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philippecp philippecp

Niner since 2012

  • GoingNative 24: Microsoft Azure Storage Native Client Library: Tables and Queues

    Good video. One minor annoyance though is Gabriel's constant acknowledgement of the interviewee. When doing video interviews, it flows better from the viewer's point of view to have the interviewee not interrupted by "ok", "uh-huh", etc.

  • Browse the .NET Reference Source

    Is there any way to see extern methods like String.ReplaceInternal()?

  • Getting the most out of the C++ compiler

    @Charles:Great, that blog was exactly what I was looking for! Now if only an almighty moderator could add a link to this blog as a "see also" in the video description so that other curious minds that have had their interest piqued can dig deeper, that would be wonderful Wink

  • Getting the most out of the C++ compiler

    I find the title misleading. I was expecting some tips on how to write code in order to increase the likelihood of the compiler vectorizing a loop. Furthermore, I am left with the following questions:

    1. Does the array size need to be known at compile time?
    2. Do you need to use the index syntax (array[i]) or can you use pointers? What about iterators?
    3. Can the compiler vectorize operations on a std::vector<> ?
    4. Are there any operations that will prevent the compiler from vectorizing? ex. branching, trigonometry functions etc.
    5. If the compiler detects a cross-iteration dependency on one of the many operations in a loop, will it split the work in one vectorized loop and one scalar loop?