Paul Laberge

Paul Laberge plaberge Windows Phone FTW!

Niner since 2011

Windows Phone Apps Lead for Microsoft in Canada.  Have a question about Windows Phone, HTML5, IE or Azure? Then follow me on Twitter and ask away!

  • EP7 - Shiny New Toys, Spring 2014
  • EP6 - Code, Manage, Test, and Deploy Directly From the Cloud
  • EP5 - DevOps: The Abbreviation That Will Change How You View ALM
  • EP4 - Building Cross-Platform Code in Visual Studio with Xamarin
  • EP3 - Rockin' Windows Azure (with Visual Studio 2013)
  • EP2 - Supporting Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio 2013 (#ItJustWorks)
  • Consistent App Experiences with Paul Laberge

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