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me jamie Niner since 2004
  • Windows Vista.... Windows 7 .... Windows 8 .....

    Windows ONE

    Metro and the Desktop combined. One Windows. One Explorer.  One Experience.

    http://www.jamiegrant.com/windowsone.zip    PDF file
    (*done in an hour - ignore rushed graphics...but shows an option for combing both worlds.)

    Windows ONE - the last windows. Perpetually updates and changes. Install ONCE - run forever.

    You only need ONE OS for the rest of your life: Windows ONE.




  • Names and first impressions

    ..i like my lumia phone - except when you touch it to your ear to talk - it opens stuff and launches stuff.  REMOVE FRIGGIN BING BUTTON and KEEP "back"

    pps - the reason bing sucks is because it is called BING   ....ffs

    Buy search .com for a billion and call it SEARCH

    ( cbs owns it  - http://www.search.com/ )

  • Names and first impressions

    i think it is just a matter of half measures.  they made HALF a new UI.

    If they wanted us all to see the OS as a bunch of hospital and traffic signs - no depth - why did they not take the 1 month to make new flat icons and toolbars for windows (desktop)

    Could they not have gotten adobe and corel to release new flat versions as well?

    But they didnt. They released a full screen magazine - traffic sign UI on top of windows 95's 3d icons and toolbars.

    As for the tiles themselves - functional or not - some people just see them as a jumble... a rubics cube ... a jigsaw puzzle. They are also just ... "square"  *wilma draws square in air*

    I would have looked at doing either of these 2 things - or both:

    1. Picture the metro news tile.  when you actually go in there - the news is laid out cool. like again a magazine. Imagine a start screen that perhaps isnt 80 squares (on a large monitor) but is a customizable homepage / magazine style of you and your stuff and apps 

    There would be most commonly used tiles - only - in one row - leaving the rest of the screen to take tiles like photos (the whole background) time, email notifications, messages, facebook replies, system health, etc - all laid out - not in boxes but as a magazine UI (like the news app)

    the metro boxes look like folder / TILE view... reading like across - rather than in simple list view sorted by type - reading down and across

    The startBAR also should be on the home metro screen - and mousing over it could have made it slide down - showing a new startmenu - that is full screen width and 50% height. Again - more of a magazine start menu - yet still with the old "all programs" arrow - to switch to a classic view within that pane.

    2. Horsepower.  The traffic cop / hospital UI also does nothing to showcase a machines power.  Why could not the tiles have depth - frequently used or marked as important tiles could appear closer - with less used options viewable yet behind -on a second layer.  Why dont the tiles spin or animate?  say what you like about cover flow - but when you first saw it - wasnt it cool looking?

    In all futuristic movies the UI's are animated , transparent, fluid, not a bunch of playroom floor mats.

    I personally want:

    - windows explorer : flat toolbars, and new flat icons control panel et all

    - metro apps to run in windows ( i NEVER use the full screen stuff - i like....WINDOWS

    - the startbar on the metro screen - that slides down full width

    - "all programs "fileman" style viewing of programs - and their executable s 

    * i wiped out my rocketdock icons the other day by mistake (ps this is what i actually use to launch my programs) So i had to go find all the shortcuts again.  Normally id go to All programs - and drag them out to desktop as shortcuts - then drag into rocketdock.  But there is no "All programs"  The metro UI is unto itself. I cant click and say - make shortcut on desktop. So i had to go to program files and program files 86 and go into each folder and search "exe" and manually do what i could have done in a minute before.  These are the type of scenarios that leave longtime customers frustrated with the bolted on rubics cube UI.

    - and as described above - a start screen that is a magazine - not quilt grandama knitted while on too many meds


    edit: ps - re; 2 IE's  there should only be ONE

    The UI of the metro IE should win - providing it runs in a window and within one click shows all options currently available in desktop ie.

    = the same IE - but it looks like metro




  • Merry Krimble 9ers

    Looking forward to an exciting MS year (ahem win8.2 - ahem ..the one with windows for metro apps... like ....in windows.)


    YAY.  I wish your servers the best of luck tomorrow  and the day after   Wink



  • asus cube google tv review by me

    are you hurting? are you making tough choices? are you unplugging things to keep up with your mortgage? have you been downsized? 

    Steveb didnt see these things.  google did.

    stop wringing the rag of your userbase...  you used to add Stack (zip) to windows or printing or other things... but now there is nothing left to add.

    everyone knows it but you - its worth 20 bucks.   deal with it 


  • asus cube google tv review by me

    in a sense it is like - pay us - and we will give you all the access google does - to everything - for free - legally.  or - just keep using google to get stuff - free - and wait for your comeuppance


    NO leadership on the issue


  • asus cube google tv review by me

    re - xbox - 


    a box solely designed to illicit recurring payments should not cost 500 dollars

     YOUR BOTH WAYS APPROACH IS WHAT IS KILLING YOU (PLUS the nickel and dime attitude afterwords)

    it should be FREE - like the tablets of the future...sponsored by grocery chains or walmarts

    Make it exclusive - charge businesses to be "in it:" = cost to us - 0 

    devices are commodities... its software thats key... oh wait - now youre a devices company?


    fire everyone at ms!   in other news - so its ford guy or internal guy? go with internal guy


    (turn-around old guy car rock star vs - young butt kissing engineer.... sigh


    can there not be a john lasseter in the line up?  andy partridge...  im serial!

    edit - last years ipad will cost nothing in 5 years - and will be roll-upable  (Wal-Pad.... free on purchases over 200 or more - branded to walmart - with all their partners in it.  we pay nothing


    edit - ps - are businesses going to download and rip you off? nope.  would they pay to be in your products? yes.  Is the whole ecosystem already bent in your favor? yes - do you stand to make the most in your - UN-WALLED garden - yes.   wake up ms

  • asus cube google tv review by me

    we just dumped our cable - and home phone - ... like the 40 thousand other rogers subscribers this month - oh ya ms bought 500 mil of them a long time ago - they also did the AWFUL explorer tv set top

     *edit - we are now using our cell phones as ...well phones... instead of mini gps computers.  no land line!

    anyway - once again i WOULD HAVE BOUGHT MS DEVICE - but it didnt exist


    there was no - 99 dollar (important - 99 dollar) ms box - to HELP you get free content


    google isnt perfect. it gets reined in.  it tries to screw over ALL media companies




    so - un-NOW


    the end of MS was billg calling bens a communist


    new ceo - read ms history please


    back to google play - it really is ridiculous... but you can tell it errors in YOUR favor - not the media companies. also to be fair - most of the nuttiness comes from the asus patented 3d UI ... so...lame.  it works - dont get me wrong - but steve jobs is rolling in his grave laughing


    edit - google does stuff to make money too - but it gets its money from business - and makes our stuff free. It creates the illusion that it is not evil. In this economy - ill take free,


    you cutting it up in commercials is a joke. it is the negative play. fire your ad company - and also fire who ever came up with " Honestly" campaign

    billg is rolling in his...oh wait

  • asus cube google tv review by me

    dear new ceo:


    will you help us 


    _walled gardens are made to be broken out of - save TIME

    dont build them

  • asus cube google tv review by me

    * in a week and a half it has worked great - but it once:

    - forgot to refresh a usb drive without re-setting

    and did lock up once - requiring a reboot


    i chalk that up to cutting edge.  where is MS's "sphere" that lets you get RID OF all ADs