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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • boom baby

    ok - steve - one last embarrassment - thanks.
    eesh - the wicked jock is dea...gone.

    (*was anyone suprised he bought a football team - i feel sorry for anyone who worked there for last 10 yrs)

    Im reading - as i always do - every news thing about ms - its all ,,,

    what will win 9 be - tell us now - win8 sucks,,etc

    win8 doesnt suck
    it was bold 
    it was cool

    it was just stupid

    just like since xp - jock boy tried to make everything stupider and dumber...
    window borders so thick you cant miss them...

    no icons - just text to read across the UI in "start" menu and more... because then people can READ what we mean! who needs quick graphical representation?  

    Perhaps the startmenu deflection was the perfect new coke (you know that worked right?)

    long story short

    if you want windows NINE   999   to succeed you just need to do one thing

    stop making windows stupid

    Make all window borders gone - make things appear when you mouse over them  make every photo a border-less photo - make every media player a floating album cover - make ever folder - not on an angle - but show the album cover - make all the icons in desktop - match metro = flat - or - dump metro flat and make things 3d again.  just do both - in... both!

    SOME people say they hate all the boxes. some people say they hate all the squares. some people say they hate all scrolling - some people say its too colourful - some people say its to limited / no PROPERTIES on Metro tiles - some people actually LIKE   a 3D bookshelf - or a typewriter ) see tom hanks app) why cant i say i want circles? why cant i put any icon or photo - at ANY size o want on metro screen> why cant i drag that screen to a window? why can i do properties on a tile - and see a folder location- where its icon image lives - in a real place on my drive?

    this invisible hardrive stuff has to disappear!  ;)

    so - MAKE IT HARD = make it extensible and vast in customization (heard that from me before right...like 10 years ago maybe)

    that is how to win back desktop uses - 10 to 20 to 30 year desktop users

    hey MS - guess what - WE KNOW HOW IT WORKS
    stop making it dumb
    we can handle border less windows - as one small example

    end rant


    carry on  ;)



  • Satya ' self down...

    i thought winrt was the tablet os with no desktop


    i have loaded personus studio 1 and aiso drivers - so i will try it at cottage with midi keyboard (leaving in 10 min yay)

    im assuming this will work fine - as its not in metro

  • Satya ' self down...

    this isnt win RT - full win8.1.  it is actually the 2nd fastest computer in the house - all for 479

    no complaints with the clamshell laptop / tablet either.  opens corelx7 and photoshop6 in seconds.  This is why i was surprised you download a drumset and hit with fingers and it is still late ( a little 5 meg program... which makes me think it is not hardware related)

    i tried an ipad at staples garage band - hit drums - its instant.

    just cant believe they still havent fixed this -  the computer they gave me was a 28" screen lots of power - still latency issues 8 yrs ago


  • Satya ' self down...

    i know that in the fresh paint forum - even people with surface3 are complaining about latency (with stylus) and pressure sens

    ps - that whole forum is artists asking for pro features to be added to fresh paint

    control resolution output, remove photo after youve painted on it, adjust amount /thickness of paint - not just line... (like if you want a whole tube of paint on the brush blap blap sploosh - but you can only have half a milimeter of paint thick

    btw - no latency issues when using finger in fresh paint .. please make this a windows app - with right mouse options  (see corel painter)

  • Satya ' self down...

    ps - i wrote 2 new songs:





  • Satya ' self down...

    1. I got a new convertible HP thing - way faster than last laptop +win8 tablet = 479 cdn

    and i see ms  surface 3 - all 1500 dollars of it... ya only go after high end- look like an assh_le...whatever WRONG

    2. latency.  the amazing 3k HP you GAVE me - touch never worked correctly - and on this new hp 360 - pc mag award winner - same thing

    you download drums in metro and they play late - you try to draw with a stylus and it draws late. everything is a disappointment.  So is it really 1500 to get good latency? are you duping all your partners?




  • The Radio

    aw...you didnt like rap god?  well if you didnt - you may like these (pure pop for now people)

    and yes - its in french - but its good





  • Thanks MS for that computer

    thank you larry - and i guess it was 5 years ago - but youd never know it to use it

  • Thanks MS for that computer

    no - win 8



    it is no wonder they are in "hard times" har har


    its fine


    its still the best computer in the house except for my...beast ;)



    edit - maybe it is not 10 years.... it is for sure a LOT of years though

    it was at my old house   ... joby was tiny then

    *ill edit the first post to just say "Years ago" rather than 10  (it has to have been 7 or 8 tho)

  • Thanks MS for that computer

    Years ago i was sent one of the first LARGE touchsmart HP all in one computers 

    Just wanted to let you know - it is still working - it has always been great

    It is in the dining room/living room as a touch kiosk - or just computer - for all to use

    I appreciated it at the time - and still do now.  Thanks again!