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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • Microsoft Patent Would Cover iPad Page Turn Effect

    ManipUni said:

    The US software patent system can kiss my *.



    patent squatting stifles innovation and healthy competition. worse still, it creates beaurocratic barriers to entry for anyone with a good idea. as soon as you get off the ground, you'll get a c&d letter and unless you have lawyer on retainer, you'll be out of business.


    amazon has patented "one-click" purchasing. really? who can claim ownership of the number of keystrokes it takes to complete a transaction???


    page turning is a natural extension of our analog world.  who is going to patent the volume slider?

  • Mac OS X Denial of service

    exoteric said:
    itsnotabug said:

    Worrying about concealed weapons in a classroom? Something is wrong...

    Of course technically speaking the axe could be said to be a concealed weapon, but the only victim was a piece of hardware...

    i agree more in philosophy than practicality. a few years back, there was a string of school shootings in the states. a lot of gun nuts politicized the attacks claiming that if there had been at least 1 armed "good-guy" in the classroom at virginia tech, many lives could have been saved.  i would not be surprised (especially in the south) if on any given day, there were at least 1 gun in class with you during your school week.


    /speaks volumes about differences in our culture.

    //sad either way.

    ///why do i feel like debbie downer?

  • Mac OS X Denial of service

    AndyC said:
    W3bbo said:

    "That wasn't "that kid" - that was our very own AndyC."


    Actually, it wasn't. I had a rather less exciting meeting about IT strategy at the time and so missed it live. But it was a planted member of staff, the students never sit near the front in a lecture that early in the year, there's loads more room than it looks on camera and the one of the reasons for using an XServe is that the top is paper thin, so there is no real force involved - unlike the previous year where a heavily weakened Dell machine (runnning Server 2003) was used instead.

    sorry... guess i'm old and worry about liability too much (that and the constant suspicion of concealed firearms are side-effects of being a yank).


    it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

  • Mac OS X Denial of service

    that's a pretty dangerous way to make a stupid point (that had almost nothing to do with dos attack).


    what if that thing slipped out of that kid's hands?

    what if another student carrying a concealed weapon mistook the charging plant as a crazy and opened fire?

    what if metal shards flew into the eyes of the front row?


    it would have been better to take the shortest students and paint them blue, put them in funny hats, then let them have at the server.

  • ASP.NET WebMatrix Beta

    cool stuff. reminds me of foxserv or the old wamp/lamp one-click web servers. curious though... could webmatrix be used in the following scenario through scripting the installer/writing out aspx files ahead of time (or other means)?


    say.... i have a disconnected asp.net web app and i want a local instance of iis to run on a laptop, pointing to a local instance of sql. at some point in the future when the station is connected to the internet, the collected data is uploaded. could i build the locally runnable app (with supporting files) on the server beforehand, wrap it up in some kind of installer and use the all-in-one-click webmastrix to build the site and database for the disconnected app? is this feasible?

  • "Microsoft Out of Favor With Young, Hip Developers"

    at my college, mis/cis (ie... school of business) students were automatically enrolled in msdnaa in the intro programming classes. the required courses include vb.net, c# and ms-sql exposure all using ms tools had through msdnaa.


    computer science (ie... school of engineering) students have access to msdnaa but are not automatically enrolled. they have to seek it through the university student liason if they want access to ms tools (most do it just to get the os and other niceties).  computer science students intro classes were taught with python, then different track options for java and c++, depending on the student's choice. of course nothing stops a cs/engineering student from taking an mis/cis course, but since it wasn't a requirement of the degree, it rarely happened and vice/versa (mis/cis students rarely took cs classes).

  • Post back issues with ASP Button

    lesmemphis said:
    lesmemphis said:

    Well, it seems my problem is STILL not solved. Wow, this is turning out to be a headache of note.


    I'm convinced that the problem lies with my sessions. It seems that under stress testing; after certain time periods; and at other random intervals, the site won't work.


    It can't be the session timeout period, because the default (according to W3Schools) is 20 minutes.


    Check out the problem on my ">http://www.semper-backpacking.com/"> BookNow pages. Try it with different browsers and add and remove numerous times when it does work. (Note that this site is in test phase).




    Update : Apparently Sessions are designed to handle only very small amounts of data like a sinle name or ip adress. Which means the 2 datatables i'm saving is too large. So I'll be writing to a db instead of using a session. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.


    Any thoughts on this?

    have you scraped the html off the working and non-working pages? have you compared them?


    sessions shouldn't have anything to do with the client side functionality of a link button actually being clickable (if that's what the problem is). you would get the error on postback with funky session values, but the link would still be clickable.


    try writing all your session objects out to the page to inspect their values. for low volume sites it's not uncommon to have complex objects living purely in session.

  • Preventing direct access to image files in browser

    eeeek... we have thousands of legacy html files containing img links to different sub/image directories read and served in a pseudo masterPage.aspx.


    i'm working through this article but something isn't working with my example app... no image: http://www.15seconds.com/issue/070104.htm


  • Preventing direct access to image files in browser

    hello gurus! looking for some direction...


    what's the best way to disallow direct browsing access to an image file (www/images/myImage.jpg)? we're using a custom authentication scheme on the secure pages (not using the built-in asp.net membership), but image files that live under the images folder that are used on those secure pages are still accessible in the browser if you know the exact url to navigate directly.


    asp.net 2.0

    iis 6


  • notepad won't open??

    how are you trying to run it? can you find the actual exe? maybe something screwy with your startup menu or path. try running from cmd or process.start in a little winform app.


    use notepad++ Smiley