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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Please stop funding bogus studies

    manip.. right on

  • What is Microsoft doing about GMail?

    Knute - check this out, it should lead the way to getting rid of the things you dont like about gmail:



    1. - its ok for machines to read stuff + LAW = you cant show employees

    2. You HAVE to delete emails if user says so

  • Windows 2k vs. XP Pro vs. 2003

    yes format would have been preferable..

    so ..?  you like? 

    - faster eh?
    - no silly background services running
    - looks cooler..  ( start themes service!)


  • Please stop funding bogus studies

    Jamie, stop wasting our time with your low bandwidth non parallel and down right random thinking!

    We are doing lots of super cool stuff here at MS - and our plans for total tech control of Earth are right on schedule

    ( rocks back and forth - hits send on email to teledesic or skynet or whatever it is Wink

    and another thing - i hate coke! - i prefer diet coke..wait - Steve wants to type something to you:




  • Please stop funding bogus studies

    here's the latest from the "Cripple Linux Adoption" campaign:


    Do you guys really believe your own "press" ?

    Im not saying - dont say anything.. its just everytime you try to refute the benifits of OSS ( which I DONT EVEN USE) you end up sounding defensive and LAME

    just be quiet about "Cancer" and "Comunist" and "anti-competitive and now ""Open source software is a 'waste of money,' a Microsoft executive has said. He goes on to say that governments planning to use it will damage their own economies and that giving away source code is shooting yourself in the foot."

    So FREE software is a waste of money..

    Im sure many at MS believe that - but dont you realise how ridiculous it sounds trying to prove it?

    The only one shooting itself in the foot is MS!

    ps * Here's how to market against OSS..

    1. We're MORE free: Soundbite:

    "Everyone loves Free software! MS offers over ___ free software downloads, ___ applications and ___ code snippets" free. ( all big numbers im assuming) Then mention that there are more "free" 3rd party software apps for windows than any other platform - most of which ONLY run on windows - and that they look and work more pro. ( the fact that your software is so polished is a MAJOR point)

    2. BIG IS BETTER: The things we create at MS affect the entire world - business and consumer- so we need to be extra careful of what we do in our position" Soundbite:

    " We think OSS is great. We do have to pay our developers to lead in the industry so we are not able to particpipate to the extent of some smaller niche companies" If you want to hit them where they are sensitive say: "We need to charge for superior software so our friends in the OSS community will have something to copy!" ( although negative, still has a positive MS message - if delivered tongue in cheek)

    3. Humility / Turn the other cheek: Soundbite:

    " The idea behind OSS is a great one, their community has helped to inspire us to be more open ourselves - which we are actively doing across all product lines"
    ( Wix, channel9, new xbox language, sp2 free,office xml - all the Bosworth stuff etc)

    in other words - combat with POSSITIVE or HUMOUROUS messages.. NOT negative ones

    such a great company - and no one seems able to SAY why youre great. ( except rob enderle - see first post lol)

    and last point: Get Billg on C9 to shoot his mouth off - like he USED to , no scripted stuff..

    then we'll all remember who was the coke of famous geeks NOT the pepsi

    ( Jobs was the coke of computer MARKETING Wink
    ** i wouldnt say no to Paul Allen on C9 either (y)!

  • FrontPage thread..

    CDW wrote:
    If you see "<p class="MsoNormal">" then something was copied from Word or perhaps another Office App. FrontPage does not generate that sort of garbage code.

    yes but i chose "keep text only" and still had that stuff come into the page

    RE the what FrontPage should insert with an hr we'll have to agree to disagree because I would not use any product that inserted that sort of stuff on a simple hr.

    you are the one adding to HR ( <p> ) not me Wink. I'm saying don't add anything to it - and do away with trying to explain -shift/enter- to users so they stop making Godzilla size spaces on all the documents they make.

    ill check out topstyle lite - but still wish CSS was integrated into FP as a 5th view tab: 

    Design - Split - Code - CSS Mode - Preview 

  • What is Microsoft doing about winsock hijacking by spyware?

    that would definately do it..

    its probably not a good test case cause the machine probably couldnt handle all things starting up and running.. but im getting tired of fixing it so i actually printed that out. we'll see what it can handle Wink

  • What is Microsoft doing about winsock hijacking by spyware?


    thing is for his machine - its a slow old 400 ( although Xp runs pretty snappy on it)

    The only Virus program i have is Norton 2004 - which i find to be a resourse hog even on my 3ghtz - so there was no way i was loading or it would take him literally over 5 min to boot.

    I forgot about Zone Alarm - that would probably have done it - but again: I thought SP2 had this.. I know myself i had to allow IE and outlook and MSN to access the Internet connection..

    so .. this only works for MS programs?

    ** also - re- kiosk mode. I'm not arguing your right to dislike it, just for my right to still have access to it.

  • What is Microsoft doing about winsock hijacking by spyware?

    * One last comment regarding Auto - add toolbars in IE

    just as i think Full screen is great - i also like the ABILITY to add a toolbar if i CHOOSE

    in SP2 youve gone and removed the ABILITY to run fullscreen kiosk - yet &^&^% sites can still add MySearch and iSearch etc to IE.

    Why not just make SP2 not auto load toolbars and not allow auto fullscreen - but leave the functionality - if the user agrees to it

    sorry - still mad at the removal of fullscreen for LEGITIMATE - MARKED uses

    Just do it like this:

  • What is Microsoft doing about winsock hijacking by spyware?

    i have a friend for whom im defacto tech support
    - he uses his computer for 2 things: downloading porn, and downloading porn.

    His machine is always full of crap! that i have to remove and repair - SO...

    i loaded the beta of SP2 on his machine.
    i asked him to show me where he gets porn - and he said google

    I was suprised by this as google seems so do-goody.

    What he does is turn off safe search - or whatever its called - then types stuff in to find porn.

    so i said ok - do it now that you have SP2 installed - which he did.  after 5 min of "technical testing Wink i told him to stop and ran adaware and spybot ( which i had run before sp2 install)

    there were over 50 things - in five minutes - and i made sure he didnt "Agree" to any boxes that popped up.

    So basically - what good is SP2??
    just go out and buy adaware and spybot and put them in windows to run at startup

    otherwise all these "security" changes are doing nothing but inconvenience developers - as for users they dont seem to prevent even the most common of exploits : toolbars in ie, stuff loaded at start up, many tracking companies, etc etc etc.

    *Sorry if this is a bit off the winsock topic SA