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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • the next 5 years is crucial to MS.


    Yes. It is a beautiful smoke and mirror. Really. I am highly impressed based on what I see. And I do not see MS making a decent competition to iWatch within 5 years.

    I was like Nahhh.... Came out with yay.

    I haven't tried Sumsung version. But, I doubt it is as pleasant as iWatch. And pleasant is something I say, is very important when Personal Computing is shifting toward personal pleasantries.

  • just tried the iWatch.


    Whatever it is, I am impressed. :)

  • just tried the iWatch.


    I believe some of the apps are offline. Just based on what I tried.

  • just tried the iWatch.

    , Bas wrote

    But why a knob? Why not put a strip on the chrome of the watch itself and get rid of the knob?

    I think you should try it first. Because they can make the chrome scroll able, but, that will only confuse the user because scrolling a chrome is not easy and the distinction is not as distinctive than the obvious knob. And I want to reiterate precision. You can scroll using the touch screen, but, knob is so much more precise.

  • the next 5 years is crucial to MS.


    Hello everyone, not just directly to wasting time...., just a friendly reminder that, this thread is not intended to go into debate related to bondsbw first post on this thread. Please keep this thread in the context of OP, even though there is nothing to discuss LOL. As much as i love to get more attentions on this thread, it is not intended as a debate thread.

    Thanks for participating in this thread.

  • just tried the iWatch.


    The knob, which I called. I have no idea the real name lol. Is basically a precision scroll wheel. And they made the knob large and smooth enough that, you feel like you are scrolling on the chrome of the watch, which expectedly your meaty finger will scroll the knob. I think it is really neat and intuitive.

  • the next 5 years is crucial to MS.

    , bondsbw wrote


    What misunderstanding do I have?

    Nah, in a real debate, I will lose. So you are right. My bad.

  • the next 5 years is crucial to MS.

    , Icthiodrak wrote

    @magicalclick: Now I know you must be trolling.  That can't be a serious statement. 

    If you want to go use Apple products then have at it.  Why are you even here?

    I am rather positive that you would lose to my MS Fanboy level. Start sharing by saying I used Windows Live Search exclusively all the way to today (no Googling, unless I was forced to). And I have zero Apple products in my entire life. Your turn.

  • the next 5 years is crucial to MS.


    Yeah, that's really insane. No wonder Buffet didn't invest in tech stock, it is too rapid.

  • the next 5 years is crucial to MS.

    I take my word back. MS is done for.

    Sorry, I am too impressed with iWatch. There is simply no effing way MS can catch up to iWatch in the next 5 years. The extreme in hardware and software integration is just too much for something like generic Windows to handle. Simply impossible because MS is not a hardware company that is as capable as Apple. And this really shows after i tried iWatch.

    So, IMO, there is no way for MS to catch up to Personal Computing space anymore. The only possible way is to over take iPad to make iEcoSystem irrelevant. But, is not an easy thing to do with their App purchase tie-up.