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kettch kettch
  • Turn on SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2

    , cheong wrote

    @kettch: AFAIK WinXP does come with TLS 1.0 support, so unless you mean... Win98?

    I mean that the industry can spend years telling people not to use SSL and to update their software and services to support TLS 1.2, and everyone will kick the problem down the road until the change is just around the corner and then run around screaming about how evil Microsoft is for forcing this on them for no good reason and not giving them any time to switch.

  • Turn on SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2

    It doesn't matter how badly these changes need to be made or what methods you put into place to lessen the impact. There are still going to be lots of people and even large companies who are going to be completely surprised by all of this.

    Don't believe me? Two letters: XP

  • Censorship

    , Bass wrote


    Unfortunately the desktop is dying. It will probably be a niche product for a class of people (eg. us) to make the technology do novel things at the behest of the corporations. Nobody else cares, these new machines are appliances basically. This technological self-determination has been a decades long decline, remember in the 80s PCs actually came with a BASIC interpreter, sometimes not with an OS, but BASIC was baked in, and programming was not the esoteric skill to computer users that it is now.

    As a consumer and a developer, in some cases I'm ok with this. Some of my devices I expect to behave like an appliance. I want to be able to grab my phone or tablet and walk out the door without any worries about it's state, other than battery. They need to be stable and predictable. My workstation is a bit of a different story and needs to have more knobs to fiddle with.

  • Censorship

    , Proton2 wrote


    Did you know that George Orwell wrote "1989" in 1998 ? He switched that lasts two years. :)

    Hate speech is illegal in Canada, against an identifiable minority. I haven't heard of any court cases lately however. Social media today seems to do the job of ostracizing such speakers. In other words, instead of going through an expensive legal process, let the speaker ruin his/her career etc. all on his own.  

    It's always nice to see that social media doesn't bother with such antiquated concepts such as evidence or due process. I've seen people completely destroyed even though they were proven innocent. However, because the Interwebs had already made up it's mind, it wasn't much consolation.

  • I hope the Windows 10 preview start menu is seriously unfinished

    @androidi: Maybe this is a stupid question, but have you submitted feedback on these points?

  • Google is trolling me.

    , figuerres wrote


    how / in what way do they say that ?  is the site hosted by google  ?  I do not get how they think it's hacked.

    Maybe there's some sort of content or behavior heuristic, or there's a "report this site" link somewhere that got abused.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    , ScanIAm wrote


    ...uninformed people...

    From what little I've bothered to look at, it seems that most uninformed people are just looking at this as:

    (net neutrality) == (screw Comcast) == (sounds good to me)

  • No MSDN renew with media option

    , dahat wrote

    What about creating a bootable USB drive when needed and copying the contents of the ISO you want to load to a PC?

    I honestly do not recall the last time I burned any optical media... all of my backups are either on hard drives on a shelf at home (just incase of a NAS failure), a shelf at work (offsite) or in the cloud (really offsite)... for PC installs I've been using a thumb drive for... 5+ years now.

    I've got a selection of 4GB drives for different OS's. I've even done it with SD cards. It's so much simpler.

    I'm also in the position of not being able to remember the last time I burned optical media, or even inserted something into my drive. I just had to hit the button to make sure it still opened and closed.

  • THANK YOU MICROSOFT (this deserves a separate thread)

    , Ion Todirel wrote

    *snip*SSD space is still pretty expensive, and you'd be pretty crazy to even attempt at storing anything that has to run or compile on a HDD

    We're talking about 10's of megs on a web server, I don't think it'll be that much of an issue.

  • Why there aren't any web form standards? Or are there?

    , ScanIAm wrote


    Funny story:

    I worked at an unnamed agency where the user could enter in their own address.  After the zip was entered, the address would be looked up via the postal service, and if it didn't match, the user would be prompted that their address wasn't correct and wouldn't they like to pick the one that the post office had on file so that they could get mailed a check on a regular basis!!!

    Without fail, the users would choose to keep the incorrect address, purposefully choose the wrong city name, or fudge the street address.  When asked, the majority of the time, the reason given was "screw tha gubermint, I know where I live".  So, when the checks would get returned due to the address being incorrect, they'd have to call 'tha gubermint' to get it cleared up. 

    I think in many cases, the zip code is there as an error-check for tea party morons.


    That reminds me of when I spent nearly a year unable to get any mail because the USPS (the gubermint) had my address screwed up. They kept switching between automatically returning my stuff to the sender, losing it completely, or sending it to my old address. This was as they continually denied that they had any part in the errors and offered no help whatsoever other than to talk to the supervisor (who was in the office between 8:30AM and 9:05AM every Tuesday of the third month of alternating leap years). After many months of apathy from USPS employees, I finally figured out that my address didn't really exist, even though UPS and FedEx both managed to figure it out. Even after I was able to get mail delivered, I was completely unable to change my billing address with a number of accounts because the gubermint wouldn't validate my address as being correct.

    Where I lived before that, they put some kind of "no such person, shred everything" flag on my address because the carrier decided that me remodeling the front of my house meant that I'd moved.

    I have stories for days about how good the government is at addresses.