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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • PC/OS On Facebook

    Pretty much anyone that knows of PC/OS uses their forums, and I too am fatigued by this.

    RJ. you also will not know failure, until you have success Big Smile

  • Win7 UAC flaw

    I do like the word Gonfalonier. Some sort of Italian Official hey?

    Dovella gets philosophical.

  • Ewwwwww

    blowdart said:

    Apple designers come up with 10 entirely different mock ups of any new feature. Not, Lopp said, "seven in order to make three look good", which seems to be a fairly standard practice elsewhere. They'll take ten, and give themselves room to design without restriction. Later they whittle that number to three, spend more months on those three and then finally end up with one strong decision.

    It is rather difficult to come up with a new feature for the standard Win32 treeview control for example. Microsoft's encumberance is the User32.dll that has not been updated in 15 years. Apple appear to have a far bigger license to design than the Windows team, that is stuck with all these aging controls. Just what more can be done with the listview control? If you try anuse this native control in windows forms, your are stc fixing flickering problems, resize, redraw issues and a whole host of other headaches.

    I admire the fact that they are really pushing these controls to the limit, and maybe with Windows Live a two-tier windows is in development. By this, I mean you get the core OS with a simple theme, and the opt in applications that they can be more creative with. Only a fool does not admire the genius needed to procure the new task bar in Win7, but this is quite easy to do with WPF. I could do this in a week by myself.

    I think new and fresh blood is needed at the top in Microsoft, not for the coding, but the design. Does Julie Larson-Green think all these Flintstone age checkboxes and dialogs are part of great user experience? Someone please put that question to her!

  • Required Windows 7 Taskbar Improvement

    BHpaddock said:
    Who cares how many instances are running?  That's just silly.

    Number overlays are more useful for things like showing how many unread e-mails you have and such.
    Even outlook will tell you that you have 3 unread emails so calling this "silly", would be calling the Billy Hollis application "silly" as well, which it certainly is not.

    This is more a "smokescreen" behind the failure to anticipate the fact that the taskbar has a limit to the amount of information it can display, and that when that limit is met, it does not know how to handle the situation at all, which is piss-poor design.

    I, however, know that this is a good idea, and that people will start to use it in their applications further down the road, and you will then admit that there was common sense in my reasonong. I am patient, and willing ot wait. I have reported this is a bug via feedback now.

  • Required Windows 7 Taskbar Improvement

    littleguru said:
    vesuvius said:
    What if you run two instances of the browser with the frist one having N tabs open and the second M? Two numbers? I don't get what that number actually gives you as a benefit other than: "oh there are 10 tabs open".

    ... and I used tabs Tongue Out
    I have just tried this and run into a bigger problem with the present taskbar. If you open up 3 instances of IE and open up ten tabs in each IE instance then you run into the limit for the list the taskbar displays, and you cannot navigate to some pages as there is no scoll bar or anything whatsoever.

    I like the "number" because it allows you to know how many instances are running. The present taskbar as an upper limit of 2 instances of IE and ten tabs, anything over and Windows 7 does not handle the scenario at all, so that needs some work.

  • Required Windows 7 Taskbar Improvement

    obrienslalom said:
    I can get onboard with that idea.  This is definitely something they should have thought of.  Speaking of which, has anyone played with the APIs for the new taskbar?
    Coming to think of it, WPF and Winforms applications may need better control of how their application is displayed in the taskbar and pInvoke seems the wrong way to go as the learning curve is too high for most people.

  • Required Windows 7 Taskbar Improvement

    littleguru said:
    What does, e.g. 10 in the context of tabs give you?
    If I read you correctly (knowing you don't favor tabs at all), I would say the taskbar will identify whether the running application is a web browser or not. Should that be the case, then the count will be tabs (as that is what most people use - but a config setting can alter this to count browser windows instances instead). Should be the running program be an application, then the count will be window instance based.

  • Site not working in Firefox 3.0.5

    spivonious said:
    Works fine for me here on XP SP3, Fx 3.0.5.

    It does seem that occasionally the reply button gets borked, but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it.  Restarting the browser usually fixes it.
    There is definitely an issue with Firefox cookies and Channel 9.

    Today I could not log in and edit a post on a pc and laptop. Only once I had specifically cleared just my cookies did the issue go away.

  • Fail at logic

    Dr Herbie said:
    Yggdrasil said:
    I love it when geeks freak out because humans aren't as exact as computers.  " Just as well blog posting isn't a formal grammer eh?"  I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

    Behavioural sciences 101 : Message Sent != Message Received

    Therefore in human communication it's not possible to prove correctness!

    Big Smile Big Smile


    l would say failure and not fail. A student can fail their examinations, Microsoft can fail to listen to our grumbles about UI inconsistency, that as a whole it is a failure in logic (thread title).

  • Required Windows 7 Taskbar Improvement

    I am now acclimatised to the new Win 7 taskbar, but keep feeling that I would like a numeric indicator as to how many tabs/windows/processes each taskbar button has running. That way (even in the days of 8 gig ram), you can easily control the amount of instances of any application you may have.

    At present I am having to hover over each tab every once in a while, to know what is running and what is not. Billy Hollis had a great WPF application some time ago that handles this scenario perfectly. Just look at the menu options at the bottom with the instances running enumerated.