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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Can anyone recommend a licensing system?


  • Ballmer: It's okay to skip Vista ...

    stun said:
    spivonious said:
    We're currently evaluating Vista and plan to put it on new machines next year.
    Windows 7 is coming out next year.

    Why not upgrade to Windows 7 straight instead?
    Wouldn't that save more money?

    I am just a Software Engineer. I might not understand how the System Engineers people might look at it.
    It's not proven. Most businesses will always wait till SP1 of an OS is released. That way its far much less hassle, than for example, ordering 500 windows 7 machines, then finding out the printer drivers for all the printers in the business do not work, and won't until a fix is released.

    Only the courageous introduce an unproven anything into a business system. especially if things are working OK in XP as it is. It is always about risk evaluation and negation. A shiny new windows 7 calculator adds no value whatsoever to a business with the XP calculator. It adds nothing at all.

  • Does hell just have bad PR?

    Minh said:
    jonathansampson said:
    jonathansampson wrote:
    And both the lack of belief in
    x, or the lack of opportunity to express lack of belief in x, has no effect on whether x exists or not.

    Well, thank you Jonathan. We believers have to stick together.

    That's right! You non-believers! Just because you refuse to believe in Hell, doesn't mean it's not real!

    I don't know where Hell non-believers go after they die, but I'm sure it'll be much worse.

    But, I don't want to end on a negative note. You don't have to wait to die to enjoy Hell. You can do that now, while alive.

    This is Dennis Kucinich, Congressional representative of Ohio's 10th district. He sighed his soul over to the devil.

    He must have. That's his wife!!!!!

    There is another way to go to hell.

    In England there is a popular magician called Paul Daniels who is not too dissimilar in the "Adonis" stakes like Dennis Kucinich.

    His wife, Debbie McGee was asked a rather penetrating question here

  • Does hell just have bad PR?

    jonathansampson said:
    evildictaitor said:
    And both the lack of belief in x, or the lack of opportunity to express lack of belief in x, has no effect on whether x exists or not.
    I'm sure they knew that already. It is not problematical to be aware of the fact. I'm certain most people cannot envisage no life after death, because that is rather bleak, hence a fervid belief in one Greater. Either you die and know everything, or cease asking.

  • Ballmer: It's okay to skip Vista ...

    I don't see Windows 7 setting Enterprise world on fire either, as again, there is very little return on investment for using Windows 7.

    Even today, Leeds City Council for example are wiping their Vista machines and whacking XP on them. It's almost a travesty, but I see the same recurrence with Windows 7.

    If this OS can be released with fewer scares and nightmare stories (After upgrading to Silvelight 2 yesterday- the tools that is -  my vista machine got caught in a recursive BSOD loop that lasted 3 hours. I tried everything, then it just started working). I had irq_not_less_or_equal and a whole host of BSOD error messages. I even went to re-install the OS and that BSOD'd while re-installing. XP has absolutely no history like this, and seems far less sensitive.

    What Mr Ballmer needs to answer is what business value does Windows 7 provide? Is it stable? Does it require a very high spec machine to run our proprietary and legacy winforms application (that is not going anywhere soon). Why should we spend an extra £400 for Office 2007 licenses, when 2003 licenses are fine. Most users in Outlook 2003 still use it more or less the same as Outlook 2007 and that is what our business is based on?

    Your windows software is not really making use of the cores that are available, so there really is no incentive to upgrade to an operating system that is resource heavy, but cannot efficiently use those resources. Out IT bill runs into the hundreds of thousands, what is it that Windows 7 can do to reduce the costs? If you can provide value for money, then windows 7 will succeed in the enterprise.

  • Biggest programming challenge

    What aspect or technology in programming/development have you find the most difficult to grasp (or still have not)? Obviously this is a moving target, but there are some things your learn quicker than others.

    This could be threading or whatever. What did you do to become better at understanding the technology?


  • For 1400$ i preorder this today!

    dentaku said:
    Dovella said:

    At the moment Surface is most useful when it's being used as a virtual instrument.
    I can see using Reason 4 with it and it's a natural for an app that has 2 turntables and a little mixer.

    I have just watched the videos, but could not watch them the way through because they got rather boring.

    The first one is more a table surface, so would you need to buy a separate table surface, or will the touch-screen be able to be converted to a table if you need to target an application to play a game like the example?

    I like the drum kit, I have thousands of vinyl records and 10 years ago would have sworn that CD turntables would never take over, but they have. A lot of music is sequenced and not played on drums at all nowadays (all the guitar boys whine), so touch instruments certainly seem to have a future here.

    A lot of this seems like going to a car show and viewing all the prototypes that rarely make it into production. It is possible to have a surface gambling table, and that is probably where that is going so you have an infallible croupier. Maybe monopoly, snakes and ladders and most board games will end up this way, where at Christmas the family all sit around a surface table and choose a game of their choice and the rolling of the dice is done for you (and it does not get caught in the carpet and you argue whether it was a "six" or not!

    Again, maybe I'm being a fuddy-duddy, but I prefer reading a printed book than an E book, and playing monopoly on a real board is not too dissimilar to a surface experience.

    It is doubtless that surface devices will be pervasive, but more through convenience rather than re-inventing the wheel.

  • For 1400$ i preorder this today!

    Bas said:
    vesuvius said:

    Windows Mobile won't improve your use of Visual Studio, Office and Firefox either. That's because it's a different device not intended for that kind of application. I'd imagine this is the same, more suitable for entertainment and group activities.

    Maybe I'm being an old fuddy-duddy but I used surface working in bars when I was at college (all those point of sale tills).

    I am yet to see a bona fide WPF application from Microsoft and Surface seems shrouded in gimmicky-ness to me. I'm certainty not spending £900 on something that will have 1 or 2 applications on it that warrant its purchase. WPF applications are hardly coming through thick and fast now are they?

    Windows mobile will at least have mini-office and functional features, but surface is much ado about nothing for me. I hoe I'm proven wrong.

  • Obama gets gutted, McCain closer to white house

    Maddus Mattus said:
    If there is a god, he would have killed the world's hardest riddle thread months ago,..


    can't you guys just agree to disagree? Live and let live?

    That would solve a lot of the world's problems,..
    Jonathan Sampson is not trying to prove anything to anybody, he is trying to prove this to himself, but involving every one else - whether he cares to admit it or not.

    There must come a point when you decide that you are arguing about points that are too fine to be comprehended, and that you could post 10 000 posts and still not feel you have made yourself clear, it usually is time to quit then.

  • For 1400$ i preorder this today!

    A significant amount of my time is spent in Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and Firefox (IE beta 2 is too slow and buggy, Chrome not feature rich enough).

    Can you explain how this will improve my using all the above software?