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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • multi-​channel sample step ​sequencer/t​racker in c#

    seeing the midi and audio driver wrappers would be nice, but i think naudio might do some of that + i'd probably want to release anything novel i come up with for free. the host and vst integration seem like such cool projects to keep under wraps. are you planning on a commercial release/licensing agreement? codeplex/github and the c# music community would greatly benefit from opening those up. i had a quick look at the pitch tracker. awesome "divide and conquer" optimizations on the autocorrelation algorithm.

  • multi-​channel sample step ​sequencer/t​racker in c#

    the non-realtime spec was more of a realistic limiting factor on the time i can spend on it (and my own dsp math deficiencies). it doesn't need to respond to realtime midi input... i'm thinking more like a standalone redrum step-sequencer in propellerheads reason, not a full featured daw with sample accurate time precision.

    if naudio or other library already has some basic effects baked into i think i could certainly transform a wav buffer before mixing it down or sending it to the sound device, but i'd be out of my league if i wanted to write my own. heck i'd even be okay with doing some p/invoke to use any el cheapo "system" reverbs/delays that may be exposed through win32. i basically have some compositional aids and interface ideas i'd like to play around with.

    i do remember reading all your interesting posts on the subject and i'm glad you chimed in. are you sharing the source on your project and/or do you have a project page? the high level modelling is what i'm kind of interested in at this point.

    edit * heh... sounds like your SortedList is a lot like how i do it with 2d points. i thought there would have to be a better way if basing it off midi, but i can see the benefit of having that layer of abstraction between on/off events in the file and the in-memory sequence if you edit the sequence after starting playback but before the "Playhead" gets to the event.

  • multi-​channel sample step ​sequencer/t​racker in c#

    i couldn't find any open source projects in this area. i'm interested in building a simple (think fl studio v1) pattern based sample playback sequencer in c#. i have built 2 very crappy implementations using my own naive assumptions about how a sequencer should work but they're hacks at best (no midi, using 2d array of points for events, no true "mixer", just direct-x sample playback).

    i'd like to maybe see how someone else would model it. at a minimum, the sequencer portion should use midi as its internal eventing system with the ability to chain patterns together into a song... maybe even be able to export/import patterns. a true mixer would be excellent as you could implement an effects bus. naudio looks perfect for this and i see pluralsite has a course (by none other than naudio's creator).

    anyone have any experience in building a non-realtime pattern based sequencer?

  • How long does it take to produce a great song?

    heh oops... corrected.

  • How long does it take to produce a great song?

    capturing the magic of a happy accident is more associated with an organic, expressive performance. scoring for a video game or film is a different beast alltogether, usually involving several layers of go-betweens and consensus. chances are , if you're scoring specifically for certain scenes, you have a good budget vs licensing a handful of premade tracks to serve as background music on a level.

    look at the score for portal 2. in my opinion, it's one of the best scores in video games because subtle interactive elements bring layers up in the mix (in key mind you!), but you'd barely notice it unless you were paying attention. that level of involvement as a sound-design/scoring composer can command much more money, but i agree, as a non-touring, bedroom producer it's hard to make any money. so much great music is available royalty free if you look in the right places.

    I think the democratization of music tech is both the best and worst thing to happen to musicians. For the price of a cheap laptop and soundcard, anyone can have more power in their hands than the beatles ever did, but there are very few beatles amongst us.

  • for Xbox BOSS

    "Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it."

    i passed on the xbox 360 because of this. i can say that the free ps3 service was nowhere as robust for online gaming, match discovery, general communication, not to mention most of my "friends" did not transfer over, but i was able to use the online services without shelling out extra. obviously the xbox 360 is very successful so many people disagreed with my value assessment. i do think several factors allowed MS to get away with charging for gold to use non-gaming services where steam and ps3 didn't (do they even need to go through their servers at all to run netflix?), but this is a new generation, and judging by early sales numbers, the ps4 is ahead so maybe the market will force them to ease up on the gold requirement.

  • From tweet to story.

    anyone wanna write a bot that scrapes the freshest tweets and blog headlines that reinforce a user's world view, then reads them back in celebrity voices? pro-feature would be to refactor the tweet/headline into the form of a link-bait question, whose answer is obviously "no". we could start our own cable news channel on peanuts.

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    @felix9:ahh that looks like api's into the account management/cloud features of the xbox live user, not so much a runtime. i would love to be proven wrong though.

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    But isn't MS going to announce this One programming language thing later this year?  Combing gaming and business apps sounds great.

    any source on this or are you being funny?

  • Things that make you go hmmm...

    my first thought was that it'd have to be windows rt, but the article specifically mentions an upgrade path from windows 7. it's a huge shift in strategy if true. i just hope they don't bake adverts into the os. regardless of versioning, that would totally cheapen the entire platform.