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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • boom baby

    reply to above - maybe those screens are for phones (as stuff loads slow)


    but on my desktop - im a designer and i LIKE flashy bs - but they are old now


    re the live tiles /properties


    i EXCPECT properties on EVERYTHING in windows. i understand there will be  - maybe an xml file - or weird name file - that contains the text or data feed to bring in

    (that i also should be able to customize)

    even if that stuff was at skydrive - like

    properties of a tile = onedrive/tiles/corel  that would be half cool too

    i could SEE it

    i would have control over it


    im not into this - 1/2 UI that has no location is all

  • boom baby

    ok let's end with a bit of drama...  (for fun)


    if the new ceo had of listed - most if not all of above in his first memo to staff - the press, competitors, customers and the press would have all said - WOW

    not -what did he say? platforms and productivity? windows and office again?


    i do read...


    edit: and then he said: " oh ...and one more thing..."   

    "we are re-designing the stagnate and ignored channel9 website and returning thread views to the coffehouse!"

    (standing ovation)


    ps - im 50!  (pulls up pants...)

  • boom baby

    im bored so ill continue talking to this screen 

    current strategy:

    build hi end $1500+$150 tablets - the no one can afford to buy - make a best of breed windows device - so you dont cannibalize your partners.  pretend you are apple

    new strategy

    spend what you spent on nokia - empowering your partners - to be able to afford hi res pixel screens - or extra proc- power - by agreeing to a new spec they need to follow - but that could get win tablets to 200 dollars

    (GOOD ones)

    goodbye Hemroid and Crapple


    The whole "we can take the high end - and leave the margin fighting to our "partners" is a misnomer.

    you cant.

    a) its like saying heres our table scaps

    b) it makes your pricing look like you are high falutin a-hoes

    c) you keep writing them off


    ...im not one to care a whole lot about the bottom line when the entire market is at stake - but these write downs could fund above



    partners not mad - no scraps

    = good win devices - affordable

    win is free and office - sell services later (later WILL come!! bean counters - later will come! 

  • boom baby

    , bondsbw wrote


    The LA Clippers is a basketball team.


    buuuut...- its not a new aerospace company is it?  or he didnt go put his money where his mouth was - into devices companies...

    no hes a sales jock who bought a boom baby ego pumping sports team





  • boom baby

    last - all the decades old bullcrap of making apps - just good enough - so your partners can sell better ones also must end


    the crapware (on new pcs not withstanding) this age old method of doing something - so its there - but its mostly useless without a 3rd party paid app - has to stop


    your FTP is garbage - buy cuteftp or anyone - have the windows ftp KNOW if yuve got half a file


    the dvd burner - old tech but - it always sucked and was slow

    items to burn to disc? from last month?

    the speed has improved ill give you that



    make the Microsoft versions SO good -other developers dont even TRY


    stop being crappy and stupid



    return to your former glory - when Bens and Brads tried to make everything open

    (then you called them commies - shut them down - and handed your market to google


    *please note... i am on your side  lol

  • boom baby

    and while im ramblin (im a ramblin guy)

    all those metro timer screens - have got to GO

    click news - pink - flat icon - spinning wheel -( has to go round..).


    eliminate please

    pre cache main news or weather etc

    i click a tile


    boom baby - news


    arbitrary - wait a few seconds

    (even if your internet is fast)


    every idea here and above... they are all customization and stopping the dumbing down of eveythng


    give us a windows that people say


    wow the new windows is HARD - but rewarding


    not Hard but STUPID


  • boom baby


    Because they are LIVE tiles.  They don't have a single image, but are rather dynamically made up of images and text from within the application.



    right - but if i want one "live tile" to be 800 x 600 on my 2560 x 1600 monitor and then i want actuall hi res 3d icons to replace the flat metro stuff in 12 other square tiles (corel ballon / etc - then i want my pictures to be half the startmenu screen (if i chose)  and then i wanted to change color on each icon or apply background to each one



    what needs to end is the hiding stuff (properties of this tile - yay)

    i want a start menu central

    ...in the process you can kill the useless and ridiculously named network and sharing centre (puke)

  • boom baby

    yes it was the removal of visualy representative icons (that i used) and not TEXT to read

    My Computer - Computer - This PC

    make an icon!


    from the GOOD NEWS DEPT


    cortana on my winphone rocks!

    (had to switch to us eng but i love it

    apart from that i noticed nothing new about my phone (wp8.1)



    make windows free and office free - KILL google

    bring every arm you have to bare on GOOGLE - tomorrow - not next year

    own the network - free for now

    go 3 years with crappy rev numbers

    spend 5 billion on win tablets - that are 99 dollars


    steal back YOUR market


    And - kill IE

    make it either Windows Explorer - and return true ftp to th browser 


    or use / buy / partner with firefox (against google)


    google must go


    stop buying phone companies 


  • boom baby

    i tried to edit spelling but it kept going back to previous version - and DB errors


    pretednd i speld evrythin rite

  • boom baby

    ok - steve - one last embarrassment - thanks.
    eesh - the wicked jock is dea...gone.

    (*was anyone suprised he bought a football team - i feel sorry for anyone who worked there for last 10 yrs)

    Im reading - as i always do - every news thing about ms - its all ,,,

    what will win 9 be - tell us now - win8 sucks,,etc

    win8 doesnt suck
    it was bold 
    it was cool

    it was just stupid

    just like since xp - jock boy tried to make everything stupider and dumber...
    window borders so thick you cant miss them...

    no icons - just text to read across the UI in "start" menu and more... because then people can READ what we mean! who needs quick graphical representation?  

    Perhaps the startmenu deflection was the perfect new coke (you know that worked right?)

    long story short

    if you want windows NINE   999   to succeed you just need to do one thing

    stop making windows stupid

    Make all window borders gone - make things appear when you mouse over them  make every photo a border-less photo - make every media player a floating album cover - make ever folder - not on an angle - but show the album cover - make all the icons in desktop - match metro = flat - or - dump metro flat and make things 3d again.  just do both - in... both!

    SOME people say they hate all the boxes. some people say they hate all the squares. some people say they hate all scrolling - some people say its too colourful - some people say its to limited / no PROPERTIES on Metro tiles - some people actually LIKE   a 3D bookshelf - or a typewriter ) see tom hanks app) why cant i say i want circles? why cant i put any icon or photo - at ANY size o want on metro screen> why cant i drag that screen to a window? why can i do properties on a tile - and see a folder location- where its icon image lives - in a real place on my drive?

    this invisible hardrive stuff has to disappear!  ;)

    so - MAKE IT HARD = make it extensible and vast in customization (heard that from me before right...like 10 years ago maybe)

    that is how to win back desktop uses - 10 to 20 to 30 year desktop users

    hey MS - guess what - WE KNOW HOW IT WORKS
    stop making it dumb
    we can handle border less windows - as one small example

    end rant


    carry on  ;)