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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • whats up with Neil Young.


    Neil is right in saying that most people listen to poor quality Audio (Windows Phone cannot play lossless music formats like .wav - which is why I don't use it)

    All the music you have purchased of iTunes and the internet at large is poor quality. The .mp3 music format became popular because it traded space with quality so your iPod could fit 100 000 songs.

    Hard Disk space is cheap nowadays so people need to stop listening to lossy formats like .mp3 and .m4a.

  • whats up with Neil Young.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Why I keep seeing him like a big shot artist?

    He is a big shot artist. I first heard him via the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album "Deja Vu" in the late seventies and early eighties. He has two killer acoustic albums, "Harvest" and "After The Gold Rush" which contains lyrics Kurt Cobain used when he tragically determined to leave us (he is the Rock God's, Rock God).

    Also, look at what he has done with his band "Crazy Horse", Neil Young is one of the most important and influential artists with a career spanning the 60's, 70's, 80', 90's, 00's and 10's.

    Lock yourself up for a year and listen to his albums, you are turning to page 998 of a 1000 page book, reading that page, and then exclaiming "Why I keep seeing him like a big shot artist!"

  • Interesting Items from CES

    , Bas wrote

    $1400 is a lot of money. When are entry level devices getting significantly better? Seems like we need a Surface Pro 535.

    I have an iPhone and think that it will be the last High End device I buy. There are a lot of cheaper models from manufacturers like Huawei that have brilliant specifications.

    Phones4U went bust last year and O2 is looking like being sold off so the mobile phone bubble has burst as everyone has a phone now with little growth. I think Apple will start to have reduced sales of phones, the lack of a cheap Windows tablet is why people are opting for Android.

    Windows runs in Hedge Fund offices as well as warehouses being all things to all people, that what Surface needs.

  • More proof MS technologies are on the way out...

    , kettch wrote

    I ended up creating one, but having other folks fill in their more specific thoughts might be a good idea.

    That is quite constructive, BitFlipper seems the logical person as he is the expert

  • More proof MS technologies are on the way out...

    @Bas: I think BitFlipper already has built desktop versions of his audio software suite for Windows desktop with a mature product, but his company is wanting to expand into mobile platforms, with the hope that Windows would have allowed them to do this, but thus far, WinRT and Windows Phone have exceedingly poor audio capabilities (both playback and audio processing).

  • Windows-free for a week now, and surviving

    , fanbaby wrote

    I never said I hated windows or Microsoft. Never owning a Mac, I liked Windows.

    What i did hate and do hate were some of Microsoft actions, like Silverlight on the web. That was the most evil/stupid idea ever, but that amounted to null, and thankfully Microsoft proved again and again more stupid then evil. Currently my only gripe is that Microsoft has turned itself to a patent clearing house ;)

    Windows is great. It's graphic stack is still more advanced IMO then linux (i can only assume that Microsoft's tricks with the x86/x64 are magical), but I see no future for a proprietary OS that's not POSIX compatible.


    I just don't think this kind of response has any intrinsic value. You say that "Currently my only gripe is that Microsoft has turned itself into a patent clearing house ;)" but also state "but I see no future for a proprietary OS that's not POSIX compatible."

    This to one, points to someone being diametrically opposed to Microsoft (which you are).

    After years of criticising Microsoft, your tone is sometimes "Yes, forget that I have always disagreed fundamentally with something Microsoft do throughout my membership of Channel 9, I am always opposed to them, and try to rake-up as much muck on them as possible, I am seldom if ever positive, except when I mention their failures, all I do is mention several gripes all the same time, and then say I have an issue with just one"

    Luckily the future is Azure, more than 20% of Azure VMs run on Linux.

  • Google = low-class scum

    @cbae: Not even sure that the swear\curse words come close to expressing the level of your disgust here.

    I think the word is excoriating.

  • Microsoft working on new Chrome-like browser

    , magicalclick wrote


    The reason you have to test IE6,7,8,9,10,11 is because you can't upgrade your browser like FF and Chrome on older PCs.

    If MS finally having common sense. They would strip out IE from Windows. Allow the browser to be updated on many versions of windows just like FF/Chrome. It should be light enough that 3rd party app developer should just bundle it instead of using whatever random version of IE installed on the client machine. Meaning every app runs their own copy of lite engine.

    The IE chrome should just close tab when the tab crashed. IE chrome should never crash due to the lite engine crash. IE Chrome should never crash by plug in. It is probably better to name it IE Chrome because I think people keep trying to unChrome the browser just so they can get their old school crashes back.

    I hope that's what they do. IE is a plague for so many reasons. Making a lite version is a starting point to fix all the problems behind it.

    I think you misestimate just how fundamental Internet Explorer is in dealing with "the internet" in traditional desktop environments, so very difficult to just detach and implement the Single Responsibility Principle in having a browser that when fixes are made or internet changes are available updates every client immediately as you describe.

    I am still mystified by peoples use of Chrome, a lot of people however, love using it, and they can't all be wrong!

    I think the problem with IE has been in trying to do two jobs in being a reliable enterprise class browser, with a slow update release cadence juxtaposed to the modern web, that is dynamic and updates frequently.

  • Add another one to the pile

    , Vaccano wrote

    Pile, meet Lightswitch.

    Lightswitch, meet the abandonware pile (Silverlight, Linq-To-SQL, Compact Framework etc)



    Lightswitch, meet the lights off pile. Lightswitch started off in Silverlight so it's no surprise, as the new direction is what Apache Cordova is doing.

    On the flip side, it'll be good to have Beth Massi back, there are a lot of exciting business possibilities with the Internet Of Things and Microsoft have the momentum again, and most importantly they have the developers behind them.

  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    , Bass wrote

    It's a risk. But the only alternative is for humanity to forever be a barely evolved monkey on dying speck of dust in this vast cosmos. A benevolent superintelligent AI can take us to a technological singularity in a few years from now at best or really at worst a few decades time.

    So this really is a philosophical dilemma, whether to use AI to assist us in the world, or for it as a replacement for us?

    Maybe Art, Beauty and similar qualities are just here to help us pass the time by, since we take too long to evolve biologically, as the only thing that matters in life is mutation and evolution that is the objective