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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • boom baby

    Kill The Cows - Share The Beef

    Microsoft 2015


    (haha ok no ..but something LIKE that)

    everyone knows its innovators dilemma - your founder spoke of it a hundred times in interviews (i read it because of that)

    we know...you know... everyone knows you have to do it.. so who doesnt? your shareholders?


    stop being stupid!  ;)


    edit - yes im being too bold ...ahem. i am in marketing. but dont mistake that for the good intentions and half well reasoned ideas i present

    I have followed ms for ever - and still do. my google news feed is Microsoft (ha)

    * why isnt it bing? because its a stupid name that's why.

    it should be windows search and windows explorer.

    (old posts - one explorer to rule them all and buy search.com - jokers own it)

     **also said to get wordpress - was told you cant its open... NOTHING is open for 50 mil

    things need to change - heres the fast track  ( ^ )

  • boom baby

    reply to above - maybe those screens are for phones (as stuff loads slow)


    but on my desktop - im a designer and i LIKE flashy bs - but they are old now


    re the live tiles /properties


    i EXCPECT properties on EVERYTHING in windows. i understand there will be  - maybe an xml file - or weird name file - that contains the text or data feed to bring in

    (that i also should be able to customize)

    even if that stuff was at skydrive - like

    properties of a tile = onedrive/tiles/corel  that would be half cool too

    i could SEE it

    i would have control over it


    im not into this - 1/2 UI that has no location is all

  • boom baby

    ok let's end with a bit of drama...  (for fun)


    if the new ceo had of listed - most if not all of above in his first memo to staff - the press, competitors, customers and the press would have all said - WOW

    not -what did he say? platforms and productivity? windows and office again?


    i do read...


    edit: and then he said: " oh ...and one more thing..."   

    "we are re-designing the stagnate and ignored channel9 website and returning thread views to the coffehouse!"

    (standing ovation)


    ps - im 50!  (pulls up pants...)

  • boom baby

    im bored so ill continue talking to this screen 

    current strategy:

    build hi end $1500+$150 tablets - the no one can afford to buy - make a best of breed windows device - so you dont cannibalize your partners.  pretend you are apple

    new strategy

    spend what you spent on nokia - empowering your partners - to be able to afford hi res pixel screens - or extra proc- power - by agreeing to a new spec they need to follow - but that could get win tablets to 200 dollars

    (GOOD ones)

    goodbye Hemroid and Crapple


    The whole "we can take the high end - and leave the margin fighting to our "partners" is a misnomer.

    you cant.

    a) its like saying heres our table scaps

    b) it makes your pricing look like you are high falutin a-hoes

    c) you keep writing them off


    ...im not one to care a whole lot about the bottom line when the entire market is at stake - but these write downs could fund above



    partners not mad - no scraps

    = good win devices - affordable

    win is free and office - sell services later (later WILL come!! bean counters - later will come! 

  • boom baby

    , bondsbw wrote


    The LA Clippers is a basketball team.


    buuuut...- its not a new aerospace company is it?  or he didnt go put his money where his mouth was - into devices companies...

    no hes a sales jock who bought a boom baby ego pumping sports team





  • boom baby

    last - all the decades old bullcrap of making apps - just good enough - so your partners can sell better ones also must end


    the crapware (on new pcs not withstanding) this age old method of doing something - so its there - but its mostly useless without a 3rd party paid app - has to stop


    your FTP is garbage - buy cuteftp or anyone - have the windows ftp KNOW if yuve got half a file


    the dvd burner - old tech but - it always sucked and was slow

    items to burn to disc? from last month?

    the speed has improved ill give you that



    make the Microsoft versions SO good -other developers dont even TRY


    stop being crappy and stupid



    return to your former glory - when Bens and Brads tried to make everything open

    (then you called them commies - shut them down - and handed your market to google


    *please note... i am on your side  lol

  • boom baby

    and while im ramblin (im a ramblin guy)

    all those metro timer screens - have got to GO

    click news - pink - flat icon - spinning wheel -( has to go round..).


    eliminate please

    pre cache main news or weather etc

    i click a tile


    boom baby - news


    arbitrary - wait a few seconds

    (even if your internet is fast)


    every idea here and above... they are all customization and stopping the dumbing down of eveythng


    give us a windows that people say


    wow the new windows is HARD - but rewarding


    not Hard but STUPID


  • boom baby


    Because they are LIVE tiles.  They don't have a single image, but are rather dynamically made up of images and text from within the application.



    right - but if i want one "live tile" to be 800 x 600 on my 2560 x 1600 monitor and then i want actuall hi res 3d icons to replace the flat metro stuff in 12 other square tiles (corel ballon / etc - then i want my pictures to be half the startmenu screen (if i chose)  and then i wanted to change color on each icon or apply background to each one



    what needs to end is the hiding stuff (properties of this tile - yay)

    i want a start menu central

    ...in the process you can kill the useless and ridiculously named network and sharing centre (puke)

  • boom baby

    yes it was the removal of visualy representative icons (that i used) and not TEXT to read

    My Computer - Computer - This PC

    make an icon!


    from the GOOD NEWS DEPT


    cortana on my winphone rocks!

    (had to switch to us eng but i love it

    apart from that i noticed nothing new about my phone (wp8.1)



    make windows free and office free - KILL google

    bring every arm you have to bare on GOOGLE - tomorrow - not next year

    own the network - free for now

    go 3 years with crappy rev numbers

    spend 5 billion on win tablets - that are 99 dollars


    steal back YOUR market


    And - kill IE

    make it either Windows Explorer - and return true ftp to th browser 


    or use / buy / partner with firefox (against google)


    google must go


    stop buying phone companies 


  • boom baby

    i tried to edit spelling but it kept going back to previous version - and DB errors


    pretednd i speld evrythin rite