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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • SQL: 2008 Express installation problems.

    Use http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301 and run the installation again. Be careful though!

  • What would you say is Microsoft's coolest product?

    Sven Groot said:
    nightski said:

    Don't say that, it makes me sad. Wink

    I'm 26 and it will be many years before I can even afford to start taking lessons. I want to get a license, but there's just no way right now. With my current scholarship I wouldn't be able to afford flying lessons in the US, let alone in Japan where it's about 4 times more expensive.

    I've been playing FS on and off since FS 5.1 under MS-DOS, but I didn't get seriously into it (and aviation as a whole) until FS2004, and the real heavy stuff (gettings lots of add-ons, a real yoke and rudder pedals, etc.) I didn't do until FSX.
    At least you're not colour blind.

  • What would you say is Microsoft's coolest product?

    Has to be Visual Studio which makes a lot of those products possible by the provision of requisite software.

    Dovella it should be (Writer++) and not  (++Writer), but I agree with you. It's easier to pick a hundred rather than just the one. Its almost like being asked whether you prefer breakfast, lunch or dinner ( Tea here in Yorkshire - no, not the beverage!). They are all necessary and one does enjoy them all.

  • Microsoft Expression Studio free?

    Yes you can get Expression studio free, if you close your eyes and start dreaming.

    Seriously, an express version is needed as things like Blend, Design and Encoder have never been complete because as soon as a new Silverlight or WPF version/update comes out, you need to re-install the application. Quite why they thought to market the suite like this is a mystery?

    Hopefully after Silverlight is released at PDC, designers and developers will start moaning saying they won't pay $700 just to start learning something (that inevitably promotes Windows anyway), and an express version is made available.

    Microsoft is now very bureaucratic, and at times, obvious things like this can take years to bring about. People have moaned and moaned and moaned ...still nothing!

  • Live Space, why it sucks?

    Dovella said:
    I Love Live Space+ Writer
    That is the most surprising revelation I have come across this week Dovella!

    I hate the adverts. I think the live blog thing would be so much more popular were it not for the adverts. why someone chooses live with the adverts over wordpress or blogger is all but a mystery to me?

    Live mesh should make live spaces obsolescent anyway (and it won't have adverts)

  • MDI vs well, panels???

    The answer is quite simple and straightforward, have a look at outlook or download office accounting express.

    MDI applications are bad because you end up with multiple forms and navigation is very clunky and unintuitive. Where you need to show a form that is contextual, have this as a bog standard form using form.show() and not form.showdialogue().For the rest of the app you have a nice SDI that is easy to navigate.

    That granted, I also happen to be using Krypton components and they save you heaps of time. If you look at the amount of days you will use up setting up all your panels and all the show hide logic, compared to the $150 navigator, the decision is a no-brainer (probably a days worth of pay).

    If your enteprise application has navigation like the above, it will be less clunky, easy to navigate and use so will be a success. MDI is only good in Word or Visual Studio, just being to be able to see all 3 ("customer, you also want to open sales reports and maybe warehouse stocks") at the same time (above) is the real way to solve the MDI problem eloquently.

  • Vice Presidential debate

    Massif said:
    jh71283 said:
    Hush you fools. Don't talk to the "deliberately being controversial to get attention and justify their meagre lives" trolls.

    Talk to me instead! I have a pony.
    What's your pony called?

  • Almost done...

    Massif said:
    littleguru said:
    Well today's Launch day, big press event in London and all that. So you'll find out.

    The only really annoying thing about the whole process is I'm contracted out by my real employer, so I don't get any free samples... Boo! Hiss!

    And yes, there's an excellent chance it'll be on Telly. Well, The gadget show at least...
    How do we find out?

  • Stallman on Cloud Computing

    wkempf said:
    vesuvius said:
    WWF?  Do you mean WF, as in Windows Work Flow (the first W is dropped for legal reasons)?  Where does Mr. Stroustrup say he dislikes it?  I haven't read the entire article linked yet, but a search for keywoards doesn't show he discusses WF at all?
    Crikey, I always thought it was Windows Workflow Foundation, I stand corrected, thanks.

    Stroustrup states the "WF" dislike in the second question

    HD What should be the role of the IDE in software development? How should the IDE support a language?
    BS I'm not a heavy IDE user. I appreciate a responsive IDE editor with understanding of my language, but I also want to be able to work without an IDE. I might have a different opinion if a good IDE was universally available—in reality a part of the language or vice versa (see Figure 1). My desire for portability of code plays a role here. With C++, I want to be able to understand my system from just the source code in the source files. I actively dislike IDE mechanisms that involve transformations or generation that cannot be represented as code fit for human consumption.

  • Microsoft urges rethinking U.S. bailout

    I really do wish I had a firmer grasp of economics (so forgive my stupid misguided remarks), but the Financial Times has always been something I've glossed over.

    What I don't like is the fact that tax payers have to foot the bill. This means that if The City or Wall Street err, then they can always be bailed out, by me who they charge for be overdrawn or my credit card and the 25 year noose around my neck called a Mortgage. If I fail to make payments, they re-posses my house make me bankrupt and leave me with one pair of shoes.

    Oscar Wilde wrote (in the importance of being earnest), "To lose one parent, Mr Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness."

    I feel the same way about all these Financial Institutions. be it Fannie Mac, Freddie Mac, Northern Rock, HBOS or whatever. How can there be such a domino effect, without any safeguards? All the people at the top should be arrested Like the Enron case and imprisoned because there must have been a conspiracy to try and avert the crisis, and things went from bad to worse. why should my money go back to the measly bastards who made a hash of things in the first place. The government can say that company x-y-z is nationalised, but they are equally inapt at handing such huge corporations, that they end up moving it back to the private sector anyway.

    It just seems "win win" for the banks, and that is what I dislike. Herb Sutter has an interesting post on this.