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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • IE 8 is far away from prime time...

    warren said:
    vesuvius said:
    The version released in december isn't "release candidate 1".  Where'd you get that idea from?

    Also, don't trust Windows build numbers when judging the progress of Internet Explorer -- they aren't aligned at all.
    I didn't mention a Release Candidate. I pray for a beta 3 though.

    Edit:  Would the mothership ship with an unfinished IE8 in Windows 7, seeing as this is the only public beta for the new OS?

     IE8 should be "leaps and bounds" ahead by now, but it is not!

  • IE 8 is far away from prime time...

    Note that this is not the IE beta 2 that was released a while ago, but an advanced version, according to the installation notes for Windows 7.

    I was apoplectic with disappointment when I found this out.

    I had hoped that my gripes with beta 2 would be wiped out - or some way to being so - but this is quite obviously is the most disappointing thing about Windows 7, for me (the caveat being so far).

    Yes the Windows 7 OS is buggy, but it is beautiful and is not so broke (as they say in Yorkshire). I am already imagining Firefox  (running without hitch on Windows 7 I must say) with explorer's more perspicuous Glass.

  • Kimne Beta Invite

    I think you need something resembling a masterpage/nested master page to control your layout. If you click on "Offers" then that is positioned centre screen, but the menu itself remains on the left.

    I would have the searchbox always available and in the top left corner.

    In the "About Us" page, beneath Shawn Christopher there is a misspelling in "Afghanistant". I also think you ought to remove the personal stuff, and just give the impression that this is a business, run by a company and remove as much personal stuff as possible. I would speak in the third person, e.g Kimne is named after the mispronounciation of a parners nephew trying to say "Gimme, yada, yada, yada...

  • Programmati​cally setting data in a ​bindingsour​ce

    If you handle the OnLeave or Focus events correctly for either TextBox, just call this.postCodeBindingSource.EndEdit()

  • Windows 7 Experience Index

    Firstly, this has now been increased by a further two points to a maximum of 7.9.

    How well is your machine scoring using this new index compared with Vista?
    I think there is a bug in that when it starts (manual trigger) the glass at the top becomes more opaque and darker, and I'm not so confident this is working well. Surely if your graphics card gets a 5.9 in Vista, then it should be slightly more or less than 5.9 and not 3.5 as is the case in Windows 7, or is this new H.264/MPEG-4 AVC technology raising the bar?

  • Win7 - Any ​compatibili​ty issues?

    I've just used a second hard drive on my home pc, and use the main one for Visual Studio [hard drive that is].

    No problems here though!

  • Tiny Windows 7 Treeview Bug

    Expanded navigation pane

    Its is a question of width

  • Email thread response ​notificatio​ns

    Duncanma said:
    I would love to add this... but we don't store your email address at the moment. I think I should reopen the discussion around this back on our end, figuring out how we can make this happen.

    Live Alerts have been suggested a few times, but I don't believe I use that feature from anywhere else... and I'd rather just get an email.

    If I could give you a per-user RSS feed that was any comments/replies in any thread that you started or posted in... would that be useful?
    That sounds very interesting, not quite sure how it would work though?

    I also think you'd end up having to search through all the RSS feeds, and remembering which ones you replied to or instigated, and you may or may not find the response. An Email notification seems like the easiest solution and the most user friendly option, but you may be onto something.

  • Live Essentials is out of beta

    Do you know what, I felt a little queezy about the install of this last night? I new I was installing a supposed beta, but my attention was deflected by the fact that the install was on Windows 7, and everything went on smoother than a well diggers ar*e.

    The suite looks great on Windows 7, but rather crap on Vista.

  • Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4.0?

    I would guess-timate as a 100% yes.

    Microsoft were accused of not doing enough to deploy .NET 2.0, and since most businesses will jump to Win 7 and skip Vista, it makes sense to have .NET 4.0 on the machine.

    You may as well assume that .NET is now tied to Windows releases, and there would have to extenuating circumstances were this not to be so.