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sokhaty sokhaty

Niner since 2007

  • Cloud Cover 151: Azure Machine Learning with Parmita Mehta

    Looks pretty cool. I'm a bit surprised that there is no code samples in F#. Is it possible to add 3rd party or custom-build components into the tool panel? For example, to add a database connector or custom missing value proxy?

  • State of .NET (Keynote)

    I wonder if 100% managed code database drivers similar to tier 4 JDBC will be ever implemented in .NET. That would be a big relief - no dependency on availability and presence of a native client from a DB vendor and cross platform.

  • Ushering in the Era of Programmable Hardware

    Any plans to add FPGA support to SQL Server? Restrictions, projections, hashing and other functions that require single row to produce result seem like a logical candidates for offloading.

  • Silverlight TV 76: Animations on Windows Phone in the Bird Hunt Game

    @Duncanma: Controls works as long as player is not buffering. When it is buffereing none of the controls work in neither IE9 nor FF4. What's worse, there seem to be some bug in the player code that after a number of clicks on various buttons player just hangs and the only resolution is to close and restart the browser (at least that's true for IE9).

  • Tech·Ed North America 2011 Keynote Address

    Video is pain to watch in IE9 with SL. Link to high res WMV is broken.

  • A New NUI - Tobii Eyetracking Hardware

    Pretty cool technology.
    Blink once two select, double blink to execute action Wink

    Oh, and your boss will know exactly how long did you spend in front of the monitor looking at the code versus watching videos on C9 [blink, blink]

  • Cloud Cover Episode 41 - Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7

    Good as always.

    So, was Steve making some sort of a point by playing only A major? Azure-Majure?

  • C9 Lectures: Yuri Gurevich - Introduction to Algorithms and Computational Complexity, 2 of n

    It seems that discussion about "sameness" of two or more algorithms has no point unless participating parties agrees on what sameness means. Which it turn requires definition of a meta algorithm to measure various properties of algorithms of interest and compute measure of sameness. So, question "are two algorithm the same" has no aswer in general case.

    For similar reasons, in order to pick a better algorithm, one has to disclose all the constaints and assumptions used to compute measure of "goodness".

  • Programming Streams of Coincidence with Join and GroupJoin for Rx

    Not sure if I get all of it, I guess I have to watch it again.

    It would be very helpful to look at some samples. Also, it looks like the discussion is based on embedded assumption that observations of the events are direct. I wonder how it all change if observations were indirect - for example when you are trying to reconstruct flow of events based on gathering clues. Stream of clues is directly observable (and ordered in time), while pointers to the event stream of interest can be to the past or future times or be just durations without definite starting time points. Would Rx be useful in this case?

  • Accepting Input and Assigning Values from a TextBox - Day 1 - Part 10

    It looks like mystery about lost update to myTextBlock.Text revolves around implementation specifics of event processing in Silverlight on WP7 (or may be Silverlight in general?).
    Apparently, when assignment myTextBox.Text = ""; happens, "on text change event" is being added to the end of the queue of events waiting to be processed. So, queued event will be picked up for porcessing only after myButtonClick event handler completes. And when that happens, all your changes to the myTexBlock.Text will be effectively undone, lost or what have you. This is quite esy to validate by clicking "Clear" button without entering any text immediately after application loads, or clicking it twice in a row after some text was entered. In this case "on text change" event won't be fired (presumably changing text form "" to "" doesn't constitute a change). You'll note that text block won't display any text.

    I guess a real take away from this episode is how easy it is to mess thing up big, whithout understanding what events are and how they are being processed at run time.

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