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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • Stop thinking in binary Desktop vs. Tablet UI design

    , bondsbw wrote


    If you are talking about a PC with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of 1600 MHz DDR3L memory, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M... then yes, I have a real PC running Windows.

    And none of that has anything to do with DPI.

    I am just saying you should buy a Surface and VM mac OS instead.

  • A few interesting nuggets from MSFT earnings

    I don't understand the WP thing. Maybe it is the Cortana and Action Center, and no longer having light gray smudge blending to the monthly Calendar gird.

    But, I can't find any decent NEW model to buy for my ATT plan. Why must I buy the old 1520?

    Also it is weird that Nokia only made 1520 with improved 3 buttons that avoids accident press by the grip.

    I am heavily considering buying XL iPhone or S3 (my Microsoft friend has one). The app I really want isn't on WP and the models are older, which make it even less appealing.

  • Stop thinking in binary Desktop vs. Tablet UI design


    I think it is better do both (keep desktop as is and add metro Explore), than, making Explore something else.

    The whole Start Menu fiasco demonstrated it. It is better to do both. If you don't like Metro style, you still have classic version in the same OS and you don't have to buy the old OS for the classic version.

    My point being, it will just be as effective to make metro version, and keep updating it to the point that people can switch from the classic. And it has a fresh start with zero baggage of the past. Zero user base to anger. It opens up so much more possibility.

    Why the product feels bipolar is because it always fails to do both. Doing both give the team time to keep improving the metro version to make everyone happy instead of having only one choice and make user unhappy.

  • Stop thinking in binary Desktop vs. Tablet UI design

    , bondsbw wrote


    Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work well, even in Windows 10.  On my retina Macbook Pro, I'm running W10 in a VM and it defaults to around 200% DPI.  But the Start Menu and its text are small.  Other areas have mixtures of small and large pieces.  It's kind of a mess and Microsoft would do well to clean that up before release.

    Don't you have a real PC running Windows? In the end, you are using a Mac.

  • Microsoft & Oracle dragged into epic developer wage fixing conspiracy lawsuit

    , Bass wrote

    I just think it's funny with all the outward representations of competition and adversary, the tech industry higher ups seem to be in perfect unison when it comes to their shared goal of f*cking over developers. It shows perhaps, that the world is not how it is actually represented.

    You know, all these CEOs come together at the World Economic Forum every year. I wonder if it is to high-five each other about all the money they managed to steal from their employees (and compare their penises of course [NSFW]). :)

    Is this for real? It is like gay fantasy comes true. Except they are all kinda old and not bearish.

  • Stop thinking in binary Desktop vs. Tablet UI design

    , cbae wrote


    Where did I say VS had a tree view that zoomed? I don't believe I ever said that VS was exactly as I wanted File Explorer to be.

    To recap, this is what I said:


    The "zooming style" is a half-assed implementation of what people expect from zooming content. The mouse wheel just scrolls through the different views. The mouse wheel scroll does scroll through some intermediate views between the different icon views (extra large, large, medium, small) that render the icons in different sizes, but the text doesn't ever change size. For something called a "File Manager", the "content" should be the most important file characteristics (file name, size, date, etc.), which are all represented as text. Yet, this "content" can't be zoomed at all.


    Does this matter? File Explorer is part of the OS, so it should be even more capable of supporting the different input modes since the OS needs to contemplate those input modes.


    So your complaint is that, while Explore can zoom its file icons, it failed to zoom its file name. You are frustrated with smaller text specifically inside the Explore (not the entire system), because it will be harder to rename the file name as the text isn't finger friendly as the giant icons you have zoomed so close. Am I right?

    I thought you wanted the tree to be zoomed because you said "Also, why can't the tree view in the left pane also zoom? It would work great as a UI paradigm for touch, but the nodes are too damn small". But, that's ignore that subject for now because I have yet to see anyone doing it.

    I wasn't saying Explore doesn't need to be more friendly with different input devices. I agree on the problem.

    I was only challenging your solution to the problem. Having two zooming styles side-by-side will only confuse the user. The likelihood of proper usage is low. It will only be acted based on single zoom gesture or mouse wheel action.

    The user will only use the default action of the gesture. Foe example, the most intuitive behavior is zooming it like anything else. Meaning the layout is the same as the text and icon size increase. So, most user would never know how to change layout. If someone changed the layout, they would stuck with that layout.

    The double zooming style is confusing. That has already happened in old IE with text size (not zoom). I have set to see other apps implemented duel zoom style as well.

    And even then, forget about user confusion, the rest of the system is having smaller text. Hell, the zoom level maybe localized to single folder path. And the rest of the GUI is still tiny.

    Might as well just make DPI to 300% and get it over with if you want everything to be finger friendly using the existing Explore and rest of the system.

    Like I said, I want the Explore to be finger friendly as a whole. But, evolving the Explore directly would just always be half assed and making desktop people angry.

    I prefer them just make metro version, keep adding features along the way to match the desktop version. And finally once everyone is happy with using metro version, we can replace the old Explore entirely.

  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    But, websites do send different webpages based on UA string. And most sites are made by devs with screwed up UA handling. Majority of cases, when they get IE future, they thought it is IE5. I am seen this a lot. And big site like YouTube and ATT didn't work properly with IE10 for a long time. YouTube in particular, I have to fake myself to be Chrome to get a html page that my IE11 can render without freezing.

  • Stop thinking in binary Desktop vs. Tablet UI design

    , cbae wrote


    IE, Word, Excel, Visual Studio, NotePad++, Adobe Acrobat. Shall I go on? Hell, even MS Paint supports zooming with a mouse wheel.

    I couldn't zoom in on the tree view Solution Explore as you desired. Am I missing something?

    All of the apps you listed only did one zooming style. Explore has one zooming style as well

    All of the apps you listed only zoom in the content page, not something like tree view you desired.

  • Stop thinking in binary Desktop vs. Tablet UI design

    , cbae wrote


    How about starting with the zooming of content like every other application that supports zooming does?

    For example?

  • Stop thinking in binary Desktop vs. Tablet UI design

    So what else should support zoom? The window chrome? The address bar? The manu bar? The status bar? Every sub space of a window?