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  • Locked out of hotmail/live account

    I just want to clarify events leading up my hotmail/live account being locked.

    I originally signed up for a hotmail account sometime around 1998. When I signed up at that time a phone number wasn't required and nor was a secondary email address. At some point in time my Microsoft converted my hotmail account into a "live" account.

    Five or six weeks ago whenever I wanted to post here or check my email live began asking me for a phone number to send me a text message. I actually don't use a cell phone often, and when I do it's a prepaid cell phone, which is a great money saver.

    About three weeks ago when I attempted to use hotmail I found I was locked out. Microsoft wanted to send me a text message to authorize my account to a non existent cell phone. Since I actually had no contact information, the hotmail site wanted a secondary email, but would only send the recovery information to that other account email some random time over a 30 day window (according to the instructions I would see whenever I tried to log in here or at hotmail or with any live serve for that matter).

    Additionally, since my account was locked, it also put my other accounts in jeopardy. I could not get messages from godaddy, newegg, ebay, monoprice, ect. All of this because Microsoft decided that because I pressed skip a few times when asked to provide a cell phone number for authorization code text message my account would be locked.

    I've since updated all my contact information for godaddy, ebay, and more to use my gmail account, which doesn't lock me out when I press skip if they ask for a cell phone number.

  • Locked out of hotmail/live account

    So I guess I'll not be using hotmail or any windows live or other Microsoft sites anymore.

    Starting last month the live login process began asking me to provide extra authentication linking my phone number and text messages to my live account. I didn't add a mobile number and now I can no longer sign into my live account.

    To make thing more difficult, Microsoft then forced me to wait for some random point within the next 30 days to add extra security to my account, and until then I cannot use live login.

    Microsoft you lost a long time customer and I'll be sure to spread the word. It was nice knowing you guys on channel 9, thanks.

  • Chromecast

    Plex media software now has Chromecast support. Here is a recent demo:


  • The world's hardest riddle

    I turn polar bears white
    and I will make you cry.
    I make guys have to pee
    and girls comb their hair.
    I make celebrities look stupid
    and normal people look like celebrities.
    I turn pancakes brown
    and make your champane bubble.
    If you squeeze me, I'll pop.
    If you look at me, you'll pop.
    Can you guess the riddle?

    97% of Harvard graduates can not figure this riddle out, but 84% of kindergarten students were able to figure this out in 6 minutes or less. Can you guess the correct answer? Just repost this bulletin with the title "The World's Hardest Riddle", and then check your inbox. You'll get a message with the correct answer in it. Good luck!

    I believe the answer is NO! The last line in the riddle says "Can you guess the riddle? and most kindergartens would answer no.

  • XKeyscore - Screen shots of NSA search tools

    Here is more information regarding XKeyscore from a top secret presentation created in 2008:


    It would seem that the NSA likes searching your word and excel documents, especially if you do something suspicious like use encryption. 

  • XKeyscore - Screen shots of NSA search tools

    Edward Snowden via Glen Greenwald shed more light today on what he meant when he said given an email address he could wiretap anyone:


    What's interesting here is seeing the actual NSA analyst search forms which are simple browser based applications. An analyst fills out a keyword, email address or website name (wildcards can be used) and select a search reason from a limited drop list, then clicks "submit" and he/she can find out a whole lot about you. This includes your web browsing history, online chats, emails, locations you've logging in from. All this is done without a warrant.


  • NSA Spying Program


    United Kingdom (check)

    Devil's Advocate (check)

  • NSA Spying Program

    @dahat: Yeah, not to mention how costly it all is (1.7 billion for their new data warehouse). I guess what they are doing is continuing to improve their software and just storing everything off (which is why they need the new facility) until they get their software to the point where it can be parsed (pattern recognition) more intelligently.

    One thing is for sure, the government really wants to hold on to all this data (US citizens email, voice/video/text chat, photos, contents of cloud storage accounts like S3 skydrive google drive, video conferences, and social network activity details).

  • NSA Spying Program

    @evildictaitor: Are you sure that analysts running queries only go through business records? How? Are you sure software doesn't search through other records when a query is run? How? Are you overseeing all the software contractors are writing to which manages the massive amounts of private US citizens communication data cataloged every day by the NSA? Private US citizens communication data which is being stored possibly forever.

    Is your reason for trusting this data in the hands of the government and private for profit contractor is that it would against the law to parse that data (by human or computer means), and they won't break the law because they are such good guys? Or is it because Congress understands computer systems so well (Ted Stevens series of tubes anyone) along with the heads of government agencies and they have already explained everything is okay and there is nothing illegal happening?

    Or would it be more fair to say not everyone knows exactly what the NSA software does (even within the NSA). Or that people who actually worked with the NSA databases like Snowden, or the three ex-NSA officials who went on the record yesterday ...


    ... actually might be blowing the whistle on illegal (but not against policy) activity?

    I am not sure, but how about this ... we stop letting the worst day America has had in fifty years (9/11) dictate what liberties we ignore for the next two decades. We can allow our most vulnerable panicked moment to justify almost anything (like we have been doing), or we can do the right thing: Take a step back, reconsider, and make decisions which help rather than suspect everyone.

  • NSA Spying Program

    @spivonious: More people die each year the hands of police than by terrorism. More people die each year by slipping in the bathroom than by terrorism.