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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • URL weirdness ( http:///?%20 )

    re: Cider:

    Default should be set to "http://".  The %20 is a space so it might be "http:// " in your registry...:

    I checked this - it was just "http://"

  • Ideas for Improving MSDN

    I'm sure all the "real" programers around here will have ideas for this - or are happy with it the way it is - but as a non-programmer / designer, here are some quick thoughts on making it easier ( for me anyway)

    1. Ready to run samples
    In the IE 3 / 4 days there use to be lots of downloadable Samples on MSDN.  There would be a description - but also a download of a RUNNING WORKING script or app or flyouts etc.

    These days i find you have the description broken down in lines of code - then a paragraph describing what it does - then more lines of code etc.

    For intermediate users, it is MUCH more helpful to just grab a working sample and hack away at it - learning as you go.

    2. Perhaps break site down into Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Enterprise

    3. on Asp.net - the Starter kits ( portal etc)
    again - ALL require programming knowledge to get functioning - please post working running samples with install instructions

    4. MSDN SIMPLE Search ( laid out like google ) without useful articles purged ( ie; type an error in google - and youll find the error and fix - at MSDN - more times than not - you wont find anything - or get links trying to sell you stuff

    5. Please remove and redesign the Frontpage website from the office website and integrate it into MSDN.  Position it as a Visual Interdev lite or what have you. * As youve removed it from Office it shouldnt be there - although you should bundle Frontpage LITE with all versions of office - as it helps us sell the tool to clients ( see Frontpage post)

    Ideas for headings could include:

    - Step by step RSS with Frontpage
    - Content management with Frontpage
    - Vectors in Longhorn explained - free tool

    Lastly - if Frontpage REALLY is suppose to be a dreamweaver competitor - then USE IT ( eat your own dog food) at microsoft.com

    so to summarize:  More web dev - more sample code - less programing ( remember this is for non-programmers who still need to build tech releated stuff)

  • IE KIOSK Mode: Fighting for a feature I love

    re; netscape

    im assuming youre refering to (i think it was called) Constellation - the full screen NN desktop replacement

    that was ALMOST cool - but if i remember correctly they made it too hard for regular designers to do anything with it

    IE made this all simple

  • What's cooking??

    no that's just a new "feature" of product activation: stops reproduction Wink

  • When do we get a vid with Bill Gates?

    email i think is billg@microsoft.com

    my question would be:

    Do you still get alot of speeding tickets - drive very fast - or have you mellowed on the gas peddle these days

  • IE KIOSK Mode: Fighting for a feature I love

    Re: Learn .NET and code one

    Jeremy W. said it best:
    " The cost to pay an app developer is 3 times what it is to pay a web developer. Why should I have to worry about all the language issues when an HTML page with a slight backend is more than enough?"

  • IE's market share is slipping

    re:  "you want clean code using what is available now, Dreamweaver is probably the way to go.

    However, you should never really use nested tables for layout - they should be used only for very basic layout (two/three columns) and tabular data"

    See - this is where everyone disconnects..

    a) dreamweaver is a mac publishing based platform app transfered to PC - Frontpage 2003 is where you want to go. Keep away from that DW/FLASH stuff.
    FP now has BETTER CODE than DW - its true


    b) "never use nested tables bla bla" - what are you nuts?  CSS is code land for designers - we DO want to use it - but why even have DW or FP if you cant highlight a font and say verdana 8pt  ( ha which you cant actually - you have to TYPE it Wink - We should be able to whatever we want - which actually FP lets you DO more times than not

  • IE KIOSK Mode: Fighting for a feature I love

    ..guys.. (gals?) i really am just stating:  i love fullscreen - feature / BUG haha whatever it is.

    it does not deserve to be AXED.

    And for all the OSS pros out there, the removal of fullscreen = less FREEDOM within the win interface..  use it or not - like it or not - at least shout out on the removal: FREEDOM grab

    Not that there is a conspiracy.. they wanted to  lock stuff down tight - and they did. but maybe...just maybe..they did not leave enough time to think out how to retain an important feature.. ( to some Smiley

    hope someones at least questioning...

    if its gone...its gone  oh well

    BTW: SA / Manip:  you guys no a good mozilla programer that could re-write the "old" way into a custom FireFox? lol Wink

  • IE KIOSK Mode: Fighting for a feature I love

    re: Full screen mode while browsing the Internet?  That should certainly only be UP TO ME... not the site author."

    And with SP2 it will be = NO MORE AUTO fullscreen - but they have gone a step further and removed the ability for YOU TO CHOOSE if you actually WANT fullscreen ( presentation, Media tuner what not)

    Assuming you want fullscreen, you now have a totally unthought implimentation regarding - the status bar ( see above ) and the Mozilla bar at the top

    Ill summarise quickly:

    1. no auto full screen fine

    2. choosing fullscreen is now NOT fullscreen

    3. the status bar is UGLY - make it black and unnoticable - or better yet LOOSE it

    4. the top bar - from http URL now shows mozilla CRAPPY toolbar - instead of sleek - autohidable one we've all used for 6 years

    * Html Applications still function fullscreen - but the user must go through a prompt, and HTA's seem to disable javascript ( like the history (-1) (+1) etc

    so for me - as a non programmer - but that does no alot of scripts and dhtml ( for interface layer interactions) they dont fix my request:

    (not 2 ) AND MAKE IT MATCH!

    thanks again

  • Cash Cow - article by former MS employee

    I began using Microsoft products 23 years ago, at age 11, and I worked for Microsoft from 1991 to 1999 as a technology manager. For many years, I was a Microsoft loyalist. While aware of Microsoft’s shortcomings, I always believed that the Soft did its best to improve products over time, as it did with Windows XP. But recently, I’ve had a crisis of faith. Perhaps I’ve rebooted Windows one too many times.

    Full article:

    Laughable parts:

    "Andrews hasn’t upgraded his PC from Windows 98 or Office 2000. “I’d just as soon have a stable operating system—my time is more important.”

    "download OpenOffice from www.openoffice.org and give it a try. There’s no e-mail program, and it definitely lacks the sophisticated features of Office 2003, but it’s free."  
    ( checkout the boxes haha )

    OK - so he bought a mac - wippeedoo.. but he does raise some interesting points in the article - especially in regards to Google / Linux - and the "Hip" factor