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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Apple and Microsoft should merge


    i liked:

    many of these ideas floating around the company are "moon shots." But he also believes that many of them will be successful and position the company for a future his competitors don't yet appear to be planning for.

    ..and no the silly ms 2019 video doesnt count

  • 2019 is one step closer...

    that is the stupidest thing ive ever seen

    what planet are these people from?

    people from 30 to 60 currently - use windows - and all its metaphors - none of which are present in this

    5 years away huh?


    man ms is in deeper trouble that i thought

    edit - stop making these inane videos and fix windows - or create something USEABLE



  • Microsoft on the threshold of deleting 'appalling' Windows 8 software

    i fixed this already  Tongue Out

  • HomeOS vs Google's Nest acquistion

    i saw that article and i saw nest at home depot.



  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....


    so above shows:


    - a customized metro desktop - with weather, a user background photo ( to 2/3rds ) chosen metro tiles (favorites)


    - same - but after clicking arrow - they are covered by metro sidebar.


    <ms person> so he's taken our whole new UI and stuck it in a sidebar?

    <me>  YES. the desktop wins.  


    *disclaimer... if you want you can keep phone and surface UIs - AS THEY ARE. because on tabs and phones - metro wins

    This is to fix the COMPUTER VERSION of win 8.  desktop wins!

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    me?   i say the desktop wins.  sort of like active desktop + pointcast + metro + widgets  all in one

    (or you could just have a photo like now)

    With wide monitors - the sidebar comes back and holds the metro tiles - 1/3rd 1/2 or full.

    ie the tiles arnt on the desktop - what opens when you click the tile is on the desktop. my example shows weather but could have more  -  latest emails, fb posts, headlines

    even better would have more than one -Sort of like google news lets you pick topics then makes them news sections. the desktop could be metros "all in one"  start screen that we customize

    and again - if i clicked apps / win store - the desktop fades out and the store fades in

    click winlogo and your desktop/start screen fades back in  (and yes you can have icons on top of it like now

    ALL these things are not different they have all been in windows before.  bring them all back and make metro the glue this time.

    the main thing is metro floats off in its own full screen world. so just make it the desktop 


    edit - main thing here is - anything i click doesnt fly me off to another world - I CAN STILL SEE THE DESKTOP in all cases

    - click arrow for sidebar/metro tiles - it opens but not 100% - just a 1/3rd or whatevr you pick - but your desktop doesnt go away

    - mouse over startbar icons - drop down pane slides down - again - NOT 100% - only 2/3rds  = your desktop doesnt go away 

     i believe this is the whole reason for the negativity around metro.  your here. no - now your here...go back to there? here...there...here...there... im saying JUST HERE.  no THERE


    *ill do a quick metro desktop sample  ....sec....

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    Borg UI 1.0  Wink


    ps - gee i was pretty close with the rubics cube jokes - it all makes sense now ... i have been...assimilated.... 

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    ps that UI above is shi__y

    foreign weird non familiar

    we could do better


    edit hey i just saw ive been a 9er for a DECADE!

    to new ceo:


    oh and congrats ms - on winning top brand in the WORLD

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    New MS commercial that they need to run...now Wink




  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    too much effort..?




    we are....C9!!!