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  • Thanks Microsoft!

    , GoddersUK wrote

    Just got this in my inbox today! Very useful, especially considering I'd just maxed out my current 25 GB free space.

    What will you do next year once you have maxed out you 45GB space? This is pure marketing brilliance, as you will have to buy additional space otherwise you would have deleted some of your files in the current 25GB limit.

  • Bill Gates secret Reddit Santa

    @MasterPi: The general ploy, is to start off posting mild and unoffensive material, then slowly work up to a ban, whilst irritating or poking fun at niners or Microsoft, Christmas is still 5 days away so be patient, we will see if the leopard can change its spots.

  • These are a few of my favorite things

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    I like cake.

    I worked in one place where someone baked a cake at least once a week and brought it into work. No cheating like bringing in shop prepared cake, you got points deducted if you were caught.

    It so happened that the cake enthusiasts, happened to also be evolutionary biologists. As an aside, do you think this true?

  • These are a few of my favorite things

    , eddwo wrote

     I generally try to steer clear of the dog bites and the bee stings though!

    What of the Wasps, Scorpions and Snakes?

  • The cut-price Tablet market

    I won't be in a rush to try (or buy) this one however, a steal at £30 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-25402621

  • These are a few of my favorite things

    , Srikanth_t wrote

    These are some of my favorite things....

    I love this

  • Blaise Agüera y Arcas

    , Richard.Hein wrote

    Another a huge loss for Microsoft. 

    I think this is par for the course now. you can feed 11101110 and tell him "Microsoft are becoming obsolete", but they just hired Erich Gamma.

    There have clearly been ructions at the top at Microsoft, Eric Meijers and Brian Beckman are unlikely to have left, but Amazon and Google have huge budgets as well now, and probably pay more, so companies like Microsoft are going to have to try much harder to keep the brilliant engineers they have. Microsoft have always had the attitude that no-one would ever want to leave them, as they were the best gig in town, that simply is not the case any more.

  • Hardware from years past

    @cbae: You are showing your age, happen to have one of these lying around as well?

    Donkey Kong



  • The cut-price Tablet market

    , CaRDiaK wrote


    This is interesting.. I'm doing the Android Coursera course in Jan along with a few others from work. Part interest, part wanting to develop skills further, part more prospects.

    I sit 70-483 (Programming C#) next week and I have no intention of doing any more. I really fancied doing my project in Xamarin.. although I've got more chance of going to the moon than being able to afford to use that with the features I need in the current climate.

    I keep getting priced out of what I need by MS. And the whole time the competitor is gaining ground, becoming more interesting, seems more appealing and now there are more jobs available in my city. To top it all off, all the tools I need for these are free..

    If you go to Jobsite and search for Android, there are now more jobs than WPF, and almost none for Windows 8. That shows you the direction the market is going.

    I would recommend doing Android development, as commercially, that is the platform you can make money on. Steve Guggenheimer gave "short-shrift" on the subject of the commercial prospects for 3rd parties on Windows in a recent C9 video, and said "there is a discussion going on".

    This is all the information you need to see that commercially, Windows is destined to struggle because it does not provide the commercial ROI that Android does as Microsoft still believe people are going to pay many thousands of pounds for development tools, then give away a third of any commercial success. You don't need to be an accountant to do the sums on that one.

    I might just join you on that coursera course.

  • Where to start?

    @rashednadeem: I really wish Channel 9 had a voting system like stackoverflow.com

    This question has been answered several times, and all the hard work that goes into providing a quality answer is wasted as a stale post. Yes, the majority of posts should become stale, but this question will be asked again in the future, so the willingness to provide quality answers diminishes each time the same question is asked.