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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • The new 2019

    Watched the video. The future is much simpler without gimmicks.

    1) Smart Phone for everything single PERSONAL computing need.

    2) Tablet for work / harder core gaming / just extra battery without draining the battery from the main PERSONAL computing device.

    3) HoloLens to mimic every single gimmicks presented in the video.

    Software side.

    Cloud. That's it. No cloudless NFC failed gimmics.

    Where is MS?

    If they get can't their ******* straight with proper Windows Phone branding, store branding, market share penetration, it is going to become a irrelevant company because it can't bring out competitive  PERSONAL computing software and device.

  • The new 2019

    Can't watch on 1520

  • i want a field trip to Forza and Horizon teams.

    I am interested to know how they iterate. My experience with my project tells me the iteration isn't that easy.

  • i want a field trip to Forza and Horizon teams.

    Anyone ever wonder how they build their game on time with so much complexity and at such high quality consistently? I mean, as a programmer, it is quite challenging to learn the existing system while add more stuff without breaking things. Not to mention they have such hard deadline. How do they do it?

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    , Bass wrote


    Seems like a lot of effort. I don't actually care all that much:



    Source: XKCD

    Lol, like Samsung Android OEM OS Security Holes. Hell, even Google's Android OS security holes are officially not to be patched by Google.

  • eeeerrrrrkk​kkkkk i hate this restriction.

    I did it on phone. I haven't tried desktop. Doesn't seem to have any nice Chinese games on there.

  • eeeerrrrrkk​kkkkk i hate this restriction.

    Changing region worked. :) Looks to be a lot easier than Xbox.

  • eeeerrrrrkk​kkkkk i hate this restriction.


    I am checking out games on this site, just I found out I can't install them due to region restrictions. Arrrrrrggggg. This is horrible. Couldn't I opt for certain regions? I want to play some Chinese games, and they are much better games than American ones.

  • Windows 10 for Windows Phones

    , best2015 wrote

    Well...that's a cool thing. Windows for mobile phones is improving with every release.

    PS: I saw some news and leaks about the Lumia 1030 here with a 50MP mind boggling camera. There are some images of the device, too. Looks like Microsoft is up to something big.

    I am hoping for 1530. I like my 1520 a lot and I want 1530 to replace mine down the road.

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    , wkempf wrote

    @figuerres: That's why my suggestion was to just make it easy to install a clean OS. The OEM can still install their crap (one would hope that market pressure gets them to stop doing that, but...), but the consumer at least has a way to ensure their machine isn't bloated with crapware, or worse, infected with malware. That's a "fix" that Microsoft most certainly CAN do.

    Still going to be crap because they will install WiFi driver with crap WiFi manager.

    Also the image was allowed to have drivers preinstalled. During that time, anything is possible.