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  • Why do some programmers write code this way?

    , cbae wrote

    I see this kind of stuff so often, I often wonder if it's intentional or just due to laziness.

    It is also due to deadlines a lot of the time, I see a lot of code like this from seasoned developers, but when you understand the pressures people are under to produce results the first thing to go is quality.

    I blame the people in charge, not the developers

  • What is the future for Microsoft C++ UI technology?


    , figuerres wrote


    if it only work on windows 9 then that will be a bad thing....

    Steve Guggenheimer and Terry Myerson don't need to look very far to find where the issues are, if unifying the XAML stack was make or break for Windows, they would do it. Steve Guggenheimer said he was out to win developers, without any announcements to placate developers, people are just going to use other platforms and his words are "Hot Air"

    People said Android and iOS were extremely poor choices for business, but a lot of business is starting to develop for the platforms without a care in the world. We have a Windows Mobile CE app that is being replaced with Android, all that matters is the device has an app, and that the services exist to feed the app. These are the people that would never have used non-Microsoft technologies 5 years ago.

    Windows as a platform is suffering due to issues like WPF, WPF/E and Lightswitch having lifetimes shorter than Android or iOS, and miscommunication from Microsoft.

    If the client technology story is poor in Windows 9, I think the next generation of developers are all going to be Java, Swift or playing safe with HTML5/JavaScript, because Microsoft are not to be trusted with UI technologies any more.


  • Am I not getting it or did OData V4 go off the rails?

    @Rory priory: oData is still a relatively new web services framework. In order to eliminate headaches such as the one you have, always use tried and tested technologies, if there are any gotchas, then there usually is a fix.

    oData at times seems to have been developed by people that have never written enterprise grade scalable web services and at the moment creates as many problems as it fixes.

  • considering iPhone or Android phone.

    , BitFlipper wrote


     AFAIC, WinRT is a toy OS for toy apps.

    Microsoft need to completely open up their RT/Windows phone platforms and waive windows store charges (you will get them back in Azure).

    I am seeing iPads and Android tablets taking over business, if Microsoft are not careful they will lose both Business and Client/Consumer markets whilst concentrating solely on Client/Consumer platforms.

    I got a Windows phone that I seldom use because it isn't capable of playing lossless music, basically you need a Larry Osterman for your devices.

    Hearing is one of the base senses, so not delivering on amazing audio capabilities seems erroneous, yes you have had to get to market, but don't treat you devices like they are winforms i.e. good enough!

  • "Being able to play with data needs to become a very, very important developer skill"

    @JohnAskew: A proper .NET implementation around Hadoop would have gone someway to get a lot of developers to start look at big data.

    If you want to progress as a big data expert, Microsoft are not offering you a platform to do this on, so you will have to look at Java or Python implementations that are far richer and academic than using them through Azure.

    If your business is based around Azure great, if not, you will have to look to other non-Microsoft platforms to harness big data.

    Personally speaking this will have to be an industry change as the world is full of SQL developers and it will take a decade before industry changes. I could do with a data scientist right now but my company would think this an exotic project and probably refuse paying for someone until the term is more widely spread.

  • What should be in an ecosystem


  • Improving the development process at a small startup

    @Kental2: This is why you need a dedicated project manager or account manager. Developers loathe them most of the time, but they are good at deflecting a lot of the vagueness. Developers brains are far too pragmatic and advanced to enjoy all the coffee and chit-chat that goes with the decision makers. I have come to accept that.

    I have worked at a Russell Group University here in the UK reporting to a Professor and mentoring some PhD's to develop a forensic system, I have also worked at Agilent on some DNA, RNA and Protein software, the place was wall to wall with PhD's, coming to think of it I have also worked at another Life sciences Company but I digress, in each and every instance I have never had anything to complain about with regard to project management.

    A scientist can spend 3 months on a project and discover that it just does not work, and have to start again. This leads to highly organised people and projects that manage themselves.

    Alas, every company is now a software company, and you have a lot of people that could never get on an engineering course if they tried, getting involved. This really is where a lot of the problems are. I favour scientists because even on tough projects, they "factor in" failures, something the commercial world tends to treat as a disaster.

    In the image below, the difficulty is in telling the customer that android was delivered in several iterations over many years. Customers find it nearly impossible to ever accept that a software product could be like the first version of android. A phone that just made calls. That's it.That's all it did. It was version 2-3 that they added a camera, and still then that didn't have a camcorder.

    This is why developing software is hard for the most part, if you can manage your customers in a way that you have clearly set objectives, and Version 1, 2 then 3, then a lot of the headaches simply go away, as customers always want to launch with android kitkat or jellybean first.


  • Improving the development process at a small startup

    @Bas: We offshore some work to India, and I am now very cautious as I never feel I get a full days work from them as they are juggling other clients all the time.

    Most of your problems will boil down to how good your developers are. I always tend to go for experienced developers that don't need their hand holding, guys that come in and get the job done. Most .NET code has a shelf life of 5 years, unlike COBOL systems where your have the same code running for 30 years, so resist the urge to over-engineer, or being too fastidious about quality which 9 times out of 10 you get from using design patterns and best practices

    I don't think there is an elegant solution to your problem, as most of the issues are requirements that are ill spec'ed out, and because you are agile, it allows the customer to change their mind every few iterations. Most of your problems will go away if you get comprehensive requirements from the outset, with good coders you can just about get on with it as they take most of the pressure away.

    I am customer facing and to be honest, as nice as most customers are, they take a lot of time and effort to placate, keep happy and extract requirements. Getting someone good and dedicated to dealing with customers will free you all up to concentrate on engineering.

  • @fanbaby, @bass and especially @beer28

    One of the things about living "in the ghetto", is the overcrowding, and the fact that you have no privacy. Look at this announcement from Microsoft;

    As part of our ongoing commitment to respecting your privacy, we won't use your documents, photos or other personal files or what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail to target advertising to you.


    Can you remind us all why Google and Facebook are good again?



  • Can I reuse my Java application built for Win desktop in Windows 8 store app which runs on a tablet and Windows 8 PC?