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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    , elmer wrote


    MS could control this, if they wanted to, via license/price conditions.

    If an OEM is making money by installing 3rd-party software which could be classed as crap-ware, then MS could respond by changing the pricing with that OEM.

    You want to make money by pimping our product with crapware that impacts on our reputation, then you pay more for our product.


  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    , wkempf wrote

    @magicalclick: You're opinion there is in the minority. Most people regard Lenovo as one of the best PC makers. I've never owned one, so I'm not talking personally, but it takes very little research to see how well regarded Lenovo PCs are.

    In any case, you're still entirely missing the point. As long as there are OEMs, and Microsoft has publicly stated they want the OEMs, then OEMs installing crapware (or in this case, malware) is a Microsoft problem. They must address it.

    As much as I want to acknowledge your pain or frustration instead of telling you to #dealwithit.

    There isn't really much MS can do about it. It is simply impossible to force customers to misuse your product. If your product can be misused, the customer is allow to do so.

    I am not talking about money. I am no talking about windows ecosystem. I am talking about customer will use your product the way they wanted to, regardless that's recommended usage or not. You can only file claim to FBI/FDA that the customer is doing illegal activities. That's about it. Same with every industrial products and consumer products.

    You are simply asking for impossible.

    MS already all they can do at this point. Even a special RT and Surface. That's pretty much at max.

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)


    At most making more models of Surface and more MS Stores in other regions. Either way, I stay away from Lenovo regardless it is Signature or not. Their computers are crap. Just don't buy them.

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)


    I think you are asking too much from MS. MS already did Signature, Surface, RT. I strongly disapprove to make MS becoming a dictator on how limited its OEM customers bundle their software in their own product.

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    Buy computer from MS Store, ala, certified lite something something. Case solved. For move onto RT.

  • What the win 10 titlebar means for your phone

    I just posted my ideas on user voice.


    Please let me know what you think about it.

  • What the win 10 titlebar means for your phone

    At least they get rid of the metro hidden tabs. Those hidden tabs is a major usability issue. It is not intuitive to new users (guests) and it wastes a lot of space to tease that there is another unknown tab to the side.

    I really hope they allow Home Pages by swiping left and right just like iPhone and Android. To show all apps. It can be just another button in action center, additionally overlay at bottom or append in the Home Page.

    Or actually I think there is even more universal design.

    Off-screen swipe left mean action center for all Win10.
    Off-screen swipe down mean show title bar for all Win10.
    Off-screen swipe down to lower screen mean close app for all Win10.
    Off-screen swipe down hold can do split screen in portraits mode for all Win10 above certain resolution.
    Off-screen swipe right mean show all running apps for all Win10.
    Off-screen swipe up shows WP three buttons.
    Off-screen swipe up shows taskbar in tablet mode, only discrepancy.
    Off-screen swipe up does nothing in desktop mode, only discrepancy.
    WinPh home is single column group in start menu in Win10.
    WinPh home in screen swipe means jump column group (more like a tab, unlike desktop, only discrepancy).
    Folder Tile expand the column group in start menu in Win10.
    Expand start menu to start screen is available for larger device using multiple column groups, already in Win10.

    I think this cover all and most of them are unified desktop/tablet/phone swipe experience. This will change a lot for WP behaviors, it it matches desktop so well. It is single unified experience.

  • What the win 10 titlebar means for your phone

    I have to see it in action to make a comment on this. The titlebar can make a positive impact. So, I will wait until I see a in-depth video about it.

  • Standing Like A Super Hero ....

    It works for certain jobs like Sales because it makes you appear more energetic and confident.

  • More proof MS technologies are on the way out...

    Honestly you can do low latency on metro for all I care. No one is going to get it because your app will have a stupid nickname called Windows Store App. With that stupid name, your app won't sell. So, don't even bother.