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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Happy birthday to the GNU Project

    I'm afraid this has been posted already here

    It appears you were right about gNewSense. The only problem I have with the video, is that Stephen Fry is a millionaire and that he didn't make his money by writing free books, selling free films or DVDs. The things that allowed him to buy all those computers in the first place.

    I have tried installing gNewSense to virtual PC2007 but it crashes, I'm not quite ready to create a dual boot OS yet, can this be installed on a virtual machine?

  • Impossible to update to VS 2008 SP1

    I take it you are trying to install the express service pack, but I think you have to upgrade the full Visual Studio SP first, then express

  • What keeps you on Windows?

    I keep going back to the notion of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    There are times when cornflakes are like no other thing in the world (Linux), and other times when cornflakes seem inappropriate after a hard day at the Office and you go to a restaurant (Windows)

    I like software i.e. computer programming, and what language an OS uses is an irrelevance. As it is Windows can make me an honest living, but if Linux could then I'd use that instead. I am absolutely disgusted by people who flagrantly ignore the difficulty of writing a Windows/Mac/Linux application. In truth software development is so hard, it is a wonder anything ever gets shipped.

    If your needs necessitate debian, then use debian. If you require the supreme visual studio, then use that. If OS x floats you boat, enjoy that.

    I like breakfast, lunch and dinner. I aslo like going into a sweet shop/candy store and having lots of choice. What is it with just having just the one OS. Sweet shops with one type of sweet are in a word boring, same applies to operating systems.

  • Google Chrome, Google’s Open Source Browser Project

    La Bomba said:
    Niner said:
    I'm sure it'll all be corrected before next tuesday.
    That's what beta's are for, to find problems. Rather than crying wolf let the good people at Google know there are some problems. I'm sure the turnaround for fixes will be quite quick.

    This thread has proven to Sabot that the world does need another browser. For some inexplicable reason, hysteria ensures with browsers. This really is the "thin end of the wedge" for Microsoft. I think the name, and Google brand are far bigger factors in how well an application is received. Opera and Firefox have shown that they can eat into this pie, and Microsoft are beginning to fight a losing battle and need to innovate and have faster turnarounds for applications.

  • Syntax coloring, woohoo!


  • Does SQL Express (core) support sync?

    jh71283 said:
    vesuvius said:
    In particular, I'm currently looking to sync data between 2 SQL Express databases (on seperate machines)

    It's just that I was getting a strange error that nobody has been able to explain when connection to the first database, and I was wondering if it could be something extra that I need to install to get sync working on SQL 2008 Expr.
    Then you need to use Replication as that is made for resolving this particular scenario. I know express does support it, but there are some limitations (as you'd expect).

  • Does SQL Express (core) support sync?

    It depends what you want to sync. There is this video by Beth that has an example into new sync features, and when you would practically use them.

    It makes no sense to use Linq or the Entity Framework in sync services, as they (inherently) are always connected to the database. A dataset connects for the shortest period possible, the the rest of the time you have an in memory cache - perfect for this scenario - with fantastic support in Visual Studio.

    You can go around this the long way with other technologies, but disconnected datasets are the way to go.

  • Redesigned company website

    I like it, though it is not the most exciting place to be in the world, but that is the way it should be. Simple, informative, easy to navigate and serve a purpose. Any prospective client needs something clinical to view and that is what that site is at the moment.

    Who did the design?

  • I do love the squigglies

    jh71283 said:
    I take it you're a C# dev? VB has had this for yrs...
    That granted but Visual Basic intellisense hasn't always been the best. The level of background compilationcompliation feedback is very good in the SP1 update, so much so even VB developers should notice the difference.

  • I do love the squigglies

    Anyone enjoying the red squiggly lines that appear in the code editor in VS2008? I think I've saved a month already in not building projects that were destined to fail, but the background compilation caught.

    Using dynamic languages really is walking a tightrope without a safety net. Or people that love Ducatti motorcyles, that go 200 miles an hour - saying, "the faster I went, the wider the road became".

    That (in some ways - and not exclusively) is dynamic languages. It must take ages to fix simple bugs, when you rely on late binding and all that meta-programming malarkey.

    10 out of 10 for a real time saver in .NET 3.5 SP1.