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me jamie Niner since 2004
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  • Apple and Microsoft should merge

    re:  Some people buy Macs, install Windows, and ONLY use Windows.


    ...and those people would be.... RICH people  lol

  • the AGE of computing

    many here started at the beginning - which for discussion we shall say - was a dos ibm pc. (dr halo, dot matrix, bw screen, floppy (literally) discs.

    is that the start no - but in general - that WAS the start (of all this)

    Zerox - then mac - then windows

    = UIs

    Long story short - nothing has changed. everything has changed.

    This is because our interface - allowed us to advance - without making us change things every 4 months.  Cycles took a long time - we got new programs - and the os/ui evolved.

    My point / question is only - If i were new ceo - the first thing i would do is stop alienating my customers - of 20 to 30 years (with still 30 to 40 years left in them!) and re-assuring them - EVERYTHING will work forever. Every UI from XP on is supported / available indefinitely.

    There will be NO facebook style - oh look everything's changed - tough for you. - suprises

    Everyone WANTS the future.  but no one wants it shoved up their _ _ _


    But if i was - ceo - there would be nothing stopping me from releasing a NEW thing - totally different - with a different name - and sell it along side windows (same code base)

    SOME older people might love it and switch - many will go with - what has already been proven to be a GREAT UI

    Point is - dont screw up COKE.  Make new energy water, "squirt" customize beverage...cool! ...

    If its good - and the kiddies like it - it will GROW its own lifeline (like win has)

    just dont do it to COKE (WINDOWS)!



    edit  -  Q:  30 year UI strains should be:

    a) allowed to continue and evolve

    b) changed at will / replaced


    Edit 2:

    hey i just heard ms is going to release windows 9!  but they are also going to release windows Metro - a new take on everything.. hmmm ... i think ill try out the NEW THING

    hey i just heard ms is going to release windows 9!  but they are also going to release windows Metro - a new take on everything.. hmmm ... i think ill stick with what i LIKE

  • Apple and Microsoft should merge

    apple / ms merge    not

    the issue being mac users and pc users hate each other

    which os do you use? and combining them would alienate further


  • 2019 is one step closer...

    there was not one thing in that vid i could recognise as windows

    this is - five years away correct?

    so - i guess everything in the windows we've all been using for ... 20 years is ALL WRONG

    so i guess this is an extention of metro? you know from the windows that people hate and arnt buying?

    had i - attemped - such a video - it would have shown how the things we currently use - might evolve - you know - sort of like - what your doing now - ISNT A WASTE OF TIME

    this is just a marketing bullsh__t fluff piece done for the ballmer era of MS ( = Mis Steps)

    * oh its bonds whatever

  • Apple and Microsoft should merge


    i liked:

    many of these ideas floating around the company are "moon shots." But he also believes that many of them will be successful and position the company for a future his competitors don't yet appear to be planning for.

    ..and no the silly ms 2019 video doesnt count

  • 2019 is one step closer...

    that is the stupidest thing ive ever seen

    what planet are these people from?

    people from 30 to 60 currently - use windows - and all its metaphors - none of which are present in this

    5 years away huh?


    man ms is in deeper trouble that i thought

    edit - stop making these inane videos and fix windows - or create something USEABLE



  • Microsoft on the threshold of deleting 'appalling' Windows 8 software

    i fixed this already  Tongue Out

  • HomeOS vs Google's Nest acquistion

    i saw that article and i saw nest at home depot.



  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....


    so above shows:


    - a customized metro desktop - with weather, a user background photo ( to 2/3rds ) chosen metro tiles (favorites)


    - same - but after clicking arrow - they are covered by metro sidebar.


    <ms person> so he's taken our whole new UI and stuck it in a sidebar?

    <me>  YES. the desktop wins.  


    *disclaimer... if you want you can keep phone and surface UIs - AS THEY ARE. because on tabs and phones - metro wins

    This is to fix the COMPUTER VERSION of win 8.  desktop wins!