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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    Windows ONE


  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    actually could we just build a proof of concept ourselves?... anyone got time?

    i could make a windows one site/forum - and make the pieces - if any of you could make them slide in and stuff

    maybe even call real windows api's = open actual programs

    might be fun


  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    panes are attached to sides of screens as is ever present taskbar 

    these things = top level stuff and main navigating (nothing hidden anymore)

    everything else metro could open in windows  or fade into desktop



    i wish i had time to spend a month designing for real what i actually see

    ms! hire me! lol

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    oh ya - one more thing that isnt shown:

    if i am on desktop - and click taskbar - apps - and click store - the desktop icons would fade out and the store would open on desktop - unless specified to open in a window under settings

    this means that most of the fullscreen metro stuff can run as is - albeit with a taskbar but sizing shouldnt be an issue.

    to leave the store and go to desktop - click win logo and desktop fades back in

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    haha  linux....  *oh ya switch the plumbing of windows to linux = android apps plus you can help fork it - to your benefit


    update - how about windows one - SOON  = desktop and metro together - unlike win8

    thats a good selling feature plus xbox one era etc

    then make the next version - just "Windows" (that lives forever etc)


    * i really think ms needs to get something like that pdf design out SOON

    Its like a band that is popular - then veers away from their sound... then they do an abbey road or scary monsters and remind everyone how great they are

    windows one - takes everything from active desktop to sidebar to metro to desktop - and combines the best of all of them. no more HIDDEN charms or start. 

    they need this NOW   (it isnt really anything new - it is stuff that was good brefore brought back to make metro integrated - not separate

     and now the punchline:

    Windows just needs PANES to work better!  Tongue Out




    edit: of course there is one other option.... dump all that traffic sign flat stuff and make the ui in a 3d space... but that is another story Wink

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....


    that is showing the taskbar pane....   basically - even just being able to see a bit of the desktop rather than mandatory fullscreen metro makes it more integrated and palatable (to this user)

    youre not leaving the desktop - to another world of flat icons...  its all flat - and metro becomes a series of slide down - or in - panes

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    perhaps what im thinking is more the UI runs forever....  like a webpage - but of course works without internet too


    regardless of all that - i would like metro and desktop combined. id use whats in the pdf - on a tablet or computer.  phone would be similar

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    right. but assuming there is some sort of base install like windows pi or whatever its called - all future updates / upgrades could be done via web = one install = run forever.

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....


    just windows then
    or windows one 

    but no more  9 , 10 or vista or whatever 
    there is no Google 3.1


    so in general

    - charms icons are modified and go to taskbar

    - Where charms bar was (hidden) is now shown as a white arrow

    - what used to open as charms bar - is now metro tiles. Default is a 1/3rd wide.  You could drag it to half or full.  It is basically the Sidebar + metro

    - The Windows flag = is desktop

    - Apps are program tiles - but also list view (hierarchy - like old windows.  so you can actually FIND stuff... DO stuff.)

    - explorer is same UI for files or web. you can customize to move address bar back to top. Tool icon in Explorer opens Internet options "pane"  - not a dialogue box

    - the home / desktop can display full screen metro weather or photos or news etc.  or just a pic OR tiles.

    - people is built into taskbar (perhaps half of this pane should be recent news feed, twitter etc. (not shown)

    - tools on taskbar open all control panel items and personalize desktop / monitor settings

    - files on taskbar opens my computer and documents

    - Internet on taskbar opens emails, skype and skydrive

    - Windows icons are flat like metro

    - Windows windows are flat like metro IE

    - all metro apps open in window or fullscreen

    - not shown:  add a full screen icon to the 3 - minimize / maximize / close top right.

  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    * re-uploading as zip with pdf in it so people can click next in Reader - rather than scroll in browser
    (makes it more like a real UI)

    one sec


    edit: ok above link works again

    edit 2:  actually - open the pdf in acrobat reader - then click fullscreen (cnrtl L)
    and it seems like a real desktop