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  • Is privacy possible anymore?

    @evildictaitor:Nothing more to add apart from I agree completely

  • Is privacy possible anymore?

    @JohnAskew: Fixed

  • Is privacy possible anymore?

    Samsung have just announced that if you use voice activation in your TV then they will record everything and pass it onto a third party.

    Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.

    I know people will be up in arms about this, but after looking at AI at a basic level, the most important aspect in AI presently is the fact that it learns about you by looking at your data. There are products like NEST that are already doing this.

    Facebook have used the fact that people are quite willing to volunteer information to them for free to generate sales - wouldn't be surprised if they strike a billion pound deal in the future with Samsung to listen in on people conversations.

    Health apps are probably the next to exploit this, be it heart rate, blood pressure or blood sugar, people are using these apps without a care in the world.

    I recently moved to a new machine and my web browsers knew which sites I liked to visit (on a new machine), which really freaked me out. It is getting harder and harder to know who is recording all your data and if you can do anything to stop it.

  • C# 7.0 may bring some M# goodness

    , Ion Todirel wrote

    I've heard C# is excellent for LOB apps

    I would say significantly more ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC applications are build as line of business websites, so not sure whether you want a C++ like language on the server.

    Performance issues are usually down to network latency and other distributed computing traits.

  • P Andriod reached the end of the road?

    An iPhone isn't that expensive in the US, so you would expect sales to be high for a luxurious brand like the iPhone.

    The price difference between an Android Phone and an iPhone in the UK is significant and a small fortune, so not a statistic I think will be repeated anywhere else. A lot of people use Android because it is affordable and works, the iPhone is affordable and works in the US so it does not make sense getting Android.

  • Distributed SQL

    @spivonious: Even worse than I thought then, no relational data in a RDBMS?

    Obviously you identify that like most projects, the prototypes make it into the live build and the code is oftentimes ugly.

    Ask them if they have ever repaid any technical debt in the projects lifetime?

    I like fixing problems, and this seems like a challenge so I would probably be drawn to it, but I have learnt to speak very early on when there are serious problems in a system but doing it positively and making clear to them that it will require a lot of time to fix, especially when you use something for something it is not meant to, a surprisingly common occurrence.

  • Distributed SQL

    Stuff of nightmares, basically someone hacked together something to make it work when the system should have been designed by someone who knew what they were doing to begin with. The worst thing to have in a project is having a load of constraints that really ought not to be there, due to a poorly designed system.

    Only a non developer would suggest you turn primary keys off because that causes all sorts of problems.

    Personally I would be honest and tell them that their system has not been implemented correctly and conduct a period of research (as you are doing now) to determine the optimal solution. If you are being pressured to perform miracles, tell them that they have all messed up, and are hiding to the owners of the company that think they have a competent DBA team and developers, because they do not.

    Why should you go to an early grave because people messed up and they want you to perform miracles and complete tasks quickly when you are wading through treacle each time you have to write some code?

  • ASP.NET Fundamentals Development for Absolute Beginners

    If you go to learnvisualstudio.net he has tutorials on ASP.NET 2.0 where you build a quiz machine, this really is all you need

  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    , LarryLarsen wrote

    We put this one up this week because Eric won the AAAI Feigenbaum award. 

    If there are any other subjects or people you'd like to see me interview send me a mail. 

    Very good interview Larry, for the benefit people that have not watched the video, The Watson Computer linked to above is the previous winner of the AAAI Feigenbaum award, so AI coming out of Microsoft is now World Class. You probably can understand why IBM are laying off staff as they migrate their business to the cloud.

  • WF4 Hands On Lab

    , rojomoke wrote

    Is there any equivalent for VS 2012?

    No, you can use Visual Studio 2012 to target .NET 4.0. If you do intend to upgrade to .NET 4.5 from .NET 4.0 make sure you read What's New in Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET 4.5