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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • The Radio

    WAKE UP!!!  ;)


  • Happy Birthday Dr Herbie!


  • C9 same design for years?

    if not a contest... then how about...

    1. make it metro flat. (everywhere - no fades on buttons no 3d etc)

    2. make every color customizable in user profile (nav bar / bg back etc - all fonts - colours = there is no design - it is the USERS design

    3. lose the 3d 9 guy (for now) we need flat 9 guy. (for now) use the one i signed away to ms in code for fun - it is metro flat - make it available to overlay as white transparent - or black transparent - that should cover most needs

    4. layout - fine - keep same

    5. thread views: add them BACK!  :P


  • C9 same design for years?

    functionality has changed but -

    ... the look is the same

    why not a C9 member contest:  " Suggest a new look for c9" thing

    everyone can participate  "post your screenshots - or site URLS"

    all ideas welcome - not to be judged on level of expertise - but - idea over all





  • 2,5 Biolion only for one game ?

    , Sven Groot wrote

    Biolions. They're 25% better for the environment than regular lions!


    lol hahahahaha

    its like from orynx and crake - or madaddam -  wolvogs and pigoons and racunks...

  • My take on "Apple day"


    ps - thanks felix!- yes the honeycomb ui did exist

    and apples stold its from us!  ;)


    edit: metro + honeycomb = apple watch



  • My take on "Apple day"

    , bondsbw 

    The one functional aspect circles do bring to the table (which so far I've only found in this Apple Watch layout) is hexagonal packing, which is more efficient than rectangles with the same semi-major axis length.

    but the point was that squares are boring. (wilma - square in air )

    some circles are made up of triangles... do those circles count?

    how much should we count?  should we count in Excel? in boxes? 

    they are functional and efficient.  


    if i HAD to live by that logic i would at least start hoping the new metro was 3d boxes - like in the Zero Theorm  ;P

    SEE it if you havent all niners!

    delve and cortana may = "Her" but you want the ui to be gilliam! :P


    edit: Her - what a STUPID name and poster for a really good sci-fi flick

    I thought it was a chick flick ( with the moustache dude red poster etc

    the poster should have been that one shot of the UI - HER

    box office x 100


  • My take on "Apple day"

    just like all my tv shows and movies... err..

    you no it is funny tho

    there are 2 solutions - but the industry wont do either

    one is product placement on steroids. (there are no commercials - the products are embedded. Characters talking in front of Subway with posters in window. etc. Blurring them will only make the show look bad. they will stay in.no-one will bother

    the other is content protectionism = internet costs (for us) - quadrupled as communication providers try to pull their own "netflix's" and pay for "new created content" (which they will pretend to do but really its just a price grab

    ( they do this sort of now in canada - its called the blank media tax)


  • My take on "Apple day"

    , Bass wrote

    I'm sure the Microsoft Watch is coming. Microsoft needs to follow the latest trends - after everyone else.

    well U2 just gave away their new album ... so maybe there's hope for MS after all

    (give away windows? what - so i dont have to pirate it anymore? cool!)



  • My take on "Apple day"

    none of your circle examples are from MS

    so if you want one - they had a mobile bee hive honey comb UI  - which was circular

    it was interesting

    too bad the squares won (literally)


    EDIT:  i just googled trying to find what im refering too... couldnt figure out what to type... anyone here remember it?

    i think it was a Windows mobile UI demo? or something?

    *and honey combs would indeed stack into a circle

    edit - its obvious why they didnt do it though - they didnt want to be the BEE company

    so while they would stack - and fit together - they were dumped for ... squares and rectangles.

    Fine. But if i want to waste the space on my huge monitor - to have circles - give them to me