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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • Of Course there isn't a shortage.

    Based on the number. There is a shortage of PHDs.

  • Google is trolling me.

    I don't know. We have the site like this since last year and it didn't have the fake warnings.

    And yeah, the site is so dumb, it is kinda pointless to hack it to begin with.

  • Problem with Win10 music.

    Today when I turn on my Win10, it did some updates. After that, I can't play music using Music or VLC app while in minimized mode anymore. Anyone knows how to resolve this?


  • Google is trolling me.

    , figuerres wrote


    to be honest I would be interested in seeing the site just for the heck of it, can we check it out??

    is "The only thing that's external is the free HTML5 video player" this using any sort of cross domain access ? that might flag a checking system.


    That's the only possibility. But, their Webmaster tool failed to explain it.

    Anyway, Google ActorsClubHouse.

    It used to have fake auto generated business info and bogus photo on the right. We had to sign up their service and claim the fake auto Gen info.

  • Google is trolling me.

    It is a dedicate domain name and the video is hosted within the domain as well. The only thing that's external is the free HTML5 video player and jQuery.

    But none of those matter. They just say the site maybe hacked and unable to explain why.

  • European Parliament to Google: We can haz ur search plz

    , cheong wrote

    @magicalclick: This will only affect Goggle search operations in Europe only, if your friend's main search interest is in U.S., this will not have any effect for him.

    Hopefully EU takes the good step and help US to follow it.

  • European Parliament to Google: We can haz ur search plz

    And not described in the other thread, I hope they remove incorrect business information from there right panel. My friend was forced to sign up another of their service, claim fake business placeholder as the actual business owner, correct all the information so Google wouldn't automatically put in some random Google Image Search result in that fake business panel.

    My friend literally thought he got hacked because the right panel shows some random kid in the business photo. It turns out the business panel was automatically created without his consent and the photo was gathered from Google Image Search.

    This is just not cool.

  • European Parliament to Google: We can haz ur search plz

    I will supports it if they remove WebMaster tool from Google search. See my other thread.

  • Google is trolling me.

    , elmer wrote


    Google search support publish an answer to this.


    Typically, it's because they believe they found links to suspect content or suspect sites.

    Google Webmaster membership is free, and you should be a member, if only to get a "google-site-verification" meta-tag code.

    You can Google any amount of details on the "your site is hacked" issue.

    except when he signed up the broken webmaster tool. It says there is nothing wrong with the site.

    What Google is doing now is just acting like everyone should follow its system. It is no longer just something people can just freely choose to use it or not use it. The hacked warning is very destructive to the site.

  • Any geeks here seen the movie ​Interstella​r?

    Loved it