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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • IE KIOSK Mode: Fighting for a feature I love

    re: Full screen mode while browsing the Internet?  That should certainly only be UP TO ME... not the site author."

    And with SP2 it will be = NO MORE AUTO fullscreen - but they have gone a step further and removed the ability for YOU TO CHOOSE if you actually WANT fullscreen ( presentation, Media tuner what not)

    Assuming you want fullscreen, you now have a totally unthought implimentation regarding - the status bar ( see above ) and the Mozilla bar at the top

    Ill summarise quickly:

    1. no auto full screen fine

    2. choosing fullscreen is now NOT fullscreen

    3. the status bar is UGLY - make it black and unnoticable - or better yet LOOSE it

    4. the top bar - from http URL now shows mozilla CRAPPY toolbar - instead of sleek - autohidable one we've all used for 6 years

    * Html Applications still function fullscreen - but the user must go through a prompt, and HTA's seem to disable javascript ( like the history (-1) (+1) etc

    so for me - as a non programmer - but that does no alot of scripts and dhtml ( for interface layer interactions) they dont fix my request:

    (not 2 ) AND MAKE IT MATCH!

    thanks again

  • Cash Cow - article by former MS employee

    I began using Microsoft products 23 years ago, at age 11, and I worked for Microsoft from 1991 to 1999 as a technology manager. For many years, I was a Microsoft loyalist. While aware of Microsoft’s shortcomings, I always believed that the Soft did its best to improve products over time, as it did with Windows XP. But recently, I’ve had a crisis of faith. Perhaps I’ve rebooted Windows one too many times.

    Full article:

    Laughable parts:

    "Andrews hasn’t upgraded his PC from Windows 98 or Office 2000. “I’d just as soon have a stable operating system—my time is more important.”

    "download OpenOffice from www.openoffice.org and give it a try. There’s no e-mail program, and it definitely lacks the sophisticated features of Office 2003, but it’s free."  
    ( checkout the boxes haha )

    OK - so he bought a mac - wippeedoo.. but he does raise some interesting points in the article - especially in regards to Google / Linux - and the "Hip" factor

  • IE's market share is slipping

    Re: "I remember when I was learning HTML in 1999, I had trouble understanding the pages (nested table after nested table after nestled table controled the presentations of the HTML source of the sites I was looking at, ugh...). Then when I learned proper HTML and CSS, I "..

    this is the thing though..

    i know some html and java script to tweak it..- but mainly i rely on the editor ( FP) to do the code

    If i design a newspaper or magazine in Quark - NO ONE asks to see the code .. the same is true - or SHOULD -be true for the web.

    WHY would anyone in their right mind want to sit and type <table width bla bla> although - they do have a RIGHT to do so if being that granular makes them happy...when they can draw a table and SEE what they are making in real time?

    At the same time - this "Standards / code in notepad / wine wine wine" stuff is all moot.

    Not everyone building for the web wants to be in notepad drooling over perfect comments and code block tabing.. while others with editors clean their clocks on delivery ( faster)

    Blame the Editors for lack of standard support NOT the the people using the tools + the new FP has all that stuff for anyone who cares about it enough to use it

  • Windows Media Player 10 - lookin good!

    heres a screenshot:

    on the screen above the scroll bars match the blue theme/hue.  But when you change hues - like red or green - they stay default blue.  Would be cool if whatever color variables the sliders are sending to the tuner skin - could also get sent to the scroll bars..

  • IE's market share is slipping

    Popular site example:
    first one i tried www.news.com

    MSN Toolbar ad at top of the page comes in off centre

    No big deal you say?
    Its little things like this that add up
    All browsers render stuff different
    IE wins because it currently has the most users and the browser with the most users sets the standards.

    Usage IS slipping though as this post points out
    This is all part of Jim Alchins strategy of NO NEW COOL STUFF till longhorn = PAY

    read "How the web was won" or "Breaking Windows" to find out how he is the one to stop all the new fun stuff

    in another post i complained about nothing but security and bug fixes from MS for over 3 years..
    the exception is msn messenger, - winmedia 10 doesnt count as it has a DRM side to it that removes it's "free"ness

  • TechNet Free Subscription from MS!!!

    Technet should be free
    win betas should be free

  • Windows Media Player 10 - lookin good!

    Just grabbed this here:

    it finally opens by DEFAULT to my playlist - NOT that slow DHTML msn media page GREAT! ( it's actually opening as fas as winamp FINALLY!! (y)

    also - the slider for changing the tuner colour is great and adding HUE & Saturation option is also cool
    (strange that the Colour palette icon is removed though... at least i couldnt find it - had to search under options on the "pop up" toolbar)

    Save icon for playlists is good too

    PS - it would be a good addition under the color changer/sliders - to offer a gray scale option box - then i could make the tuner look black or slate.. right now it only works with colours..

  • "Page Faults"

    This post was even helpful to me ( designer)

    I have had problems launching Photoshop 3 in XP ( "You do not have enough Ram to launch photoshop)

    even though on other xp machines - it opens fine..
    thought it was a machine specfic thing..so I finally set it to " No page file" and photoshop 3 would open, but other programs - like new Coreldraw12 keep bombing without proper swap ( ..thats just like corel on a new release...BUGGY! Wink

    anyway - so ive turned the swapfile back on - but set it to a lower number than before - it works! - so i have a swap file for corel and PS3 opens without error

    coolio Smiley

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 Issuses Discussed.

    i would use an HTA file but these wipe out the use of Javascript Back / forward ( inline browsers etc.)

    sample fullscreen hta code:

    scrollFlat="yes" />

    <a href="javascript:window.close()">Close</a>

    * copy into notepad - save - rename .txt to .hta - dbl click

    If you have any tips you recomend on how i could:

    1. launch an HTA file from http web ( it just opens in IE regular view window)

    1.5. I dont mind the user having to say "Open it" at prompt - but i cant get the prompt

    2.  Assuming the HTA is open fullscreen.. why does javascript back(-1) ( whatever) not work?

    Apart from above, i cannot help thinking it was more logical and easier BEFORE

    AGAIN! - OK - block auto full screen! no prob here!
    But why are they removing IE's fullscreen ability ( even though - manip - does not like it)

    One last sample:


    IGNORE THE SCRIPT ERRORS ( they did not error before SP2 ) so in this example - it shows an inline browser - with the ability for use to go to FULL SCREEN IF THEY CHOOSE ( top right)

    SP2 BROKE ALL THIS --  did i mention that i
    HATE SERVICE PACK 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IE KIOSK Mode: Fighting for a feature I love

    re "With IE features that are always present on screen.."

    well if thats the case - could you make them smaller - and match more sites?..

    just black so it blends in with the outside monitor screen colour? - or perhaps make it use CSS like the current ie scrollbars can.. then we could at least make it match what we are doing  (designers)

    that said.. i think it works great now - ( everyone i know uses it at board meetings and presentations - to show off artwork or ads or ideas.. they want it like powerpoint, no bar. 

    Even locally it now has the status bar.
    Perhaps I just need to hear every reason why, what was done, was done. I think there was not enough thought put into what you are removing - only what you are preventing. To me - removing kiosk mode is as fundamental as removing thumbnail view - or some other great & useful feature. ** Ben Slivka where are you! Wink
    Trivia:  Here's a sample of what I use to bug Ben and Chris Jones with in IE3+/4 era

    *yes ..ive always been like this Wink