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  • Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs

    jamie said:
    rjdohnert said:
    whatever.  i have 7 still installed. i know how to "work it".  Im not afraid of change.

    i find many things changed are not improvements.  just more layers added.

    and my friends (all of whom USED to install the newest windows betas) wont go near 7 or vista.

    they "have work to do".   But all my friends are designers / musicians - with huge files.
    They use UP Tongue Out  no time to read.

    At least 7 is getting good press.

    PS - i get MAD when MS loses.  i actually do like MS. (go figure)

    PPS - they all have tried vista and removed it - and i have shown them 7 which they view as the same thing.
    Take that as you may.  But if you want more than 20% adoption this time - re-think the changes from xp to V/7

    surely i cannot be the only one who liked 95,98,98se,2000 and xp - of which vista and 7 hardly resemble/work like anymore. You may remember those versions. The ones that SOLD alot.

    Jamie if you have a moment, can you post some images of what you mean please?

  • Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs

    Microsoft said the announced job cuts would take place in research and development, marketing, sales, finance, legal, human resources and information technology.
    According to the BBC, so anybody in the Developer Division remains safe. A company like Microsoft has a high staff turnover rate anyway, so in most cases, they will just not replace someone when they leave, and/or involintarily move people into new positions.

  • Why Windows 7 Take Up Maybe Slow but IT'S Successor May Thrive

    So it should be!

    Writing software is hard and I don't want to write software that is thrown away as soon as an update has been made. I want to see a world with Win 98 -> Win 7 and beyond. Just because people still use an older version of software  does not mean the new version of the software is a failure.

    You just need to realise that operating systems have been developed successfully by Microsoft (post Win 95), and that they are so good at what they do, people don't want to throw their software away.

  • Windows 7 gripes

    jamie said:
    I think the editor of that article should just remove Office 2007 and install Office 2003. People always act as if they are forced to install office 2007. Sometimes in forums, I love it when a developer is trying to solve an issue with window 98. That tells me that the software still has a functionality someone needs. Office 2003 is good enough to last a decade and so is XP.

    For all the old folks that despair at the changes in XP/Office, there is a new generation using mobile phones, netbooks and carrying their digital lives on computers. I know some people have issues with Office 2007 and Vista, but lets be honest, it's not really that hard to change now is it? The fact remains that most of windows is still composed in User32 which is over a decade old, so am flummoxed why people cannot see the same ListView controls, check boxes, buttons and so on. Very little new controls have been added, just the old controls used more creatively.

    If these guys have issues with Windows 7 or Office 2007 use PC/OS or Windows 2000 instead on your Pentium III machines. They still work great. Some of us are into moving on and forward. Please don't drag us back because of your inability to make what are trivial OS migrations.

  • More Windows & Visual Bugs

    Title should read Windows 7 and not Windows &.

  • More Windows & Visual Bugs

    Before submitting this bug, could you please confirm whether it is true?

    If you click on start and navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items

    The fingerprint option is singular in that is has a border around it. Granted the Pen and Touch option has a visual effect, this one is warranted.

    If you then divert your attention to the Troubleshooting option, you will notice that the icon is not the correct size

    If you then click into troubleshooting you are met with this

    As you can see the icons are not the correct size. If you then click into All child links you will find that any associated links etc. have an incorrect icon sizing.

  • SetWindow​Theme(Me.​Control.​Handle, "explorer", Nothing) missing for some controls

    Dexter said:
    They're all List Controls... except that the ListView and TreeView aren't. Anyway, it has nothing to do with that, it's simply that the "explorer" theme is only implemented for list views and tree views.
    Is there any reason why "explorer" only, because for me, in Windows 7 and Vista, just this slight change would dramatically improve the UI?

  • SetWindow​Theme(Me.​Control.​Handle, "explorer", Nothing) missing for some controls

    One can use this method to alter the appearance of a TreeView and Listview Control so they resemble Vista (Not tried Windows 7 yet).

    Why is it that this method does not work with the ListBox, CheckedListBox and Combobox (just the dropdown background), when they are all essentially List Controls?

  • Site not working in Firefox 3.0.5

    joechung said:
    The site's working fine for me in Firefox 3.0.5 on Windows Vista.

    I have been unable to use Channel 9 as well as reported prior. The fact that joechung said this was working for him led me to believe the cause was elsewhere.

    The fix is to choose Tools->Clear Private Data and ensure you select your cookies as well and voilĂ , it works. I have just posted this in FF which was not working prior to clearing my private data (you can keep your passwords though).

  • C9 inaccessible from Europe


    Firefox 3.0.5 is completely useless at present. Links don't work, cannot log in either.