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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • The Radio

    there's Mazie.  ...and then there's...


  • The Radio




  • Windows 10, first thoughts.

    "What do you think of the start menu?"  *love all the questions.....

    re - window borders... FINALLY the ugly thick borders are gone




  • OMG!!!! MS ROX!!! ...​seriously.

    *love all the younglings - keep up the good work - and study hard


    ..but... there used to be a programmer mind set at ms - that got castrated by the government and then by one of its own ( the ... harvard business grad! ... dum dum dum dum...) *literally

    Sanyaya - american idol ya!

  • OMG!!!! MS ROX!!! ...​seriously.

    well it says niner since 2004 - that was longhorn...  10 years later - they delivered it!

  • OMG!!!! MS ROX!!! ...​seriously.

    so THIS is what happens when a programmer is back in charge.


    holy smokes - loaded tech preview on the touch screen you gave me - the OLD one - its amazing

    (i want it on my main machine NOW - but i should do some more tests first)

    wow wow wow

    Its more like XP than win 7

    i LOVE it

    good work so far


    ps - i had to get an ipad today - mostly for testing purposes.. gotta admit its slick over iconia and hp folding win tab


    i hit the drums and they.... PLAY when i hit them!!


    i have garage band now.... look out


    anyway - i stopped setting the thing up after the 10 preview loaded





    good work again

  • The Radio

    WAKE UP!!!  ;)


  • Happy Birthday Dr Herbie!


  • C9 same design for years?

    if not a contest... then how about...

    1. make it metro flat. (everywhere - no fades on buttons no 3d etc)

    2. make every color customizable in user profile (nav bar / bg back etc - all fonts - colours = there is no design - it is the USERS design

    3. lose the 3d 9 guy (for now) we need flat 9 guy. (for now) use the one i signed away to ms in code for fun - it is metro flat - make it available to overlay as white transparent - or black transparent - that should cover most needs

    4. layout - fine - keep same

    5. thread views: add them BACK!  :P


  • C9 same design for years?

    functionality has changed but -

    ... the look is the same

    why not a C9 member contest:  " Suggest a new look for c9" thing

    everyone can participate  "post your screenshots - or site URLS"

    all ideas welcome - not to be judged on level of expertise - but - idea over all