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kettch kettch
  • DeLorean

    , magicalclick wrote


    Yes, that's why I said it is a nah for now as I see no immediate need to become a product. And I have said it should be a minor research, meaning it is still remain as a research, just not as important as other researches closer to moved to a product. I have never said we don't need the research.

    MSR has the task of researching anything that they want. Sometimes they help directly with product needs, and sometimes their work becomes a product or feature. Most of the time it's about pure research regardless of the possibility of their results making it into a product. Mandating that they be product-focused would be bad for science and probably make it more difficult for their work to be useful.

  • Dr Who Film Release

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @kettch: In radio interview a few days ago Capaldi was talking about 'his' doctor -- they seem to be making him colder to people.  Hence, there was no expectation of him returning to save the day. I think they're trying to break some of the expectations of how the Doctor behaves.

    This makes sense in the context that he seems to have a specific mission in mind. Gone, perhaps, are the days of randomly (to the extent that anything that happens around The Doctor is truly random) popping into some place where something weird is going on and saving the day.

    It will be interesting to see if they cut back on self-contained episodes, and introduce a long-running storyline.

  • Dr Who Film Release

    , Ian2 wrote

    Well the general concensus in our house (Myself, the Wife and two daughters, 13 and 16)

    Unreservedly Peter Capaldi has the potential to be a great Doctor.

    The opening episode was not the best.- potentially good story but didn't really gell - the Doctor was too confused for too long? instead of shock when the Dr appeared to run out on Clara it was more like 'wtf'? Maybe the screenplay was a little off I don't know.

    Looking forward to the Daleks next week, and a clear headed Doctor.

    When he ran off, I think what was missing was a stronger sense of "I'm about to run off and do something amazing to save the day, but I haven't quite figured out what that is yet." The Doctor has always done that, but the line "No sense in both of us being caught" didn't quite get that across. I'm not sure if it was the line or the delivery.

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    Well you don't put C# in your XAML file.

    You don't do javascript and XAML. 

    Then tell me what's the best wording syntax to describe. 

    WinJS vs XAML or what-ever I'm supposed to be saying?

    MSDN breaks it up into two categories: XAML and HTML. Those two are both markup and can safely be compared with each other. You can develop XAML apps with C#, VB.NET or C++. You develop HTML apps with JavaScript.

  • Green mass murder.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look up a shelter program for wild birds near the solar power plant, and contribute a little bit of donation and my sympathy.

    Actually, I think he meant that you should donate to a cat shelter.

  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

    , blowdart wrote


    I thought it was "If I get enough Cheevos maybe daddy will love me"

    Coincidentally, that's also how Cheevos is pronounced. It's one of those recursive thingy's.

  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

    , cbae wrote


    Now I'm curious. Should "xeet" be pronounced "zeet" with a z-sound like "Xanadu" does or should it be pronounced "ex-eat"?

    I've always figured that it was pronounced "OMG, somebody pay attention to me already!"

  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

    , Bas wrote

    I think of tweets by Xenu.

    Beats of Xanadu

  • Green mass murder.

    , Sven Groot wrote


    You wouldn't need a fence for that, just mark it on a sectional chart. I just checked, and it isn't marked on the current sectional chart, so presumably it's considered safe to fly over. The minimum safe altitude is either 500ft or 1000ft (depending on whether the plant is considered a congested area), and both are likely to be safe. In any case, the power plant is easy to spot and pilots are a lot smarter than birds, usually.

    The issue for pilots is that there seems to be a lot of glare coming off of these things, which is worse if you aren't right overhead.

  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

    , ScanIAm wrote

    Dare I ask, WTF is a xeet?

    And, I swear to all that is holy, it better not just be an 'xbox tweet'.

    I hate to disappoint you, but...