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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • An apology to Ben Silvka would be a great start

    Silvka Slivka ... whatever  

  • An apology to Ben Silvka would be a great start

    That's it. simple.

    To Ben(s)  

    Your not a communist - you were RIGHT

    the whole press world knows this MISTAKE

    right it.




    ,,,just not the DOJ part  lol


    edit: they are too far behind for better products.  they are up against GOOD ENOUGH



  • Got my internet 1.0 company name back  ;)

    Graphicjam Digital Arts  ( Graphicjam.ca )

    It was bundled with irover - became wiredkingdom.com - then trajectory - then sold.

    In limbo for years ... and now .... i can use it again : )


    *havent added / worked on portfolio section yet - coming soon



    1/3 of your time = 1/3rd BETTER MS

    Remember when you used to put companies out of business in an hour?  We need you to do that again. Please go over every popular thing with Nadella and come up with a way to UNDERMINE each one.

    MS needs it's killer instinct back. And now it has it.  

    Well... a third of it anyway.  

    Here's to ONE THIRD BETTER!


    PS - this is not on the balance sheet.  That guy is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The Radio




  • Apple and Microsoft should merge

    re:  Some people buy Macs, install Windows, and ONLY use Windows.


    ...and those people would be.... RICH people  lol

  • the AGE of computing

    many here started at the beginning - which for discussion we shall say - was a dos ibm pc. (dr halo, dot matrix, bw screen, floppy (literally) discs.

    is that the start no - but in general - that WAS the start (of all this)

    Zerox - then mac - then windows

    = UIs

    Long story short - nothing has changed. everything has changed.

    This is because our interface - allowed us to advance - without making us change things every 4 months.  Cycles took a long time - we got new programs - and the os/ui evolved.

    My point / question is only - If i were new ceo - the first thing i would do is stop alienating my customers - of 20 to 30 years (with still 30 to 40 years left in them!) and re-assuring them - EVERYTHING will work forever. Every UI from XP on is supported / available indefinitely.

    There will be NO facebook style - oh look everything's changed - tough for you. - suprises

    Everyone WANTS the future.  but no one wants it shoved up their _ _ _


    But if i was - ceo - there would be nothing stopping me from releasing a NEW thing - totally different - with a different name - and sell it along side windows (same code base)

    SOME older people might love it and switch - many will go with - what has already been proven to be a GREAT UI

    Point is - dont screw up COKE.  Make new energy water, "squirt" customize beverage...cool! ...

    If its good - and the kiddies like it - it will GROW its own lifeline (like win has)

    just dont do it to COKE (WINDOWS)!



    edit  -  Q:  30 year UI strains should be:

    a) allowed to continue and evolve

    b) changed at will / replaced


    Edit 2:

    hey i just heard ms is going to release windows 9!  but they are also going to release windows Metro - a new take on everything.. hmmm ... i think ill try out the NEW THING

    hey i just heard ms is going to release windows 9!  but they are also going to release windows Metro - a new take on everything.. hmmm ... i think ill stick with what i LIKE

  • Apple and Microsoft should merge

    apple / ms merge    not

    the issue being mac users and pc users hate each other

    which os do you use? and combining them would alienate further


  • 2019 is one step closer...

    there was not one thing in that vid i could recognise as windows

    this is - five years away correct?

    so - i guess everything in the windows we've all been using for ... 20 years is ALL WRONG

    so i guess this is an extention of metro? you know from the windows that people hate and arnt buying?

    had i - attemped - such a video - it would have shown how the things we currently use - might evolve - you know - sort of like - what your doing now - ISNT A WASTE OF TIME

    this is just a marketing bullsh__t fluff piece done for the ballmer era of MS ( = Mis Steps)

    * oh its bonds whatever