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jinx101 jinx101
  • convert from VB6?

    Visual Studio 2008 was the last to include the VB6 converter I do believe as per what Microsoft offers.  If you don't have it, can't find it (and probably don't want to pay for it since it's outdated itself) you can possibly find someone to run the converter for you who has it installed if you don't mind sharing your code (that doesn't guarantee that it will work after conversion).  :D

  • How long does it take to produce a great song?

    , Ian2 wrote

    @itsnotabug:I am guessing that Beetles was a bug? (Beatles)

    Although they did spell it "Beetles" early on when they called themselves the Silver Beetles. :)

  • Are MSDN downloads slow for you?

    I haven't tested, my cynical first instinct is always to blame my ISP because the speed they advertise that I pay for isn't much good when they throttle the connection down because one of the companies in question I'm trying to contact hasn't also ponied up cash to them.  They should have to be transparent with that.  Like:

    "We offer 20  Mbps connection.... unless you're contacting one of these companies and then we may slow your connection or terminate it all together". 

  • Nadella?

    Nevermind, found one that spoke to why.  Unnamed investors owning 5% of MS want him out because they feel he has too much influence.



  • Nadella?

    Most articles I read also said that the board was considering replacing Bill Gates as the Chairman also but none of them gave rationale behind that (e.g. whether Bill was wanting to be replaced soon as Chairman or whether they just thought it was his time).

  • Substitute to AForge.NET Framework?

    I don't see why you couldn't leverage AForge but just replace the features that you want to code yourself (unless you want to code everything yourself).  I've used AForge a good bit, I wrote a few custom video source classes.  If you're looking for Kinect examples you may also look in Accord.Net for further Kinect examples (Accord is built off of AForge and continues building on a lot of what AForge started).

  • David Sobeski : Trust, Users and The Developer Division

    , ScanIAm wrote

    It sounds like half the more vocal members of c9 want to spend all day doing the same thing over and over and over again. 

    When it's not broken.  The other half of the more vocal members like change for the sake of change. Tongue Out

  • Microsoft on the threshold of deleting 'appalling' Windows 8 software

    , evildictait​or wrote


    With one exception I have never seen someone use a Windows Phone who didn't directly work for Microsoft, in a role that included Microsoft in the title (like a Microsoft liason officer) or the son/daughter/wife/husband/brother/sister of someone who does.

    When I get on a bus or a plane, half the people are playing on their iPhones, Android phones or iPads. They are never (unless you are in Seattle) playing on a Windows Phone. 

    I used a Windows Phone for 2 years and I don't work for Microsoft (I had two games on the appstore but they didn't really make money although I had 1,700 or 1,800 who at least played them once).  Moved to my first iPhone a few months ago and I'm very happy with my change (aside from the fact that you can only use the phone as Apple says you can).  The only thing that would change my mind about returning would be if MS didn't lock the phone down as much or they could offer me something compelling that I would use that other phones don't have but I don't see that happening.  I would be welcome to the surprise though.

    I agree though, I very rarely ran into anyone using a Windows Phone.  My boss had one and he switched to the iPhone.  One co-worker I worked with had one who has since moved on, no clue what he uses now and then I ran into someone in a bar that had one. Tongue Out  That was pretty much it over two years.

  • David Sobeski : Trust, Users and The Developer Division

    The part that hit home with me was "We would have a constant mess with data telling developers to us RDS (remote data sets) then DAO (data access objects) then ADO, then ADO.net, then LiNQ".  Every time the wind changed directions you'd be told that what your doing was old and wrong and there was a new and better way (and in reality to an end developer most of these were not better, just different).  A few problems addressed, a few others created. 

    Of course, then the modern apps come along and there's no Microsoft support for accessing databases unless you go through a web service or find a 3rd party solution (thank you SQLite for bridging the gap).  The push to try to make developers use the cloud (even for solutions that don't need the cloud) didn't sit well with a lot of people.

  • Mobile Hotspot with desktop Windows question

    Excellent.  Thank you very much for the info Sven.  I'm using Windows 8 at work but 7 at home.  I may go ahead and upgrade soon.