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rjdohnert rjdohnert You will never know success until you know failure
  • What do Microsoft employees think about suing regarding ​linux/andro​id?

    Hey they arent suing me and I make my living off of Linux thats all I care about.  I look at lawsuits like this, someone has an alleged grievance and since one or both parties cant come to an agreement Its time for a third party mediator.

  • American Idol. Yes, that's my son

    Awesome performances John, your kid is awesome.  Just Youtubed it.

    Have the girls been hounding him yet?

  • American Idol. Yes, that's my son

    @JohnAskew: Congratulations

  • New Star Wars

    Well guys, they are coming out with a new Star Wars movie.  Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford all coming back.  So what do you guys think, mistake or does it sound like it will be decent?

  • Opera will make a gradual transition to the WebKit engine

    I really dont know if WebKit is the way to go.  There are enough WebKit based browsers out there.  What would their advantage be?

  • Surface Pro Reviews

    @vesuvius: Actually, yes I do have a Linux distribution, http://www.os4online.com, shameless plug, but Im also a technology enthusiast and whenever I have a problem or a comment I have no problem voicing it.  I dont care about Microsofts market, Im in the Linux market.  I think Windows is a great consumer desktop system.  Would I use it to run my day to day operations?  No.  But I dont flood these forums with anti-microsoft stuff cuz Im not Anti-Microsoft.  When I brought up the file copy problem, I said I never had that problem with Windows 7 or OS4 and I was using it as a comparison, I have Windows 7 machines, RHEL machines, OS4 machines and believe it or not,  I am a huge Windows 7 fan and if Microsoft had just made Windows 8 where it utilized Metro better than what it does than I would be a Windows 8 fan.  As it stands, Im not.  I feel thoroughly let down by Windows 8 and its performance, the issues I had with Windows RT and the Surface RT were a terrible let down because think about it, users base their like or dislike by the presentation and by the performance.  I do read Channel 9 everyday, I read the forums, but I also come from the old school where you learn there is a time to listen and a time to speak.  I returned my Surface RT because of two reasons, first, the kiosk I got it from really were for the lack of a better word, assholes.  They didnt want to help, they didnt want to even look at it.  I actually just wanted another machine after spending 4 hours with Microsoft tech support the night before trying to fix the problems.  They didnt want to replace it and I had to wait for them to make 6 phone calls before they said, we can give you your money back but we wont replace it.  This was only a week or so, after I bought the blasted machine.  Notice I didnt say the Kindle Fire HD was a better machine but I needed a tablet and I hate the iPad and I hate the Nexus.  I will buy another Windows tablet but it will be probably after some other vendors come out with better machines.  Second, totally turned off by the "Microsoft Store" in Durham NC and to spend that much money on a tablet and insurance, to be told we wont replace it when its faulty.  No offense to any Microsoft employees, but your customer service needs to get a whole lot better.  Sorry but it is what it is.  If you are looking for a Linux vs Windows troll, Im not that guy.  Just telling you what my experience was with Windows RT, Windows 8 and the "Microsoft Store"

  • Surface Pro Reviews

    With Windows RT, Windows 8 and Surface Pro now being declared junk on all three fronts, what is Microsofts next plan?  I mean I bought a Windows Surface RT, and I hated it.  Windows 8 was just so cumbersome and truthfully, I couldnt get the desktop release of Windows 8 to work well either.  Apps refused to download, one day it would tell me Im activated and using genuine Windows, another day it would say I was a pirate, and yet another day Im genuine again.  One day, across my OWN network, the file server in the next room, it said it was going to take an hour and a half to download a 1.2 gb file, where my Windows 7 and OS4 Linux machines it only took a moment or two.  I ended up returning the Surface RT and getting a Kindle Fire HD because the Surface RT gave me problem after problem.  Im not disappointed in Metro, I think its brilliant, Im more disappointed in the quality and the presentation.  Im not trolling here, Im just frustrated.  So what is Microsoft going to do to reestablish my confidence in their products and as a developer, why should I bother developing for Windows 8?  My Windows Phone 8 I love it, thats the brightest star shining in the MS camp right now.  My mother BTW has no problems with Windows 8 but she just uses e-mail and Internet Explorer.

  • The artist formerly known as "Metro"

    Microsoft could always call it, Yellowbox.

  • win 8 - audio peeps - question:

    I have been evaluating Windows 8 and have had no problems with audio.  Yes, I know, the next comments why is a Linux distributor evaluating Windows 8.  well, first because A) Its good for business to support Windows because everyone runs some Linux somewhere in their Windows infrastructure and B) Im a fan of Windows 8.

  • Interop question

    Right now the company Im working for is running Windows 7 and Microsoft Linux (SUSE) LOL, one thing I have noticed is that SUSE has really matured and gotten better and I cant help but think that has to be due to the work with Microsoft.  So I was just wondering what exactly does Microsoft and Novell do at the lab, now I know someones going to say work "work on interoperability" but what I would like to hear about are the details.  Maybe an idea for a Channel 9 video?  For those of us that do care.