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  • Surface Pro Audio

    @Ian2: As a number of Niners have already started, Audio on Surface and Windows Mobile is complete underpants, so much so that 99% of musicians will never use this.

    I have a Windows Mobile phone that I don't use because is cannot play lossless audio which is ridiculous.

  • Nadella: Microsoft loves Linux

    @Bass:In case you missed it, most of your anti-Microsoft stances are now an irrelevance. Azure where most of Microsoft development resources are going does not care about the OS.

    Someone posted a video of Office a few days ago showing that even that is now being developed to run on Windows, iOS and Linux and you can expect a lot of their other applications to follow suit.

    The traditional arguments on this forum where people take sides due to preferring an OS or Application e.g. Open Office Vs Microsoft Office is dead in the water now, so most of the haters will have less and less to say because the one clear difference that Satya is making is that the days of treating Windows or Linux as a religion are over, including the applications that run on those platforms.

  • Why no Silverlight or Flash

    For me you only have to compare Silverlight's D3 to the JavaScript version which is significantly poorer quality (however popular it might be!)

    JavaScript's only pluspoint is that it runs in any browser and is the difference between drinking freshly squeezed orange juice and orange squash.

    JavaScript apps are cheap looking, cheap feeling and plain nasty compared with native applications (I am developing JavaScript websites now for a living)

  • Telerik being sold to progress software

    @RealBboy360: This week is already turning out to be pretty dramatic with the Office Everywhere announcement.

    Personally speaking, Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, Infragistics etc and all those types of companies are having to adapt or die as the direction Microsoft is taking is going to drive them out of business anyway, the reality is that there is no third party ecosystem or Partners really anymore for Microsoft.

    Microsoft's future plans are about doing what Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, Infragistics have always done, so those companies are all going to have to seek new business which is competing with Azure.

    The UI frameworks we have been obsessed with as developers through the noughties are no longer the focus for Microsoft, so the aforementioned people that have made money by creating time saving tools can either hang onto their current customer base for the next ten years and see sales steeply declining year on year, especially since most of them are tied to Windows, and that isn't a first class citizen to Microsoft anymore.

  • Microsoft's answer to every problem...

    @BitFlipper: Of all the things Microsoft are going to be protective about, how activation works for Office is surely at the top of the list.

    I don't find it acceptable to have to go through what you are going through, especially since it is a failed update. I think if this is reported on connect, there is some chance an update will be rolled out with a fix, rather than escalating it through 1st/2nd line support as this is a software issue and not a hardware issue.

    Depending on the tone of the original post, I'm sure Larry Larsen or blowdart may be able to get access to the individuals on the office or windows phone team (or tech extraordinaire Gov Maharaj) or ask you to send your contact details, I have seen ScottGu answer posts here on Channel 9, just as long as the tone isn't belligerent.

  • Microsoft's answer to every problem...

    When you work supporting customers the first question you ask yourself is "what is the quickest way to resolve this issue?"

    The person you spoke with at Microsoft has targets, and could have spent 3 hours on the phone diagnosing issues in a way that you would find "engaging" but he thought, you know what?, BitFlipper can re-install office in 15 minutes, so that is the quickest solution, let me save both his and my time.

    That person you spoke with is now enjoying a cold beer, his boss paid him a bonus for being efficient, as 99% of office users (me included) have installed Office 365 and it just works.

    If you want detailed and technical assistance, file a bug on connect, and the person that wrote the code can investigate this bug. Support departments function on both fixes and workarounds, you clearly object to workarounds, so connect is the best way to achieve a detailed response

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    @spivonious: The actual problem is a systems issue, and something your network administrator needs to address, not the programmer in my opinion.

    Your responsibility is to ensure that if there is an error, suitable pages are presented to the user. Your network administrator and DBA should have alerts set up to notify them when the server/database is not available, and look at addressing the issue.

    Is it a backup running, or other processes on the server causing conflict or problems? We have some websites running on server 2003 and applications accessing the database via web services on 2008 boxes from all over the country 24/7, and very rarely (never if I am honest) have we had connectivity issues to databases. Where there has been an issue, the people being paid to maintain the servers have had to come up with a solution.

    The fix is to improve the availability of the servers and databases, not finding elaborate methods to report errors to users. Just my own 2 pence.

  • No more need for developers (that means you)

    A company has built a platform that can build complex apps in under 24 hours. It is probably using Cordova/Phone gap and doesn't use templates, but you get an app that runs on all five platforms, with the development environment available to test here

    Best of all, everything is drag and drop with no programming involved, should we be concerned about this company?

  • They might have well said...

    , bondsbw wrote

    I could say that you are hating on Microsoft.  Is that the truth?  If not, when you make your assertions, are you attacking or are you just explaining?

    I make a living developing on the Microsoft stack so definitely not a hater. In this day of frameworks lasting a few years, I need to feel confident that I won't be a Nokia developer. Those guys thought they had a job for life at one stage, and must have worked hard on the programming tools Nokia used.

    I realise that change is the only constant and in development, you have to retrain or acquire new skills every 7 years or so, but I feel the reasons that made people choose Microsoft in the past are fading, and nobody at Microsoft seems to care, because we spend most of our time discussing political decisions at Microsoft 99% of the time now here in the forum (why did they kill this technology, why have these eminent people left Microsoft for Google/Amazon etc, why are they no longer pouring resources into xyz) rather than the new features that empower you as a developer, that really is the truth of it.

  • They might have well said...

    , bondsbw wrote

     Anyone who thought that Microsoft completely abandoned the enterprise, in favor of doing nothing but tablets and phones, is an idiot.

    Since Microsoft didn't focus on the enterprise in Windows 8, that leaves only one reasonable conclusion:  Microsoft was coming back to focus on the enterprise after Windows 8.

    Why is this so hard?

    Without wishing to get caught up in the flame, the enterprise world is full of meetings, planning, budgets and so forth, with no room for conclusions or assumptions. Microsoft always did very well in communicating with their partners, but have now gone for a "silent" model and does everything behind closed doors.

    I will be working on an integration project that ends up on Android devices in the next month or so, that would have been a windows mobile application (in fact it replaces a Windows mobile solution), and can foresee another couple of our development pieces going to non-Microsoft technologies because Microsoft have made a calamitous mistake in not keeping interest and focus in the enterprise.

    In some respects Microsoft function like a stereotypical male i.e. only able to concentrate on building one thing, when investment should have been concurrently made in both Enterprise and Consumer markets, this was a serious failing and one where Microsoft are paying the price.

    You only have to look at job sites (my barometer of the market and its interest) to see the rise in non Microsoft technologies being used (and this is the important point) instead of Windows based options.

    The business world hasn't decided to wait until Microsoft decided to pay attention to them which is what you seem to be implying, they have simply moved on to non Microsoft stacks.