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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • What are you hoping to see / must haves in Threshold?

    , magicalclick wrote

    hmmmmm..... Seriously, what the frack. Seriously. Go back and read your post in this quote 10 thousand time because it is just plain ridiculous. If you still cannot understand how unreasonable you sound, show this thread to you coworkers. I will not teach you common sense on this one.

    I recommend you PM Bass, he has some HTML that he runs in this site to ignore my posts, as you seem to be getting rather upset.

    My co-workers have watched the WinRT videos and understand why the runtime manages the suspension of apps and think your suggestion ludicrous.

    FWIW I don't think it unreasonable to question why someone who champions stardock or whatever the unsupported tool is you use in numerous threads (saying that is what makes Windows usable if I remember correctly) is complaining that they want to terminate an metro app

    Anyway, take a chill pill, have a cigar or whatever, feel free to ignore my posts as flame-wars are pointless when there is intransigence.

  • What are you hoping to see / must haves in Threshold?

    , magicalclick wrote

    just so you know, I did not have ModernMix on the testing environment because it is a tablet. Now, please stop spreading lies about me.

    How can I spread lies if you don't tell me everything, as you have just drip fed information? If I cannot figure out your complaint, maybe you expect Microsoft to read your mind, in my experience, problems are fixed through dialogue, not through trying to have error free posts in forums, my intention was to assist through clarification, though the more I post, the more I fear you will add myopia to the discussion so lets call it a day.

  • What are you hoping to see / must haves in Threshold?

    @AndyC: As I have just noted above magicalclick is using unsupported software that allows him to run metro apps on the desktop, and he wants to kill metro processes like usual executables, this is the nub of the issue, and why it is incredulous to everyone why he is complaining.

    On Connect this would be closed as "By Design", with a recommendation that he use the usual channels to ask that stardock functionality is added to Windows in the next release and that terminating processes is high up on the list.

  • What are you hoping to see / must haves in Threshold?

    OK @ magicalclick, I have had a little think about this.

    You presently are using stardock or one of the unsupported 3 party applications in Windows 8, that run metro applications as desktop ones, then complaining that the operating system is broken. Your angle of attack is both disingenuous and unfair, and unlikely to produce the results you require.

    It would be more helpful if you could be vocal about Microsoft looking at adding the functionality that stardock (or whatever software it is) has, than complaining that something that has been designed a certain way is broken.

    I frequently have to deal with customers where you have several meetings and take down the requirements for the software they want (all written down), then when the software is delivered, and they get a chance to play with it, they say it is broken, because they can now see that they missed a few things (this is usually a Project Manager), and now they cover their own back by blaming the development process or developers for getting things wrong.

    The best thing to do is to always take notes, as people soon forget, but finger pointing means you end up delivering a broken piece of software and everyone loses out, the customer gets a turd, and you also get one to put on your CV. You just have to take the hit in such instances, and work day and night to correct things, your attitude to Windows 8 quite frankly is unhelpful, it is best to be clear about what you would like adding and hope that people listen, but you are being unfair in using unsupported software, then saying the system is broken when it is not, as a developer you will know that the first version of any software is usually the hardest, but if people are positive and constructive, any defects or development oversights can be dealt with and everyone gets the software they want.

    Just my own 2 Pence.


  • What are you hoping to see / must haves in Threshold?

    , magicalclick wrote

    I don't care all that details, I just want it TERMINATED. And so far task manager is the only reliable app for doing this. And I want taskbar to support Metro App TERMINATION.

    That will never happen and it is by design.

    You should care about the details, if you watch the following videos please



  • Microsoft on the threshold of deleting 'appalling' Windows 8 software

    Article here.

    This all stems from the article from Paul Thurrot, which surprisingly states Windows 8 is tanking harder than Microsoft is comfortable discussing in public, and the latest release, Windows 8.1, which is a substantial and free upgrade with major improvements over the original release, is in use on less than 25 million PCs at the moment. That's a disaster

    I think the main problem is that people just don't know how to update their machines, and the current way of updating is far easier for end users. 25 million is an unbelievable metric (I have updated 3 or 4 machines, so that figure is likely in single digits).

    I still believe that the fix for all this is a simple one. Invest in the desktop OS, and supporting technologies like Silverlight (certainly far much more used than Windows 8.1), and have a separate tablet and phone OS. Use the same code base if you need to, but that is a technical detail people don't care about.

  • Can some one explain this Google+ crap I just signed up for?

    Google exist to make money by selling advertisements, AI is now so advanced, they need basic information from you so they can exercise their will on you, so expect companies to aggressively try to extract as much information from you, henceforth and forthwith.

    Only someone with an Avatar such as yours would say Google is not ubiquitous, it is like a Metallica fan saying Michael Jackson is not ubiquitous and that he is crap (but he is, say some 9'ers Wink).

    Personally, Microsoft have been the most ethical IT company thus far, their platform gives me hope, Apple are pure avarice, and Google seem to have managed to convince people that adverts are not annoying, "we are helping you!".


  • Automotive Market

    Also, to work at BMW you need to have two things in abundance, C++ and AI, so though I think the inboard UI could be modernised, the main car will always use unmanaged code.

    I think better bluetooth integration is the only way forward and a common API that any phone can use. My music and maps are all via bluetooth (or USB) and that is Android and iPhone, and also why my Windows Phone is gathering dust (cannot play lossless music formats either)

  • Automotive Market

    , JoshRoss wrote


    The car should be able to answer free form questions, and perform basic tasks without roboticly structured verbal commands.

    Questions like:
    When should I get the oil changed?
    How far away is home?
    How long will it take to get warm in here?
    What pharmacies are open now? (In the middle of the night.)
    Do I have enough gas to get to [where ever]?
    What is the speed limit?
    What time is it?

    Commands like:
    Turn the lights on / or off. (Interior)
    Call the police, someone got into an accident.
    Drive smoothly.
    Drive sporty.
    Turn the seat warmers on.
    Do X the next time I remote start you.
    Let me know if I am drowsing off.
    Help me see better. (Turn on high beams, lower lights on dials and screens.)
    Remind me to check the tire pressure next time I get gas.

    And the car should ask questions too. Like did you forget your phone? Or just letting me know that there has been an accident reported, or speed trap reported, on my route.

    Questions like:
    @When should I get the oil changed?

    BMW Service Light comes on, can also see using iDrive

    @How far away is home?

    Android or iPhone apps with talk and the thingymajig, I have used both in my BMW
    @How long will it take to get warm in here?

    Takes 10 minutes initially, then almost instantaneous after in my BMW
    @What pharmacies are open now? (In the middle of the night.)

    I know where all the 24 hour supermarkets are in my area

    @Do I have enough gas to get to [where ever]?

    BMW dashboard has a counter that comes on at 50 miles and several times after. If you are stupid enough to miss these warnings, BMW will deliver fuel to you if you have extended warranty, though they would do this if your car is serviced regularly with them
    @What is the speed limit?

    You probably should not be driving if you miss the speed limit signs in the UK, the Government make millions from the millions of speed cameras there are here, but the UK is tiny compared with the US
    @What time is it?

    On my BMW dashboard like it is in windows in the bottom left hand corner

    Commands like:
    @Turn the lights on / or off. (Interior)

    BMW lights are set to automatic

    Call the police, someone got into an accident.

    @Bluetooth and hands free is setup on my iPhone, they will come and pick me up, put me in a hotel and fix the car as it is under warranty, obviously insurance will deal with any claims

    @Drive smoothly.
    @Drive sporty.
    @Turn the seat warmers on.
    Do X the next time I remote start you.
    Let me know if I am drowsing off.
    @Help me see better. (Turn on high beams, lower lights on dials and screens.)
    @Remind me to check the tire pressure next time I get gas.

    All functions available on the higher end trim BMW's, can you see where the issues are, and what you need to do to resolve them?

    Get a BMW or Audi (I dislike the interior and they are always a tad slower than the BMWs, lovely cars though)

  • Sherlock (No Spoilers). Whos' watching?

    , Proton2 wrote

    The best Sherlock version was the one with David Suchet.

    Nonsense, if you are comparing the current Sherlock, then it must be the Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce films. They were the first to not rigidly stick to the original stories and move Sherlock to modern times but retaining a lot of the names and places, forgetting the Broughams etc.

    I think it is widely acknowledged that the Granada TV series with Jeremy Brett is the quintessential Sherlock if you want the exact interpretation of the text and the Broughams.

    I happen to like all but the new films with Jude Law and this current series which is unlikely to stand the test of time.