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Scott spivonious
  • ipad air 2, you just have to hold it right

    , Ray7 wrote


    Relative altitude, apparently. 


    Ah, that makes sense for the fitness app market. You get much more accurate elevation info with a barometer than relying on GPS.

  • Hard Drive Access

    @gr4ntbyrne: It's definitely possible. Have you looked at this example? http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/xaml/hh771180.aspx

    Also here for what you need to set in the manifest:

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    , vesuvius wrote

    The fix is to improve the availability of the servers and databases, not finding elaborate methods to report errors to users. Just my own 2 pence.

    Totally agree. Not looking to spend a ton of time on this, but would like something better than a "sorry the site is down" page even when 60% of the site doesn't require any DB access.

    The actual problem seems to be a network issue between our two hosted VMs. Every few weeks, the connection drops and it takes hours to get it back up and running.

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    @cbae: Unfortunately we hit occasional network issues with our new host. Hopefully they get ironed out, but that's outside of our jurisdiction. We'd rather have the site limp along on one leg instead of dying completely.

    @ZippyV: It's a WebForms site, so Session is used fairly heavily in certain sections.


    Are there any downsides to StateServer? My boss couldn't remember why we don't use it, but he claims there was a good reason.

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    @blowdart: :(

    @figuerres: Session on SQL so things aren't lost when the app pool resets. No farm (yet) so I suppose State Server is an option. Are there any downsides to that aside from higher resource usage on the web server?

    @cbae: App has many pages that don't need session or DB data, so we'd like all but those that do to work. Maybe selectively disabling session state could be a solution. Unfortunately, Azure is not an option for us.

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    I've been tasked with investigating how to handle situations where our database server is inaccessible.

    If our DB is missing, the entire site blows up because it can't initialize the session, even if the page the user is browsing to has content that doesn't depend on the session.

    Ideally, I'd want the site to fall back to running "InProc" if the SQL server connection fails. Is there anything in the framework that would let me do this? Am I stuck creating some horrible mash-up of InProc and SQL in a custom session provider?

    I'd be okay with just catching the error and continuing, but I can't figure out where to catch it. If I do Page_Error/App_Error, it's too late to just skip the session bits and deliver a partial page.


  • Share Contract for the desktop?

    Opening up Charms to desktop apps is the right way forward.

  • Night at Central

    , ScanIAm wrote


    Maybe since they weren't armed and they weren't touching the ballots it's a little bit different?

    Florida always plays games with it's voting, to the point that folks in charge of keeping the elections fair have their jobs threatened when they point out that electronic voting machines are hackable.  The 2000 election was far too close to be considered theft regardless of who won, but there were a lot of games played with the ballots.

    They were armed and potential voters had to walk through them to get into the polling place.

    I'm amazed that states still have voting procedures that require putting a ballot into a box. PA has had some form of machine based voting since I've been voting (14 years) and the election officials never see your ballot.

  • Ebola spreads to USA

    @JohnAskew: It's not even confirmed that he has Ebola yet.

  • Night at Central

    , JohnAskew wrote

    @spivonious: No comment. I gave my word.

    Hong Kong leaders scrap talks with protesters

    I hope that this demonstration goes on until the government listens and acts with sincerity.