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jinx101 jinx101
  • love this bit on the angular web site

    , ScanIAm wrote


    Because, for some people, coding is a means to the end of what the software does.  The code can do things for people who can't code and those things are important.

     It seems that for you, coding has to be some elitist form of mental masturbation that requires you to find a new partner each time so you can get off.


    Our CRM system which is at the core of what we do is written in .Net along with a lot of other Big Ten universities (and the trend is moving there, not away).  We write software to facilitate our business processes.  It works well and it gets the job done.  If we changed frameworks every time someone dropped a shiny ball all we would be doing is changing frameworks over and over and over and over.  We like to actually focus on adding to what we can do for the business and not always re-tooling what we've already done.

    Nothing against Angular, it's a fine framework.  I even use it sometimes. ;p

  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??

    Microsoft was so behind the game by the time they perked up that they're going to need to (pardon my cliché) make a game changing move in order to catch up.

    I've said this before but on a desktop you can program darn near whatever you can imagine.  On most phone platforms you can program whatever your allowed to by said OS manufacturer.  Security argument aside I think they should make it easier for dev's to get into the guts and do these things (let the market weed out the sub par apps and features). 

    As an example, I wanted write a simple app (or pay for one) to export my text messages when I had my WP7.  This should be cake.  It didn't exist at the time and I wasn't allowed to write it.  You want people to write apps that will make your phone do things that the other OS's don't... open it up and expose API's and/or the internals.  It's a risk but if you want a game changer you won't find it by simply copying what the leader has.

    In my opinion this hasn't happened because it's about control.  MS wants to dictate how their devices are used just like Apple does. 

  • Spire.PDF

    Have you looked at iTextSharp?

  • Programming Gangsta Style

    I see the downside but I see the upside also.  Frankly if we invested the money in kids/education that we invest in the prisons we would likely have less prisoners all around.

    If we're going to keep such high incarceration rates I personally prefer the inmates learning worthwhile skills that could help them assimilate back into society in a better position than when they got locked up. 

  • Apple deleted non-iTunes music, did you notice?

    I have no music purchased through iTunes, mine all comes from elsewhere (like Rhapsody).  I haven't noticed any issues with music disappearing on my iPhone or my iPod Touch 5G. 

    That said, iTunes will no longer sync my gen 2 iPod touch that I use solely for music so what's on it is all I get.  I guess it's too old to do uber complicated things like, uh, copying files.  iTunes has a seizure then a stroke every time I try to plug that thing in.

  • Azure Pricing Question - Standard Scheduler Units?

    Thank you for the advice.  It was only a 15 cent charge so I'll just keep an eye on it and chalk it up to a fluke. :) 

  • Little Guru's clipboard manager?

    Very cool utility.  I wish I'd have found it when it was posted 8 years ago, better late than never though. :)

  • Azure Pricing Question - Standard Scheduler Units?

    Thanks for the response.

    I've never setup a web job (I have none scheduled).  Although, I just looked at my dashboard and I now have "webjobs southcentralus" that I've never seen before just now (that's running but doesn't have any jobs in it).  Not sure how it got there, I just deleted it.

  • Azure Pricing Question - Standard Scheduler Units?

    Anybody have any clue what "Standard Scheduler Units" are?  I can't seem to find that exact verbiage on the internet (anywhere but my bill which doesn't give a lot of detail).  It looks like it may have to do with web jobs (which I am not using currently)?  It's only at 15 cents but I'm more curious about what it is and how it's accrued.

    I currently just have a standard web-site VM (small).

  • Retain build action on files after ​removing/re-​adding to project

    I would do this like ScanIAm suggested, I think having multiple solutions or projects setup the way you wanted will get you what you want the easiest without re-architecting.

    I have some projects setup where I have multiple solution files that include different sets of projects (I do this for load times, I have one solution that has 10 projects, but 90% of the time I only need the core set of 3 so I have a solution that only loads those three which loads way faster).