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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • URL weirdness ( http:///?%20 )

    heres another weird one: %5F  ?


  • Ideas for Improving MSDN

    replying to myself before the 50 RTFM posts lol

    Some people are more visual - so to Shining Archaine - who said in another post " just learn .NET" ... well ive tried... it is too hard READING about it..

    but if there was a running portal or content management or polling systems - then i could learn it.. by playing with it - seeing it - using it - like ive "sort of" learned asp - javascript / dhtml /html

    by samples

  • Ideas for Improving MSDN

    "There are so much example code in MSDN"

    yes but not like before - there are not as many - "Download this sample" as their use to be..

    theres lots of sample code - if you no where to put it / use it

  • Antique Computers

    hmm - wonder what that will do to my ROI


  • Antique Computers

    I just got this Vic20 today at a yard sale for 3 bucks Wink

    to go with my old old Mac:

    Anyone at MS collect old machines?

    * Im wondering if i should leave them old and dirty, or clean them all up..

  • URL weirdness ( http:///?%20 )

    re: Cider:

    Default should be set to "http://".  The %20 is a space so it might be "http:// " in your registry...:

    I checked this - it was just "http://"

  • Ideas for Improving MSDN

    I'm sure all the "real" programers around here will have ideas for this - or are happy with it the way it is - but as a non-programmer / designer, here are some quick thoughts on making it easier ( for me anyway)

    1. Ready to run samples
    In the IE 3 / 4 days there use to be lots of downloadable Samples on MSDN.  There would be a description - but also a download of a RUNNING WORKING script or app or flyouts etc.

    These days i find you have the description broken down in lines of code - then a paragraph describing what it does - then more lines of code etc.

    For intermediate users, it is MUCH more helpful to just grab a working sample and hack away at it - learning as you go.

    2. Perhaps break site down into Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Enterprise

    3. on Asp.net - the Starter kits ( portal etc)
    again - ALL require programming knowledge to get functioning - please post working running samples with install instructions

    4. MSDN SIMPLE Search ( laid out like google ) without useful articles purged ( ie; type an error in google - and youll find the error and fix - at MSDN - more times than not - you wont find anything - or get links trying to sell you stuff

    5. Please remove and redesign the Frontpage website from the office website and integrate it into MSDN.  Position it as a Visual Interdev lite or what have you. * As youve removed it from Office it shouldnt be there - although you should bundle Frontpage LITE with all versions of office - as it helps us sell the tool to clients ( see Frontpage post)

    Ideas for headings could include:

    - Step by step RSS with Frontpage
    - Content management with Frontpage
    - Vectors in Longhorn explained - free tool

    Lastly - if Frontpage REALLY is suppose to be a dreamweaver competitor - then USE IT ( eat your own dog food) at microsoft.com

    so to summarize:  More web dev - more sample code - less programing ( remember this is for non-programmers who still need to build tech releated stuff)

  • IE KIOSK Mode: Fighting for a feature I love

    re; netscape

    im assuming youre refering to (i think it was called) Constellation - the full screen NN desktop replacement

    that was ALMOST cool - but if i remember correctly they made it too hard for regular designers to do anything with it

    IE made this all simple

  • What's cooking??

    no that's just a new "feature" of product activation: stops reproduction Wink

  • When do we get a vid with Bill Gates?

    email i think is billg@microsoft.com

    my question would be:

    Do you still get alot of speeding tickets - drive very fast - or have you mellowed on the gas peddle these days