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  • Javascript in 2015

    A fellow by the name of Glen Maddern put together a short video demonstrating a few of the new features in Javascript ES6. He thinks this year it might be good for developers to become familiar with them and perhaps start using them (with a little help from traceur.js).

    Take a look ...

    He's also written a blog entry on the subject ...


  • Angularjs' team: next version will be written in AtScript, a superset of TypeScript

    @fanbaby:See here for programmer reactions and also here for a follow-up.

    I don't believe AtScript, which is what will be required for Angular 2.0, converts into TypeScript, rather it is a super-set extension of TypeScript (AtScript stands for Annotated Type Script). As such, they both will convert into Javascript and not from one into the other.

    There have been rumors that in the future both AtScript and TypeScript will be merged into a single language/specification, and the hope is that ECMAScript will move towards that unified standard.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    @figuerres:Think of it like Darwin might have. It's been evolving since its inception, moreso than any other development stack. What has worked is kept and improved, what hasn't has been left behind. New features have been added, it's not the same thing it once was, and yes it's amazing.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    @wkempf:Oh okay. In my experience frameworks can make things better.

    jQuery makes selectors, measuring DOM structures, and ajax easier.

    GSAP makes tweening css, creating timelines, and animation playback control easier.

    But if you are telling everyone that in your expert opinion the javascript and html stack is hopelessly broken; that all javascript frameworks fail to improve development on that stack by adding power, or flexibility, or ease of use, then I guess you win. Conversation done. I'll send out the mass email telling everyone to stop using it.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    @wkempf:Lots of experience with what, the Silverlight stack? Or are you saying you've lots of experience with GSAP (or even Shifty.js)?

    If you mean Silverlight, then yeah I agree, it's not exactly easy, which was my point.

    If you mean GSAP and you're saying it's hard, well I disagree. You can see for yourself without installing a thing at codepen.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    @figuerres:The point is -> watch the video, it's easy to make incredibly rich, responsive, and interactive apps using html/javascript, maybe even more so than some developers realize (you are a prime example of that)

    Oh an the subject title "Why no Silverlight or Flash", it's meant to remind developer who may have spent time with either that today coding animated stuff in javascript is actually easier than any capability ever provided by those two technologies.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    Recently I've found that I spend more time writing css and javascript than c#. Current web browsers are really quite amazingly powerful, and I now consider javascript to be quite powerful as well.

    Here is a video demonstrating a free (mostly) javascript library capable of creating very advanced animation. This library can add animation to any elements in any of the web pages you might be designing. As a bonus, the code you write runs on all platforms, phones, and tablets seamlessly.

    You can play with the actual demo and code here: http://greensock.com/sequence-video

    Finally, ecmascript 6, which might make its way into browsers next year, adds a lot of great features such as arrow lambdas "() => something", true inheritance "extends+super", imports and modules, default argument values, plus a lot more.

    As time progresses I foresee an increase in programming jobs related to javascript and webpages.

  • ASP.NET templating system

    Last week while reading about WebForms at MSDN I came across this example in the documentation:

    <asp:Repeater ID="ProductList" runat="server">
            <%# Eval("Name") %> for only <%# Eval("Price", "{0:c}") %>
            <br />
            <a href='<%# Eval("ProductID", "details.asp?id={0}") %>'>See Details</a>
            <br />
            <br />

    Which spurred me to create a comparison of how this would look using my template system:

    {Name} for only {Price:C}
    <br />
    <a href="details.asp?id={ProductID}">See Details</a>
    <br />
    <br />

    Which is much cleaner IMO. 

    Image of templates organized in an IDE

    Edit: Here is the templating source code 

  • Tell me why I should use web framework X?

    @vesuvius: you (me) are a "dumbass"

     Lol, fair enough I suppose. I read through your comment and those of others. I guess my point my be is that what I have works well for what I need, is so damn simple, and quick. If I need some extra something, it's easy to add it in since I wrote it, and the results (which is where I want to be) turn out better than what I wanted to begin with. I am having a hard time imagining what I need in a framework that I already don't have.

    Again check out my reference site at the top in the original message. It does exactly what I wanted in the most straight forward implementation I could imagine using.



  • Tell me why I should use web framework X?

    I created a simplified overview of my custom asp framework based on a vanilla System.Object. I haven't used to much extent any C# web frameworks (besides dev.express xaf which i abhor). If anyone cares to help, look briefly at this overview of my framework and tell me why I should be using framework X instead?

    Reference website with framework in action:


    /* BasicHandler derives from System.Object. 
    provides caching of include files based on file modified stamps, safe (escaping html) 
    reading of post/get data through my IFiler interface, sending of files as response, 
    redirection enhancements, basic in memory logging, template file insertion */
    public abstract class BasicHandler : IHttpHandler {}
    /* TemplateHandler provides base support for template pages including 
    master detail templates and multiple templates per handler */
    public abstract class TemplateHandler : BasicHandler {}
    /* DataTemplate provides support for templates binding to sql data object collections,
    good for detail records originating from a database which need templates */
    public class DataTemplate : TemplateHandler { }
    /* PageHandler provides pages methods and default page, this is the base class for
    any page you would load */
    public class PageHandler : BasicHandler { }
    /* DocumentHandler for returning xml or json data */
    public abstract class DocumentHandler : BasicHandler { }
    /* FormatExtensions provide a state engine which parses templates (a string) and 
    binds to any object */
    public static class FormatExtensions { }
    /* DataCommand provides simplified database access, manages connection and 
    things which need disposing */
    public class DataCommand { }

    Page examples:

    public class HelloWorldPage : PageHandler
        public void SpeakMethod()
            Write("Hello There {0}!", ReadString("name"));
        public void StatusMethod()
    // execute using ?method=speak&name=freddy and ?method=status
    // no method returns hello.html

    Template example:


    <a id="hero-{Id}" name="{Name}" onclick="return clickHero({Id});">
    <span class="heroKind{Kind}"></span>
    <img src="{ImageMedium}">
    <span class="heroLabel">{Name}</span>
    <span class="heroTags">{Tag}</span>


    [Cached, Template("Hero")]
    public class HeroTemplate : TemplateHandler
        protected override void Run(StringBuilder output, Templates templates)
            var template = templates["Hero"];
            foreach (var hero in Lookups.Heroes
                .Where(hero => hero.Id > -1)
                .OrderBy(hero => hero.Name))

    Data access examples:

    using (var reader = DataCommand.Prepare(selectItemSummarySql)
        .Add("@name", name)
        while (reader.Read())
            list.Add(new ItemData(reader));
    long playerId = Api.SteamToPlayer(filer.ReadLong("steamid"));
        .Add("@player_id", playerId)
        .Add("@name", filer.ReadString("personaname"))
        .Add("@avatar", filer.ReadString("avatar"))
        .Add("@country_code", filer.ReadString("loccountrycode"))
        .Add("@created", filer.ReadLong("timecreated"))
    // both selectItemSummarySql and insertPlayerSql are paths to (cached) resources 
    // included in the project