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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Satya ' self down...

    i thought winrt was the tablet os with no desktop


    i have loaded personus studio 1 and aiso drivers - so i will try it at cottage with midi keyboard (leaving in 10 min yay)

    im assuming this will work fine - as its not in metro

  • Satya ' self down...

    this isnt win RT - full win8.1.  it is actually the 2nd fastest computer in the house - all for 479

    no complaints with the clamshell laptop / tablet either.  opens corelx7 and photoshop6 in seconds.  This is why i was surprised you download a drumset and hit with fingers and it is still late ( a little 5 meg program... which makes me think it is not hardware related)

    i tried an ipad at staples garage band - hit drums - its instant.

    just cant believe they still havent fixed this -  the computer they gave me was a 28" screen lots of power - still latency issues 8 yrs ago


  • Satya ' self down...

    i know that in the fresh paint forum - even people with surface3 are complaining about latency (with stylus) and pressure sens

    ps - that whole forum is artists asking for pro features to be added to fresh paint

    control resolution output, remove photo after youve painted on it, adjust amount /thickness of paint - not just line... (like if you want a whole tube of paint on the brush blap blap sploosh - but you can only have half a milimeter of paint thick

    btw - no latency issues when using finger in fresh paint .. please make this a windows app - with right mouse options  (see corel painter)

  • Satya ' self down...

    ps - i wrote 2 new songs:





  • Satya ' self down...

    1. I got a new convertible HP thing - way faster than last laptop +win8 tablet = 479 cdn

    and i see ms  surface 3 - all 1500 dollars of it... ya only go after high end- look like an assh_le...whatever WRONG

    2. latency.  the amazing 3k HP you GAVE me - touch never worked correctly - and on this new hp 360 - pc mag award winner - same thing

    you download drums in metro and they play late - you try to draw with a stylus and it draws late. everything is a disappointment.  So is it really 1500 to get good latency? are you duping all your partners?




  • The Radio

    aw...you didnt like rap god?  well if you didnt - you may like these (pure pop for now people)

    and yes - its in french - but its good





  • Thanks MS for that computer

    thank you larry - and i guess it was 5 years ago - but youd never know it to use it

  • Thanks MS for that computer

    no - win 8



    it is no wonder they are in "hard times" har har


    its fine


    its still the best computer in the house except for my...beast ;)



    edit - maybe it is not 10 years.... it is for sure a LOT of years though

    it was at my old house   ... joby was tiny then

    *ill edit the first post to just say "Years ago" rather than 10  (it has to have been 7 or 8 tho)

  • Thanks MS for that computer

    Years ago i was sent one of the first LARGE touchsmart HP all in one computers 

    Just wanted to let you know - it is still working - it has always been great

    It is in the dining room/living room as a touch kiosk - or just computer - for all to use

    I appreciated it at the time - and still do now.  Thanks again!

  • The Radio