of "A turd. Polished".



    So basically they have no innovation to introduce...

  • WWDC

    Bas said:
    Ray7 said:

    But.. if you can't restore from it, then what is the trash bin for?

    Ah the good old days when I was working on a Solaris workstation: type rm and then call IT to restore a file from the last backup because the trash can was there just for decoration.

    How can they say that Windows 7 is based on the "same old tech as Vista" when vista is based on NT and OSX is based on BSD? One could argue about better and worse, but old tech?

    Honestly it looks to me that Apple had absolutely nothing to say.

  • Optimizing multi language website for search engines

    Dodo said:

    Simply use sub-directory or sub-url (whatever you call it) for each of the sites and add the language meta tag. On the index site, just use comma seperated all available language codes. However, you shouldn't use welcome pages, search engines don't like those either (nor do users) Instead, use some geoIP service to detect the country. Google uses multiple crawlers for each country.

    For automatic language settings, you should do this:
    Check for a language setting cookie
    If unavailable, check the HTTP header for the accepted language
    If that is unavailable, use geoIP.
    If all the above is unavailable default to English.

    Display the language selector in a corner of the website, top left or top right is best, and store the setting in a cookie.

    Thanks. For the moment I will have to do with the welcome page. The company that designed the website never told me it was a problem... The next project will be to get read of it.

  • Optimizing multi language website for search engines

    I have a question in order to optimize a website for search engines (or decision engines, whatever you want to call them). The site is translated in three languages (EN, FR and IT) and the user chooses the language from a welcome page. Now, on the welcome page there is a section titled "Search Index Page Description" with a short description of the content of the site. Right now the index page description is in one language only and in that language the site ranks 3rd in google and 1st in bing. I would like to add the other two languages to the description, but I am a little skeptical that a single page with multiple languages might be confusing and not indexed correctly. What do you suggest?

  • So what do you think of MSDN Search on Bing?

    intelman said:

    Breaking the google habbit is hard. Google has worked so well. Bing is not bad, but Google is better in many ways. Unit conversions are wonderful.

    Another great example of something Google has done very nicely.

    Bings search result technically does give me the correct answer, but Google's first result is much more relevant. Plus Google extracted that information for me in a nice clear easy to read manner.

    What Bing needs to do is to continue with their new innovative features. But they need to work on relevancy and copy every feature that Google has. It is hard to break the habbit when you know Google will be easier to use. There is a reason they are #1.

    Bing fails to find the Bob Evans in my hometown, but google does... this stuff has to be fixed.

    Both search engines fail in key areas. If I wanted driving directions from Columbus to Cleveland, I have to go to maps.live.com or maps.google.com I can't simply go to google or bing and type "Columbus, OH to Cleveland, OH". Microsoft does not need focus groups, and if they insist they should basically just ask niners and or me.

    Yes, unit conversion is way better in Google, but Wolfram Alpha is even better at it!

  • I heard it over the internets so it must be true

    kettch said:
    spivonious said:

    That's kind of why I've stopped using reason and just move directly to physical violence.

    The guy is a foot taller than me, that would not work...

  • I heard it over the internets so it must be true

    There is a certain kind of people that at times makes me laugh and at times pisses me off. A friend of mine, who has been working as a web developer for years, is the typical example.

    Today during lunch time we had more or less the following conversation:

    friend: “Have you seen the new Bing thing?”
    me: “yes”
    friend: “what do you think about it, I heard it is just like the thing they had before”
    me: “it works pretty well, I think it is a valid alternative to Google for many searches”
    friend: “but Google’s monopoly is different from the Microsoft one, they are good [litteraly].”
    me: speechless then “well I was hoping it to be more on the lines of Wolfram Alpha”
    friend: goes online, tries Wolfram Alpha, and then says “it won’t last people will go back to Google”

    I am really starting to wonder if he is on a secret list of Google’s employees… Or is he CoronaCoder?

  • Windows 7 and Vista Sync with WM6

    HRHKEE said:
    PaoloM said:

    Thanks PaoloM for your quick response... Oh I forgot to say - I do not wish to run the copy of Outlook I got with my IPAQ 4705 on my new netbook, mac book and linux machines running crossover - worse I would not think of doing that to my brand spanking new Windows 7. That would be like putting shag carpet in a new Prius. I liked Windows Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Some of my customers hate Outlook - go figure.

     I also found that the feature/function of storing contacts are in Windows 7. Please look again. I found my vcf in C:\Users\{username}\Contacts.

    Windows Live is excellent BUT IT DOES NOT sync with WM6. Oh... did I say I build computing environments, I do and I like telling customers they can have it the way they want it while I strive to use the tools to make it happen; on time, under budget and secure.  "I" - want - to sync my WM6 devices (IPAQ and HTC Tilt) with WHAT EVER Microsoft products I choose. Can you help me?

    You sound like you really meant to help so batter up take another swing at it... Thanks. JM;)


    WM6 does sync certain things with Windows Live over an internet connection. I regularly sync my contacts and emails with it, but I would appreciate a more tight integration.