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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Back in the days of DOS, we just installed that latest version and carried on.

    Personally speaking people have had many many years to plan and upgrade and avoid the angst.

    I don't think you will ever have a new version of Windows and have people that won't move.

  • my biggest wish for MS to do on 2015.

    @Ian2: Apple are a device and services company, and they still function as a software company at times.

  • Why do some programmers write code this way?

      @spivonious: I probably should have been clearer and said I was referencing MVC and how it behaves. If you run the code posted in a call to open up a new View (or PartialView) your web browser blocks, in IE you get a circular progress bar on the tab until all the methods have completed.


    public ActionResult Gizmos()
        ViewBag.SyncOrAsync = "Synchronous";
        var gizmoService = new GizmoService();
        return View("Gizmos", gizmoService.GetGizmos());
    public async Task<ActionResult> GizmosAsync()
        ViewBag.SyncOrAsync = "Asynchronous";
        var gizmoService = new GizmoService();
        return View("Gizmos", await gizmoService.GetGizmosAsync());

  • The Windows Desktop is dead

    @elmer: Much as they hate to admit it, the next version of windows needs to be appealing to business, and the current UI would not get past IT in most companies so this is more tactical than evolution

  • Meanwhile, at Microsoft

    , MasterPi wrote


    Probably sold it to pay off some of the cost.

    Must have got quite a bit for that beard though

  • Windows Store , Modern and Desktop

    , Dovella wrote

    Beacuse the consumer is different today .
    We re OLD user

    Speak for yourself Dovella :D

  • Why do some programmers write code this way?

    , spivonious wrote

    @cbae: Why all the awaits? Doesn't calling them in this way make it synchronous code?

    No it is asynchronous, but the View the ViewModel is bound to will block until all the asynchronous methods have completed.

    A way to get around this is to load the View without any data, then use Ajax to trigger the asyc methods and show progress bars etc. This is too much hassle and time consuming a lot of the time, so you tend to find a lot of developers writing blocking asyc code that is negligibly better that just calling the synchronous methods anyway

  • Why do some programmers write code this way?

    , cbae wrote

    I see this kind of stuff so often, I often wonder if it's intentional or just due to laziness.

    It is also due to deadlines a lot of the time, I see a lot of code like this from seasoned developers, but when you understand the pressures people are under to produce results the first thing to go is quality.

    I blame the people in charge, not the developers

  • What is the future for Microsoft C++ UI technology?


    , figuerres wrote


    if it only work on windows 9 then that will be a bad thing....

    Steve Guggenheimer and Terry Myerson don't need to look very far to find where the issues are, if unifying the XAML stack was make or break for Windows, they would do it. Steve Guggenheimer said he was out to win developers, without any announcements to placate developers, people are just going to use other platforms and his words are "Hot Air"

    People said Android and iOS were extremely poor choices for business, but a lot of business is starting to develop for the platforms without a care in the world. We have a Windows Mobile CE app that is being replaced with Android, all that matters is the device has an app, and that the services exist to feed the app. These are the people that would never have used non-Microsoft technologies 5 years ago.

    Windows as a platform is suffering due to issues like WPF, WPF/E and Lightswitch having lifetimes shorter than Android or iOS, and miscommunication from Microsoft.

    If the client technology story is poor in Windows 9, I think the next generation of developers are all going to be Java, Swift or playing safe with HTML5/JavaScript, because Microsoft are not to be trusted with UI technologies any more.


  • Am I not getting it or did OData V4 go off the rails?

    @Rory priory: oData is still a relatively new web services framework. In order to eliminate headaches such as the one you have, always use tried and tested technologies, if there are any gotchas, then there usually is a fix.

    oData at times seems to have been developed by people that have never written enterprise grade scalable web services and at the moment creates as many problems as it fixes.