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  • Edge Show 33 Windows Final Code Available

    I managed to get an ISO downloaded but I don't think it's the Pro version.  It's not entirely clear.  I'm thinking it's not, since for volume licencing they list it separately.  In any case I can't get any product keys.

  • Demo: A First Look at SQL Server Data Tools

    This stuff looks great.  I am really enjoying the new capabilities, but wondering if there is a way to upgrade a data tier application (i.e. change an existing database's schema) without modifying any users or their permissions.  Essentially I would like to be able to to use a .dacpac to encapsulate all aspects of a database's schema WITHOUT messing around with stuff like users.  The scenario is developing a dacpac in a test environment, and then wanting to use it to upgrade say a production database, which obviously would have different security than in test.

    I did find a bunch of advanced settings under the project settings' Debug tab, but those don't seem to affect the actual compare process when upgrading the data tier application from within SQL Management Studio -- it still insists on dropping existing users in that database, which is obviously not ok.

    Any thoughts?