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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 Issuses Discussed.

    ya i have "show all scripts errors" on

    just out of curiousity - do you get a script error posting on this site?

    i do - but only on this one machine

  • Trying out a TabletPC

    i just got a new laptop so it will be a while be for i can get a tablet.. but id love to check one out. i can draw ( reasonably) especially cartoons, and ive tried a Wacom but you got to look over here - while your hand is over there - if you no what i mean

    tablet pcs sound cool

  • Style Filters - A amazing Resource!!

    a!   -  where is a link to what you are refering to?

    * if its DHTML stuff - ya IE rules at transitional effects and the like

    Other "browsers" dont cut it - & dont listen to the programmers here whining about standards

    i agree with you
    95% is IE and thats the market - all the power to you providing ALMOST ALL users with a superior browsing experience

    * i find the other lame browsers just dont show the effects - but dont error so you can still use them

    their loss

  • Windows graphics

    interesting - but ive spent 10 years learning CorelDraw ( and to some extend Illustrator -yuk)

    I really dont want to do graphics in VG.net - although maybe tweak them

    CorelDRAW! 12 exports to vector in any of these formats:

    WMF, EMF, AI, CMX, CDR, SWF, and sort of EPS

    im hoping longhorn ( ie7) supports rendering vector formats that are available in current apps
    ( as mentioned in other post - dont really need extra XML data .. just the ability to render vectors.. like WMF - as illustrated above

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 Issuses Discussed.

    Manip wrote:

    Programming using FrontPage is bad enough

    this shows you do not use FP2003 - which is GREAT

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 Issuses Discussed.

    If clients want cross platform they can pay for it .. most DONT

    As for MacWeaver.. dont get me started

    If i can't love frontpage on THIS site.. where can I?

    Proud PC user since 80's

    no Postscript    TTF!
    no Illustrator   COREL!
    no dreamweaver   FRONTPAGE!
    no protools      SONOR!
    no photoshop     errr.. ok i HAVE to use photoshop
                     (score one for Abobe
                     * but i still use PS3 - where you
                     can customise right mouse)

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 Issuses Discussed.

    hahaha  thanks bogusrabin

    * when ever i try using validators it reports 5000 errors - usually do to frontpage..im assumming.

    All those "Validators" seem to want everything cross platform - which i could care less about..

    i design for stuff using IE in FP that works for IE
    so the validators are of no help to me

    PS - regarding the 3 jscript errors - i know what they are:

    theres some missing calls out to .js files..
    funny thing is - PRE-SP2 these did not error.

    so i could have <java sript src = "toolbar.js></script>
    ( or whatever the tag..  Then if the file wasnt actually there, IE WOULD NOT ERROR  ( cool! ease of use! designed FOR THE USER!! horray IE! )

    NOW... under SP2, if it cant find the link IT ERRORS!
    ( boo! programmer centric! USER SECOND! who CARES if its missing a file! thumbs down!)

    * cue all the "Standards are imporant!" threads..  the standard is IE Tongue Out

  • Windows graphics

    Here's a WMF ( renders bad)  40k

    heres a JPG: ( same as above)  40k

    Heres a flash vector: ONLY 2K!!!
    ( but you cant make it hyperlink ( stupid flash right click menu = useless)

    Will longhorn FIX this?

    In a perfect world - id be able to use WMF - that would be same file size as SWF - that renders and scales perfectly - but that IE treated just like a gif or jpg ( ie; regular ie right click menu - hyperlink / mouseover scripts - just wmf instead of jpg)

  • URL weirdness ( http:///?%20 )

    I find when i mistype a URL in IE now , im getting the following:

    I mis-typed microsoft.com and URL changes to:


    what is the :  http:///?%20
    it is adding..

    ive ran adaware and spybot etc.. so i dont think its spyware.. perhaps it is?

    thanks in advance to any one who knows..

    PS - it seems to be only intermitantly now - but its happened a few times
    wish we could delete posts..

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 Issuses Discussed.



    - Fullscreen webpage - no status bar
    - no lame close buttons ( ill provide those thankyou)
    - SP2 installed


    PS - i am hoping you are RIGHT and i still - as you say - CAN