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  • Company Name Rename



    This is pretty much the approach that CRSP uses to extend the Compustat data.



  • THANK YOU MICROSOFT (this deserves a separate thread)

    @Bass: Why is it better if people use a free Linux +.Net vs whatever?

    I'm thinking .NET along with python, scala, java, etc. And I think that was pretty much Microsoft's assertion last month at Hadoop World. Ultimately, they realize that the ecosystem has changed and they are focusing on driving revenues through Azure -- which this will help with.

    You are certainly correct though, it will probably increase the use of .net across the enterprise stack. I know personally, this week was the first time I've coded up any .net code in years, and it was on linux - and interfacing with unmanaged python. :)

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion


    I am pretty much in agreement here. 

    Why should any packets cost more than any other packets. It's foolish. The ideal is probably well intended, but the implementation will have various degrees of unintended consequences.


  • Company Name Rename

    Another option is to have 2 Identifiers per company. A permanent one that doesn't change and the current one associated with the current name. That and a date range should be all you ever need regardless of other architecture decisions.

    Just my $.02


  • Should APIs be copyrighted?


    Typically there are citations filed along with the patent application, the purpose of which is to help add validity to the request for a grant or publication status. For USPTO filings; I thought that all patents were assumed invalid, and there had to be evidence provided to the contrary.

    @Spinoniousv- It's 20 years from the Application Date, not the Grant date, the date the clock starts ticking is known as the Priority Date. Depending on the time it takes to get a Grant or 'Publication' status, many years may have already expired. 

    These terms are pretty much the same across many WIPO countries (World), including the EPO (European Patent Office).

    Depending on industry, 20 years may not be all that much of protection considering the time and money invested in the research of the patent. Pharmaceuticals and Bio/health patents are good examples where a company may have invested 20+ years and billions of dollars into a patent.


  • No Xpath 2.0 in Sql Server 2012?

    Is xpath 2.0 not supported even in Sql Server 2012?

    I'm using openXml to shred raw xml into edge tables and sql complains about string-join: XML parsing error: Unknown method.

    I'm hoping that I'm missing something here liker perhaps a config setting?

  • Erik Meijer: Microsoft completely messed it up (with .NET)

    Interesting and coincidentally I was just ranting about Xamarin  doing the mucking, of a perfectly fine MonoDevlop product the other day. Anyway, I would like to watch this if anyone has a public link please repost.




  • Monodevelop is now Xamarin?


    hmm, I use Monodevelop without any issue on my linux desktop, but I just tried installing it on my macbook and it prompted me to 'update'. It then proceeded to update to Xamarin.

    Xamarin interface looks a bit foreign (and much bigger?), and the simple asp.net project template code won't compile.

  • Monodevelop is now Xamarin?

    So is there now no great and free non windows C# IDE?

  • American Idol. Yes, that's my son

    John, your boy is one cool cat. It's really wonderful that you have fostered and suppoprted his talent. Great job to you both!

    We are cheering for him weekly in Boston.