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jinx101 jinx101
  • Android exploit - ouch

    On the other side, some customers would be upset to not receive security updates, patches and general updates that add other functionality.  I got rid of my Windows phone after my contract was up for a few reasons, but one was that that my hardware supported new versions of the OS but I wasn't allowed to update.  I didn't want to get stuck in that same situation where I was left stranded mid contract.

    If these phone companies are writing software that breaks every OS update (and they can't fix the issue in a timely fashion) then I'd argue that they're writing poor software. 

  • Android exploit - ouch

    Allowing cell phone companies to control update schedules for phones (or any mobile device) was and is a bad idea.  Sometimes, they don't even release updates even if the phones can run them (even if the phones support them and there's security fixes).  I would think that they would want patched devices on their network but what do I know?  :P

  • Microsoft Layoffs

    It looks like the Nokia workers mostly took it on the chin.  The article I read said 18,000 cuts with 12,500 of those coming from Nokia. 

  • ASP.Net/PHP Hosting advice

    , blowdart wrote

    @jinx101:There aren't any add-on fees like that. Unless you've selected services that cause them - SSL used to for example.

    That would be fine.  If I add something I'm totally willing to pay for it.  I went with Azure.

    Thanks again for the advice.

  • ASP.Net/PHP Hosting advice

    Ya know, I may do that.  I see they have a free option that can be upgraded to shared anytime (which is probably what I would do).  I may try that out tonight (the shared option for what I want looks great and it's 40% of the price of my current provider).  I kind of like that you can pick and choose your features and don't have to choose from bundles.  I basically want a stable service without hidden fees that pop up out of nowhere (and I understand shared hosting can be slow at times, that I'm ok with).

    Hypothetically, if the calculator there comes up with $20 for your monthly fee is it pretty much that plus any applicable taxes?  My current provider sneaks in fees on top of your monthly payment that show up out of nowhere, like a "threat protection fee" and "Universal Internet Service fee" (that didn't used to be part of my package and showed up mid contract).  I even had an ipV6 fee that showed up for a few months. 


  • My Visual Studio Broke

    Just curious, I saw you disabled all extensions, did you also try starting Visual Studio in safe mode?

    "Devenv.exe /SafeMode"

  • ASP.Net/PHP Hosting advice

    I've been using my current hosting provider for the last 12 years but after going downhill for the last 2-3 I've finally had enough and it's time to move on.  I wonder if anyone has any recommendations here of shared hosting providers you like (this is for hobby projects, nothing mission critical).  I've looked around and found some promising ones but you never know what you're going to end up with.  All I really need is .Net 4.0 or higher, I'm planning on migrating from MySQL to SQLite so I don't even need a database.  If it can run PHP also all the better (which I would only use for WordPress).

    I would also like to just pay a monthly fee and not get nickeled and dimed with hidden fees that come out of nowhere (with my current provider all of a sudden I started getting billed for a vague "threat protection" on top of my contract price).  I also paid for a plan that had 100 email addresses provided, and mid contract they pulled a bait and switch and started charging $1 per month per email I was using (which was the last straw). 

    Thanks in advance for any advice. :)

  • convert from VB6?

    Visual Studio 2008 was the last to include the VB6 converter I do believe as per what Microsoft offers.  If you don't have it, can't find it (and probably don't want to pay for it since it's outdated itself) you can possibly find someone to run the converter for you who has it installed if you don't mind sharing your code (that doesn't guarantee that it will work after conversion).  :D

  • How long does it take to produce a great song?

    , Ian2 wrote

    @itsnotabug:I am guessing that Beetles was a bug? (Beatles)

    Although they did spell it "Beetles" early on when they called themselves the Silver Beetles. :)

  • Are MSDN downloads slow for you?

    I haven't tested, my cynical first instinct is always to blame my ISP because the speed they advertise that I pay for isn't much good when they throttle the connection down because one of the companies in question I'm trying to contact hasn't also ponied up cash to them.  They should have to be transparent with that.  Like:

    "We offer 20  Mbps connection.... unless you're contacting one of these companies and then we may slow your connection or terminate it all together".