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Golnaz golnazal HEY HEY HEY

Niner since 2011

Yo! I work here at Channel 9. yup.

  • Inside the Azure Storage Outage of November 18th
  • IoTShow: Kick-Off and Steve Teixeira Interview
  • Episode 2: Habitat’s Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency
  • Ping 227 - Xbox Digital TV Tuner, November System Update, PhotoMath, Titanfall updates, and Sunset Overdrive!
  • Countdown to TechEd Europe: The One with Things to Know Before You Travel
  • TWC9: 300!!!!....
  • Imagine Cup Champs Talk With Bill Gates
  • Women in Technology
  • ICTV028: Eyenaemia Meets Bill Gates
  • Luc Bealieu of Frima Studio

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