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Gio giovanni
  • Good numbering system for products and revisions

    Dr Herbie said:
    spivonious said:

    It's one of many improvements slated -- the system is 20+ years old and dates back to a green-screen system.  It was ported to C# under massive (customer induced) time pressure so the dev team at the time (before I joined) just blasted through with a direct port without any restructuring.  There are a lot of 'quirks' that have never been addressed : too much time spent implementing customer changes to spend any time restructuring -- typical catch-22 as restructuring would make the day-to-day coding faster.

    Ho hum.


    Dev team? What dev team? We are a VERY small business (three people) and the company is about 6 months old so we are our own dev team, IT, and everything else... Smiley

    Given my poor programming skills, I think at first the database is going to be an Access database with about 20 parts or so (speed is not an issue at the moment). My concern is setting up a numbering/naming system that will allow us to grow and eventually port the system in the near future to something more powerful. The goal is that 20 years from now we are not in your situation.

    Based on your post, I get that it is easier to use letters than numbers and I see no problem with that, but they will probably be acronyms because of space constraints.

    Thank you all for your feedback, it was very instructive.

  • Good numbering system for products and revisions

    I would like to set up a database with all products and parts that my company makes. At the moment we use descriptive names to distinguish products and parts, but we are reaching the stage where we need to create a numbering system.

    I was thinking about a number composed of a code for the category, one for the product/part, one for the model, and one for the revision. The final thing would look something like this: CCC-PPP-MMM-VVV or 001-023-002-A02.

    What do you think of this system? How would you go about it? How about using dashes and letters? How about only numbers? What works best on a database? How about docs and docs versions?

    Thank you for your suggestions.

  • Silverlight not ready yet?

    Forget the Flash sillyness, is Microsoft providing free movies over the internet? My German is really bad, so I could have misunderstood some of the content and some of the content can be streamed only from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but if this is true, this is going to be huge.

  • A little wish for live search

    fabian said:
    joechung said:
    Great ... that option is only available if your wordwide settings in live search are set to united states. That setting cannot be changes  (It keeps revert back to danish everytime i close the browser)
    The fact that the darn thing does not "remember" the last locale you set annoys me a lot too. I like Live Search and I think it is an excellent alternative to Google. I do live in France at the moment, but I prefer doing most of my searches in EN-US simply because there are more results in English for the topics I research. A workaround is to save Live search as your homepage with the market set to en-us (http://www.live.com/?scope=web&mkt=en-US). This way, every time you open a new browser you are reset to the locale you prefer and not the one based on the physical location of your IP.

  • Microsoft Store is OUT!!

    Dovella said:
    giovanni said:
    Italy Big Smile
    Mmm I did not buy anything yet (I stopped at checkout), but apparently you can ship goods to other european countries from the UK store (i.e. you can selecto other countries). I'd like to see some harware on it though. If this is just the beginning, then is looks good.

  • Microsoft Store is OUT!!

    Sweat, but I do wish that they add more countries...

  • IE* beta 2 sound issue

    androidi said:
    giovanni said:
    Did you try what I said earlier about bios and display drivers? MS has a tool called kernrate. One way to use it is to see if the problem exists when you boot in safe mode* and with plain vga driver. If the problem doesn't happen there and you're not sure what's the source, you can compare the output to normal boot output and see what driver might be the issue. Also look for the dpc counts.  Autoruns tool can be used to check and disable if there's any odd non-MS drivers during normal boot. Check for bios updates and such too.  *I forget if audio drivers were loaded in safe mode, if not you could just go with autoruns and uncheck non-microsoft drivers and update to vga driver..
    Thanks Androidi, I have tried with different browsers and the problem is still there (last night I realized it happens also when scrolling PDF files with lots of figures). I also tried with 1 core only, but that only made the system a lot slower... I tried unchecking everything but the audio drivers but no solution either... I am starting to get annoyed, but everything else works like a breeze so I think I will keep it this way until I have some spare time to try a fresh install. Thanks

  • IE* beta 2 sound issue

    stevo_ said:
    Is this a new computer? built in soundcards use the cpu for processesing, if they cannot get enough of the cpus dedication then the sound buffer isn't given data fast enough.. this tends to cause pops and clicking etc.
    Yes, it is a new computer and it has a built in soundcard, but with a total of 8 cores (!). I use it mostly for CAD work in 3D, so pops and clicks should not occur when browsing a webpage... I think

  • IE* beta 2 sound issue

    I am puzzled: I just found out the clicking/popping occurs also when scrolling certain PDF documents. I tried all possible audio drivers, disk drivers and such, but I can't seem to find a solution. Any idea how to troubleshoot this? (I refuse in advance to call Dell tach support as my experience told me thay are total idiots). Thanks for your advice.

  • IE* beta 2 sound issue

    androidi said:

    I don't have matching HW to try but on vista 64/ie8b2 in compat mode and dual core with realtek chip I've not had such problem.

    Just to verify, you have tried other browsers incl IE7 and with no new drivers installed in between with different result? Can you change the amount of cores in use from BIOS? I can't remember if you could boot Vista with a generic "vga driver" rather than accelerated one but I'd try that too to see if there's any effect.

    Mmm, also FF is skipping/popping when scrolling, so it is not a browser issue. I am trying with all sorts of drivers, lets see if I ge lucky...