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  • Getting Started with Unit Testing Part 1

    I'm well versed on unit testing, but I was curious. I thought you did a great job covering the basics.

  • Defrag: Best drivers, Hide from Alt-Tab, Cloning HDD

    I suspect the stuck Windows key is a bug.

    I've had this happen. I've seen people at work have it happen. And a family member and a couple of friends have had this problem. It's always the Windows key. It's not the ALT, Fn, or any other key.

    The problem has always been resolved by just pressing the Windows button.

  • Ping 182: Legos & Robots, Bing search, Xbox One Domain name, Kinect spy?


    It's incredibly na├»ve to not believe at this point that there is a high degree of likelihood that the government would use the Xbox One inappropriately and illegally. The government has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar with the revelations of the NSA spying programs. The complicity of major corporations in this spying adds to the anxiety. Privacy policies mean nothing, because the government grants immunity to companies to comply.

  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

    It depends on what you mean by killer... For me, the killer feature would be not allowing used games, because it would kill my desire to upgrade. I buy 9 out of 10 games new, but I don't want to lose the option. I'm also not thrilled about the rumor of requiring the Xbox to always be online. Most people aren't fooled by the marketing speak on the subject. Always online is a vehicle for DRM.

    But, in the spirit of your request, I'm simply looking for more parity with the PC experience -- performance and graphics.

    On another topic, Microsoft needs to put out an update to the Channel 9 app that allows you to add comments.

  • Defrag: Uninstall leftovers, IE Crash, Watchdog Bugcheck

    I thought I'd mention that the annoying GUI in Jurassic Park is a real Unix GUI. It's called FSN.

  • Ping 169: Hotel of the Future, Outlook scores, Imagine Cup for the girls, Crime fighting tech

    I use Windows Live Mail right now to manage my Hotmail account (which has been migrated to Outlook.com) and two GMail accounts. I use the Hotmail account for things like my MSDN subscription, but one of the two GMail accounts is my primary one. GMail is my primary account because the UX is so much better on my Android phone than Hotmail in the messaging app.

    I generally leave Live Mail open all day and I use Outlook for work. I could use Outlook for everything, but it complains if I'm not connected to the VPN to get to the Exchange server. Overall the reasons why I'm not actively using the web interface are as follows:

    1. Support for combined accounts is no where near as good
    2. An Internet Explorer page is more than 2x more memory than Live Mail

    The Web is not the solution to everything.

  • Ping 167: 4Afrika, Surface- Ask Me Anything, Microsoft on Privacy, Redbox on Xbox

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    I don't really think anything needs to be changed with the show.

  • Ping 166: Facebook Graph Search, WP8 Nominated, Nokia Drive, Microsoft loves the 90's

    , Paul II wrote


    I agree with the font on the navigation pane.  We need to try something else there.  And I also agree that "Mythly Studios" should be offset from the navigation.

    We initially had it so that the navigation was collapsible, but it seemed cumbersome to have two collapsible columns.  Maybe we'll have it collapsible, but have it shown by default.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    You're welcome.

    Perhaps you could tie it to video playback and just expand the pane when the pane is too small for the video.

  • Ping 166: Facebook Graph Search, WP8 Nominated, Nokia Drive, Microsoft loves the 90's

    The mythly.com website is well designed. I have a couple of points of interest. The navigation font just doesn't feel right. I'm not sure if it's the font itself or the spacing. The name should be offset from the navigation. Also the middle pane is too constrained where the video is shown. Either let the navigation pane be collapsible or provide more resizing options.

    On other note, I liked the content on the digital magazine. That would actually make me more interested in that type of content (whether on my notebook or when I get a Surface). Another idea which is a tie-in to the show (it's my idea and I claim it) is you could set achievements for viewing ads and have some type of reward system.

    As for achievements in general, I don't really care that much. I like that they're there, but my gamer score is pretty low considering the number of games I've played. It's more about the story or the activity for me.

  • Ping 164: IllumiRoom, Skype, Ballmer & Basketball, Surface Pro

    I'm looking at the Pro. I wasn't impressed with the RT display. Everything on the Pro is what I'm looking for, so if anything it's the real world battery life that will make or break the sale. I'd probably get an RT too for my daughter to play with, but the price is going to have to come down.