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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Automotive Market

    , JoshRoss wrote


    The car should be able to answer free form questions, and perform basic tasks without roboticly structured verbal commands.

    Questions like:
    When should I get the oil changed?
    How far away is home?
    How long will it take to get warm in here?
    What pharmacies are open now? (In the middle of the night.)
    Do I have enough gas to get to [where ever]?
    What is the speed limit?
    What time is it?

    Commands like:
    Turn the lights on / or off. (Interior)
    Call the police, someone got into an accident.
    Drive smoothly.
    Drive sporty.
    Turn the seat warmers on.
    Do X the next time I remote start you.
    Let me know if I am drowsing off.
    Help me see better. (Turn on high beams, lower lights on dials and screens.)
    Remind me to check the tire pressure next time I get gas.

    And the car should ask questions too. Like did you forget your phone? Or just letting me know that there has been an accident reported, or speed trap reported, on my route.

    Questions like:
    @When should I get the oil changed?

    BMW Service Light comes on, can also see using iDrive

    @How far away is home?

    Android or iPhone apps with talk and the thingymajig, I have used both in my BMW
    @How long will it take to get warm in here?

    Takes 10 minutes initially, then almost instantaneous after in my BMW
    @What pharmacies are open now? (In the middle of the night.)

    I know where all the 24 hour supermarkets are in my area

    @Do I have enough gas to get to [where ever]?

    BMW dashboard has a counter that comes on at 50 miles and several times after. If you are stupid enough to miss these warnings, BMW will deliver fuel to you if you have extended warranty, though they would do this if your car is serviced regularly with them
    @What is the speed limit?

    You probably should not be driving if you miss the speed limit signs in the UK, the Government make millions from the millions of speed cameras there are here, but the UK is tiny compared with the US
    @What time is it?

    On my BMW dashboard like it is in windows in the bottom left hand corner

    Commands like:
    @Turn the lights on / or off. (Interior)

    BMW lights are set to automatic

    Call the police, someone got into an accident.

    @Bluetooth and hands free is setup on my iPhone, they will come and pick me up, put me in a hotel and fix the car as it is under warranty, obviously insurance will deal with any claims

    @Drive smoothly.
    @Drive sporty.
    @Turn the seat warmers on.
    Do X the next time I remote start you.
    Let me know if I am drowsing off.
    @Help me see better. (Turn on high beams, lower lights on dials and screens.)
    @Remind me to check the tire pressure next time I get gas.

    All functions available on the higher end trim BMW's, can you see where the issues are, and what you need to do to resolve them?

    Get a BMW or Audi (I dislike the interior and they are always a tad slower than the BMWs, lovely cars though)

  • Sherlock (No Spoilers). Whos' watching?

    , Proton2 wrote

    The best Sherlock version was the one with David Suchet.

    Nonsense, if you are comparing the current Sherlock, then it must be the Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce films. They were the first to not rigidly stick to the original stories and move Sherlock to modern times but retaining a lot of the names and places, forgetting the Broughams etc.

    I think it is widely acknowledged that the Granada TV series with Jeremy Brett is the quintessential Sherlock if you want the exact interpretation of the text and the Broughams.

    I happen to like all but the new films with Jude Law and this current series which is unlikely to stand the test of time.

  • Automotive Market

    @USArcher: If you look at the Visual Studio 2013 launch video lead by Soma, there is a pretty cool motorsport system in use by Toyota, so there is work going on.

  • Sherlock (No Spoilers). Whos' watching?


    , evildictait​or wrote

    I really enjoyed the first two seasons of the BBC's Sherlock, but to be honest, the first two episodes of Series 3 have left a lot to be desired.

    The first two episodes have been a complete and utter waste of time. Certainly nothing I would watch again, I cannot believe they got things so spectacularly wrong.

  • Best wishes for Microsoft in 2014

    , TexasToast wrote



    I just hope that IE works.  I am seeing more often that alot of sites just do NOT work on IE.  It is getting worse.   I have to install Chrome just to have access to sites that I cannot use in IE.   How did Microsoft get to this point?    It is another downward trend for Microsoft.   Also, once you use Chrome or Firefox,  why would you go back to IE?


    I agree, my banking at HSBC and Lloyds just plain does not work in an IE browser. They have created smartphone apps so maybe that is what their development teams are concentrating on, but all the important websites I need to use, usually end up in me changing to firefox so the website actually works.

  • Answering questions in forum

    @cheong: I tend to work on research related efforts, where we have to innovate, and resolve issues that you cannot Google, so my employers would feel aggrieved, if I started posting all the code they have paid me to discover, and giving this to their competitors.

    I have had to sign agreements, and take out insurance where they can sue me for up to 2 million for each indiscretion. This sadly is why I cannot blog, but you should be fine, as you have not had to take out any agreements like this.

    I would do my best to leave amicably, if the situation is hostile, don't add any more gas to the fire, just stay away from forums for 3 months, your boss will soon move on, he is just trying to dig up as much dirt on you so he can say to his boss that you were an ars*hole, this always happens, irrespective of where you work if you suddenly resign (as it is now going to cost them time and money to replace you)

  • How many bytes are there in a kilobyte?

    @AndyC: This was a simple question last night on QI I got wrong so was aghast. I think this makes things harder not easier, especially if you get a spotty faced coder telling you you are wrong.

    Why has windows not changed this? I am sure iOS and Linux must all be set to 1024, who actually uses a kilobyte of 1000?

  • Merry Krimble 9ers

    @jamie: Off to Marks & Spencer now to get some shopping in.

    I am hoping for a hire like Ray Ozzie to replace Ballmer. People dismissed him, but the Server & tools business has been working to realise his vision for the last few years, and will do for many years after. I hope Microsoft find a sweet spot to entice business to use the native platform and not default to HTML.

  • How many bytes are there in a kilobyte?

    Thread subject/title says it all.

  • Thanks Microsoft!

    , GoddersUK wrote

    Just got this in my inbox today! Very useful, especially considering I'd just maxed out my current 25 GB free space.

    What will you do next year once you have maxed out you 45GB space? This is pure marketing brilliance, as you will have to buy additional space otherwise you would have deleted some of your files in the current 25GB limit.