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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • Software for running a convention

    Yggdrasil said:
    spivonious said:

    That's... so damn expensive I can't even begin to explain. This is for big, professional events, not the non-profit con we're trying to raise. A ticket for an event - lecture, panel, whatever  goes for about $8-$10, so this comes out to nearly 50% of the revenue. 

    Thanks, though.

    big, professional events warrant big, professional websites.

  • 'Bing Day' at Google

    no way to change it back? even with a custom blank.jpg text is hard to read?


    wow, they couldn't make that suck more if they tried.  way to turn all your users off to the idea of an image background on a search homepage.


    hmmmmmm.... oh i get it.

  • "legacy PC apps", Google invents Remote Desktop / VNC! :D

    ahhh... the power of passive-aggressive words. maybe i change the term "thin client" into "weak client".

  • A final thought on Bing

    i'm upset by this because i really used cashback a good bit. saved me $100's.


    at one point ebay was 35% cashback with paypal. looks like they're doing one last push though with some stores. betbuy right now is 20%, so you could get a nintendo wii for $120 (already on sale for $150).


    i really hope they bing it back.

  • Well, this would have been nice to know...

    something like that bit me a while ago. it didn't throw an error and we ended up with 1000's of truncated survey records... i don't think it was a cell limitation though, rather a column limit.


    upgrading wasn't an option for us so we had to get a bit creative, processing data in discrete blocks.

  • Office 2010 impressions

    i had a brief go at the free online offerings. no hot-keys is a let-down, otherwise very usable for occasional edits. free online powerpoint lite is enough to get mildy excited about.

  • Channel 9 Site Not Reliable

    love the site, but while we're taking requests, can we do something about the source code window? maybe i'm doing something wrong but it takes me at least 3 tries before c# or vb.net code will format correctly in posts.

  • Post back issues with ASP Button

    i've seen something similar before but i have not been able to duplicate it. it happens so rarely that i haven't investigated it too much. it usually manifests itself with a phone call once or twice a year.


    them: the links on the page don't do anything

    me: press f5

    them: oh that did it, now they work. thank you.


    i attribute it to "wonkiness" of the browser (very technical term). if it happened more, i'd probably have them view source and send me the html so i could verify that it looked okay. as always, your situation may be caused by something else, but i've had similar problems on paypal and other high visibility sites.

  • Standards Compliance in ASP Web Development

    kettch said:
    itsnotabug said:

    Why would talking abou jQuery get you into trouble? jQuery is now fully supported under ASP.NET 4 and VS2010. It's been blessed by The Gu.That should be enough for most people here. Tongue Out

    wow! that's great news about jQuery (and an indictment of how behind-the-times i am).


    i agree figuerres. some data-centric controls are invaluable... i was mostly talking about the controls that try to do *too much* like the menu and wizard. as soon as you require functionality/styling that's not offered out of the box, you're stuck trying to over-ride their rendering and at that point, you may have well just rolled your own solution < that's the only way to get the granular level of control.


    i also love the multi-view. i think the wizard is derived from it, so if you need wizard-like functionality, the multi-view exposes a very useful event model to exploit.


    as far as email goes, you can spend a lot of time trying to get your relay rules set with your stmp server but if you have access to the virtual stmp that comes with windows server you can send emails with something like this:


    //create the mail message

     MailMessage mail = new MailMessage();

     //set the addresses
     mail.From = new MailAddress("me@myDomain.com");

     //set the content
     mail.Subject = "Hello.";
     mail.Body = "<b>Wow, this is easy!</b>.";
     mail.IsBodyHtml = true;

     SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient("");



    you can even write the email files directly to the transport folders, bypassing the network layer completely. check this resource for email guidance: http://www.systemnetmail.com/

  • Image Item not collected: format not supported by office clipboard

    can you post your code?


    i had problems with the clipboard before but worked around it by using word interop + doc.append. it required an additional save of a temp word doc that only held the image. not ideal but it got it off my plate (may not work in your situation).