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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • MS Super ROCK!! New Windows Live Betas – Download Wave 3 Now!

    Sven Groot said:

    The WLM9 message window looks horrid. It wastes huge amount of space, and is flipped around for no good reason. I hope this isn't the final version.

    It is all rather grotesque, I was expecting something more refined. The colours are truely awful. I'm removing this and going back to the previous version.

  • Lines should be becoming less blurry

    tfraser said:
    Shouldn't you be supporting some socialist party?
    That is the cloying irony, that ostensibly demonstrates the duplicitous nature of corona_coder.

    He is inconsistent for sure. I wonder if Senator McCain has Windows at home or gNewSense. I also wonder in these times of significant economic downturn, if he is not thankful for a company like Microsoft that bolsters the US economy to the tune of many billions. What does gNuisance bring to the US economy?

    corona you are cutting your nose off to spite your face

  • Is Microsoft aiming for an early Windows 7 launch?

    stevo_ said:
    vesuvius said:
    I wasn't replying to you per se, but I have written a commercial scheduling application

    and the ribbon is not used everywhere. One problem with it, is that it takes a lot of screen space, so if you have a screen with one document you're working on like word then it is OK. Once you have a few datagrids and BI gauges then it is not such a good thing.

    Use the ribbon only if you have a program with a lot of commands, something the control panel does not have such a requirement for (to conceal its commands) so I agree with Sven's assessment.

  • Why is IE so bad?

    Please read this, and all the comments.

  • Is Microsoft aiming for an early Windows 7 launch?

    stevo_ said:
    Bas said:
    Well, the thing with word is, while theres a lot of functionality to show, they need to show that in a very limited space, because the main focus of the word document.. is your document..

    With control panel, the whole process is centric to the actions, and in vista they already greatly improved the categorization of the actions, plus you can search and it will list actions that match your query..

    The ribbon is great for a context sensitive minimal ui control bar, but probably not that great when you don't need to minimize the ui.
    If anyone needs to know why the ribbon is what it is the you need to watch the story of the ribbon. A lot of your suggestions actually miss the real reason why the ribbon was procured. Unless you've watched this video, you're not qualified to talk about the ribbon, in my humble opinion. It is that good.

  • Any upcoming Bill Hill, Brian Beckman or Steve Ballmer video?

    Bas said:
    I'd like to see more Ballmer. That last keynote he did with Guy Kawasaki was incredible. He didn't speak any manager garbage and handled a lot of hardball questions perfectly. If we could get an interview with him that's a bit like that, that'd be great. Although I doubt if anyone from C9 would ask him the kind of questions he was asked there.

    Hey, you know what'd be great? Questions from the audience. That was the best bit from that keynote, and I'm sure a lot of us have some tough and interesting questions for him. Compile a list of questions from niners, and present them to Ballmer. The ultimate conversation with Microsoft. It's what C9 is all about, right?
    I don't think that Kawasaki Keynote is repeatable. It really was a one off. You could watch it now and it would still be amazing. They could script it, and try and follow the same formula, but I don't think it'd be the same. They are right when they say that the keynote was legendary, certainly one of the most illuminating keynotes hitherto.

    In some ways, it illustrates the value of getting "outsiders" especially from people like Apple. Sometimes Microsoft interviews lack the "bite" that you get when everyone is "singing off the same hymn sheet", hence people start saying it is a PR exercise.

    Apart from the Somas, Guthries, and Ozzies, I find that the technical fellows make for the best interviews. Whether it's Burton Smith, Heijlsberg or John Shewchuk. If you really want to know Microsoft, head straight for these guys, they are the guys I respect the most.

  • Any upcoming Bill Hill, Brian Beckman or Steve Ballmer video?

    The developer division is all about PDC 08. Channel 9 will be like a mortuary till then.

    Oh, and you did forget the irrepressible Eric Meijers. I'd choose him any day over Ballmer.

    Expect Silverlight 2 and IE 8  at PDC.

  • SmartLayout - Powerful and Easy Layout Manager for Winforms

    figuerres said:
    vkhaitan said:
    well to be honest I find that the windows panels, grid and docking work fine for 90% or more of all layouts.
    in very few cases do I find them to now work as needed.
    and given that you are offering one control.... it just does not seem worth it.

    In my experience most developers who have layout problems just do not know how to use the layout tools they have already.

    yes there are some cases where more can be done, but in the few cases I can handle the issues with a bit of tewaking and some custom code.
    Completely right, I've never felt the need to use a layout manager, once you know how to use the traditional controls well. The important thing to take from this is, whether it is Krypton or DevExpress, they all offer a suite of controls not just the one which you are doing at the moment.

    There is a similar start-up guy here, and he offers far much more than you do. I have the utmost respect for control developers because it is difficult, and unless you can offer a lot more than what is on code project, then you will find it difficult.

    You need a suite of controls or better put, you need a toolbox with loads of different tools to help me create something. As it is you have just a screwdriver, and I need far much more than that.

    Good Luck!

  • SmartLayout - Powerful and Easy Layout Manager for Winforms

    vkhaitan said:
    figuerres said:
    May I get to know where did you find mistakes?

    SmartLayouts is a layout manager for Windows forms on the .Net platform to ease the design and development of GUI. It assists in arranging of various winforms GUI elements, and controls the behaviour of those elements when the form is resized or repositioned.

    GUI designing is often an unnecessarily time-consuming and annoying part of software development. Arranging controls with pixel-based design tools proves to be a laborious task, and usually you still don't get what you desired. Even after that, you require manual coding for repositioning and resizing of controls for various resolutions. If you need to change your GUI in the long run, your work increases exponentially. Although .Net provides basic layout managers, but they are insufficient for any professional GUI development.

    SmartLayouts fills the gap left by .Net platform. It uses a unique methodology and algorithm for almost all of your layout tasks. Unlike many similar solutions, it is natural and unobtrusive. It doesn't get in your way when designing your GUI . Your form design flow remains as previous, but you don't need to bother about pixel-perfect design. After that, adding SmartLayouts to your form is very easy. The result is resolution-independent, maintainable GUI within the least possible time.


    Some tips.

    1. Never start a sentence with the word "And".
    2. the Krypton Tool kit is free and you get the Office 2007 look and feel. For the money you are charging, you could get a Ribbon Control and Navigator and the New docking system out next week.

  • Basic MFC SDI question

    I created a Smart Device MFC SDI application in VS2005.

    I've got some files with names like this: MyApp.cpp, MyAppDoc.cpp, MyAppView.cpp, MainFrm.cpp.

    There are classes in these files. In MyApp.cpp there is a class called CMyAppApp. In MyAppView.cpp there is a class called CMyAppView.

    In MainFrm.cpp there is a class called CMainFrame.

    How do I call public methods in CMyAppView and CMainFrame from CMyAppApp?

    How do I get hold of instances of the classes so I can access the methods?

     I don't want to use "new" on CMainFrame.

     This would create a new form. I want to get hold of the handle to the existing form and view (CMainFrame and CMyAppView). I can't find any good pointers in afxwin.h.