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  • SetWindow​Theme(Me.​Control.​Handle, "explorer", Nothing) missing for some controls

    One can use this method to alter the appearance of a TreeView and Listview Control so they resemble Vista (Not tried Windows 7 yet).

    Why is it that this method does not work with the ListBox, CheckedListBox and Combobox (just the dropdown background), when they are all essentially List Controls?

  • Site not working in Firefox 3.0.5

    joechung said:
    The site's working fine for me in Firefox 3.0.5 on Windows Vista.

    I have been unable to use Channel 9 as well as reported prior. The fact that joechung said this was working for him led me to believe the cause was elsewhere.

    The fix is to choose Tools->Clear Private Data and ensure you select your cookies as well and voilĂ , it works. I have just posted this in FF which was not working prior to clearing my private data (you can keep your passwords though).

  • C9 inaccessible from Europe


    Firefox 3.0.5 is completely useless at present. Links don't work, cannot log in either.

  • You are Icelandic?

    W3bbo said:
    Ian2 said:
    Cheers Zeus, I've just added you to my Messenger list.

    Ian2: Huh? I don't owe anyone money...
    Ian2 probably had some investments in Icelandic banks that he lost in the recent economic collapse. 

    Ordinarily one could make fun of this, but it is no laughing matter at all. The Icelandic government detest the fact that Great Britain froze all their assets, but there are a lot of people including City Councils that have lost a disproportionate amount of their investments in Icelandic stock.

  • Start Trek Life

    Sven Groot said:
    I have probably mentioned this before, but I do all my reading with e-books nowadays. Pretty much the only time that I actually read fiction is in the train, and there's no way I'm going to carry around real books all the time just so I can read while travelling. My PocketPC fits in my inside jacket pocket, and holds dozens of books. That's a level of convenience you just can't beat. And with 192 DPI + ClearType, readability is not an issue at all.

    Yes, when I'm at home reading a book, I prefer paper. But that happens so very rarely it's not worth taking into consideration.
    I guess the question is, how muich reading do you do on the Internet already? Being a developer means MSDN or blogs or code samples, so a disproportionate amount of time is spent reading by default..

    I agree with Bas about the vanity thing, but I feel rather saddened by the thought of vistiting a 24 year old in 10 years time, and in their room they have 10 digital computers of sorts, and that is it, just because it is convenient and these devices can do everything. Maybe I am being pointlessly nolstalgic, and am a bit of an old fogy.

    Luckily computers don't clothe us, and oil paintings are not best seen on a LCD screen (yet), and they cannot cook gourmet meals.

  • Start Trek Life

    Harlequin said:
    Know what, I'm tempted to get back into vinyl. It's still out there, they still make quite a few records. I still have a collection of several hundred 12" singles. And also have two Beatles picture albums I'd never part with Smiley

    Quite a few club DJs use vinyl.

    I also have one Edison cylinder. Wouldn't mind collecting a few more, and an actual working player Smiley
    The original Beatles Albums fetch a decent amount, if the condition is pristine. I fear most people would rather admire the artwork, than play the record.

    Wouldn't it be a shame if vinyl ended up like antiques? People willing to fork out hundreds, just for an Original that they never play. I still am in two minds though, either continue living like I''ve always done, or getting a bit more modern and getting rid of things like my books.

    Walter Mitty me thinks!

  • Office 14 Screenshots

    Looking at the screenshots, I am pleased, because like Vista to Windows 7 is about finesse, the same follows in Office, UI wise. The ribbon now unifies the operating system, with the business world by using the same control.

    I would be interested to see how much they have changed navigating Outlook for instance, with it now having the Ribbon (though the non-calendar view may not have it)?

  • Start Trek Life

    I am over the age of thirty, and must admit that I grew up with vinyl records, cassette tapes, walkmans and books.

    I have a pretty decent record collection (on vinyl), and my book collection isn't too bad either. Obviously I adore the fact that I rarely have to go to a local library nowadays to find anything out, I can just use my favorite search engine and get the information in a second.

    I love the new iPod\Zune\netbook\laptop\mobile phone thing, where your average user has more than my complete record collection, and probably book collection as well on them (in truth I am a little envious).

    This is in stark contrast to when a 7 inch single came out (yes music used to come out on plastic discs, you didn't just download it),and unless you had some money at that precise moment and bought it then, you lost out. Trying to get that record four months later was impossible - now you can just order it on the internet.

    Some niners are posting about eBooks, and I was nonchalant, even contemptuous about this. Reading a book on a computer, why on earth would you want to do that? I have found however, that I am getting used to it, and it appears as if everything to do with ones life is going to be stored on a hard drive some place, with a suitable gadget.

    I sometimes contemplate selling my record collection - or should I say antiques (I really never thought this day would come) - because I am now finding that I play them less and less.

    Is your life now being goverened by computing, and are you shedding your relics from the eighties, maybe even nineties?

  • Windows 7 and nVidia

    Windows 7 is now picking up problems with my nVidia 7600GS Pro where I would have had a blue screen in Vista - this problem has never been fixed then.
    nVidia have released updates to this driver (that covers most of their product range) every 12 weeks or so, and they still don't appear to have gotten it right - even in the windows 7 beta drivers?

    I have put off buying a new PC till Windows 7 is released, and you can be guaranteed that nVidia will not be included in my shopping list at all. I did have problems with ATI and went off them for a while, but if nVidia had conceeded that they messed things up, the company probably would have gone bust, thats just how bad a problem they caused. As it is, Microsft have had to fork out half a billion quid in marketing/advertising trying to repair problems caused by their hardware manufacturers, especially nVidia.

    I watched an Alan Sugar documentrary recently, and this is the kind off issue that made Amstrad go bust - released a deficient product - they just could not recover afterwards. Obviously the hardware manufacturers have Microsoft by the "short and curlies" but I really feel as if nVidia should have paid a higher price, like being sued by Microsoft.

  • Site not working in Firefox 3.0.5

    Yes there is a problem (posting this in IE 7 on Vista)

    I can log in, but cannot create a new post, nor can I reply to one either.