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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • NBC Snowden Interview "...get inside your thought process."

    , ScanIAm wrote


    The NSA is whatever the NSA wants to be, apparently.  "Spying on foreign leaders" seems to fall under what the CIA does (or apparently did, Pre-drone), so that is where I feel the distinction lies.


    Perhaps I could see your point if Germany was also busy appropriating Poland or France.  But, sure, maybe in this case, they were doing what we created them to do.  Oh, wait, 'we' never got any input in that process.

    This is a complex issue. I agree with evildictaitor in that what he has done is beyond reprehensible, you don't sign up for a sensitive job and then be as indiscreet as he has been, what he has done is wrong and unacceptable.

    There is a little of the common philosophical question in this, in that elementary philosophy question that asks whether a man that steals to feed his starving family is committing a crime?

    I think he has made more than his point, and wish the US government could find a way to bring him back to America or to send him somewhere where he is not continually feeding people information that will destabilise the West, because everything that is coming out now is extremely damaging.


  • Binary Code on GG COA

    , JohnAskew wrote

    Every paper airplane eventually ends up wadded up in the trash bin. 

    Meaning is personal. Babies fight for candy. A baby waving a big lollipop around in a crowd of hungry babies is likely to lose that lollipop... So, hide your lollipop...




  • Binary Code on GG COA

    , kettch wrote


    He needs some way to aggregate and analyze all of this data he's collecting. The obvious choice is SpectateSwamp Search.

    This has all the hall marks of a SpectateSwamp copy cat, or someone studying from someone like SpectateSwamp on how to be controversial in a forum, though SpectateSwamp was hilarious and ludicrous at the same time.

    If you can have hundreds if not thousands of facebook answers to simple arithmetic like  6 - 1 * 0 + 2 / 2 = ?, it's easy to see why someone would like to spend time posting conspiracies and not using any scientific method.


  • Binary Code on GG COA

    , meliorhex wrote

    Rudeness, sarcasm and FEAR posing as intelligence. :)

    I think I'll call Mark Twain on that one, don't forget you are dealing with some of the brightest minds around in this forum, but that's probably the appeal, so good luck to you meliorhex

  • Does Node.js have all those abstract classes and interfaces / Design patterns?

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    I'm so close to taking Bass' advice and doing everything in Node.js


    Just remember that a lifetime of JavaScript leads people to write posts like this a stark warning from Bass about why dynamic languages like JavaScript will have you shelling out for Just For Men in no time.

  • How Munich switched 15,000 PCs from Windows to Linux

    No longer is IT about managing systems. Now you can manage all the enterprise's data as well!

    15 000 PC's is a lot but remember Microsoft are adding 20 000 SharePoint users day. Something that sits well with Windows Server and does everything you have outlined already and has done for years. Google are not that injudicious that they would take this fight to Microsoft and IBM.

    ChromeOS will never work, unless it works like Android, which Google does not want it to, so it will never succeed. I would stop using computers altogether if my OS was run by Google.

  • My predictions for Visual Studio in 2014 and beyond...

    , Klaus Enevoldsen wrote

    @Michael Butler: I would be a great offer, but do you think that Microsoft's marketing division is ready for that?

    It is Microsoft's marketing division that has brought out this new subscription based notion of Visual Studio, so like Facebook or Linked in, if you subscribe, you will always be on the latest version of VS, rather than the 3 year release cadence of yore.

  • Apple beats competitors to market ...

     @Ian2: Beats headphones are a fashion accessory mostly, I would rather wear them, than 90% of the other makes because they look very fashionable, and most of people listen to .mp3 music anyway, so even if you are using Bose, Harman & Kardon or whatever quality brands there are, your music is poor quality anyway even at 320KPS 

    At home I use Vinyl for music, and record it to 24 bit audio, playing it using a lossless format, and use top end Sony headphones, with a thick coil (impractical for shopping), and swivelling earpieces for listening to monitor speakers.

    Yes they are overpriced, but nothing else looks as good, and the beats audio software with the headphones is acceptable for .mp3 play

  • Apple beats competitors to market ...

    , Michael Butler wrote

    Is that the same Beats Audio that's in my HTC 8x?... coz its rubbish.

    Not if you use Beats headphones it isn't

  • OpenSSL forked by OpenBSD to LibreSSL; OpenSSL gets funding by major tech companies

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @evildictaitor: Is Blowdart paying you to say that?

    I am even more astonished that the open source champion Bass, thinks it big news that private  companies are spending such collosal amounts to negate the negative impact of open source on this project.

    Looks like he is beginning to enjoy the comfort of sitting on the fence in his old age.