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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Add another one to the pile

    , Vaccano wrote

    Pile, meet Lightswitch.

    Lightswitch, meet the abandonware pile (Silverlight, Linq-To-SQL, Compact Framework etc)



    Lightswitch, meet the lights off pile. Lightswitch started off in Silverlight so it's no surprise, as the new direction is what Apache Cordova is doing.

    On the flip side, it'll be good to have Beth Massi back, there are a lot of exciting business possibilities with the Internet Of Things and Microsoft have the momentum again, and most importantly they have the developers behind them.

  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    , Bass wrote

    It's a risk. But the only alternative is for humanity to forever be a barely evolved monkey on dying speck of dust in this vast cosmos. A benevolent superintelligent AI can take us to a technological singularity in a few years from now at best or really at worst a few decades time.

    So this really is a philosophical dilemma, whether to use AI to assist us in the world, or for it as a replacement for us?

    Maybe Art, Beauty and similar qualities are just here to help us pass the time by, since we take too long to evolve biologically, as the only thing that matters in life is mutation and evolution that is the objective


  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind


    , Proton2 wrote

    @vesuvius: Your wrong about fossil fuels.

    OK, removed that reference

    @vesuvius: I have some pretty good things to say about the A.I. stuff

    Please digress?


  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    Not sure why this is a headline today, as it was covered here, but  certainly the right forum for the debate.

    Over the years, people keep saying that AI is too hard, and only basic ability to learn has been achieved. Juxtapose this to Bass who thinks it is the solution to everything, including his own existence, as humans fail every time to fully realise technological gain as commercialisation or Governments end up controlling the technologies.

    E cigarettes are surely better than actual cigs (health wise) for example but the people in charge of those products are insanely powerful and able to cast doubt in pretty clever people and get them to not use the products which some people are saying. The mobile phone seemed to solve the problem of using wired technologies, but that is now full of tracking by commercial and non commercial entities, so arguably, you have less freedom as people are constantly trying to extract information to sell you products or to gain a measure of control over you.

    My fear of AI isn't the technology, it's the people that end up running technologies, where decisions end up being taken behind closed doors.

  • Profound & thoughtful video sharing thread

    Obviously an ornithologist

  • Of Course there isn't a shortage.

    @JohnAskew: I have developed Scientific, Medical and engineering software, on top of your  business as usual database oriented software.

    If I am honest, the less exciting and droll business intelligence, SQL, reporting type software tends to pay orders of magnitude better than scientific or medical software.

    You only have to look at the salaries offered at one of the UK's best academic institutions http://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/ to see what is wrong with this all.

    The pay for a PhD researcher at a university is less than an entry level developer. Your average business intelligence developer usually has the ego the size of a planet, but what he does makes money, lots of it, most research does not, however interesting it might be.

    I have created a couple of multimillion pound making software products recently and did not even make 1% of the yearly revenue, so I hope developers wake up, and start demanding better pay

  • Thanksgiving in Europe? It's more likely than you think!

    @ScanIAm: Some surprises are the number of American diners opening left, right and centre selling buffalo wings, and American size portions even on motorway routes.

    Even more surprising is the popularity of American Football, and the number of Chevrolet cars people here are now buying.

    We have boxing day, the day after Christmas as the day people go bargain crazy. America, to an outsider still seems a deeply religious country, where the Archbishop of Canterbury here has noted that we are Post Religion.

  • Told ya (dotnet)

    , bondsbw wrote


    Nobody is confused.  You act like everyone is confused.  You act confused yourself, except you obviously aren't or else you wouldn't be complaining.

    That's it, got it in one!

  • Told ya (dotnet)

     @wastingtimewithforums: This time you are wrong and are scraping the bottom of the barrel to habitually send a message that you are a Microsoft hater.

    The one thing you can guarantee wastingtimewithforums  is that "haters gonna hate"


  • Profound & thoughtful video sharing thread


    , IPowerPanda wrote

    Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address


    Another high quality post, many thanks again.