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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • boom baby

    , evildictait​or wrote

    Windows isn't just the shell.

    If you want a custom shell - write your own, or pay for or join a community that is doing just that. It's perfectly expandable if that's what you're into, and there are entire communities and commercial products dedicated to doing this if that's what you want.


    ..and in the "old days" ... id agree with that

    a much bigger change is needed now

    <paste image - battleship turning - AGAIN>


    edit - Customize - is not just a button


    it is an ideal.

  • boom baby

    mazie (10) says hello


    my current office:



  • boom baby

    ya but linux sucks

    i just think ms went awry with ballmer at the helm
    ..meanwhile ms is acting like... APPLE... wtf

    i do want them to win


    i think google - powered by linux = the threat

    i hope they lay that BURDEN DOWN  :)

  • boom baby

    , bondsbw wrote


    Not sure what you mean here.  Since you tend to jump all over the place, 



    I dont - jump - all over the place...

    I LIE AROUND - All over the place:

  • boom baby

    ... i appreciate being able to use a c9 thread as an idea instant message window

    thanks everyone for not beer28 ban hammering me ; )

  • boom baby

    what else...hmmm




    i like it alot

    id never PAY for it though - as when i click a message - even with perfect internet - i have to click back and forth 5 times to get it display the new nessage i want to see


    i love all the - any device stuff - but it works better on my phone than on my pc!


    and where is the date and time - normal


    and why cant i customize everything in it?

    great start - 40 out of 100


    (ps everyone else - 10 out of a 100)

  • boom baby

    Xbox kinect kaffufle = solved.

    1. you DONT take it out (look stupid)

    2. you stand your ground on ORIGINAL principal that the interaction will work - to not be afraid of it - and that all future xbox's with connect will have a voice command for "Close View"

    and a motorized thing covers down over the ever seeing eye/lens. so you KNOW it isnt seeing you.

    = consumers - RELAX
    *maybe this is one of things you blow your cash wad on instead of phone companies)



    you KNOW where your tiles are.

    you KNOW your computer / device is yours.


    customization - PARAMOUNT


  • boom baby

    i know that was a good closer ... but i STILL have(nt found what im...)
    ...a few more gripes. yip - even more.


    I used to be the IE king. switch that company - use the features - do this do that.


    now im on chrome... why is that?


    maybe it is because:

    - ie prompts me over and over to use bullcrap smart screen filter

    - ie's (bings?) auto complete is bad - especially on phone - have to type my own email addres every time (will see if this has been fixed in wp8.1

    - i load diver programs from cd (vid cards etc) and ie puts in that stupid yellow bar - with allow to run

    its like so early 2000's

    - the icons havent changed - the tabs look weird now - IE used to let you do MORE than other alternatives - now it is the browser for kids - = dumded down too much

    stop being stupid


    on kid machines - that i build 2 of every year from old stuff - i used to make it all IE - now its chrome.  I was number 1 ie fan i went to the toronto ie4 launch. 


    i was on board


    why am i not anymore



    oh ya - cause sales sports jocks ran the company for the last 10 years

    i AM rambling now - but you know what i mean when youre forced to deal with 90's ie "ideals" in a chrome world



  • boom baby

    Kill The Cows - Share The Beef

    Microsoft 2015


    (haha ok no ..but something LIKE that)

    everyone knows its innovators dilemma - your founder spoke of it a hundred times in interviews (i read it because of that)

    we know...you know... everyone knows you have to do it.. so who doesnt? your shareholders?


    stop being stupid!  ;)


    edit - yes im being too bold ...ahem. i am in marketing. but dont mistake that for the good intentions and half well reasoned ideas i present

    I have followed ms for ever - and still do. my google news feed is Microsoft (ha)

    * why isnt it bing? because its a stupid name that's why.

    it should be windows search and windows explorer.

    (old posts - one explorer to rule them all and buy search.com - jokers own it)

     **also said to get wordpress - was told you cant its open... NOTHING is open for 50 mil

    things need to change - heres the fast track  ( ^ )

  • boom baby

    reply to above - maybe those screens are for phones (as stuff loads slow)


    but on my desktop - im a designer and i LIKE flashy bs - but they are old now


    re the live tiles /properties


    i EXCPECT properties on EVERYTHING in windows. i understand there will be  - maybe an xml file - or weird name file - that contains the text or data feed to bring in

    (that i also should be able to customize)

    even if that stuff was at skydrive - like

    properties of a tile = onedrive/tiles/corel  that would be half cool too

    i could SEE it

    i would have control over it


    im not into this - 1/2 UI that has no location is all