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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • my biggest wish for MS to do on 2015.

    Open an online store called "Blue Moon".

    It will sell movie, music, books, Music+Karaoke subscription, free online radio, games (Xbox360, XboxOne, PC, Phone, all together), apps (Xbox360, XboxOne, PC, Phone, all together).

    This store also sell apps running on RT, but, because the terrible RT branding and mishandling. It should have a new name like, Windows has the capability to run "YouMee" apps. Certain windows will only run YouMee apps, but, the Windows is not called Windows YouMee. The Blue Moon will sell YouMee apps, but, it is not called YouMee store. The Windows RT runs YouMee, but, it is not called YouMee runtime.

    Blue Moon is an online store that has zero dependency to on its brand name. MS will not have anything named with similar brand name.

    Yes, I am butt hurt about the God forsaken Windows Store, Windows Store App, Modern App, Legacy App, Windows RT, WinRT, Metro Apps, Metro Design, Metro OS.

    For me, it should be.
    Blue Moon.
    YouMee apps.
    Desktop app/ Windows app.
    Windows 9 Funbox (only runs YouMee apps).
    Metro Design.

    And like I said, I hope YouMee apps can be run in Windowed mode in Windows 9.

    Also the Music+Karaoke subscription should be called Muziholic. It has its own own category/channel. Meaning when you visit Blue Moon home page, it will have Video, Music, Muziholic, Apps, etc dedicated buttons to dedicated GUI pages. It is not like you go into Music page and login as Muziholic member. They should be separate entity. The Muziholic people should use Muziholic pages. And when people used Music and want to buy the music, it will have option to buy plus a button to Muziholic page. It is important to separate them apart. So, they don't feel like they need to have Muziholic account to use Music page. And it has its own dedicates Muziholic app on phone.

  • Waiting for Windows 9 :-)

    I am less ambitious. Just a start screen + start menu + window mode. This can be archived by 3rd party already, but, I do not like to install 3rd party app for this type of core functionalities.

  • Windows Store , Modern and Desktop

    I thought the idea to have both mixed together is to boost the app count and user convince. Also MS is trying to retire legacy apps. So, if a metro counterpart can out shine the legacy app, it is what MS was hoping for.

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    I am not sure this is related. But it is so sad I have to replace the much better named MP3TUBE with music 4 free.

  • DeLorean


  • DeLorean


  • DeLorean

    , evildictait​or wrote


    That's only a problem in multiplayer games.

    Delorean isn't trying to solve the problem of multiple players with lag needing to resolve their movements. That's a fundamentally different problem altogether.

    Delorean is about defeating the video lag of streaming - not the input lag of multiple players resolving state on a server.



    Great. Thank you for confirming what I have said. Would be great if bondsbw reads your post confirming the same thing.

  • DeLorean

    Anyway, this getting nowhere when I have to keep making it clear that I DID NOT say something. I will leave the other people continue their discussions.

    The main point was saying DeLorean wasn't meant to fix case #1 as DBVS expected. Now it is going no where with topic about things I DID NOT say.

  • DeLorean

    , bondsbw wrote


    Yes you can.  That's the point of DeLorean.

    If somehow your game stream only needs 1 bps, then the DeLorean-based server might use 4 bps:  4 streams, 1 bps per stream.

    The server will generate the 4 guesses, and their corresponding video streams, several hundred milliseconds before you are expected to execute the action.

    Then the server sends all 4 streams.  They arrive about the time you hit the button, and therefore the client can choose which of those 4 matches the button you hit.  This reduces perceived lag.


    There's no point of arguing if it can work... they have demonstrated that it works.  The only arguments are around bandwidth.  These are fine arguments, but there is little use in claiming that the research is wasteful.  It's not the researchers who will decide when and how to market this.  Let them do their job, researching.  Let the marketers and higher-ups worry about when to put it on the shelves.

    (A much better problem to have than, say, waking up one day without a solution and finding that your competition has not only beat you to the punch but is annihilating your market.... ahem... Microsoft's mobile strategy that you guys LOVE SO MUCH.)

    You keep missing the point. I am talking about YOU lagging in front of OTHER PLAYERS. I am not talking about you playing the game smoothly. And that case #1.

    In the case of 200 ping on CS:S right now, you play perfectly smooth already. A lot of time YOU do not experience the lag yourself. It is the other players seeing you teleporting wanted you leave the server. And that's case #1.

    And I DID NOT say the research is wasteful. Please refrain from making false claims about my posts.

  • DeLorean

    , bondsbw wrote

    @magicalclick:  You are incorrect.  DeLorean is not about video buffering, #3 as you call it.  In fact, video buffering isn't a problem anyway... it's the solution to a problem, and it's been solved for a long time.  Nothing new there.

    DeLorean is specifically trying to solve #1.  You have ample bandwidth and some latency.  So the server predicts several possible outcomes, streams those simultaneously (over your ample bandwidth connection), and the client picks the outcome based on what button(s) the user presses.

    Imagine you only need on bit per second. And you get lag #1 and you have ping of 200. You can't do anything with extra bandwidth. You will teleport in CS:S ***to be clear, in front of other players*** , period.