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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Dart bites the dust

    @fanbaby: Lars Bak was warned by Anders


    This is one of the comments;

    They both have equally valid technologies, simply born of different ideologies. But Anders is so cordial and polite compared to Lars' hostile and sardonic that I'm more inclined to  opt for typescript!

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @vesuvius: All what you said has nothing to do with the topic we are discussing in this thread. I think this topic, and the message, everybody that has replied to this thread, are trying to send to Microsoft, is too important to be turned into some irrelevant personal bashing.

    I think the views presented by all so far has been constructive, but this being a public discussion forum, of course the views are not objective. It is a discussion forum after all. Please don't pollute this discussion by changing the subject. Please. 

    What I have written has everything to do with the post. Windows 8 is all about focussing on Windows Store apps, so the GUI promotes Metro applications over websites. A lot of people are continuing to build websites so the changes in Windows 10 will be to accommodate desktop and browser applications better as well as promoting Windows store applications.

    I have seen members of my family buy Windows 8 (while full of fear that they could not use it), and they use it fine (including someone partially blind) so Windows 10 will succeed, and the enterprise is begging for the story Windows 10 has on offer.

    wastingtimewithforums bashed Windows Vista, then bashed Windows 7, then bashed Windows 8 and is now bashing Windows 10, notwithstanding that you agree with him on some features that need to be changed.

    The way I have seen Windows develop is that Microsoft spends years planning each release, so changing development priorities or functionality this late in the day is unlikely. I think your concerns will be looked at in the updates for Windows 10, much like Windows 8.1 has changed significantly from Windows 8.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @BitFlipper: Windows 8 was designed when Microsoft and the World were in a blind panic about tablets taking over the world so they made decisions based on that.

    The truth is that the world has chosen HTML as the cheapest and easiest technology to build applications, pretty much every Technology Director I know defaults to HTML as opposed to ever considering native applications, as board room meetings are always about being cost effective, especially in the enterprise. It does not matter how bad an HTML application is, if you are paying someone to use it, they will use it, and oftentimes never complain.

    wastingtimewithforums raison d'etre is perennially to never ever be constructive or objective, except to say Windows is (add derogatory term), I know personal attacks are not in the spirit of this forum, and beneath someone who has been a member for so long, but wasteofspace is what I see when he posts.

    A recent internet meme reads "Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution"

  • future of VB

    @Marburg: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Is+the+VB+language+available+in+2015+and+later+%3F

  • Very cold in the queue this morning ...

    @elmer: After the last profit announcements by Apple, and being an iPhone and iPad owner, I have resolved to not pay for such obviously overpriced goods in the future.

    The Men That Made Us Spend has had a profound effect on me, so I will keep my 4 year old car for another 6 years until the 100 000 mile warranty runs out, rather than chasing a new license plate.

    Am I getting old?

  • Sprint-time for Hitler ....

    Development is an engineering discipline. The biggest failure most companies are making is thinking of sprints as a way of ensuring projects are deliverable in predictable timescales.

    Roslyn was meant to have been released in the Visual Studio 2012 timeframe, but is now going to be released in Visual Studio 2015 because the reality is that such a complex project takes as long as it needs to take.

    This is why I prefer working with scientists as opposed to corporate clients. A scientist will work on a project for 3 months and discover at the end that it just does not work and devise a different experiment. Scientists tend to accept failure in far more constructive ways than the enterprise.

    The business world tends to behave like the odious mass murderer in the video you posted (unlike the scientist), you can laugh, but there are programme managers that behave exactly like this despicable man.

  • Job agents that is too aggressive

    @cheong: Linkedin is very good for networking, but you do need to have some safeguards. If you are subcontracting it is indispensable, but you may want to consider writing (A Technology Company) as your current company if you work for Microsoft, and fill in all your previous employment information and never let anyone know who you are currently working for.

    If you know you will be working somewhere for the next 10 years then it is of questionable value. You may also want to consider writing a line in your profile that reads "Strictly No Agencies!" so they know you don't want to be contacted, or ask them to only contact you at cheong@outlook.com.

    Developers need to learn to deal with agencies better, they typically make 20%-25% of whatever your daily rate is, or get paid thousands for filling in a vacancy. Quite how the world has moved to this model is a mystery to me as the money should be in the developers pockets, not the recruitment agency.

  • Blue or White?

    I read this new article in bed on my iPad and the image looked blue, when I logged onto my reasonably priced 27" Samsung monitor (£350) with a £120 graphics card, it looks white, what colour do you see on a tablet vs. traditional desktop screen?

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    Lenovo have also released a tool to remove superfish.

    I guess Apple devices are best because you never have hardware manufacturers bundling software suites. I know WinRT/Windows Runtime would be equivalent through the Windows Store where everything is certified but having a command line instruction or a place in Windows you can just "install core OS" would be a brilliant feature.

  • Who designed your internal network?

    , GoddersUK wrote

    This is a particular shame as the GDS have, in the past, demonstrated themselves to be one of the more technologically sane branches of the UK government. :(

    They probably have gone for Ernst and Young for a particular reason, don't forget they have dozens if not hundreds of suppliers. If you work with any Government departments e.g. The Police or the NHS, they are all moving to  PSN, I would recommend you go to CESG">http://www.cesg.gov.uk/Pages/homepage.aspx">CESG for any guidance.