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  • Does Node.js have all those abstract classes and interfaces / Design patterns?

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    I'm so close to taking Bass' advice and doing everything in Node.js


    Just remember that a lifetime of JavaScript leads people to write posts like this a stark warning from Bass about why dynamic languages like JavaScript will have you shelling out for Just For Men in no time.

  • How Munich switched 15,000 PCs from Windows to Linux

    No longer is IT about managing systems. Now you can manage all the enterprise's data as well!

    15 000 PC's is a lot but remember Microsoft are adding 20 000 SharePoint users day. Something that sits well with Windows Server and does everything you have outlined already and has done for years. Google are not that injudicious that they would take this fight to Microsoft and IBM.

    ChromeOS will never work, unless it works like Android, which Google does not want it to, so it will never succeed. I would stop using computers altogether if my OS was run by Google.

  • My predictions for Visual Studio in 2014 and beyond...

    , Klaus Enevoldsen wrote

    @Michael Butler: I would be a great offer, but do you think that Microsoft's marketing division is ready for that?

    It is Microsoft's marketing division that has brought out this new subscription based notion of Visual Studio, so like Facebook or Linked in, if you subscribe, you will always be on the latest version of VS, rather than the 3 year release cadence of yore.

  • Apple beats competitors to market ...

     @Ian2: Beats headphones are a fashion accessory mostly, I would rather wear them, than 90% of the other makes because they look very fashionable, and most of people listen to .mp3 music anyway, so even if you are using Bose, Harman & Kardon or whatever quality brands there are, your music is poor quality anyway even at 320KPS 

    At home I use Vinyl for music, and record it to 24 bit audio, playing it using a lossless format, and use top end Sony headphones, with a thick coil (impractical for shopping), and swivelling earpieces for listening to monitor speakers.

    Yes they are overpriced, but nothing else looks as good, and the beats audio software with the headphones is acceptable for .mp3 play

  • Apple beats competitors to market ...

    , Michael Butler wrote

    Is that the same Beats Audio that's in my HTC 8x?... coz its rubbish.

    Not if you use Beats headphones it isn't

  • OpenSSL forked by OpenBSD to LibreSSL; OpenSSL gets funding by major tech companies

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @evildictaitor: Is Blowdart paying you to say that?

    I am even more astonished that the open source champion Bass, thinks it big news that private  companies are spending such collosal amounts to negate the negative impact of open source on this project.

    Looks like he is beginning to enjoy the comfort of sitting on the fence in his old age.

  • WCF SOAP Call ArrayObjects Issue

    Method 2:

    [OperationContract(Action = "urn:getEmployees", Name = "getEmployees")]

    [return: MessageParameter(Name = "getEmployeeReturn")]  // Here is the issue - missing something ?

    Employee[] getEmployees(User user);



    ---- getEmployeeReturn should be getEmployeesReturn

  • Has your passion for I.T. ever got you in trouble?

    @TexasToast:There are loads of developers that Google everything and tell their boss they fixed it,copying and pasting other people's code like it's going out of fashion. As a matter of fact, in SCRUM meetings, if you use reflector and reverse engineer solutions that effectively steal someones work, pretty much every Project Manager or whoever is in Charge will commend you for finishing things off quickly.

    There are quite a few people that think there is no problem with this approach.

  • Impressions of Windows 8

    , wkempf wrote


    Way too often, resurfacing every time he's banned.


  • Is Microsoft Halting Development on WCF Data Services

    , kettch wrote

    @bondsbw: WCF itself isn't going away any time soon. It does a whole load more than Web API which is aimed at RESTful services over HTTP. WCF includes different transports, WS-*, and all kinds of other nifty that is well beyond the scope of Web API.


    I have recently had to get rid of an oData abstraction as it lacked WS-Security. WCF using SOAP Vs REST is significantly more difficult, and why most developers go for RESTful web services frameworks like oData or WebAPI as the entry level is easier and the programming paradigms are familiar.

    What I did find out is that you have to write a heck of a lot more code using oData and the HTTP protocol (I am pretty sure WebAPI will be no different). The choice seems to be, either you write a lot more code and have a large code-base headache to maintain, or the headaches arise from the complexity of using SOAP over HTTP but you have far smaller code-base to maintain.

    @bondsbw: REST getting attention has been around a while, I remember the Pablo Castro videos here on Channel 9 when WCF data services was coming out. SOAP is a proven technology used by the industry at large, the oData aspect of WCF is unproven, or,  shall I say, has been proven to have limitations far beyond pursuing with continual development.