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  • Can you do a completely private lob app on WP?

    , Proton2 wrote

    *snip*I'm afraid not. What I am saying is you need to extract the files before the app gets unloaded,

    Gotcha. ;)  Thanks for clarifying.  It was a live and learn moment.

  • Can you do a completely private lob app on WP?

    , Proton2 wrote


    Isolated Storage Explorer (ISETool.exe) is a command-line tool that is installed with the Windows Phone SDK. You can use Isolated Storage Explorer to list, copy, and replace files and directories in your app's local folder. You can use these commands to verify that the correct files are being saved in the correct location, or to test your app with files that you provide.


    Are you saying that the local files might have been there somewhere after the OS removed the side loaded app from the phone?  Good tip, thank you.

  • Can you do a completely private lob app on WP?

    I haven't touched my windows phone apps since I switched phone platforms (this would be circa WP7.5).  When I was programming for it though you had to unlock the phone and then you could side load only a few apps with the subscription I had.  Also, they would be periodically be removed from the phone and I would have to side load them again (I would get a message that said something to the effect that activation had expired).  If I had things stored on the phone in local storage (and not in the cloud) they would get bombed.  The funniest thing was having an app that I wrote that was on the store and not being able to use it without paying for it because I didn't have any more side loaded app slots available.  I suppose I could have changed it to free, downloaded it, then re-applied the price (but that just seemed irritating).

    When you know how easy it is to write/run/deploy apps for the desktop it's frustrating to have to jump through endless hoops on mobile platforms.  I totally get the security argument but I find it limiting.  Frankly, I love the desktop because it's so easy to make it do anything I can imagine. 

    That said and beefs aside, I did love writing the .Net apps for the phone.  The actual development was very smooth (the Visual Studio/.Net team team does a great job IMO with their tools, and I'm also thankful there's no ribbon in VS).  :)

  • Told ya (dotnet)

    Answered my own question, found this on Scott Guthrie's blog:


    • Any individual developer working on a commercial or non-commercial project
    • Any developer contributing to an open source project
    • Anyone in an academic research or course setting (e.g. students, teachers, classroom, online course)
    • Any non-enterprise organization with 5 or fewer developers working on a commercial/non-commercial project together



  • Told ya (dotnet)

    From Scott's blog:

    "There is a new FREE SKU for Visual Studio for open source developers and students called Visual Studio Community. It supports extensions and lots more all in one download. This is not Express. This is basically Pro."

    This is the kind of thing that will actually make a difference in bringing developers on board and/or keeping them on board.  Very good/positive news. 

    Does anyone know if the costs for non-open source developers stay the same (e.g. people who solely for profit or right both for open source and for profit depending on the project)?

  • No more need for developers (that means you)

    Browser not supported. Meh.  I really wanted to see though so I used Chrome. :P

    It looks cool.  It's feels familiar, like WinForm'ish (since you can kind of draw the UI but it's mainly done through the properties dialog and not through code).  For cranking out simple apps this seems like a cool approach.  I couldn't see anywhere where you could add your own code (I assume they would have to translate it to make it cross-app viable which would make it complicated on their side).  With more widgets though to do different common tasks it could be very useful (like the ability to post form data as json to somewhere and accept a response, etc.).  Maybe that's there and I missed it in my 5 minutes of looking at it.


  • Xamarin and MSDN

    , Bass wrote

    Please. $1000 is not a lot of money.

    That really depends on someone's personal situation, it may not be a lot to you but it maybe a lot to someone else.

  • Ebola spreads to USA

    This is a little ranty, I apologize in advance (I find this topic intriguing).  I don't have much faith in the media.. we may have a free press but that doesn't mean every press organization has good content.  They're free to suck also (a reputations shared by news organizations on all sides of the spectrum). :P

    Ebola may not spread as easily as the cold, but it certainly spreads or we wouldn't even be having this discussion.  Touch an infected surface, touch your face, boom.  CNN is currently pushing the we're all racist line because the Texas patient didn't get the experimental meds fast enough.  I'm not an expert on the story but it seems like most other patients treated here were specifically flown in which gave the specialized medical facilities some lead time to get the experimental meds and go through the red tape which reportedly exists.  In the case of the Texas individual it was different in that he just showed up at the hospital and the health care workers made a fatal flaw of sending him home (also with no lead time to go through the red tape when he was admitted... clearly mistakes were made here though). 

    About the guy who was in the apartment unprotected because they were told there was no chance of contracting the virus.  Apparently they ended up incinerating all of their belongings... if there really was "no chance" of spreading it why would they do that?  Answer, because it can spread and there is risk of it and no one should have gone in there unprotected.

    I'm not panicking by any means but I'm also not buying the assurance of government officials anywhere.  There are risks, it can spread (and there's also the psychological factor/panic which is probably an even larger danger if it were to start spreading).

    • Officials: "It won't spread from the Bush"
    • Reality:  It did.
    • Officials: "It won't spread to the cities".
    • Reality:  It did.
    • Officials: "It won't spread in the cities if it gets there, it's too hard to contract".
    • Reality:  It did.
    • Officials:  "It won't make it to Europe or the US"
    • Reality:  It did.


  • Ebola spreads to USA

    It may not be easily transmitted but it is transmitted and in this outbreak far easier than previous warnings indicated.  The US is scrambling now to deal with a single patient and find his contacts which is what they should be doing, I wonder how well we will be able to do that when it's not a single patient.  Not fear mongering but it's worth thinking about.  If the virus mutated and became airborne, whole new ball game.  I'm not going to lose sleep over it but that possibility does exist (and they have shown it is mutating and luckily those haven't been an issue).

  • considering iPhone or Android phone.

    I used Android from 2009-2011, It was buggy for me all around them.  It was very slow, I was always having to kill tasks to bring the device back to responsiveness (even the characters lagged when you typed on the screen).. who doesn't love waiting a full minute for your picture library to load after all.  The final nail in the coffin was there was a bug (which may have been from Motorola and not Google) where I couldn't connect to my corporate Exchange server for 6 months without using a 3rd party app (Google, Motorola and Microsoft all pointed fingers at each other). I did like that I could just plug the USB cable into my computer and move content to and from.  I also liked that I could install 3rd party apps without having to go through the google store or jail break the device.

    I used Windows Phone 7 from 2011-2013.  I only had the choice of two phones on Verizon at the time.  The phone performed well on built in tasks.  There was a severe lack of other apps that the other OS's had.  I was stranded on WP 7.5 when my phone could have run 7.8 (AT&T pushed 7.8 for it, Verizon did not).  When I bought the phone I was told Microsoft controlled the updates.  That simply wasn't true (I blame Verizon mostly for this, although if Apple can push their updates out Microsoft should be able to do the same thing).  From a less important aesthetic standpoint I never loved the Metro interface even on the phone, I find it overall ugly.  I also hate interfaces that don't have visual cues and/or have icons with no way to know what they do (Apple does this often also, I find it incredibly obnoxious that I have to stumble around to figure out what a button does, for apps I don't use frequently it's very annoying).  Also, having to move content on/off via the Zune software was awful if you wanted to move it from your computer.  I had coded a few apps (that were very stable by the end) on the appstore with a few thousand users, wasn't worth it for me to renew my membership though.

    I've used iPhone 5c since late 2013.  It's the best phone I've personally owned (and I'm not an Apple fan, I love Windows at least on the desktop).  What I find a little ironic is that Apple is heading towards (with iOS 8) tightly integrating the phone and the desktop while other companies are shunning the desktop declaring it dead and mobile the king (the irony being that Apple really ushered in the mainstream popularity of mobile touch devices).  The phone has good battery life (I turned off all the location services that I didn't want on), great app availability and performs well.  My biggest beef with it is having to use iTunes to move things like music over to it.  I hate hate hate iTunes, always have.  I feel like they purposely make it slow (I'm sure they don't but they certainly haven't taken strides over the last 10 years to speed it up).  My desktop is pretty powerful and it takes iTunes a full minute to start and become responsive.   Photoshop loads faster.  :D