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  • Defrag Tools: #66 - Windows 8.1 - Jeffrey Richter - Wintellect Package Explorer

    Hello I need to contact Jeffrey Richter with  a question about his application Wintellect Package Explorer, Jeffrey if you read this, I cannot use the application to uninstall any apps because it crashes everytime, I have run as administrator but the program keeps on crashing and creating dump, I have several dumps I would like to have you look at them please, I have created a folder for the dumps and here is the link..http://www.mediafire.com/?rnkfqj546wgg9   This folder contains wintellect package explorer dump files. you can also upload to this folder as well!

    Jeffrey you can upload solution here: http://www.mediafire.com/filedrop/filedrop_hosted.php?drop=8bcb6a844db63f1be579bb721d839029f8950cd500fe020fa489d5e0206e767a

  • Defrag Tools: #66 - Windows 8.1 - Jeffrey Richter - Wintellect Package Explorer

    @windev, Actually just by running that command Procdump was set as the J.I.T. (AEdebug) debugger, so hopefully this time it will stick, I think maybe Visual Studio was taking control back however, perhaps after updates or reconfigurations.  Now I have procdump in both aedebug keys.

    Visual Studio is driving me nuts anyway, as both 2012 and 2013 will not deploy any apps, I get the error DEP0700 RDSAppxNotifyRecoveryTrigger whenever I try to build and deploy an app, which I cannot figure out why I cannot properly register any windows 8 apps.

  • Defrag Tools: #66 - Windows 8.1 - Jeffrey Richter - Wintellect Package Explorer

    I just realized you guys got 15,000 views already, i never realized how big an audience defrag tools had.  I have  a question, After installing Visual Studio anytime an application crashes or hangs it brings up the dialog box to debug using visual studio 2012 or 2013, is there anyway to get windbg or procdump to be one of those choices?  I have already used the scripts from setting up the usb lightsaber to set the defaults to procdump, but still this box comes up, I used to be able to always collect dumps with procdump before I installed visual studio.  What gives?

  • Edge Show 79 Microsoft Remote Desktop App

    Wow that was great I really like how the app for Android lets you switch to the mouse and you can move the mouse around with your finger to click on files, folders, taskbar, whatever you need to do.  I was originally concerned that I wasn't going to be able to connect into my domain because of the NETWORK LEVEL AUTHENTICATION option being always on, but I still was able to get NLA even from my Android device, is this because I was using the device in the same lan or would it work outside as well if I enabled my servers to receive incoming RDP from the internet?

    Also, I noticed that it was not easy to zoom in and out, but I may just have to practice that.  I keep seeing these blue shapes when i try to use my fingers to zoom in and zoom out.  I will keep trying to get used to that.  Great work,

  • Edge Show 79 Microsoft Remote Desktop App

    That Ebook was written by EdBott correct?  I hope he wasn't upset that this wasn't mentioned when David said "WE packed a ton of new stuff with manageability into the book!" hahaah I think its funny, I am not at all saying anything is wrong with what was said.  I just have seen Ed Bott trying to sell the paperback version all over the place, the book is good. I am glad Ed bott got a chance to write it.  He is a nice guy.

  • Defrag Tools: #63 - Windows 8.1 - SDK

    I may have found a bug in Windows 8.1.  Often while I am typing and actively using my computer is locking and going to the lock screen, This is not supposed to happen unless the computer is idle.  This never happened on this machine with windows 8.  Please investigate this issue and advise how I can send in POC for this issue.

  • Defrag: Explorer Hang, 8.1 upgrades, Optimal Battery Conditioning

    @chmun77 Although it is possible to get a dump of explorer.exe in several ways, the easiest way is to open up task manager and find the process explorer.exe, then right click on it and choose create dump file...  As for analyzing it, I would use Debugging tools for windows, but it is quite complicated, perhaps you could email it in to defragshow@microsoft.com or defragtools@microsoft.com and have someone there analyze the dumps for you.

    I have a question for Gov about Windows 8, I have finally decided to upgrade my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8 and now I cannot update it without it overheating and shutting down.   It was running fine with Windows 7, but it cannot handle Windows 8.  The laptop is an HP G62 from about 4 years ago.  I guess the culprit is the AMD Turion II processor, but I am really hoping that I can get the thing to not overheat just enough to install some updates.  I tried safe mode but noticed that in safe mode you cannot even get to Windows Update in Control panel.  Gov what do you suggest, besides going back to Windows 7 again.  I gather I may have to open it up and replace the Fan with a supercooling system that may be expensive?  I forgot to mention that I already have the laptop on one of those 45degree angle lifted up laptop fans and I have another fan blowing on it and it ran fine for months with Windows 7.  I had heard that if your PC could run windows 7 that it could run Windows 8, but obviously there is something in Windows 8 that is causing this laptop to keep shutting itself down that was not in Windows 7.  Please help.

  • Defrag: Best drivers, Hide from Alt-Tab, Cloning HDD

    Idea for a show, Have Mr. Orange  go into detail into some of the folders in the Windows directory, especially WinSXS, the Assembly (GAC), CSC folder, and the Panther directory. Also the catroot in the system 32 folder.  I think that would be a great show. 

    peace james

  • Defrag Tools: #58 - Sysinternals Streams and Autoruns Example

    I personally use System Center Endpoint Protection and Microsoft uses it as well, (which is actually the same as Security Essentials and Windows Defender.)  I have not had any problems with Microsoft's Anti-virus programs personally but I just read an article where Holly Stewart from Microsoft made some comments about Security Essentials being the bottom rung antivirus... read this here, http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/security/384394/microsoft-security-essentials-is-designed-to-be-bottom-of-the-antivirus-rankings


  • Defrag Tools: #57 - New Job, New Systems, 2 Questions and 2 Crashes

    Congrats Andrew... You deserve it... I hope you will still help out your viewers if we send you our crashes as well. 

    MagicAndre...I always appreciate when you suggest your tools, you seem to find good ones.  If you have anymore suggestions for great tools like WSCC and junction master, please post a comment with a few tools suggestions...thanks


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