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  • Google Embroiled In Scientology Debate

    Google found itself accused of censorship this week, after it removed some pages from an anti-Scientology web site in response to a legal request made by the Church of Scientology.

  • Prison Debate

    Antitorgo wrote:
    What amazes me is how you equate this to Rambo, where he is rescuing POWs in Vietnam YEARS after the war ended. In the case of Guantanamo, the war is still ongoing

    Which war are you referring to, the war in Iraq or the war against terror? If it's the war in Iraq, I should point out that these people were not captured in that war. If it's the war against terror, that's more a continuious conflict with no end objective.

    Antitorgo wrote:
    So tell me, what should we do? Release them so they can go back to shooting at our soldiers?

    If you had any real knowledge of the of the conflict in Afganistan, where these people were captured, you'd know that it was fought with minimal US forces and a majority of US bombs and paid Afgan rebels coordinated by the CIA. As to your false claim that these captured people were shooting at our soldiers, aside from the small number that were captured during the Afgan prison riot, the vast majority of the others were arrested without a fire fight. They were rounded up using a rewards for turning someone in system we setup once the fighting had ended.

    So where does this leave your point? Is it that we should imprison these arrested unknowns without trial, for the duration of an endless war, which is to say forever?

  • Prison Debate

    Let me tell you a story...

    When I was a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's I loved to watch action movies. In those days I'd see movies with heroes like Chuck Norris and Sly's Rambo that were fighting to rescue unknown American POWs from secret Vietnam prison camps. At the time, I thought this was the peak of evil and could hardly imagine how any country could get away with imprisoning humans indefinitely, hiding their identities, and never giving them a chance at a trial.

    Fast forward to today and is this exactly what America is doing. Everything is turned upside and truth doesn't seem to matter anymore. It's all about who has face time on the TV and their talking in circles points.

    End of story.

    So, you were asking my opinion on what should be done about the prisoner situation?

    First I'd have to say someone needs to wake up the American public and de-zombify them, if that's at all possible. After that, hopefully the majority of Americans would realize how wrong we've acted and we'd force the government to give the prisoners access to lawyers, their family, and a fair trial. The trial would have to be accessible to the public to sure it's not all a railroad sham job. Finally, I'd say we would need to review the entire situation, issue apologies where needed, penalize people that broke the law, and setup some check and balances so that it not only never happens again, but also so that the American people won't get suckered by fear monger a second time (kind of like how Germany banned (I need to watch my language) symbols after WWII).

  • Prison Debate

    What do you do after you've successfully converted 460 people into America haters and the rest of the world steps in demanding they be unleashed? Maybe it's not enough to teach them how to kill themselves. Here is a debate focusing on how to handle the Guantanamo Bay prisoner problem featuring two formidable opponents. Watch these master debaters throw down and see who come out on top.

  • Why Ballmer should leave Microsoft

    Chadk wrote:
    I think Steve is gonna leave soon after Bill Gates(July 08).

    Yes, I heard yesterday that Bill said he was leaving in sometime in 08. I just wanted to say I think it's ridiculous that Bill would leave before Vista ships!

  • Meet America's Do Nothingest Congressman

    Meet Lynn Westmoreland, America's do nothingest congressman. As the Republican representing Georgia's 8th district, his duties include re-reading his campaign pamphlets, and avoiding legislation. When he's not busy doing nothing, he spends his free time falling asleep in church and being mocked by fake television news reporters.

  • More World Class Dou-che Bagery

    Where will it end? It seems the cable broadcasts are on a roll of hate filled dou-che (filter) baggery these days. On Tuesday June 6 2006 Today Show host Matt Lauer interviewed professional hate organizer author Ann Coulter. Coulter, promoting her new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" says so many shockingly hateful and stupid things in the interview, that it will leave you gaping.

    Warning, this video may cause your monitor to crack.

  • And the Winner of Douche Bag of All Time is ...

    Yeah, there was something wrong with the HTML editor on this forum that prevented the link at first. Maybe it's a bug that has something to due with the profanity filter when I used the word do*che bag?

    BTW John, hello from an ex-salesware employee.

  • And the Winner of Douche Bag of All Time is ...

    Rarely does there come a time where douche baggery is exemplified such as this. It staggers the mind that anyone could be such a douche bag by defending (I need to watch my language) war criminals and pinning their crimes on murdered Americans.

    Warning! You may throw up when watching this video.

  • Read the paper detailing AT&T / NSA wire-tapping

    1775 - Give me liberty, or give me death!
    2006 - Give up your liberty, or we're all gonna die!

    Masses, meet my fear mongering corps