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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • Yes charlie, it's confirmed. Google, lead by Kurzweil, is actively working to hit the ​technologic​al singularity.

    i think the way we are trying to simulate real intelligence is fundamentally flawed (unless you're trying to get funding or sell a book). all of computer science is based on a small branch of boolean algebra with discreet bits but we know that is not how reality works. i think the brain somehow uses quantum effects to do its "computing" and until we model that correctly, all ai will be weird facsimiles... but, that might be good enough depending on the application.

  • Yes charlie, it's confirmed. Google, lead by Kurzweil, is actively working to hit the ​technologic​al singularity.

    michio kaku was on jon stewart last night talking about having a conversation with your dead grandparents on a cd-rom. the future is creepy as hell.

  • Are enums thread safe?

    @Sven Groot: thx sven. afaik your 1st example is the one in use. status (lower case) is always on an instance of Something and should only ever be touched by 1 thread. i guess my question was if it's safe for multiple threads to read/access the enum type at the same time.

  • What is the most mundane task you have had to do as a programmer?

    @Proton2: mine? yes. others? no. :P

  • What is the most mundane task you have had to do as a programmer?

    creating objects whose sole purpose is data transfer. that, and "adapter"-type interface implementations.

  • Are enums thread safe?

    ahh gotcha, if it's a member of something else... lock that member. for legacy reasons i don't want to get into, let's assume the enum is being used like a global static store for common strings across multiple threads. i'm trying to track down a rare, quirky bug in prod and i think there might be contention on a few huge enums. i've been looking for an excuse to use concurrentdictionary but ripping out all the enums will be a big undertaking.

  • Are enums thread safe?

    maybe a dumb question but i'm reading differing opinions in fringe scenarios.

    consider something simple:

    public enum Status

    What will happen in a highly threaded environment?

  • "Most important event in Telerik's History"

    i'm hopeful... xamarin could use some competition in the .net space. i've noticed a trend in enterprise towards mobile/tablet driven mostly by users who bring consumer-oriented expectations to line of business apps, regardless of legacy or the fact that you cannot possibly cram a million mission critical controls/features into a slick, minimal ui.

  • Microsoft new CEO

    +1 bill gates

    he couldn't possibly be doing anything more important nowadays

  • hot towel for spa

    , JoshRoss wrote

    Once I accepted that a single do-it-all framework didn't exist and that was ok, did I really start to appreciate how well all these frameworks are designed, maintained, and function.

    100% agree... in fact, i ripped out all the breeze stuff and am doing my own datacontext 'service' just using basic jquery xhr requests and to my amazement everything worked the 1st time by just following the demonstrated pattern with the included logger service.

    the way things are wired up by default (as long as you follow naming conventions), you get an automatic 'merging' of the current viewmodel onto the view for ko binding, but you don't even HAVE to use this. if you choose to, you can just handle viewAttached() in the viewmodel (which acts a lot like the docready() in jquery, although this admittedly gets away from the declarative binding that ko brings and puts you back in the 'select and modify' pattern... i'm okay with that for now).

    the durandal framework exposes a few 'page-like' events that are very, very convenient. all you have to do is define them as functions, export/expose them through the viewmodel and they get called when the page (viewmodel) activates, deactivates, viewAttached, CANdeactivate, etc... SUPERB stuff.

    you can do so much from this starting point, if you just know a couple of the quirks/hacks. i'm still trying to wrap my head around the functional/promise/async aspects of the js language. things that look like hacks to me are embraced language features!