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Jerry Nixon

Jerry Nixon jerry_nixon Jerry Nixon

Niner since 2011

Jerry Nixon is a seasoned Developer Architect on the Microsoft Platform. Jerry has worked with Insurance, Non profit, and Financial Verticals. He has built and delivered solutions for Enterprise, Mobile, and Commercial. Jerry has taught students and professional developers throughout the country. He has presented at local events, regional first and third-party conferences, and national events including Dev Connections, Dev Intersections, Code Camp, Dev Days, Dev Camp, Day of .Net, Microsoft Build, TechEd, and more. Today, Jerry is the Microsoft Developer Evangelist in Colorado. working closely with the XAML stack on Windows and Windows Phone - spreading the love.

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Coffeehouse Windows 8 Apps: Xaml vs. HTML5 31
  • The Future of WPF

    @Max: There are no plans to further invest in Silverlight. This is far less of a technical decision as it is an economic one. Many things have already been said officially about Silverlight from Microsoft, including our commitment to support it through our normal support policy. That being said, nobody is talking about Silverlight because the overall strategy of our whole industry is moving away from browser add-ins. Starting a Silverlight project today would not be fool-hearty, but it would certainly not be future-focused. The same could be said about creating a Adobe Flash-based application for your enterprise. That may never have been a great idea, but today it would be a silly one. Microsoft line-of-business technology is WPF. WPF is getting the investment. If you want to develop for mobile, then develop on XAML for Windows Runtime. The problem with replying to your comment, is that I can't reply with what you clearly WANT me to say. I wish the messaging had been more clear because you are not alone in your confusion or missing the messaging altogether. But Microsoft's XAML investment is WPF and WinRT. Is that the right decision? Is that the best decision? Does everything make sense? It doesn't matter. It is what it is. I hope that gives you at least a little of what you wanted - and may have already known.

  • The Future of WPF

    And I quote, "If you are going to start an application today and it's going to be a line of business, desktop application, it's going to be native and you want that fidelity, our premium UI framework is WPF." That's right.

  • Building a UI: What Does it Cost?

    This is absolutely the most educational session at build.

    Reveals how trite it is to ask "which is better?"

    There isn't one tool to rule them all. Come on already!

    Though XAML's pretty close. Smiley

  • (Episode 15) Windows 8: The App Development Opportunity

    That Chris Caldwell really knows how to put 'em together.

  • Microsoft DevRadio: Using the GeoLocation API for Your Windows 8 Apps

    @George: Yeah. The API is clever enough to look for every available avenue. It's a heuristic that measures battery cost, bandwidth cost, and accuracy. Should a SIM be in the device, as I understand it, it does not matter.

  • Microsoft DevRadio: Using OData in Your Windows 8 application

    @aljodAv: http://aka.ms/w8odata is what you need for RTM. Don't waste your time on RP anymore. And, by the way, the Netflix catalog is totally public. Try just hitting it with a browser and you will see. Anyway, get the RTM bits to use Odata now.