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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • boom baby

    ps Windows Modern UI  .............

     did the person who came up with that also come up with the word BING?

     just wondering

     puke and puke

    Microsoft Search    Search.com

    Microsoft Explorer - one window to control them all

  • boom baby

    now make that Metro Center - "customize on your PC for your phone or tablet" and Metro wont be DUMB anymore

  • boom baby

    i read today NEW tablets are coming with full win8 at or below 150

    about time

  • boom baby

    ps - i dont prefer to write - insane

    i wish i could sit down with a coffee in the morning - and post a well reasoned - MS post.

    Unfortunately - that's not how it works.


    I have a job during those hours and a life in other hours.  The only time you hear from me is when i can take a few hours - to un -jumble all the ms thoughts i have in my head

    if they arnt un - jumbled enough - i will work on it  :P

    and i STILL agree with myself  :P


  • boom baby

    no.. it is a pig sty again  :P

  • boom baby

    So i wrote out my hearts MS contents the other night... came back finally ready to withstand all of the negative comments and the haters.... and there are none.

    but there are also no other comments but one.

    this is why thread views are important. you may think that was drunken diatribe - which in parts it was - but it was true. true to me...and true to what i think. its not fake *. a nite of it. most well reasoned - all coming out in a jumble at once. sorry.

     i cant tell if it is even worth doing - every now and again - without the basic give and take idea - of - you post something - even if you get one reply- we will show you people read it ( or not)

    lets all beat the dead horse together.... return page views

    apart from that... do what i said lol


  • boom baby

    im out for tonite (obviously)

    have a good one niners - nice to hang out this eve



    *off to meet with Jerry Pournelle and Walt Mossberg


  • boom baby

    , evildictait​or wrote

    Windows isn't just the shell.

    If you want a custom shell - write your own, or pay for or join a community that is doing just that. It's perfectly expandable if that's what you're into, and there are entire communities and commercial products dedicated to doing this if that's what you want.


    ..and in the "old days" ... id agree with that

    a much bigger change is needed now

    <paste image - battleship turning - AGAIN>


    edit - Customize - is not just a button


    it is an ideal.

  • boom baby

    mazie (10) says hello


    my current office:



  • boom baby

    ya but linux sucks

    i just think ms went awry with ballmer at the helm
    ..meanwhile ms is acting like... APPLE... wtf

    i do want them to win


    i think google - powered by linux = the threat

    i hope they lay that BURDEN DOWN  :)