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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Windows 7 Beta is on MSDN

    Bas said:
    I just remembered, if this is indeed build 7000, that would mean the music-corruption bug is still in there. So does this mean that there's no way of testing Windows Media Player without destroying part of your music library? That'd be... a bad idea.
    There is a QFE bug fix for it being released soon Bas, I cannot remember where I read that earlierr today.
    Again this has been the advantage for leaking this build. It allows Paolo and crew to hit the ground running.

  • Windows 7 removes Quick Launch

    Bas said:

    It's still there. Click the transparent bit on the far right of the taskbar.

    Okey dokey, I have managed to find it. 


    This really is quite bad. For a start it's on the other side of the screen from the one I am used to. It is poor usability because if you see how far my mouse has to travel each time, yet my taskbar icons are on the other side.

    Another thing is where is it in the properties pane?

    And things have not improved here since the istartedsomething.com stuff on UI inconsistency, look at this

    I think I may need to revist that UI taskforce post.

  • Windows 7 removes Quick Launch

    Ever since I can remember, I have used quick launch to access my desktop. Now for no apparent good reason, this has been removed completely. I love the new taskbar, the larger icons and preview features.
    I just don't understand why this has been removed? I am really quite annoyed about this, as there is no justiication to remove such a simple, traditional command.

  • IE8 Blocker toolkit out... IE8 imminent ??

    wkempf said:
    androidi said:
    1.  I've had only about 3 crashes, and I've used it heavily every day since it was released.  One (or both) of our experiences is abnormal, so don't draw any conclusions from yours.

    2.  IE8 needed to be released early as a beta, because it causes breaking changes for many web sites requiring exposure both for web devs to fix their sites and for MS to collect data about what sites don't work.

    3.  The beta has been out long enough, you can bet there have been fixes for the majority of bugs people have discovered by now.  If MS were to announce it was shipping today, I wouldn't be overly concerned that what they shipped was any more buggy than any other new software.  (This is evidenced by androidi's post, I believe... this reply is for the entire thread and not just his post.)

    4.  All indications have been that IE8 will be released with Win7 (as Bass said) and thus won't be released for a while yet.  In "upcomming months" is still about a year from now.  There's no official date, but the earliest credible guess I've seen is for RTM in October which means actual release in November/December.  That's a LOT of time for fixing bugs, especially considering all the time they've had since releasing B2 already.  Personally, I'm not sure I buy the October guess... I suspect it will be a month or two later.  But it's all speculation from folks who have no real clue (myself incuded).
    *Thread Dick Turpinated*

    wkempf, please have a look at this

  • Email thread response ​notificatio​ns

    If one starts a thread, or becomes involved in one, it would be nice to get Email notification when someone answers that thread. Take this thread for example. wkempf needs to be notified that a response has been made, so he can respond accordingly.

    I use this feature in your run of the mill phpbb forums, and it works like a charm. It precludes one having to remember every single thread they answered, especially if you are away for a few days, and makes managing active/favourite threads a cinch.

  • Public Windows 7 beta not about providing feedback?

    For me this just means bug fixes - which it should mean at this stage.

    It's not a surprise at all, because, when they say feature complete, it is just that. In the software development lifecycle, it is time for some usability testing, bug fixes and time to ship.

    Only a fool would attempt to introduce new stuff (especially customer suggestions, a euphemism for development requests) this late in the game, when you are about to launch a new operating system.

  • Windows 7, Virtual PC and VHD

    I've succumbed and downloaded this, but it is as slow as hell on a Core 2 Duo laptop using Virtual PC 2007 SP1.

    I don't really want to wipe this machine to install the full OS, so would a service pack (like the one introduced to target Vista SP1) be needed to speed up performance in Virtual PC 2007?

    Also I'd just prefer it if a virtual hard disk with the OS was released, instead of all the installation fuss and bother, will one be released?

  • The value of a CS degree

    cheong said:
    Sven Groot said:
    > When doing a degree, you spend several years surrounded by very smart people with a far more diverse variety of specialisations than you're likely to get at a single company.

    It gain of it depends. If you've been classes where all teaching staffs having no experience on real world programming, the gain may be negative. (In the "programming project" which worth 6 credits, the curriculum said we shall form groups to produce a website following the software development cycle. Being taught by someone with no real world experience, while the workflow is the same as on the textbook, the detail is quite "acedemic", I'd say...
    This in the words of the Eric Meijers, is what is known as the "vegeterian butcher". For Eric, it is why he left Academia (he is a Professor) and headed towards somewhere like Microsoft where he could see the fruits of his labour.

    I also think that you find very smart people that are not necessarily academically distinguished, though these are few and far between. Bill Gates, Anders Heijlsberg are not short in the brain department, and in my experience, in the real world meeting business leaders and thinkers, knowing your domain/business through experience is equally valuable.

    Most of the time, these people cannot explain what an alogorithm is, but if you try to change a business process for example, having theorised about it, you are in for a big surprise. Both Academia and experience are essential, and the academics should not need to be told this - being as smart as they are - but they always lack this essential experience, hence always vote for x instead of x=y.

    PS: In my Avatar I have "The Glass Bead Game" - a nobel peace prize winning book - which is a perfect example of this argument by the way. In it you have Castalia a supreme pedagogic province for the best students. It is secular, but they allow people from "outside". In the end you come to realise that both academia and experience are necessary.

  • Programming as a hobby?

    brian.shapiro said:
    W3bbo said:
    Something is a hobby because you don't treat it that seriously I think, not because you aren't doing it under employment
    For me a hobby is having a Nylon strung £40 guitar from Argos. A serious hobby is getting a Japanese Fender Stratocaster, and playing in a few pub gigs. Once you have a genuine Fender Stratocaster, Ovation, or Les Paul - unless you are wealthy - and have bought a WV camper-van for the band, This is now serious.

    In Microsoft terms, if you use VB express you are a hobbyist. Once you have VS professional, or are under source code control and doing it more than 30 hours a week, this is now a serious hobby/profession.

    I personally don't think you can be a productive hobbyist because you need a broad set of skill sets to realise most of these projects, and even Clint Rutkas and his disco lights and skateboard are pretty serious offerings.

    Popfly however, is pure hobbyist for me. That is a perfect example of not being a professional.

  • How can Win32 app (unmanaged code) communicate with WPF dll (managed code) ?

    Looking at your profile, either you are a genuis, and doing things nobody can understand, or your understanding of WPF is fatally floored as you keep trying to do the most illogical things with C++/C# and WPF.

    I have no idea why you need a C++ window in a WPF applicaton, when WPF has its own windows. I really am not quite sure you understand what it is you want to do, nevermind the technology.

    Maybe if you posted a lengthy article like, "hello may name is Vaishivan, I need to develop an WPF application for company X. they need an application that does x-y-z", people may be able to assist better.

    As it is with each post you make, you leave people even more befuddled. 

    Please take no offence in what I have written by the way. Happy New Year to you.