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Scott spivonious
  • MS Ads - much better

    The first ad is nice, but it still has that "changing the world" feel. I think the reason Apple ads were so successful at selling products is that they picked a feature and said "hey look at this cool thing the iPad does. Here's how to buy it."

    The MacBook vs Surface ads come close to that. The original Surface ads with the dancing were pointless.

  • My top 10 worst tech for value

    , JohnAskew wrote

    Plasma screens run hot and wear out in short order compared to LED.

    Based on printed specs, yes plasma consumes roughly twice as much energy. I'm fine with spending a couple extra dollars per year on electricity for the vastly superior picture. For what it's worth, I can't detect any heat coming out of the top vents on my TV, and no fan is inside (Panasonic TC-P50S2).

    As far as lifetime, it's rated at 100,000 hours to half brightness. By then, I'll have replaced it with a 16k holographic display.


  • My top 10 worst tech for value

    @GoddersUK: Yep, "LED" TVs are just LCDs with LED backlights. Yes, they're better than CCFL-backlit LCDs, but still not up to the quality of plasma.

  • My top 10 worst tech for value

    @androidi: That's why I stay away from LCD TVs and stick with plasma. Cheaper, better picture, and no viewing angle color shifts.

  • love this bit on the angular web site

    Wow this thread really blew up.

    @Bass - I'm in comp sci for the same reasons, but I keep my scope a bit smaller. Even a boring line-of-business application is changing the world for a select group of people. Things don't need to be bleeding edge to be effective, and they don't need to alter human history to be valuable.


    Is .NET becoming moot? I think so, at least in the way that the desktop OS is becoming moot. The user wants a browser and an app store. Everything else is just details.

    Is Angular the answer? I don't think so. It's the JS framework du jour, but check back in 5 years. I'm sure everyone will have moved on to the Next Big Thing (c). Knowing a general purpose language like C# or Java will help a lot more than knowing a specific JS MVC framework.

  • My top 10 worst tech for value

    @androidi: Remasters are almost always horrible. Watch a modern movie on blu-ray, on a good display and a good sound system (not a home-theater system from Walmart) and then watch the DVD. Colors crushed, sound squashed, picture fuzzy.

    About Ghostbusters, the eggs in Dana's apartment aren't white in the 4k version. Whoever mastered it made very odd color choices. Outside of the colors, I do like the picture in the 4k version better. Better contrast, crisper picture.

  • Anyone Sway Yet?

    That's a neat presentation model. Good to see the HTML is fairly clean too.

  • My top 10 worst tech for value

    Nintendo Wii - it was really fun for about six months. Now it gathers dust.


    I can't agree about the blu-ray player. Assuming one has the system to take advantage of the increased picture quality and sound quality, it blows DVDs and online streaming out of the water.

  • What gift do You want this season?

    @JohnAskew: Cheers! :)

    @ScanIAm: Agreed. Alzheimer's is a unique disease as it causes loved ones to suffer more than the afflicted person.

  • What gift do You want this season?

    @JohnAskew: A new carbon fiber touring bicycle to replace my commuter.

    But I'd be happy with some money or time donated to the local food bank.