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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • boom baby

    Fileman - bursts through wall

    Fileman:  "its a good thing i am here to save the day"

    Old lady on computer " there's nothing to save - all my data's in the cloud - go away"

    **hire terry jones - or eric idle as old lady

    Fileman - well - maybe i can help you bake a cake then

    out! out! monty python old lady screaming...  </end>

    ok so maybe not...that.  but - pretending MS did change the name of IE - and pretending that they went with Explorer (still a respected entity)  what would your commercial be?  Would fileman be hung out to dry? would he not have enough characters to get his points across? (256)

    Would he remind all the people who are old with money about Windows 3.1 (you no - when regular people got to pretend they had a 3k Mac)

    Maybe there is something we could do with this - but i think we need a stretch monster doll for the video

  • boom baby

    in a way it makes sense... say cbs wont sell search.com-  if so - id double down on the - "is MS renaming IE"  YES WE ARE  it's EXPLORER

    explorer.com vs google.com


    id get into that over google vs bing ( heave ..heave...)

  • boom baby

    ..if i cant get thread views re-instated  - i will go for thread replies  ;)

  • boom baby

    Explorer is an under lying MS popular brand... we could make a commercial with "FileMAN"

    ark ark (rip mork)

    the END good nite niners

  • boom baby

    , bondsbw wrote


    The content is often good though.

  • boom baby

    did i mention i could use a job?  i do actually work - but for more great ideas - HIRE ME


    * works from home - answers to no-one - yells. smells bad


  • boom baby

    ...of course ... there is always ... one more thing...


    and that is Explorer becomes EVERYTHING


    http://explorer.com/   ha  50 bucks should secure this one


  • boom baby

    hopefully you see all the Bing Poo zing-ity - zang zang is gone


    it is just ... search

    <stiller> Do it... do it...

  • boom baby

    MS Search


  • boom baby

    ill say it one last time...

    what is google?  a search engine

    who owns search.com

    who will get it?